The Witcher 3 Soundtrack OST - Priscilla's Song

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Official OST

Priscilla Poetic Callonetta's Song
  • Jorge González-Páramo

    Geralt´s face and eyes when he suddenly realizes the song is about his love for Yen...I hadn´t been in trance with a game´s OST since Metal Gear Solid.

  • vine

    If u dislike this please donate your ears to ladies of the wood they will use it better

  • Jared Knight

    Pay attention to her fingers folks. They actually took the time to animate it so that she actually used the correct cords.


    I pity the fools who say gaming aint art !

  • Lorenzo Reyes

    1:45 Vernon Roche cosplay

  • Lucien Lachance

    why is it that like 99% of the female NPCs in this game are insanely hot

  • TheScholesie09

    1:21 So, who's playing gwent while the song's playing!? So rude.

  • James Huggins

    One thing that really impressed me in this game was how difficult a choice it was picking between triss and yennefer. Both are deeply flawed individuals, yet both have their own redeeming qualities and both compliment geralt well in different ways. The reaction of whoever you reject is kind of heartbreaking to be honest.

  • Kazekage Gaara

    why cant you get with priscilla shes number 1 bae

  • Bagus Imron

    looks like red wedding

  • Dantes230

    How could she know this ? Unless the sneaky git stole it from Dandelion ! His paranoia that everyone steals his work is well founded it seems . ( in the books )

  • Comment Kun

    > romances Triss> hears thisregrets

  • Val Suto

    Is it about Geralt and Yennefer?→ Indeed, and not just that, but the narrative is from Geralt`s point of view. We could say that this song is sung by Geralt and expresses the longing after Yennefer when he lost his memories of her and she lived in him only as a collection of vague impressions of "scent of berries, stormy raven locks, violet eyes" and the feeling of misplaced passion he showed Trish Merigold. The song beautifully conveys the feeling all of us had when dreamt about something elusive yet familiar and woke up with a strange longing in our heart.

  • Lion Mane

    damn it im i the only one who can hear those bastards slirping their stupid ass drinks in the background? fucking ruins it.

  • Ryan Dunbar

    geralt is thinking of yennefer during this song

  • Foolish Mortals

    I'm not crying. You're crying.

  • gordon Freeman

    no YOU are crying, shut up!

  • Klaus Smooth

    On the second playthrough i realised it's about Yen :)

  • ChrisThePleb

    I hate that its about Geralt and Yen cuz I always choose Triss lol

  • Boris Draconian

    2:57 Geralt starts to think about those romantic nights with Yennefer...

  • Artemis

    Can't even describe my feelings when I heard this song the first time

  • Tarek Chamas

    107 bethsdrones disliked

  • blackvial

    I wish Pricilla had another song or two in the game, her voice is enchanting

  • Alikhan Alkhanov

    You,english speaking guys should listen to the russian version called:"Крыжовник и сирень".English version is cool,no doubt,but the best is a russian one.Just listen

  • phoenixsplash135

    I wish Priscilla could have been Essi Daven, but they kind of wrote themselves into a corner in the books

  • runfromtheminges139

    Fun Fact: Priscilla's voice actress is Tom Hiddleston's sister, y'know, the guy who plays Loki ib the Avengers films, yes, she does her own singing.

  • Eogard

    This game is perfection incarnated

  • Elaini

    Who's really singing this?

  • Stag Designs

    Nearely finished this games main story, just wanted to go back to this scene. Gave me goosebumps how she makes an inn absolutely silent and watching the npc's reactions!

  • Kale P

    Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077! Cyberpunk 2077!! CYBERPUNK 2077!!!!!Aaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!!!!! I can't wait. A Blade Runner-esque game like this. I can't even imagine.

  • Scribbles

    Anyone know where I could find the cords for this?

  • aaaaaaaaaaaa808

    1:21 She's flipping an invisible page.

  • Sigma

    Polish wersion is the best. ^^

  • Dead-Rabbit Tenvia

    This one song actually made me tear up. I don't know why. I don't know how. I was genuinely feeling Geralt's emotionless character up until this point. I honestly said "HEY WHOEVER IS CUTTING ONIONS PISS OFF."

  • LorieHassy

    Is this Emma Hiddleston singing? :O :D

  • PapaBearJonez

    Lilac and gooseberries...

  • nasu

    lmao Geralt's like dang.......... how she know my Yen feels

  • Elvin Glass

    Stupid ninjas cutting onions.

  • Daniel

    This game just shits all over Skyrim.

  • Padelis Barbounis

    After all this time, I keep listening to this and gets me every time...

  • Mahmud Hossain Shanto

    One of my all time favorites...

  • FaZeTIC Cinder

    Is there a way to download this song on an Iphone?

  • Įsäį Bvstøš

    Grew up listening to people always telling me video games weren't artistic and were bad for me, this is proof that those words were bullshit

  • RoronoaLeftyZoro

    All of the references. They give you both chills and feels.

  • Justin Langtein

    If you've read the books before watching this scene, the emotional reaction will be a 100 fold.

  • Johnny Branco

    So glad i did not hear that hag calling him a murderer... but i saw her... and she was about to say that. Damn... hate that.

  • snkhuong

    I'm surprised Garelt didn't want to fuck her

  • Madzod007

    on my second playthrough of witcher 3, i just realized this song is about geralt and yen.

  • Jason K

    Too bad she wont be singing again XD

  • Rafael Teles

    Geralt's changing facial expressions throught the song and etc.. It's a really interesting thing. Outside from the touching moments, the artistry and etc. The technological aspect in this scene is very impressive. You can see how much nostalgic he is and also unconfortable. This moment happens soon after you meet with Triss, so Geralt is in a unconfortable state because Yennefer is kinda out of reach again and you have the other woman tormenting his feelings. These moments kinda makes you bound with the character, I can relate with Geralt because Yen's personality is basically magnetic. If you find a girl with a similar mindset in real life, just dive in man. This mindset of "wife material" people have with Triss doesn't make sense to me. The world is not pink with rainbows all over and butterflies, couples fight and got separated. This is not actually a dysfunctional couple, for me its the contrary. Geralt and Yen are the best couple in games history imo, they just work and the whole situation is very convincing (even with all the magic stuff).

  • Maglor Saralonde

    Minecraft is better than this game

  • yuki nippon

    this song is beautiful

  • Alexius Caelum

    Why does Geralt clap like a retard

  • VintageColaPC1

    10/10 Would let Triss wipe my mind so I can listen to this for the first time again.

  • 베어그릴스

    Perfection of games. Would we play game that beyond the witcher 3?

  • Matthew Collins

    Loki's sister has some voice on her!

  • Dusan Dragutinovic

    0:26 so cute and sexy....

  • Dovahkiin Dragonborn

    My goodness this game was good.

  • Łukasz Kolano

    Polish version, witch english subtitles - check it guys

  • DEMIAN Auditore

    Someone tells me what the genre of the song is called

  • Ezio Polen

    Definitely this song sounds better in polish

  • Raijin The Thunder God

    is this some kind of guitar?

  • Alex G

    Самое прекрасное, что творчество объединяет людей. Мы можем говорить на разных языках, но эмоции у нас одни. Капитан очевидность, который хочет объеденить людей при помощи прекрасного :)

  • Jl Cuak

    Does she ever takes that stupid hat off? :)

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