Witcher 3: Family Matters: Turn the Botchling into Lubberkin - Story & Gameplay Walkthrough #20 [PC]

Witcher 3 - Family Matters, lifting the blood curse by turning the Botchling into a Lubberkin and releasing the spirit of the Blood Baron's unborn child - Dea. One of the best parts of Witcher 3 in my opinoin.
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  • xLetalis

    This has got to be my favorite part of the game so far... just so well done... damn

  • Corristo89

    I think there's barely a character in this game which is completely one-dimensional and not somehow relatable. You meet the Baron as a loud, violent warlord and the entire time there's a hurt and alone man behind that rough exterior.

  • Ben T.

    When I was playing this quest, I expected it to be a simple one, where I would do this annoying Baron's chores and then proceed on my quest to find Ciri. What I did not expect was such a painful backstory and some of the best voice acting I've seen in a video game. This was perhaps the best quest in the game, I would say.

  • TheIrishninjas

    Honestly,this quest has hit me much harder than many moments in videogames. It makes you question whether the Baron should truly be hated,as he's been through so much. I love how this game takes such an outlandish and kind of childlike idea as monsters roaming a world and really uses it to develop all of its characters perfectly. By far,the best mature fantasy-style game ever.

  • Thirteenthdi

    Absolutely heartbreaking.

  • Kai Yahya.

    i cried when he buried his child

  • Freaking RogerZ

    "By the power of earth and skyBy the world that was to be your homeForgive me, you who came but who i did not embraceI name thee Dea and embrace thee as my daughter" T_T

  • PurpleLightning6was9

    It's kind of cute, as far as demon babies go.

  • Veloziraptor111

    The voice actor of the Bloody Baron does an incredible Robert Baratheon impression. I almost thought it was Mark Addy voicing him. Even the characters are kinda similar.

  • Will Bryant

    Character Development is the heart of this game, and an element seldom found in other major titles.

  • Avidion Vahkokazuul Kantoziirthuula

    I kinda feel sorry for the baron

  • Gav McDonald

    "Use the Yrden! The Yrden!" was what was in my head when I saw the wraiths Witcher 2 flashbacks!

  • TimTamTomahawk

    How do you not have to fight the second wave of wraiths?

  • WitWoolley93

    One of the most emotional moments in video game history... that speech at the end that he made to his unborn daughter 😭😭😭 wow. Witcher 3 blows my mind in its quality

  • Junichi Hirashima

    one of the best action RPG.....not some brainless game where you have to do is just keep killing ......this game let you think through many problems of humanity ...as well as moral and ethics

  • Can I say the N word?

    I fucking love this game, this is barely even half way through the game and I had to hold some tears back. Man I never thought the Bloody Baron was going to be such a beautifully developed character, thought he was just goin' to be another mad men making you do his chores.

  • Katherine Winyala

    Its just a good thing these are fictional... can only imagine how many botchlings we'd have lurking around in the USA because of abortions.

  • forgiving frequency

    I think the little monster was cute :/

  • tony x

    I have an 11 month old son and this Quest really hit me hard emotionally.

  • Edvard Bolaas

    i never teared up before by playing a game, this scene hit me really hard... so touching.

  • Stressed Turtle

    This was such an great story, it was very touching and well shot.

  • Guillaume Francoeur

    How painful it must have been for that old man to bury his child a second time.

  • bound by destiny

    17:21 this is really sad

  • 0xAcoNx0

    i play on hard difficulty. its different .this must be on normal/easy difficulty only 1 combat event. wtf

  • Roanne Valenzuela

    I actually thought the botchling was kinda cute especially the part where the baron was exorcising it and it was sucking on its toe like a normal baby lol

  • Jake Branthe

    17:20 - 18:12This scene made me shed a manly tear. You can tell that the baron really truly cared for his family and admits to the wrongs he has done.Masterwork story and voice acting

  • Ross Young

    Am I the only one who is finding this hard! Some tips would be appreciated!

  • Stealth Assassin

    this mission in anoying ME!! NO im lvl 6 and these freaking wraits keep killing me !! im playing on death march.

  • Antonio M.

    I literally cried with the ritual

  • Jackofblades2135

    Damn this series changed so much from game to game. It's amazing

  • Chlorruption

    I feel like they could've given the lubberkin a different model instead of the same gross botchling-but-made-of-light.

  • Gilberto Tabares

    this made me sad. poor thing

  • Hello Good Day here!

    Please help! Im playing on Xbox one S, im pressing the AXII and i summon the magic and it never influence it. am i doing something wrong. do i not have enough magic? my magic meter is full. am i not fullfilling something? please comment on this quick???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Bleb Bleberson

    I honestly laughed my ass off at the absurdity of this whole quest.

  • StarwasterPrime

    Yrden REALLY makes the wraith fights easier. I just put the circle down around the baron and Dea, they come and are prevented from going incorporeal. Makes physical attacks easier.

  • zjapp

    Wich level wherenyou? I am also doing this mission but its too hard

  • Wanderer628

    This is the first time that I've ever teared up playing a video game when the bloody baron is burying his kid. I'm not ashamed to admit that. I know the Witcher gets lots of praise, and I'm afraid of CD projekt red getting a big head because of it, but hot damn this is the best game ever made.

  • Old World Jones

    If this was the main quest I would have been satisfied. I'd cried enough by this point.

  • Mohamad Syafiq Mohamed Shariff

    wtf????/ i had to fight them wriths twice??...damn hard need help

  • GhostCell47

    This is the best storytelling I've ever seen and it's far better than Dragon Age.

  • chaos lord

    i didn't save the guy on the stable T_T

  • ninjacat

    From the way the child looked and breathed you can tell she's still constantly suffering as a cursed botchling. I love how her eyes widened when the baron named her "Dea" and embraced her as his daughter. This acceptance is what freed her soul. It was really emotional to then see Dea trying to reach for her father before dying in peace. She's finally out of all the pain.

  • James.T .Adams

    This is worse for me because the baron actually looks a lot like my father

  • Zhang Wenchang

    It's the 1st time a game made me weep.That's how good and realistic the story is.

  • Fisherino Chipperino

    The weirdest story line in have ever encounted.

  • Cataclysm

    I absolutely love this game and the stories of each character you meet within it

  • Henry Zhang

    By the world that was to be your home.

  • Joaquin Blas

    This was so heartbreaking

  • Itsuka Aedric

    I cried a little. Damn

  • Guy Fawkes

    Try it again on Death March, wraiths get me everytime.

  • Lilian Leung

    Do we need to learn more about botchlings first? Cause when i kill them and enter the castle first more of them attacks me...

  • Fenris pro

    I want to do this option! But after the 2nd group of wraiths suddenly the axii cannot help <: at this point i've not enough stuff to make the oils yet!

  • Henrique Tavares

    It's been such a long time since I hated playing video games this much. It's everything in one. Difficulty + long loading screen restart from the very beginning + annoying cutscene skipping system + unable to save during mission + long boring walks + uninventive reason to have fights + crappy, uneffective combat system + stupid healing system (how am I supposed to eat 15 pieces of bread to refill my health bar?) + it makes me hate a story I was really, really enjoying + last but not least the fact it's a full-on ESCORT MISSION. I wanted a 2015 game, not one that plays like the 90s.

  • Lelouch Strife

    honestly wish there was a happier ending to this, Baron already reformed himself and wanted to make amends

  • Holo The Wise Wolf

    People who want to abort babies at 9 months should see this

  • Gary Collins

    probably the worst game i've played in my life

  • Chicken Draws Dogs

    You know a game is special when it emotionally scars you for the rest of your life.

  • Daniel M.

    Man I killed that thing, it kept changing into a mutant. Just too big of a problem for me.

  • CaptainDashund

    18:31 the empathy on Geralt's face. Maybe he's thinking about Ciri. and they say witchers have no emotion.

  • Necro DarkJigSaw

    When i played this, the first time i saved the children but when i discover that by doing what i do the baron hangs himself i go back and replay the quest letting the children to die this time and thus saving the barons life, i am proud of letting those children become a monster dinner? No but the baron DO NOT deserve to be there for the rest of the time with no one buring his body

  • J

    he was just repeating geralt's words but holy shit dat hit hard.....

  • randomguy6679

    This is a SIDE QUEST by the way

  • chaos lord

    use the magic circles dude!

  • Loghain Mac Tir

    18:05 the little hand😭😭😭😭


    I choose to turn him but the thing transforms anyway is my game glitching?

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