The Witcher 3 Soundtrack OST - Priscilla's Song

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Official OST

Priscilla Poetic Callonetta's Song
  • Jared Knight

    Pay attention to her fingers folks. They actually took the time to animate it so that she actually used the correct cords.

  • vine

    If u dislike this please donate your ears to ladies of the wood they will use it better

  • Lucien Lachance

    why is it that like 99% of the female NPCs in this game are insanely hot

  • Bagus Imron

    looks like red wedding

  • Light Beatbox

    I've spent more hours on this scene than actually playing tbh. Even now

  • mrFalloutFan95

    Cd project aint afraid of making women sexy and damn priscilla is hot!!

  • sinkiy

    beat game ever known to man

  • HardWarUK

    This in a game...?! Wonderful!

  • Coda Mission

    I lean toward Triss, but this song would make me choose Yen on the spot.

  • Daniel

    This game just shits all over Skyrim.

  • Killing Joke

    This game is a masterpiece!! In a class of its own

  • Hafizul Azri

    you know its a good song even the king of beggars stop to listen

  • Ali Al Shammari

    WTF it's Arabic instrument. xD

  • Tomas Vecchi

    I really like this part of game, and how she ilustrate Yennefer in the song.

  • Xan Beerboy

    Look at the facial animations here and then try Mass Effect Andromeda and barf!

  • Cookiedude 1128

    I love how they can make a beautiful song and make the scene look cheesy with all the people reacting

  • Ryder B2

    Check the Zoltan mood :D

  • JD pitmint

    her delivery on that final chorus makes me wonder if the voice actress was genuinely moved by the song.this was definitely a moment geralt wishes he wasnt a witcher, so he could cry at this gorgeous song

  • Kale P

    Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077! Cyberpunk 2077!! CYBERPUNK 2077!!!!!Aaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!!!!! I can't wait. A Blade Runner-esque game like this. I can't even imagine.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaa808

    1:21 She's flipping an invisible page.

  • Bill Ly

    I chose Triss, yet I knew what this song is aiming to... It makes me love the game even more... Then I cared about Priscilla's fate more than any of the characters: Would she still be singing or lost her voice... This is how amazing this game is when I care about certain characters...

  • Bram Stroker

    This scene is a damn masterwork in subtlety. The facial cues, camera shots, everything working in cohesion. The janitors at CPR could shit on the floor and it would be a better game than 90% of the reheated trash that's sold to us now.

  • I I

    The song's about Geralt and Yennefer?

  • Nairitya Khilari

    This scene and this song are a masterpiece.

  • arsenalfanrichi

    This has to be one of the most memorable game moments ever.

  • Christopher Monceux

    Anyone else think Pricilla is doing the chick in Purple who's drinking alone?

  • James.T .Adams

    And can you believe that's Tom hiddlestons sister singing?

  • TheJunkalos

    they lyrics should have had a part where it says "..your whispering eye"

  • hemmingwayfan

    Listening to this song, I should have chosen Yen

  • Nick Boehi

    the people in the scene makes the song seem so much more sad than it sounds

  • Thy Huynh

    I legit clapped to her performance IRL while playing the game.

  • tonally1000

    Why the song have the name of priscilla? The composer is Dandilion.

  • Emir Yucel

    Was it Letho at 3:32 ?

  • Mamo Odeh

    this game.. is full of memories actually u don't play the witcher 3 u feel it

  • Marius Marius

    The most beautiful song i ever hear in games :)


    Wilcza zamieć...........

  • Skylaugh


  • pilot doge

    ohhh I see, the song is about Geralt and Yennefer

  • Alex Graham

    I shed a few tears....

  • Aleksandra L

    It is that era in the world, that we should come to listen to the gaming music because it is 1000 times better than this poor commercial meaningless music, that is all about twerking and sexual seduction. This song has a story to tell.. Love it <3

  • Samiul Haq

    Every moment reminds me of my beloved Hanne

  • Look Alive Sunshine

    This song gives me goose bumps, I love it

  • Radhouen Rahmouni

    The mouth sounds in the background bug me hell

  • lordaeronei

    I played that scene with a beer

  • HeavyMetalGurke

    pack your bags....we are going on a feeltrip

  • Setrex1

    I picked Triss because her tits blinded me. Team Yenefer foreva!

  • Cirilla Riannon

    My God.... This game... <3The french version of this song is great too

  • David Molbek

    Honestly, the slurping is making me wanna go back and slaughter the entire tavern.

  • Musunga Mwansa

    This is just beautiful

  • Busy Show

    I could even listen to justin bieber songs with that voice

  • GaMeR1019

    i want a witcher game where you play as lambercan you imagine the dialogue choices?

  • Faus8t

    why wasting time playing a game when you can listen to soundtrack all night and day long

  • xTug

    Played it for the first time and heard this and fell in love!

  • Dahmi Awbasheer

    And then they expect us to enjoy Andromeda!

  • SneakingFox

    Shame on me for tapping Square on this scene...

  • Sean Roach

    How many people are unaware what this song is describing?

  • retroll66

    All other AAA game developers, are we watching this?? Good.. Sit down, shut up and learn..

  • Diego Ramirez

    From the books I understood Geralt and Yen had a long relationship that lived thru and thruThis song made me realize that ending with Triss wasn't true to Geralt's nature and that he must end with Yen.

  • ALacroix

    They should've done the facial animations of the new brand Mass Effect :))

  • Karaar Al Ebate

    what instrument is that?

  • Carles Eme Ele

    i allways prefered triss

  • Nathan Phillips

    the one issue i have with this scene (its amazing anyway) is if you have earphones or headphones in you can hear a very annoying slurp and gulp every few seconds and it bothers the hell outta me

  • Liquicitizen Dante

    Beautiful with an angelic voice. Dangerous combination that.

  • adam jackman

    This game needs to be made into a movie and not just some shitty movie , a great movie!

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