The Witcher 3 Soundtrack OST - Priscilla's Song

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Official OST

Priscilla Poetic Callonetta's Song
  • zz kk

    I remember the first time I played the game and this scene started. I thought it was gonna be some bs added music bit, so I used my phone and lost focus entirely, and didnt listen to the song until the lyrics "Did it forge a love that you might never have found" was sung. I dropped my phone and was starstruck. Had do go to youtube right away to rewatch from the beginning. 10\10 cdred. fucking amazing,

  • ytaccno3

    and there are people that don't pick yen. smh

  • ChessTauren

    9/10Why 9? Because of the awkward line at 1:06 "damn what the stars own"What does that even mean??? The line should have been " damn what the stars say"... And it's not a matter of rhyme either, but simple artistic directness.Otherwise, a brilliant song.

  • TinJester

    polish is better in this game

  • Oguz Doğanyılmaz

  • Niborino9409

    And on the other side of the spectrum we have the so-called "bards" of Skyrim.

  • Josh Currie

    I can picture a game of thrones season 8 trailer with this song playing

  • The Alamore

    It's like I'm actually there! I can't hear her over the fucker slurping their drink too loud and some idiot moaning and saying "hey" every second.

  • John Gee

    i right click and loop the fuck out of this song.

  • HananasCZ 1

    I'm I only who's laughing? ... Probably yes 😏🤗

  • Joshua Lanier

    Incredible scene. Easily one of the most memorable. BUT WHERE IS THE NVIDIA HAIRWORKS? Priscilla's hair looks like shit console peasants shaking my head. 😛👾

  • lopfi lottfi

    what an amazing journey.

  • Kevin Wilson

    Damn, Geralt is still an asshole, slow clap~

  • Dodo Shade

    that song brought tears to my eyes until that bitch the one who i saved with Vesemir's help in white orchard started shouting and calling me murderer?!! wtf wrong with people in this twisted world? and i thought humans of earth are scumbags! compared to the witcher world we are angels lol

  • Omnia Kadorah

    This is why Witcher is one of the BEST GAMES EVEEER !

  • Rafael Ribeiro

    Beautiful song in all languages. Impressive. In portuguese is awesome

  • Eddie Sullivan

    Even Menge stopped to listen haha.

  • mfdeerhunter

    i'm on my 3rd playthrough and this song still gets to me

  • K1NG M

    best game ive ever played

  • Dominick Vasquez

    Imagine the thoughts going through Geralt's mind as he realizes this song is about him and Yen

  • PatrickWasHere

    This song triggers me because my geralt is in love with triss

  • Mister 47

    One of the many Beautiful moments in this epic and awesome game....Now look what i have done, i've spilled some water on my sleeve....

  • Nathan Rafferty

    I wish I could hear this for the first time again. I didn't expect it to be good but damn, I was glad to be wrong. It's beautiful with a ting of sadness and yearning.

  • Kanon SD

    I'm just playing this game and I cried in this part... fuck...

  • Lucas Greenup

    i listen to this song during g class and a and just runing and i love this song to listen to bed you likely cunts garelt

  • Bot Tim

    Thanks for Turkish subtitles

  • Disenfranchised Hamburger

    gonna get sum pussy toniiight..

  • cypher beazley

    I dont read the books so can someone explain this song

  • George He Audio

    Though it was Dandillian who wrote this song, Priscilla performed it wonderfully.

  • Joseph Patrick

    One of those moments in gaming that you'll easily remember the rest of your life.

  • Ian Seurattan

    Man this was actually the best game ever made in my opinion, sure it's not perfect but the passion and effort they put into it is undeniable.

  • MrBadack

    Damn, this song is something.

  • Scorecatron

    Bethesda better take some fucking notes if they plan on putting bards in Elder Scrolls VI.

  • Rafy Adityana

    I love that moment in 2:54 so much. When the song's lyric stated "The wish I whispered,when it all began. Did it forge a love you might never have found?", Geralt's expression suddenly changed and he seems like reminiscing to that very moment when he and Yen bounded by fate. I think Geralt suddenly remembered about how much he loves Yen, about how much Yen has changed his live, and about how much important is Yen to him. He became pensive and reflective about Yen until he is awaken by Zoltan at the end of the song.I just like that moment a lot and it actually make me bit a little teary, remembering all the moment Geralt and Yen's have been through together. Thank you CDPR!

  • Rick Riot

    It sucks that i couldnt hear this song well because i had to listen to my family yelling.

  • Deskas Andreas

    This is how you make a game. This scene and Leliana's song from DAO is how you put the player on the games world... period

  • Dave Whitford

    after listening to this i realized there was no way i could ever pick Triss

  • aexl82

    even I am stunned by this moment over and over again. Epic

  • manolis kar

    My God, I love this game!

  • xvader

    hmm song from game in this day

  • Wojciech Kobylarski

    Polish version is still the best 8)

  • wolvesrock15679

    Does anyone else hear some kind of weird gurgling/slurping sound throughout the entire video while listening to it with earbuds?

  • Andile Joshua

    Screw Triss and Yennifer...

  • VTAS Props

    Is it just me or does this version have the loudest slurping effects in the background. Im sure that wasnt in my version

  • Zergrushmyanus

    First time listening to this on headphones, I am getting real tired of the guy slurping his drink in my left ear...

  • Enon Z

    This song just solved me the dilemma - Yen vs Triss!

  • Reca noff

    Hope to find muy lover someday 😟

  • Dacus Decebalus

    Love the game.the best in many years.

  • yusuf gautama

    249 fisstech addict dislike this video.

  • Wuzuw

    in the background:"slurp""slurp""yarh yarh""slurp""slurp"

  • Ivan Certeza

    Man, you know the song's good when grown men start to cry , couples make love, a hardened criminal gives notice to it , a badass dwarf mellows out and when a near "emotionless" Witcher starts to feel and relate to it.

  • Cobalt Gaming

    Fav moment=when geraltfinds ciri dead,hugs her and then she wakes up

  • biostar4

    "Witcher 3 is an overrated game"Yeah mate... and those people can fuck off sometimes

  • Rahul Bohare

    The moment you realize the song speaks of THE LAST WISH quest! Mind = Blown!

  • AGENT 47

    those couple at the corner r having the time of their lives...amazing song!!

  • Enlightened LoneWalker

    Even though it is about Yennefer..I think Tris is right for Geralt.

  • Justin Langtein

    To anyone whom hasn't read the books, you'll never fully understand this....

  • ChessTauren

    OMG, I'm Polish but the English version soooooo good.... SOooo good to be the BEST. And I've heard them all...

  • Psychology

    Dandelion was in love with this ugly broad?

  • Tacgnol

    Absolute best song and performance I have ever heard in a video game.

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