The Witcher 3 Soundtrack OST - Priscilla's Song

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Official OST

Priscilla Poetic Callonetta's Song
  • vine

    If u dislike this please donate your ears to ladies of the wood they will use it better

  • Jorge González-Páramo

    Geralt´s face and eyes when he suddenly realizes the song is about his love for Yen...I hadn´t been in trance with a game´s OST since Metal Gear Solid.

  • Jared Knight

    Pay attention to her fingers folks. They actually took the time to animate it so that she actually used the correct cords.

  • Lorenzo Reyes

    1:45 Vernon Roche cosplay

  • Lucien Lachance

    why is it that like 99% of the female NPCs in this game are insanely hot

  • TheScholesie09

    1:21 So, who's playing gwent while the song's playing!? So rude.

  • Kazekage Gaara

    why cant you get with priscilla shes number 1 bae

  • Bagus Imron

    looks like red wedding

  • Val Suto

    Is it about Geralt and Yennefer?→ Indeed, and not just that, but the narrative is from Geralt`s point of view. We could say that this song is sung by Geralt and expresses the longing after Yennefer when he lost his memories of her and she lived in him only as a collection of vague impressions of "scent of berries, stormy raven locks, violet eyes" and the feeling of misplaced passion he showed Trish Merigold. The song beautifully conveys the feeling all of us had when dreamt about something elusive yet familiar and woke up with a strange longing in our heart.

  • Dantes230

    How could she know this ? Unless the sneaky git stole it from Dandelion ! His paranoia that everyone steals his work is well founded it seems . ( in the books )

  • Lion Mane

    damn it im i the only one who can hear those bastards slirping their stupid ass drinks in the background? fucking ruins it.

  • Coda Mission

    I lean toward Triss, but this song would make me choose Yen on the spot.

  • Xan Beerboy

    Look at the facial animations here and then try Mass Effect Andromeda and barf!

  • Hafizul Azri

    you know its a good song even the king of beggars stop to listen

  • Tomas Vecchi

    I really like this part of game, and how she ilustrate Yennefer in the song.

  • Cookiedude 1128

    I love how they can make a beautiful song and make the scene look cheesy with all the people reacting

  • Ali Al Shammari

    WTF it's Arabic instrument. xD

  • Ryan Dunbar

    geralt is thinking of yennefer during this song

  • Ryder B2

    Check the Zoltan mood :D

  • Bandit

    Why can't we have music like this be popular

  • Martin

    i don't know what to say; fucking beautiful

  • Klaus Smooth

    On the second playthrough i realised it's about Yen :)

  • shorfan

    Taylor swift is a poor woman's Priscilla

  • aaaaaaaaaaaa808

    1:21 She's flipping an invisible page.

  • Geralt of Rivia

    It gives me chills every time!!!!!The first time i cried!!!!!

  • Kale P

    Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077! Cyberpunk 2077!! CYBERPUNK 2077!!!!!Aaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!!!!! I can't wait. A Blade Runner-esque game like this. I can't even imagine.

  • gordon Freeman

    no YOU are crying, shut up!

  • Foolish Mortals

    I'm not crying. You're crying.

  • ChrisThePleb

    I hate that its about Geralt and Yen cuz I always choose Triss lol

  • Bill Ly

    I chose Triss, yet I knew what this song is aiming to... It makes me love the game even more... Then I cared about Priscilla's fate more than any of the characters: Would she still be singing or lost her voice... This is how amazing this game is when I care about certain characters...

  • Robert Burns

    See. This shit. This awful quasi early romantic music. I want to puke. This is the tantamount to not just the lack of historical knowledge... or if you want to argue that it's fantasy and therefore not bound by some degree of truth or realism then you are arguing that Gerald should be a mutant alien from a distant planet that is not remotely humanoid. The point is if you are going to recreate and therefore (to even the SMALLEST degree) represent real human stories in a quasi-pan-medieval-fantasy then you need to at the very least represent things as they are. This was horseshit, all these characters they've got, tough, corrupt, dishonorable, edgy, etc would never be open minded enough to all of the sudden be in love with anything that moves under the spell of even a good song. That is not even to brush the tip of the real issue, real old music is written in such inane and... Look this to me as a lover and singer of the folk tradition is essentially as cringe worthy as watching someone misrepresent blacks by using black face in a thirties musical. It's just wrong and insulting... Or like watching black people misrepresent whites from the 30's because some wore black face, again, insulting etc.

  • JD pitmint

    her delivery on that final chorus makes me wonder if the voice actress was genuinely moved by the song.this was definitely a moment geralt wishes he wasnt a witcher, so he could cry at this gorgeous song

  • Daniel

    This game just shits all over Skyrim.

  • Bram Stroker

    This scene is a damn masterwork in subtlety. The facial cues, camera shots, everything working in cohesion. The janitors at CPR could shit on the floor and it would be a better game than 90% of the reheated trash that's sold to us now.

  • GeraltOfRivia

    You,english speaking guys should listen to the russian version called:"Крыжовник и сирень".English version is cool,no doubt,but the best is a russian one.Just listen

  • runfromtheminges139

    Fun Fact: Priscilla's voice actress is Tom Hiddleston's sister, y'know, the guy who plays Loki ib the Avengers films, yes, she does her own singing.

  • Jatinder Brar

    that is one ugly armor you're wearing

  • Sigma

    Polish wersion is the best. ^^

  • nigger

    Still like Hattori's mission more.

  • Any One

    My God.... This game... <3The french version of this song is great too

  • Karaar Al Ebate

    what instrument is that?

  • Dahmi Awbasheer

    And then they expect us to enjoy Andromeda!

  • Setrex1

    I picked Triss because her tits blinded me. Team Yenefer foreva!

  • retroll66

    All other AAA game developers, are we watching this?? Good.. Sit down, shut up and learn..

  • Radhouen Rahmouni

    The mouth sounds in the background bug me hell

  • Look Alive Sunshine

    This song gives me goose bumps, I love it

  • HeavyMetalGurke

    pack your bags....we are going on a feeltrip

  • VR Snake

    Shame on me for tapping Square on this scene...

  • Subscribe or your mother dies in her sleep tonight

    i skipped this tbh but in hindsight holy smokes

  • Busy Show

    I could even listen to justin bieber songs with that voice

  • xTug

    Played it for the first time and heard this and fell in love!

  • Raphael Thoumyre

    polish version is the best :)

  • Sean Roach

    How many people are unaware what this song is describing?

  • Lithine

    I didn't even play The Witcher, my boyfriend was playing and I heard it and found it on yt in a sec. Holy shit.

  • Zireael

    They should've done the facial animations of the new brand Mass Effect :))

  • Carles Eme Ele

    i allways prefered triss

  • Liquicitizen Dante

    Beautiful with an angelic voice. Dangerous combination that.

  • Elvin Glass

    Stupid ninjas cutting onions.

  • John Smith

    This song has more meaning if you finish Skellige's quests first and then go to do Novigrad's quests.

  • Bender Bending Rodriguez

    125 people are fucking deaf faggots

  • O-Contexsial

    This Song is one of the MANY oh so MANY reasons why I fell in love with the witcher

  • LorieHassy

    Is this Emma Hiddleston singing? :O :D

  • AGIT Akpinar

    i spent 378 hours and im lvl 87 😫 so low

  • nasu

    lmao Geralt's like dang.......... how she know my Yen feels

  • Mason Pickering

    When Priscilla can sing better than any musician in real life...

  • Emily

    This song is about yennefer is it not?

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