The Witcher 3 Soundtrack OST - Priscilla's Song

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Official OST

Priscilla Poetic Callonetta's Song
  • Light Beatbox

    I've spent more hours on this scene than actually playing tbh. Even now

  • Marla Singer

    I love you so much Teddy 😢 No one understands, not even you! I love much..Teddy I can't be with you, it's killing me 💔

  • Ali Al Shammari

    WTF it's Arabic instrument. xD

  • Tzina

    I can't just stop listening to this it's amazing ❤

  • Ulug Gökbörü

    Gönül sazımı titrettin be Priscilla, bırakıp da gidenler utansın...

  • Kirby From Dead Presidents

    Don't ever interrupt me while watching this or choke on 3 pounds of steel

  • NoahGotStyle

    is there a song where this restaurant atmosphere 0:00 - 0:20 is in the music? i'd love that kinda chillmusic

  • Chris Nihill

    I've never seen this.. because in my story Priscilla gets slaughtered 😔

  • Scott Glennon

    Even Gerald of Riverwood almost cried.

  • I I

    The song's about Geralt and Yennefer?

  • MaviOPaylaşım

    Sen nasil bir oyunsun ya lanet olsun iyiki oynamışım !

  • Sarthak Panda

    I find this song to be incomplete without the ale gulping noises lol

  • aninsaneostrich


  • Mike Feraz

    Watch this with the banjo tooie intro music

  • Muscle Vegas

    Aww... The graphics are so bad! I mean look how beautiful the game is on PC! And this is what those console mumbrasses get!

  • Caleb VanBuskirk

    Kinda don't like how the game ends for her

  • サティ

    the witcher 3 best game in the world

  • Marco Bellanti

    i didnt play the game, who is she?

  • CrunchyJayman

    My first playthrough i didn't realise this song was about Yen and Geralt

  • The Mixed Bluhd

    This song has a lot of meaning and is emotional.

  • Mr KniVes

    Geralt of Rivia Is in my Heart Forever

  • Oxter Reborn

    Sometimes you don't need an action packed cutscene to see how much work was put into a game. This scene proves me right ❤️

  • Adonis Ricks

    I consider myself a pretty tough guy but this gives me goosebumps every time

  • Siranonim

    I would like to hear a cover of this done by Opeth.

  • Ahmed Raouf

    199 people clicked like and then turned their screens upside-down to like again.

  • Karol Bobryk

    play on 1.25 speedps: im from Poland and listen this in orginal (copy that):Wiedźmin 3 bez i agrest

  • dislikedkiller

    i cant lie, this brings tears to my eyes.

  • The Gaming J.D

    Too bad Geralt can't express emotions. He can't because if his mutations and he doesn't know how to.

  • Exalox

    PL subtiltes are now available! :)

  • Kıvanç Çevik


  • dftfujd dsrjdh

    You can really hear the edits. Was it like that in the game?

  • Jack D

    This was one of those unexpected moments in gaming that'll stay in your head.

  • Mr. Sandman

    when I was playing this part cigarette burning by itself and I sit back

  • waynner gurgel

    This and the reunion between Geralt and Ciri are my favorites of the whole series

  • spiney

    I have played 400 hours and this game is OK. This song btw is top.

  • games is my life

    2017/6/30 and iam play this game😍

  • Nooderu

    priscilla's hot... just putting it out there

  • JT Mehtälä

    Based on many other games one could expect some crappy performance... but when with cd projekt red you get this scene. Just leaves your mouth open.

  • aminudin amin

    I like trololo the troll

  • Marcus Spets

    just the intro "cords?" the melody at the very start makes me shed a tear..of happiness

  • Anon Nymous

    When I first got to this moment in the game, this song made me cry like a baby.

  • gregridd

    remarkable singing, i could picture myself next to her in the recording studio.

  • shez zhes

    anyone else have a RWBY moment? sounds like the soundtrack from `W' scene??

  • Aaron Prendas

    I've Just noticed, I have spent like 1 month and 2 weeks of my life playing witcher 3. Base game and dlc's included

  • Nazael Rahl

    4:01 "I'm going to sex that" face

  • Itz Roy

    2 years later and i'm still here😂

  • Ahmet Kurum

    This song is way better than it's should've been.This might be the best song i've heard in any game ever and that is saying something.

  • Álvaro Novoa

    It's difficult to choose a moment of The Witcher 3, but this is easily one of the most beatiful and emotional. Over 130 hours spent with Geralt and a year later still one of my favorite games of all time. Miss the world of The Witcher...wish I could play it again with no memories.

  • angryporkchop

    Did anyone else actually clap after this song? I had a headset on at the time.. I must have looks like a weirdo clapping at a video game lol

  • The Chub Lord

    I loved this part in the game and I was ligit angry at what someone did to her in Carnal Sins quest I even broke a rule of mine to never go back on a decision just to kill the bastard

  • Mark Shields

    This is easily the best part of this game. I may be a bit bias as a musician but this is an amazing song

  • hemmingwayfan

    Listening to this song, I should have chosen Yen

  • Aryn

    I got chills the first time I heard this and realized halfway through that it was about Geralt and Yen

  • damgul damgul

    I've never been so pissed to character in a game, but the quest where she was beaten up by scumbag doctor killed me. I really want to murder him and his entire family and destroy his ancestors tomb.

  • Connor Southern

    Cd projekt red are unreal. You can actually watch Geralts mood shift as he gets more depressed thinking of yen.

  • Sender

    Beyond the fantastic performance, part of what makes this one of my favorite moments in the game is these little cuts into the crowd. Those character moments, the looks and reactions that tell other stories. For some reason the man passing the window and then returning hits me the hardest. These are people with hectic, violent, terrible lives, so the contrast of this reprieve is lovely, and a little sad.

  • derbigpr500

    The only thing that sucks is that on the PC version when you play with surround sound enabled they clearly fucked up while putting the pieces together that were recorded separately, so you can hear obvious silent blackouts between the segments.

  • DeadSnail1204

    Completed main game 5times 2 of witch 100% including ?'s and both dlc's twice why can no other game live up to the standards set in this game . Guess I'm waiting for cyberpunk 2077

  • Johnny cool

    One thing Bethesda can not get right it story. They say they take time to do their games, so they are good. However, Fallout 4 sucked, and Skyrim had a great world, yet no enticing story. Cd Project Red may not be the most famous, however they delivered a game that has a lived in world, a wonderful soundtrack, with moments of epic battles, and moments of sorrowful songs. The Witcher's story is one that can never be beaten. Even though the hours are long, and it feels like forever before we ever get to the climax, every moment is full of lore, and great writing. Bethesda has milked Skyrim may too much, and Cd Project Red has let their game shine through these past few years.

  • Emir Yucel

    Was it Letho at 3:32 ?

  • Karaar Al Ebate

    what instrument is that?

  • 子彦林

    is there a story behind this song ? could someone explain a bit cause i know those who didnt play the game and listen to these kind of beautiful and emotional song will only heard the 30% of the song, cause the 70% is the connection before the game storyline experience and the song....would anyone kindly provide the 70% in your best ability to explain the connection to me TQ :)

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