Witcher 3 speedrun 2:27:49 (Old World Record)

New Record by CorpseFlesh: http://www.twitch.tv/corpseflesh/c/6921736
Still not that great but slightly less bad at least :D.

Watch me Live at http://www.twitch.tv/mrwalrus3451
  • Pepijn

    Wtf this game took me 13 days and 2 hours

  • ScepticMatt

    Geralt ... as The Flash

  • Vertog pro

    2:17:18Achievement unlocked: Acrobat

  • archont

    Supposedly CDPR's QA speedrun record was 25 hours. Apparently, their QA isn't very good at speedrunning.

  • Narks -

    don't understand how people get so upset over the use of glitches, i mean where in the title does it say glitchless run?

  • Lagstabbing Scrublord

    2:23:41I lost it when suddenly Geralt punched Caranthir.

  • Pain

    Thanks, been wanting to see a speedrun of this game. :)

  • Bartosz N

    Guess Roach didn't want you to speedrun so well xD

  • DavidTSlayer

    imagine playing the game for 2 hours and finally doing the botchling mission and this dude does it in 22 minutes of playtime

  • Štika

    GG WP Walrus i knew you will did it !

  • ᅭᅥ

    2 and a half hours?? Awesome.. People don't know 'Speedrun' mean. Shame.

  • SuperDude312

    phaha, got the shitty ending.Hope it was different 1st time ^^

  • Selomepe

    hey walrus are there splits for a run without the speed glitch?

  • Tu Morrow

    so Lambert can die, ahhhh that's sad I really liked him


    normal speed counts ,that movement is not the way the character moves

  • Hovardov

    guess. there is the way to make this game even in less then 2 hours. Hm

  • Marco Venustus

    I hate speedruns with no player comment

  • mad357

    Does speed glitch still work?

  • Rem Denis

    I also watch dialogs))

  • blaskoczen #

    Anyone knows how to downpatch the game to 1.06 ?

  • SexCannonMusic

    Witcher 3 The Wild Sanic

  • Nikita Fkolit

    My 100% record 5 Day 4 h.

  • Hunor Laczkó

    lol it took me 95 hours

  • MaNDaR1N_NK

    вот так точно спид-ран

  • JamesBur

    Nice job.  Is there a link to a glitchless speedrun?


    great run :D i thought they said it was day long to complete a speedrun.you prooved them wrong

  • Sunko

    why is everything sped up?

  • Soul

    Бег ускорен, а время нет

  • YO NoMoney

    what time is the new record?

  • NineInchNade

    how much routing has there been done yet ? Do you think there is a better route ? Do you expect them to patch out the speed glitch ? Also, how can I find you on twitch ? :)

  • Roy Hess

    Nice speedrun!PS: is it just me or does the game in this speedrun look like Ultima IX, a game which came out like 10 years ago and ran on a Pentium II 450MHz with a Riva TNT :D

  • SasukeHOA

    Easy difficulty...Now try on Death March and of course, without that speed glitch.

  • KeVin

    Еще и на хуйевую концовку прошел лол ебанный

  • *****?****

    Геральд под спидами)))

  • Mattato

    Aw yeah glad corpse has finally gotten some recognition for his runs on twitch. I truly do love his streams and it's always a chill ass time. Gg m8, you finally got gud.

  • Ryan Ianaro

    How the hell does he do the speed glitch?

  • bbsonjohn

    If people think this speedrun is crazy/retarded, watch outlast and portal speedrun to understand what a speedrun is.

  • Mank Demes

    Whats the record of a non speed glitches run?

  • Felix Crutchley

    how many WRs do u have now

  • Optimist

    Why so many dislikes? This is one of the best speedruns I've ever seen.

  • Robert Hughes

    I don't mind the game breaking glitches, but it pains me to skip all the dialogue/cutscenes.

  • Fugitive292

    Took me 300 hours spanned over 2 years to finish the game, no regrets.


    Your speed, it's mod?

  • Elros555

    Co to kurwa ma być za pajacerka dlaczego on tak szybko biega do chuja. Kurwa gowno widzieliście a nie speedruna

  • Kent Long

    Without glitches and hacks (like the super speed Walrus was using) It took the Devs who made this game, and know it like the back of their hand, 25 hours to speed run this game. And that's with skipping all the dialogue and only doing main missions not running ahead of everything so it skipped like 45 min of gameplay and goes to the next cut scene.

  • しにがみくそ

    This isn't a speedrun lol

  • talas attila

    Speedrunning Witcher 3? Hell... you guys don't deserve that game

  • Ian

    you're cheating...

  • LucasOe

    Didn't they said that you need at least 200 hours to complete the Game? Great run btw.

  • Uberosh

    Cheats. Remove Workd Record title, and give name Speedrun Walkthrough OR Explain so huge speed (glitch or exploit).

  • The Chaos Gamer

    come on i beat witcher 2 in 2 days and no im not joke i did your just a cheater if you do the side missons and do the cutseens it r apart of the game and you did not your not playing the game to full

  • DGiovanni

    Are there any legit W3 speedruns out there or just a bunch of plebs using glitches?

  • Il'ya Kuchmin

    it's not fust run idiot


    ебать лох долго проходишь

  • Full-time POG

    Comment section is filled with retards

  • Alex S.

    Lol at people being butthurt at this game being speedrunned. "hurr durr you're not supposed to speedrun this holy grail of gaming, it's a sin and a horrible crime" I'm pretty sure the speedrunner has played the game "correctly" before doing this speedrun (who the fuck would get a game like this just for speedrunning instead of exploring/paying attention to story?), and even then if he bought the game he can play it however he wants to. It's just a fun little challenge. If you don't like it, don't watch

  • darkwasabi2

    I'm usually OK with glitches in runs as long as they're not too bad but this speed glitch just plain breaks the game. Boring as hell to watch. Do you plan on doing a run now that this shitty glitch was patched?

  • Arnar Aki

    Props to you for not fucking up the run by staring at Ciri's ass during her sections. I was pretty sure that was impossible.

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