All League Of Legends Cinematic - League of Legends Trailer Movies Compilation

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  • the mlg canadian gamer

    I think it's funny that the commercials are better than the real game it's self

  • hakimul islam

    5.18 was what we all came for, totally worth it

  • Ulraos

    It's funny how none of this actually happens in games.

  • chikiding pepot

    who clicked because of the thumbnail?

  • Bl4ckstar

    Jinx is harley quinn xd

  • 1-518

    Came here for the thumbnail baitStill did not regret

  • 10girlygamer 106

    My favorite cinematic was the bear.

  • Viper Romani so what's so fun about this game..? good cinematics the game itself is completely...crap

  • Zeus TheGreat

    cininetac is always better than the game

  • Badb0y L1fe

    Old graves autoattacks [*] :((

  • bliss bomb

    I got click baited......................

  • MonkeyBricks34

    So what is happening at 5:18

  • Wendell Howard

    The dude in the beginning like a dude version of tracer from overwatch

  • Dammon Grande

    Oh my gooood....those fucking clickbaits arent needed to watch it -_- its fucking ugly to see a clickbait in good video -_-

  • StylesClash

    for the people that say that the cinematic are better and the actual game is shit you can all shut the fuck up well what would you expect it is a cinematic trailer dumbfucks

  • We are all Nigan

    i used to play dota..i wanna download this how many GB is it

  • Mad Max

    5:08 what is her name?

  • K3nn3trix


  • Kiid xSeAs

    what's the girl name in the thumbnail

  • Krista Bass

    I need to increase subscribes fast. Take Sub and comment below, I will sub for you.Ensure 100%

  • Nezzar Ă Rezzak

    a am 15 years old can a watch it

  • Michael McCarty

    Stopped watching after the first Ekko scene because it convinced me to do something productive.EDIT: Okay, I lied. I watched the second one for obvious reasons.THEN I went and did something productive.

  • Aqiel Danniel

    what is the title of the soundtrack at 13:57?

  • John Bark

    These are awesome! I love them

  • NexoNexo_

    It's not like this in the game people just spam the hit button :P

  • Bilinçsiz Adam

    dear riot pls dont make game anymore and make a animation or cartoon

  • 100tifiko

    Que clase de naruto shippuden es este :V

  • mlg dite

    Like who came here cuz of Graves.

  • The King

    It really makes you wonder.With Champions like Nautilus, Renekton, Nasus, Xerath and Aurelion Sol, and how they are in lore, how exactly could Warwick, Master Yi, Teemo, Darius, Leona, Jax, Olaf and so many others compare?

  • Catwad _360

    Hugest click bait EVER

  • Parker Laws

    turn off volume then put metalgear rising music like final ost or sam ost it sounds awsome <3

  • Exper Ogsa

    Que rica que esta la periféria de ojos lilas

  • Zamsy

    whos the dude at 11:38??

  • Butt Brothers Gaming

    Check out league of legends video's on my channel! Would mean a lot ^_^!

  • kheilkhitler

    Man their boob animations are the best

  • sung beon

    I have a lot of videos come in (LOL Full Game Video)- sung beon Search

  • yağız kaan

    800k yasuo var mid sal

  • skyflooze

    18:00 it's a copy of Harley Quinn no????

  • Lucky Julian

    hey guys want i have free map hack for LOL, get it free here

  • NB93 Channel

    hi boys safe fast and cheap best razer naga mouse check it out !!

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy

    I Will Sub To Anyone Who Subs Me And Likes This Comment !

  • Dangerous Zombie

    14:47 its that BM ? four glowing green face .. my best character swordman

  • Hyper VENOM

    16:37 music plsss came on please

  • Klarenz Cobie

    Nautilus expectation reality.....

  • Derpypal Phan

    In the second cinematic leonas q does not do that

  • fefe rgege

    Hi ! I'm an artist who creates League of legends fan art ! Here you can see my latest projects !

  • lev khay

    i have to say that this trailer is well made but thats already it. only stupid fighting every second, no interesting story, nothing. it seems that that game is made for kids. nothing like WoW in the old days!

  • TrollBearZ 9

    in the second animation was that gunman just the coolest character

  • Traxxes Boom

    Never played much LoL.. but i like this Girl with the Cat Ears.. what's her Name? :/

  • Zen

    You'll notice that the first animation the champion in there also look the same as "Trace" from Overwatch

  • Inf3n0

    11:49 NO NO NO NO! you have it all wrong! right as annie summons tibbers, he dies instantly. Atleast, thats how it goes in every game im agiesnt annie. . . :/ lol

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