The Witcher 3: Full Sign Intensity Build

Here I am going to show my 305% Sign Intesity build at level 37.
  • HoiPolloiNtertains

    ACHEW!!Oh shit. When did the cyclops die?

  • Or Gat

    This builds getting soo boring after a short got so boring that I had to respec into a heavy armor strong attack alchemy build...

  • Edward Kenway amazing. Now I feel like my current build is all wrong xd

  • davide bortoli

    tried it myself and i think it sucks igni works perfectly agains griffins, humans and things like that and yrden is very funny to use with hight sign intensity but when u find things like the ghosts that you fight in the cavern where you get the sunstone that havehighl resistance to fire and dont get slow down the combat will become long and boring... same thing for wraiths... yrden works perfectly but igni doesnt do much and its boring... for everyone that starts the game i would recommend going sword with fast attack and whirl, feline school , maybe upgrade quen and the adrenaline point abilities

  • WhoAteMyFunDip

    How is this a "full sign" build when you have a clear reliance on alchemy? I'm not knocking the build, I'm just saying...

  • A Bad Player

    Hmmmm I'm thinking of trying this with level 70 griffin gear. I have a tank build right now with ursine gear. Anyone know of a good quen build?

  • Sandro Barberi

    If you want those 10% Igni glyphs you'll have to craft them. Theres no way around. They are really expensive and tedious to craft

  • James Pitcher

    I've tried to balance signs and attack power so I'm currently running Superior Feline complete set, and have two dedicated skill trees for Signs with greater blue mutagens on both, one skill tree dedicated to attack power and another one with "Cat School Techniques" and "Adrenaline points boost attack power and sign intensity" with another sign ability and another greater blue mutagen to finish it off ... Using Cat School Techniques and having one skill tree dedicated to attacking abilities means my damage per second is over 1300 for both steel and silver swords and my sign intensity is up to 140% with the runes / glyphs I have embedded in my equipment. It's as balanced as I've managed to get it at level 31, but I'm sure it can be improved still.

  • EmptyWalletSyndrome

    my build is the same. Except I don't bother with melt amor.. waste of points on an igni build. Almost never use swords. I tried loads of other builds because I hated the look of the gryphon armor set. But it is probably the most powerful. In the end I just modded the game to swap the stats on bear and gryphon sets.

  • Dreamer1422

    I dont know but i was doing 2.5k DOTs on that monster with only 150% Sign intensity.. he is week vs igni. Tried it on Drowners the dot was like 300 damage


    I subscribed.I'll have to watch this when I have the time  later on tonight.Looks good.

  • Mareczq K

    Zdradź jaki build testowałeś właśnie pod Znaki już z dodatkiem HoS (czy ta nowy set Offeri nie jest tutaj wymiatający? + enchantment na uśrednienie armora + szkoła gryfa)? Da się więcej wyciągnąć niż to tutaj?:)

  • Altair Ezio

    Well, full-igni-sign build can help you burn everything to death

  • Brandon Bridges

    Not even that high of intensity, I have 366% before potions, 421% after.

  • DeenanTheKemon I

    So i love this game, for many reasons. Yet I must admit as a PS4 player/owner of the title I feel almost shorted, compared to the PC my menus feel dull and seem to be missing alot, what gives? (You have several options I dont, better coloring, etc)

  • Saranya PLAY

    I just finished with 31LV.

  • misterDVader

    Freeze then burn? Dude that's just... inhumane.

  • Haryo Sinandra

    I have a questiion, Now Im putting 3 (5% sign intensity) on my sword. But when I checked player stat my igni damage got no difference whether I equipped the sword or not. What happen?

  • Victor Barton

    Where you get those gold boots at with that crazy igni intensity?


    What was that igni looking sign where you kept spraying the fire?!

  • Victor Cama

    So.. i have a question, how does this thing about the "sing intensity" work?

  • BiTcH PleAsE

    idk what happened i used battle trance in which increases signs to 125% intensity when 3 adrenaline points are consumed.I kept doing this and now my intensity is more than 2k%

  • pootz10

    the giant was low level for you

  • Ethan Larcher

    Nice, i have a friend who has over 600 sign intensity on level 23  tho haha, nothing can even touch him

  • Dũng Tiến

    me lv 16, help me build Sign

  • Ben Shabtai

    This build is actually incredible.Well done, made my full Magic build seem like shit.

  • seth barroo

    What is the benefit of having 300% sign intensity

  • Halo The Legend

    Please tell me where you found those glyphs

  • Nathan Davis

    Unfortunately most of the igni skills actually suck for a sign build.  The first one weakens the enemy armor, which only effects a hand full of enemies and even the enemies it does effect, it doesn't cause igni to do any more damage.  Also the last ability increases the chance to apply burning which, for a sign build, should already be at 100% anyway.

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