Witcher 3: Take the Rose from Iris + Olgierd's Reaction (Hearts of Stone Expansion)

Witcher 3: Take the Rose from Iris + Olgierd's Reaction (Hearts of Stone Expansion)
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Step again into the shoes of Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster slayer, this time hired to defeat a ruthless bandit captain, Olgierd von Everec, a man who possesses the power of immortality. This expansion to “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” packs over 10 hours of new adventures, introducing new characters, powerful monsters, unique romance and a brand new storyline shaped by your choices.

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  • dodid0

    - "I´ll remember you."- "That no longer matters."Strong writting right there! Sometimes it´s best to let go than to remember for ever.

  • Nick Kunwar

    Glass, that can't be broken. Now I realize how the animals meant. Really useful information to defeat master mirror.

  • Brandon Myers

    Iris is so sweet. Dying of heartbreak is just terrible as she had done nothing wrong. This section was so depressing it brought me to tears.

  • keith lee

    i think taking the rose from Iris is better choice. It does end her misery.

  • FearlessX7

    Man, the writing in this game is way better than most of the sad/love movies . I even felt bad after making this mission.

  • AvirxPlays

    This is what I chose because I felt it was better for her to pass on rather than remain as a tormented spirit haunting that mansion with two creatures trapped with her. So in my opinion Iris being freed from her torment and Olgierd leaving his past behind him to start a new life knowing that Iris still loved him is the best ending.

  • TheCrimsonFuckr

    I feel soo bad for Iris :(

  • 3970xRocks

    Have you ever seen a game with such great storytelling - the Von Everec's, Gaunter, the Wild Hunt, the Baron, Guillaume, the love triangle between Triss, Yennefer and Geralt, Ciri's story, and so much more - there is so much depth and history to this game! Over 1 million lines of code to make this game, three and a half years in the making. Bravo, CD Projekt Red - this is what I'm happy spending my money on. Absolutely deserved all of the awards the game received - just sheer brilliance!!! It had sold over 33 million copies at the end of 2017 - can't wait for The Witcher 4.I am entertained! Just four criticisms - 1) too many f**king sewant mushrooms 2) the mechanics of actually moving the characters of Geralt and Ciri are clunky, slow to react. 3) The sphere of looting bodies is too small - having to move around to collect loot from a body is painstaking. 4) It would be great if I could sort the items in the inventory how I want them and they stayed that way. Other than that, genius!

  • Pier Stoyanov

    Given how the lore shows people to have souls, this is a hard but necessary decision. Iris is dead, you've already seen her body. Olgeard will never be able to reanimate the painting, he'll just drag around the soul of his dead beloved.

  • Ruben Hidayat

    Is it just me or olgierd really looks like david beckham?

  • sugreev2001

    I'm glad I didn't get the intrusive background music

  • Ivan Ageev

    i`m cry like a baby. Great game. Absolutly

  • Farmer Ozai

    The doggo and cat we're pretty confident that they can leave now, so I'm assuming taking the rose really ended Iris, which I think is the better option.

  • The Dark Derp

    i love that foreshadowing find salvation in glass that can't be broken i actually picked up on it when i played the game for grealt's and olgerd's soul

  • xLetalis

    the alternative to what I did... still can't decide which is better

  • me2olive

    There should have been an option to have Olgierd enter the painting and stay with her. Perhaps Master Mirror, as he's banished, gives Olgierd a fatal wound and Geralt is given the option of either trying to heal him or instead telling him there's a way to reunite him with Iris. That would have been more satisfying.

  • Nick Craig

    She died after Olgierd left, but her spirit couldn't find peace. In my mind, if you take the rose and allow her imagined world to finally end it will also allow her to move on. If Olgierd had full control of his senses, I honestly believe that he wouldn't want her to suffer. I know I wouldn't...

  • LiptonDrinks

    This is the hardest decision of the game by far... Iris stole my heart soooo i feel weird now. First time i fall in love with a fictional character...

  • ChuckPalomo

    It's really confusing how one moment the game treats death like the end of one's existence, but then we have ghosts prancing around possessing human bodies and having boring "lives" in their crypts. So which one is it game?

  • Blues jok

    she said she is only a sadness soul in this world, don't overthink it, it's the hint that the player should let her go, it's not Iris's full soul, it's only part of her.

  • Ezekielepharcelis

    Along with Geralt finding Ciri when he believes she is dead this was the most emotional well done Scene in The Witcher 3. You know it is a great Game when you have strong Feelings for some Pixel AI. Also a bit scary... Overall I have to say that The Witcher 3 exceeded my Expectiations by far.

  • joe ten

    Some of the missions in Witcher 3 can be so depressing, like this one with iris

  • A

    WTF you have the exact same armor and weapons as me and I just did this part! Only difference is you didn't shave you lazy bum

  • Cato Sicarius

    water is glass that can't be broken har har har

  • Jeevus Chrust

    I chose this one, but I don't really know which is the better option if I'm being honest. On one hand you take the rose from Iris, the demons gain their freedom (for better or worse although it didn't appear they were malicious even giving advice against Master Mirror), and Iris can finally be at peace. But that peace is an unknown one that we never really thought of before in this game. Wraiths, Noonwraiths, and Nightwraiths were all just things that we had to extinguish, but here you feel sorry for her. You don't really know what is awaiting her after death, much like in real life how we don't know what our fates are. Then on the other hand you can let her exist in misery and sorrow in a painting, but she'll at least kind of be with Olgierd as well as her fate being known for better or worse. But that "existence" is a complete sham.Really top notch writing I feel. The whole game kind of does this from the very start with that dwarf in White Orchard that had his forge burned down, it paints a world in grey. But this is something else. Throughout the game I felt confident in a lot of my choices, but not this one.

  • László Pohl

    What is the title of the music in the background? (while you give the rose to Olgierd.)

  • Claire Dé Lune

    I feel like NOT taking it is cruelest. Also, consider the dog and cat. They're trapped in that house, and in taking it, you free them

  • Empacktheya

    I haven't gotten this far yet. But when they said "Glass that can't be broken." They mean water right? (I love riddles ^^)

  • Hogwire

    The music in the background ruins the scene.

  • kevin mole

    one of the most touching and fantastic quests i have ever played i loved her

  • Lord Zuko

    I have never felt pain in my heart more than this quest. The shit she went through...

  • Strelok

    "Seek Salvation in glass that can't be broken"

  • skinhibbz

    does anybody know the soundtrack during the conversation with olgierd ?

  • Hadrian Stave

    Saddest part of the game..that prick didn't deserve her

  • Kenneth Wong

    I'm most impressed with the voice acting of witcher 3.

  • MahaVakyas

    that dog and cat scare me more than O' Dimm

  • Hoàng Linh Lê

    Now i recognize the dog just tell me how to win Master of Glasses.

  • Jan Kubánek

    I didn't get the option to refuse to take the rose. How?

  • Aleksa Petrovic

    who would know that devil's apprentice would give you hint how to defeat his master.

  • Deborah Triumphant

    damn i really dont know what is better i mean in the end you give freedom to 2 demons... i know they gave the answer but... still

  • Sawyer

    I feel so sad for that music in the whole important part :c

  • Ratastic

    I like to think that wherever she may be now, she rests peacefully with no dreams

  • Christopher Davie

    I let her keep the rose and will save Olgierd

  • Lori Smile

    Which one should I choose?! I don't understand this.

  • Cara de Sapo

    He may have become a psycopath because of his deal but at least he still understands other's feelings.

  • Sinister Mephisto

    Think about the damn Cat and Dog ffs. Why trap 3 people in eternal gloom?. Take the rose

  • that fit Asian

    Been looking at my choices on YouTube and so far pretty happy. Couldn’t do it. Let her keep the rose

  • Stefan S

    why is there battle music?

  • Mike ™

    This is the worse choice, you can tell, listen to the music, and listen to the music when you don't take the rose... also, it ties in with Olg. making wishes that aren't phrased correctly, as in, another lesson taught, just like if you gave him the House without the papers ;)

  • Skankhunt42

    Seek salvation in glass that can’t be broken, the dog is telling you how to beat the riddle of you chose to save olgeird

  • PrinceOfQrow

    So is nobody worry about dog and cat demon roaming free.

  • Ahmet Omer Ozgen

    I did take the rose. Could not let the pets down. This dlc touched me

  • Christian Rashotte

    What about when we send Ulle the Unlucky to the afterlife? He says he hears laughter and joyous cries, the clanking of chalices and a voice summoning him to the feast of heroes? Is this not proof that Iris would be better off embracing her death?

  • Jimmy

    I still can't figure out what the cat and dog are? they are from a different world. Also I would like to have known more about the Mirror Man.Is he a genuine? Demon? Or an Evil God? probably never know.

  • SevSec

    How did you get that sweet armour?

  • Corristo89

    Her existence in the painting as a shade is a farce, a trance-like stupor she created to cocoon herself in so to avoid dealing with her loss and sadness. Iris died when Olgierd departed and left her to live out the rest of her days in a pretty cage. It was probably like dying by having less air to breathe every day. I chose to take the rose from her and end the sad charade of a life she was "living".

  • bfg2600

    I took the rose because I partial to talking dogs and cats and wanted to see them go home, even though they weren't really a dog and cat, plus the dog drops a serious hint on how to deal with master mirror

  • J

    Died of a broken heart? Is cd proyekt ripping off episode 3? Hopefully the woman found heaven after all that shit

  • krazykid1521

    wow the dog gives you the answer to the riddle

  • Guala Nejo

    now I felt as though a hot iron pierced my chest. this is a great game. never felt this emotion when i play games. i had it once when i played Final fantasy series but not as bad as this.

  • Frank _

    Looking back now the choice is clear to me. Those demons are sentient beings that are essentially slaves. While it is not my place to decide her fate, it is necessary to free the demons. The broken life of a half dead woman cannot justify the enslavement of other sentient beings. And you don’t force her, she willfully gives you the rose, you just have to accept it.

  • Wei Hong

    i didnt get a choice, only choice was to take the rose...

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