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  • Staci Meggitt

    Heeey Friendds I Have F0undddd Workingggggg Online Hacck visitt : -

  • the mlg canadian gamer

    I think it's funny that the commercials are better than the real game it's self

  • Ayinde Prather

    Who the fuck fed Darius, he took an Ahri Ult, Leona Ult, Rengar Ult, and fought a Jax

  • Larisa Tuggle

    Heeyy Frienddssss I Have Founddddd W0rikingg Online Hacck visittttt : -

  • Super Z

    Thumbnails 5:16 . You're welcome

  • chikiding pepot

    who clicked because of the thumbnail?

  • SneakyCastro

    Came here for the thumbnail baitStill did not regret

  • Ulraos

    It's funny how none of this actually happens in games.

  • hakimul islam

    5.18 was what we all came for, totally worth it

  • Bl4ckstar

    Jinx is harley quinn xd

  • Con S

    Thumbnail click bait at 5:19 .

  • joseph 120

    5:18 thumbnail ok now u can leave a dislike and close video

  • SniperCAT

    First character is Tracer. Boy version.

  • Dante

    I bet the actual game looks nothing like this, not even slightly. I'm guessing it's a stupid birds eye view game

  • Viper Romani so what's so fun about this game..? good cinematics the game itself is completely...crap

  • bliss bomb

    I got click baited......................

  • MonkeyBricks34

    So what is happening at 5:18

  • Brian Choque

    Best video of that girl Jinx, the others no much ( l play dota 2 for 3 years, 3 days in league of lixos now) (best english :v)

  • Nikky Dinn

    hahaha...nice click bait man

  • pejman hatami

    i used to play dota..i wanna download this how many GB is it

  • Hüseyin Eren Ergün

    Roses Are RedViolets Are BlueI Got ClickbaitedWell You Too

  • Lolitsme77

    5:18 - Where the clickbait comes from (no, it's not porn)

  • c4rbon di0xite

    can somebody give me the link of the thumbnail? My teacher told me to ask this

  • Wendell Howard

    The dude in the beginning like a dude version of tracer from overwatch

  • Kiid xSeAs

    what's the girl name in the thumbnail

  • Dammon Grande

    Oh my gooood....those fucking clickbaits arent needed to watch it -_- its fucking ugly to see a clickbait in good video -_-

  • Butt Brothers Gaming

    Check out league of legends video's on my channel! Would mean a lot ^_^!

  • Mad Max

    5:08 what is her name?

  • Nezzar Ă Rezzak

    a am 15 years old can a watch it

  • Zamsy

    whos the dude at 11:38??

  • Catwad _360

    Hugest click bait EVER

  • Michael McCarty

    Stopped watching after the first Ekko scene because it convinced me to do something productive.EDIT: Okay, I lied. I watched the second one for obvious reasons.THEN I went and did something productive.

  • Exper Ogsa

    Que rica que esta la periféria de ojos lilas

  • Bilinçsiz Adam

    dear riot pls dont make game anymore and make a animation or cartoon

  • Xander Zone

    Just can watch these,and don't play actual game

  • Noel Andujal

    Why would they group up on my homie Darius, maaaannnn

  • 100tifiko

    Que clase de naruto shippuden es este :V

  • LPO

    kata try so often u can , u cant kill garen xD

  • One

    shittiest game ever, they make these cinematic clips, making the game look like a world of warcraft type of game, but the actual game is shit. They should do a wow or eso type of game with the lands and history in their stupid ass lore

  • Aric Buehring

    Jinx music video=best cinematic ever

  • Traxxes Boom

    Never played much LoL.. but i like this Girl with the Cat Ears.. what's her Name? :/

  • Me Vee

    Purple vs Blue vs Nautilus team

  • Dangerous Zombie

    14:47 its that BM ? four glowing green face .. my best character swordman

  • فصول قيمنق F9ool Gaming

    It's clearly an animation and isn't graphics (I know that the game looks nothing like this but still)

  • Chee Madara

    Dislike for your clickbait

  • Zen

    You'll notice that the first animation the champion in there also look the same as "Trace" from Overwatch

  • Amazing Derp

    For those whos saying that they wish the trailer isas good at the real gameThen try making a game like thatand goodluck with it

  • Lillithen beckman

    who's the girl with the teddy

  • Mythical Beast

    16:31 CLOSE YOUR EYES! Guess who it is? ;)

  • Isaac Hernandez

    That little girl at 11:57 is AMAZING!!!!!

  • JH Heo

    who is he?? the guy against with garen??

  • Hyper VENOM

    16:37 music plsss came on please

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