The Witcher 3 - Region of Toussaint Explained [Blood and Wine DLC]

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Region of Toussaint Explained
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Blood and Wine DLC

LastKnownMeal, 2015.

    I wanna go to Kovir or Zerrikania.

  • Nonoy Encallado

    fringilla vigo is also the cousin of anna henrietta.. just to let everyone know :)

  • Guoenyi

    The land of croissant!

  • raichr1

    I think that CDPR should add not only Toussaint via dlc, but also Zerrikania, Kovir, Nilfgard etc. and recreate much of the whole world of The Witcher. It's going to take lots of time, but I'm ready to wait.

  • 34Demigod

    I don't think Nilfgaardian soldiers will be seen so often. Toussaint doesn't have an army but it's protected by as they call themselves Knight-errants.

  • El Technic0

    Seriously tho... WHERE IS IORVETH!!(and Saskia)

  • H240909

    Please let there be Iroveth!

  • red cannon

    Awesome video! Can't wait for this DLC

  • Joe Blow

    totally buying the DLC...Witcher 3 is on of the best games I've ever played

  • Mateusz Wojciechowski

    Geralt already slept with Fringilla :) Yen was a little mad about it

  • Husnain Hussain

    When is this gonna be released? And good vid :)

  • Burk

    I can't wait! I'm sure it will look absolutely stunning

  • DragonX5536

    I can already see Toussaint's wine vs Mahakam's spirit xD

  • The Beast

    I can't wait.Do you know the release date? I'm hoping first few month of 2016 for the first expansion.

  • EmilKadabell

    Geralt has actually already slept with Fringilla, in the books:D..

  • Erik Ling

    not the second dlc, the second expansion

  • Finn

    I really hope this region has secure borders. Can't find any in this reality

  • Sandis Rozuleja Dvorovs

    ''Will you be buying this DLC?'', I'll buy it twice!...

  • Good Charles

    Sir, do you think that Witcher 3 will ONLY have those two DLCs? Not a third one at all? What do you think? Thank you

  • Pan x

    everyone asking about Iorveth..he is dead!!

  • Max Stacewicz

    So. Toussaint is in/around Nilfgaard, or is it in Temeria? Assuming that Temeria's the equivalent of Poland.

  • Steel Xcaliber

    When you think about it, Toussaint is the perfect place for someone like Geralt. He's always been an idealist in a morally grey world of dickheads. Toussaint is more his thing.

  • Vítor Valente Carrera

    Really, after Blood and Wine, Toussaint is my favorite region, and Skellige stays in 2nd place for me =)

  • Chris Rooster

    Toussaint is not really near Temeria nor Nilfgaard proper. It is a Nilfgaard Colony/duchy well north of Nilfgaard the mother country. Its South of Lyria and a little south of the Yaruga so Southeast of Temeria.

  • Jessica Tischer

    I wouldn't call Velen "gritty", as that implies a certain bit of hope left in the people. Velen is drab, and depressing.

  • **

    That sounds like the rest of the game. Pretty landscape, boring gameplay and stories.

  • kulskds

    Could you tell me what is the name of the track that you used for background? 1 of my favorite ones , though I can't recall in which part of the game it appears.

  • Trisador9

    Erm.. Have you even read the books? xD

  • The Mantisity

    "Really Geralt really? You thought you have won? There will be a time when I return, and all that you hold dear will be covered in Blood and WINE"-VilgefortzCould this fool still be alive?

  • Me.K

    Gimme gimme gimme now!! I'll pay double!

  • Lady Amber The Gamer

    Frangella actually loved geralt before, she even cast a spell on him when he was there!!!!

  • Heavenly Star

    Sad there will be no third expansion. They could put some Elves and dragons and other creatures in it.

  • 応じます Carterガブリエル Gabriel

    toussaint's dark history VAMPIRES EVERYWERE 😱😨😨🎮

  • Jehuty989

    Hearts of stone was ok.. I liked Shani and the wedding part.. The rest of it felt like a chore doing those wishes for Olgierd..

  • Vinxent C.S.

    I hope ciri and margarita will be in this expansion for at least a couple of missions, that would be great

  • 応じます Carterガブリエル Gabriel

    toussaint reminds me of Italy not France

  • John North London

    Good though i was really hoping for a dlc that will add an elven region like if you remember this quest with Avalache travel through time or something like that where you were teleported in many different places the last one was an elven city that looked pretty damn good they should have iincluded this in a dlc

  • Chris Rooster

    I don't see how there is going to be any more material with Fringilla since > SPOILER ALERT!!!!!<-In the game she is being held prisoner by the Emperor of Nilfgaard and then they need her in Skellige to help open a gate lure the Wild Hunt into a trap. Maybe if it takes place before the final scene since she can teleport.

  • Rajesh Dutta

    No man Geralt is not gonna sleep with any random lady now, Because he's heart belongs to Triss only. And they are happy living together.

  • ShatteredMercury

    I hope the next one is at least twice as big as this one after all the DLC :)

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