The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Opening Cinematic

Check out the opening cinematic in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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  • ThePapiGfunk

    Good thing I pre-order the Collectors Edition! Can't wait

  • DexterousCobra

    I think the witcher series has some of the best music in any fantasy game I ever heard. I just love it.

  • Jake Tryon

    that nilfgardian soldier that chopped the horses head clean off remind me of ser gregor clegane in season 1 game of thrones

  • Sephelutis Lucifus

    did...yennifer just used..a hand grenade?

  • Melodic Meerkat

    The best game I have ever played

  • Minh Le

    Yen actually is a powerful sorceres, i'm disappointed how in Gwent, her card strength only 7.

  • locnsmoke

    I wish games actually look like this

  • Storm the Bard

    Between this, Bloodborne, and Dying Light I am set for the after holiday and spring season. Then Batman makes it way in June. It is such a good time to be a gamer! 

  • Charvak Patel

    This is like watching 3 lord of the rings movie, whole game of thrones and all the mythical movie ever existed combined.Only Blizzard can match this cinematics

  • NiceBlock

    as the last dlc is finished only memories will remain

  • Doke Samaraweera

    One of the best, most intelligent games I ever played and completed.

  • Meanjung

    well, how long are you gonna make me wait?

  • Djursnerable

    I very much enjoyed this game and its 200 hours of content. It felt much more gritty, realistic and in-depth than any of the Dragon Age games. For me Dragon Age: Origins was the best. Dragon Age 2 was a failure, and Dragon Age Inquisition is missing the spark and it has gone way too much overboard with its political correctness. I do not think that Bioware will be able to make a game better than Witcher 3, perhaps Bethesda can.

  • OriontheAssassin

    The soldier who bumps into yen is the one from the killing monsters trailer I believe

  • gallopingLake6

    Did you see that bird go through that dude's eye?!  Sold.

  • bundycamp

    I can't believe I had to watch an ad before I could watch an ad

  • IA3chan

    I wish I could like it twice!

  • TrollMaster5

    Reminds me of the scene where Aragorn is outside Fandgorn Forest and searching for clues of Bilbo Baggins while it cuts away to the scenes from the battle the night before.

  • Aozora

    That guy ,who was killed by Yennefer, reminds me of The Mountain from GoT. xD

  • Adam Bradley

    Why could the game of thrones game have played like the witcher games :(

  • David Cox

    I remember playing tomb raider as a kid and watching the cut scenes, I thought games would never look that good but now they look far better. So perhaps in 10 years or so we will be looking at games that look as good as this.

  • Nukeclears

    Can't wait to play this in 1080p 60fps

  • Carl Springer

    beginning scene defo inspired by the GOTs Mountain cutting his horse's head off, the armour breastplate even looks slightly similar, thats so cool 

  • Bruno Petrone

    God the only thing im the most exited about is the OST

  • Cris

    gets accused of misleading graphic qualitypost cinematic trailer next

  • Monarch Of Microwaved Noodles

    Nooooo was that roach that was decapitated

  • Xavier Winstead

    Why the hell is Yennefer on a battlefield.? Makes no sense. Was she just passing through.?

  • Jonathan Keith

    I honestly wish I could go back so I could play this again for the first time. It's definitely one of my all time favorites.

  • 798 278

    1:51 "Fire in the hole"

  • MyNameIsMud

    I like how they took the quote from the book and the story told by Geralt, everyone should read the originals, it makes me appreciate the games way more for how true to the originals they eventually were and the changes that were made didn't stand out from the rest, almost as if they were always a part of the story.

  • MisterSavage777

    Literally when I bought this game and I heard the very first sound come from this scene, I immediately knew I was invested into a Masterpiece

  • Crisium HD

    44 Ghuls disliked. Don't worry Geralt is coming for you.

  • Celebi734

    This puts Game of Throne's Battle of The Bastards too shame in my opinion, and this is coming from someone who loves Game of Thrones.

  • Muhamad Iqbal

    this game one of the example making good games doesnt need high budget and many worker like gta v or assasins series

  • Tygravius

    So is this like the actual "in-game" opening cinematic or something completely different for people to get pumped for Witcher 3? I don't want to watch this if it is "in-game". Trying to keep it as fresh as possible...

  • TheGhost325

    Do not get hyped because it will most likely only lead to disappointment. Great trailer tho

  • Jason Carbon

    I bought this game. Played it a thousand times and it’s DLC too. Yet here I am watching the trailer as though I’ve never seen it 😁

  • Ovidiu coruga

    i think this game(that looks more stuning than ac unity) will have lower system requirments :)

  • Natan Miksic

    Haven't played W1 n 2... now I feel like there's a gap in my memory and it need's to be filled asap. Great story, great game. 10/10

  • Eslam Eslamović

    Anybody else thinks that GOT’s Battle of the Bastards is somehow inspired from this?

  • OniBear

    I felt what that horse felt...ehhhh

  • Emir Sandoval

    00:45 Cerebral bore the witcher edition.

  • oshit myass

    video games the only thing uniting comments since the invention of youtube

  • Samohut xD

    Dobre bo z Polski :")

  • sambuss90

    "Sorry for the late release, guys, we needed a bit more time to Polish the game up."

  • hells surprise

    Just finished The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and..............................? Heres what i've got to say.I will CHERISH this game for the whole of my life. We all say games we like fondly are absolutely EPIC and those big words but for me this game stood out and i aim to play it for as long as i live. The twists the turns the gripping cliff hanging full throttle story I will CHERISH this game for the whole of my life, am i repeating myself saying that?THANK YOU GERALT THANK YOU YENNEFERTHANK YOU VESSIMIRTHANK YOU AVALLAC'HTHANK YOU CIRITHANK YOU TRISSTHANK YOU DANDELIONTHANK YOU ZOLTANTHANK YOU CRACHTHANK YOU BLOODY BARONTHANK YOU DUDUTHANK YOU TO ALL WHO MADE THIS GAME AN ABSOLUTELY MASTERFUL STORYI am making notes and keeping them in the games box to what i did so i can have a different approach to the story.Love you CD Projekt Red, I am very proud having witnessed The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. March, April And May 2018.THANK YOU X

  • gordon Freeman

    goddamn you CDPRSteam summer sales are gonna be over soon and i haven't bought jack shit of the AAA titles i want because "how could can it be compared to the witcher 3?"

  • Law19157

    In case anyone's wondering what the name of this song is, it's called "Hey" by "This one Lady"

  • Sony God

    my dear Sony and Microsoft . . . you don`t know what you just missed, Bayonetta won`t be touched by Kratos or Masterchief . . . EVER, she belongs to Mario now !!! or does Mario belong to her ? probably . . .

  • Anthony A

    The graphics in this trailer = The Witcher V 's year 2031 real-time PC graphics. Lol. Imagine? I would totally without a doubt shit myself if this is the case.

  • MichiganJack

    Can't wait to watch this overly compressed on my high end PC. Seriously dev's what's with the high compressed FMVs?

  • MrSmeeb

    I wish I was interested in this game as much as everyone else is, the cinematics are cool, but I think the gameplay is too stale for me, and I like RPGs.

  • MilkMonster

    I wasn't moved in the same sense as I would be a Dragon Age cinematic. However, the first Witcher game was very enjoyable.

  • Storm the Bard

    I can not wait! The hunt for Yennefer begins!

  • Johnauditore

    Two years later and I´m still regretting that I bought the mediocre Splatoon instead of this masterpiece. Thank god I bought it on Christmas last year.

  • GotDayum

    I am looking forward to this game. Can't wait!

  • Aron Johansson

    And People Still betray Geralts character and chooses triss...

  • mbiesheuvel

    I hope she is my friend!

  • Palash

    Hope Gtx 970 will run this beast like a boss

  • actionvids35

    i wonder what kind of system specs this game will demand ?

  • louisgworld

    Be wary of terrible combat mechanics.

  • Abbadon380

    please have low minimum system requirements 

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