The Witcher 3: Geralt Leaves Triss Merigold When She Needs Him Most

Witcher 3: Triss Merigold is Hurt because Geralt leaves her and the mages of Novigrad to their fate. Refusing to complete Triss Merigold's Quest - Now or Never.
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  • Axel McDoo

    Yo Triss I can't help you I'm too busy searching for Ciri... How about some Gwent?

  • xLetalis

    I'm definitely doing an evil walkthrough after this one :) Also, the armor I'm wearing in this video, I thought it looks cool initially, however the red ribbons on the shoulders are surprisingly distracting when you use the witcher senses, I kept confusing them with the red outline of items detected by the sense

  • kaankarul

    Triss I çan't. Çiri is in danger and... I got to play gwent and piçk up fistfights.

  • Tim Yac

    "Would you abandon Vesemir? Eskel? Lambert?"Well...maybe Lambert.

  • Uragan5

    "Ciri is in danger, I can't help you, but meanwhile I will play Gwent 100 times, do 20 contratcs, 5 side quests and then I may go to look for her. But first, must-win-rare-card!!"

  • GerooltOfRoovia

    In my second walkthrough, i wanted to be the mean Geralt, but as the game came along, i could never be a dick to triss, or ciri. Had the same ending as my first time.

  • mukhlisz

    how can you say no to that face?

  • Reed019

    Triss I can't. Ciri is in danger and... I was hoping to play you in a game of gwent

  • Maria R.

    Meanwhile all the Yen fans are cheering in the background ;)

  • Jerec 12

    yes triss i would abandon lambert

  • TheNLHunting

    You are very brave for clicking that option, I could not bring myself to do it to triss!

  • saad afzal

    Damn! This shit shouldn't even have an option of saying no. This is probably the worst thing Geralt could do taking into consideration how Triss is okay with being tortured if it helps in looking for Ciri. And this is extremely out of character for Geralt of Rivia in general.

  • Rafał Szczechowski

    HmmmDidn't in books Triss said that she will never put on a dress revealing her cleavage?

  • ThicksetHydra

    Choosing between Triss and Yennefer was certainly the most difficult decision of the game. I am saying this as a person who hasn't read the books nor has played the first two Witcher games. By the way, The Witcher 3 is my favourite game of all time and what makes it even more amazing is the fact that I still have hundreds more hours of gameplay left! :)When I met Triss, I instantly liked her - she was sexy, had a nice voice and was very warming. I've heard differently from other people who have read the books, but that's the impression I judged on. Following the quest 'A Matter of Life and Death', I started to feel that I should romance Triss (because I really did feel the connection between her and Geralt) instead of Yennefer; I got the first impression that Yennefer was quite a cold, unforgiving character when we first met her in White Orchard. However, when I met her in Skellige, my opinion changed. Her character develops a lot during this period. You can tell that there is more of a comic, sophisticated and beautiful character between that cold exterior we see of her initially. I actually laughed at a few of the things she said. I thought that she seems cold because she's obviously experienced something traumatic in the past that has deeply affected her - maybe this was Geralt cheating on her with her best friend, Triss? The difference between Yennefer and Triss is that I think, despite Triss' obvious affection for Geralt, she would be able to find someone else. On the other hand, Yennefer wouldn't be able to. It's obvious that she deeply loves Geralt to the point that you can see her heart being physically broken if Geralt turns her down; Yennefer needs someone to help heal her emotional wounds, and I think Geralt is the right person to do that. Whereas, Triss seems to deny the romance between her and Geralt even when he confesses it to her. Yes, she comes back, but still. However, I did try to make Triss stay without locking myself in a relationship with her, but she didn't come back. It was still heartbreaking and sad. At least I know she comes back later on. :)

  • hadvk09

    Triss, in this game seem so innocent, in the first game she's the draft of Yennefer...

  • furry ratchet

    I love Triss - she is my favourite character... watching this hurts alot :(

  • Overrated Umut

    I prefer Yen and picked her but I felt sorry for Triss thank god I helped her

  • Sendo Tiago

    1:25 what a question Triss, you could have asked that to yourself when you betrayed Geralt and Yen.

  • Antiks 7

    And this right here is the difference between Yen and Triss. Yen will do anything and step on anyone to find ciri and help Geralt. Triss always had her own priorities and self interests. Hell she put the lodge ahead of Geralt up until what the end of the second game? And didn't realize till the very end of the books she was doing wrong? Idk why she was even a main game character cuz she def wasn't that much of an important character in the books.

  • Ben McBrayer

    Never liked Triss, but I just can't play the bad guy in video games.

  • RaceRed5.0Stang

    Triss there is a settlement that needs your help, I'll mark it on your map.

  • Braxx

    Love scenes like this cuz i am a Yennefer fan :D

  • SawyerHorris

    0:00 - 0:04 this sounds familiar...

  • Andy Russell

    My only problem with evil geralt is you have a lot less more gameplay lol. Plus seeing Geralt without facial is disturbing to me.

  • No Name

    I don't understand what is it that people like about Triss

  • fife007

    oh my god shame on you? what did Triss ever do to you?

  • jeff collins

    I went with triss as I did in the first 2 games but man after reading the books.. Seeing yens reaction here was really rough. I actually felt like a bad person

  • MegaGothmog

    I feel like i betrayed her already just by watching this.I hate these moments when people are jerks to either Triss or Ciri, even if it is just to show the 'what if...'.oh and Yennefer? Nah, that i can take, but Triss and Ciri? Fight me!

  • ComeSweetDeath

    This is beautiful. I could reach an emotional orgasm.

  • Tawny Owl

    NO NO NOthis never happens!! ;_;

  • Ratus

    "When I need your help I'll ask for it" Ciri... ok... ill let that slide..but..Triss?.. I was hoping for a "slap her" dialogue to come up..

  • MrD3sTr0

    "So am I" that was hard.

  • 360coins

    couldnt turn down either yen or triss but i gotta choose and i chose yen. :/ i felt bad for triss but i chose yen

  • robitussin

    Triss is perfection. First time i went with Yen, and it was like meh. Triss actually responds well to you decisions.

  • JOHANNA Jachnik

    Ohhhhh... I could never do that

  • Lelanka 👌

    Can I ask you something? Do you like more Triss or Yennefer (or another woman)?

  • Metzli

    Glad someone put these on youtube. I can never bring myself to hurt any of the sorceresses. I got the fake threesome romance ending my first playthrough.

  • geo tan

    How the hell do u even watch finish the whole speech when u say ciri is in danger and triss say so am i.... U jus hurt her feeling that bad... i would restart the whole game jus to not let her say that to me...

  • Stefan S


  • BreachingTBone

    it was an easy choice for me. I love redheads. I don't know what it is, I'm talking to someone know that is a redhead. wish me luck fellas. you too ladies. unless you wish to get Trumped. my bros will get that

  • Lucas de Marchi

    Can you even beat the game without even doing the quest? What happens in the end? Does Triss come back to help Geralt at the Battle of Kaer Morhen?

  • Sean Marlisa

    lol i did this and commit myself to yen XD

  • Dream of Anything

    This game has so many scenes,I never got this one.

  • Domee894

    Do you mind not spoiling the game with your videos titles? Their enough to ruin it for me. I can't play The Witcher 3 yet and I avoid spoilers but your titles make it harder. Just keep them shorter please.

  • iPmD2

    The weird thing about decline to help Triss at 1st and then join her later at the bar, the young mage couple and the bartender which are supposed to be dead when you make a choice while helping Triss, are both well alive after

  • Arda Gazioğlu

    I was going to go with Triss instead of Yennefer last time but after Yen removed the curse just couldn't tell her that I (Geralt) didn't love her anymore and all the magic was gone.

  • meaty cabbage

    Please tell me you changed your mind

  • JDtheDrunk

    I helped her send the mages off, but I also sent her packing with them. Redheads are too much trouble

  • Wellington Lopes

    omgg so painfull, don't do that to my queen!!

  • Timefliesbye

    You are a real monster on the inside you know that right? Good thing there are no Witchers around :P

  • Mar Wolfking


  • JonBall44

    Geralt looks so much better with the beard.

  • LosAdamos23

    Daaaaamn, english language version sucks so much, you better choose original - polish - it is so suitable for this game and makes huge part in builing climat!!!

  • Bloodizard

    Какая же херовая английская озвучка

  • Papież

    Polish dubbing is 100x better

  • Mobyyy Syed

    Would've loved to see Triss and Philippa on stake as well alongside Keira. Others are somewhat bearable!#TeamYen

  • Whiskey in the Sun

    I'm glad channels like yours exist since I just can't bring myself to play the evil way no matter how many times I play this game.

  • AlienatingPredation

    Triss may console herself in the knowledge that Geralt -- Emhyr's "best tracker" -- has a keen sense of priorities. Card games are up there with desperate manhunts. Yes, lives are at stake, but so are bets on the next Gwent tournament. They don't call it "High Stakes" for nothing.

  • Rishi Mohammed

    Yassssss Team Yennefer 🖕Triss i hate her i love yennefer 😚😙😘😍💘💗❣💟💞💝💕💜💖❤

  • Brendan Chwascinski

    Triss is hot bow wow😘😘

  • Jermaine Prince

    (Spoiler!) Is this the only way for the Nonhumans in Novigrad to not be hunted down?Cause I recall, that the Witch Hunters need to find someone else, a scapegoat, to hunt, once Triss brought out all the Mages from Novigrad...

  • H H

    horse races, boxing contest, treasure hunting, every contract in velen, scouting out the entire map of velen for every question mark on the map, childrens card game, ok now where was I again? ah yes, Ciri......well let's go to Skellige and first things first, repeat all that!

  • KoDan

    To be fair I would probably abandon Lambert if left no better choice. What?Don't look at me like You wouldn't

  • JonnyBauer

    "But Geralt, think of the XP points!"

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