The Witcher 3 Soundtrack OST - Priscilla's Song

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Official OST

Priscilla Poetic Callonetta's Song
  • TheScholesie09

    1:21 So, who's playing gwent while the song's playing!? So rude.

  • CamillasChoice

    Damn that's a crystal clear voice. Love it!

  • avirx8

    I just realized she's singing about Geralt and Yeneffer. Man I'm dumb.

  • The Negative One

    Was anyone else disappointed when they found out that they couldn't go back on another night and hear her sing again?


    I pity the fools who say gaming aint art !

  • Video Bakery

    The Witcher 3. A game about a badass monster hunter, but your favorite part is this lady singing.

  • Laconic Lament

    The room is in tears and Geralt's sitting there eyeballing all the potential Gwent players. Head twitching, fingers jerking. Just waiting for that next dialogue option "Let's play Gwent".Then Zoltan nudged him.

  • vine

    If u dislike this please donate your ears to ladies of the wood they will use it better

  • Jorge González-Páramo

    Geralt´s face and eyes when he suddenly realizes the song is about his love for Yen...I hadn´t been in trance with a game´s OST since Metal Gear Solid.


    My boy Dandelion can sure pick em!

  • World Roamer

    One scene make me stunt beside than kojima mgs series...what a magnificent piece,thank you witcher for filling my fantasy world of gaming.

  • Yukisuna Samura

    The best part is that she actually sung really, really well. This scene surprised me immensely.

  • Debopam Seal

    The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece! And this scene is one of its crowning jewels!

  • Comment Kun

    > romances Triss> hears thisregrets

  • ose007

    This scene made me appreciate the fact that I haven't yet skipped a single dialog in the game. 46 hours in 3 days, I really need help but I don't want it. Fucking marvel of a videogame.

  • Boyo Loyo

    Thanks for ruining the moment random fucking lady I met in an inn...

  • DownUp Music

    In honor of this song, I just recreated it from scratch with the exact tools been used here --->

  • Burak Ertug

    Nice tune... Been a while since i heard it last...

  • andreastheshadow

    this song is so good, it's even better if you actually know what she's singing about.

  • Lucien Lachance

    why is it that like 99% of the female NPCs in this game are insanely hot

  • Jared Knight

    Pay attention to her fingers folks. They actually took the time to animate it so that she actually used the correct cords.

  • W Rikko

    when i first heard this when i played the game, i just sat down and listened all quiet knowing that it was something rare. it gave me goosebumps.

  • James Huggins

    One thing that really impressed me in this game was how difficult a choice it was picking between triss and yennefer. Both are deeply flawed individuals, yet both have their own redeeming qualities and both compliment geralt well in different ways. The reaction of whoever you reject is kind of heartbreaking to be honest.

  • Cathulhu

    Gaming isn't art. Yeah..... right.....

  • KashelGladio

    "Dandelion with tits" indeed.

  • Deniz K.

    2:30Zoltan is really feeling this song

  • Val Suto

    Is it about Geralt and Yennefer?→ Indeed, and not just that, but the narrative is from Geralt`s point of view. We could say that this song is sung by Geralt and expresses the longing after Yennefer when he lost his memories of her and she lived in him only as a collection of vague impressions of "scent of berries, stormy raven locks, violet eyes" and the feeling of misplaced passion he showed Trish Merigold. The song beautifully conveys the feeling all of us had when dreamt about something elusive yet familiar and woke up with a strange longing in our heart.

  • Ryan Dunbar

    geralt is thinking of yennefer during this song

  • Quang Lam

    Wait ! Is this song about Geralt and Yennefer ?

  • lockerboy13

    I was especially glad that she didn't sing like the broken bards in Skyrim.

  • Jenny Smith

    I rolled my eyes when I first realized this scene was a music scene, because i thought it would be as bad as Skyrim's bard songs. But then I was struck dumb by how incredible it was

  • Vincent Choi

    60 hours into the game and still in act 1, fucking love this game.

  • Kazekage Gaara

    why cant you get with priscilla shes number 1 bae

  • Jay Rauken

    This song is based on the first Witcher book and Geralt's meeting with Yennefer. The book's titled: "The Last Wish" it's pretty good if ya'll reading types wanna read it.

  • Dude Bro

    Song is much more enjoyable if you know what she's singing about. Y'all should read the damn books!

  • fife007

    this is one of my favorite moments in the game so far...

  • Dantes230

    Love Geralt's face ... thinking about the memories they shared...the yearning she feels for her , his only true love ... lilac and gooseberries .... lilac and gooseberies ... lilac and gooseberries

  • Roll Brand

    Can you romance Priscilla?

  • Eczeltem

    Abi arka planda biri hayvan gibi yemek yiyor.

  • Zergrushmyanus

    First time listening to this on headphones, I am getting real tired of the guy slurping his drink in my left ear...

  • Serge Magnavox

    and then, because she was so bitchy, I broke up with her in Skellige.... oops

  • Dio Brando

    I would like to see Yennefer's reaction to this.

  • the medium cheese

    This was one of those rare moments in a game when it transcends the medium it's usually delivered in and becomes something more.Playing this game, it primarily consists of violence, dark humor and lore. But this stood out from the rest not simply because it's so different, but because it was so beautiful that you forgot about the rest of the game, or indeed even that you were playing a game.I wish I could experience this song during the game again for the first time.

  • Jaime

    1:45 Vernon Roche cosplay

  • Nooderu

    priscilla's hot... just putting it out there

  • Bagus Imron

    looks like red wedding

  • wolvesrock15679

    Does anyone else hear some kind of weird gurgling/slurping sound throughout the entire video while listening to it with earbuds?

  • JellyBeams

    I cried while listening to this, feels like the longing of both Geralt and Yen to one another. :'(

  • Shaffye

    I imagine the faces of all us guys (and girls) sitting in front of our computers with our mouths slightly open and a stunned face

  • It Was Me DIO

    Why are so many people saying dandelion is a lucky SOB, you know this song was created in Geralts perspective over yen.

  • vine

    1.add this to your favourites 2.wait few years 3.hear it again 4.arsenal5. remember me and this game (Y)

  • Joseph Denver 2.0

    Wow. She hit Geralt right in the feels. Never noticed that song was about Geralt and Yennefer. Truly great composition, the dudes at CPR are truly genius'.

  • Dantes230

    How could she know this ? Unless the sneaky git stole it from Dandelion ! His paranoia that everyone steals his work is well founded it seems . ( in the books )

  • Chiko Chonny

    And some people picks Triss... I don't understand them.

  • ApexWolf

    Wish I was born in this generation I hate my generation of music

  • Tenvian Rabbit

    This one song actually made me tear up. I don't know why. I don't know how. I was genuinely feeling Geralt's emotionless character up until this point. I honestly said "HEY WHOEVER IS CUTTING ONIONS PISS OFF."

  • Dragonofthe Westplains

    tom hiddleston aka Loki from Thor sister Emma hiddleston is the voice actor and singer of priscilla

  • iiBenji

    A masterpiece in any language.


    Soldier: "Why 2 swords, Witcher?"Witcher: "Both are for monsters!"By Far the best game i've ever played and trust me... I played many!

  • zz kk

    I remember the first time I played the game and this scene started. I thought it was gonna be some bs added music bit, so I used my phone and lost focus entirely, and didnt listen to the song until the lyrics "Did it forge a love that you might never have found" was sung. I dropped my phone and was starstruck. Had do go to youtube right away to rewatch from the beginning. 10\10 cdred. fucking amazing,

  • Klaüs Smooth

    On the second playthrough i realised it's about Yen :)

  • Stanley Li

    It's interesting. The audience cheers for the song, and yet, nobody knows the character of the song is sitting with them. XD

  • Devin Anderson

    Seriously the greatest song EVER in a video game. Really got my feels.

  • MrMustache

    Cue "Polish version is better" comment.Guys, I know that this game was created from a Polish developer and that it probably is better in their native tongue, but can we please just enjoy something without you coming in and telling us we're listening to an inferior piece?

  • GalderIncarnate

    Gives me chills every time

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