The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - The Sword of Destiny E3 2014 Trailer

Check out the Sword of Destiny E3 2014 trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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    this game deserves an Oscar

  • HooliganGaming

    I know it's out, but this is one of the best trailers I've ever seen

  • mbongeni6

    Who’s still playing this in 2018

  • Javi Bentué

    Shouldn't have watched this again.Now I have to reinstall this awesome shiet again.

  • Vagish

    Who's Playing This Masterpiece In 2019?

  • Dallasmed65

    Time to play again for the 20th time. This game just doesn't get old. That's why it's the best game ever made.

  • Ezequiel Santiago

    8 dislikes 1k likes Lol let's hunt them down.

  • Jimmie S.

    If I had the ability to erase my memory of a single game so I could experience it again, this would be the of the greatest games ever made.

  • Jeanfabre

    dat soundtrack tho, gives me the shivers....

  • petaludas88

    The Witcher 3 > Red dead redemption 2

  • MannyGT

    Opening GOG client... AgainOpening Games Library... AgainFinding The Witcher 3 GOTY... AgainReinstalling... AgainPlaying... Again

  • Woeler

    One of the few games I actually didn't mind paying 60 bucks for on PC.

  • Wilky Balls

    Yen and Triss look so different

  • L33TCHI3K3N

    Probably the best game trailer ever made, for the best game ever made. The footage and music are pure orgasm for the eyes and ears.

  • Darkteddybear87

    The only game that I still watch the trailers for even after beating the game.

  • René Isenschmid

    I understand that everyone's opinion and taste is different. I really respect that. But after playing videogames for 25 years, I've got no choice rather than to admit that this game is perfect! Yeah, I know, the battle system and controls could be slightly better bla bla bla, but if you look at all the things, that CD-Project Red did right, it's perfect. I'm not only talking about the graphics or the size of the game. It's beauty lies in its many details. Such love for details in every town, every landscape. So much melancholy. The soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal. I've never heard such expressionary orchestra music like in Witcher 3. It goes right under your skin, it moves me. While the story is "only" very good, the characters and their development is outstanding. Brilliant. And on top of that, what makes Witcher 3 so special is that it's from a formerly small and independent team like CD-Project Red, who throwed everything they had into this game. No 08/15 EA- and Activision bullshit, no DLC-tricks, etc. You can feel their feelings, their ideas floating through the game that it's almost killing me. Brilliant. I'm still pretty young. But I promise: When I'll die in 40-50 years, I'll definitely remember Witcher 3 as one of the best game that was created. Ever. As a big Nintendo fan until around 10 years, I could never imagine a game that blows me away like Ocarina of Time did in 1998. For me, OoT was always the best game of all time and I was sure it would always be (from a sentimental view of course, many games today are naturally better objectively seen...). But Witcher 3 killed that. Right now, it's my Number 1 of all-time. And it's possible, it will be for a long time. Thank you CD-Project Red. Thank you Poland. What you've done here... I really don't find the words to express, only my honest gratitude. Thank you.

  • Nick Wilson

    I think this is the best trailer ive seen in 15 years

  • Banwait A

    Yennefer looks like Jennifer Lawrence in this trailer...

  • Humanscallme Jason

    Did Eskel just Igni some wraiths?

  • Jeron Cradle

    Every decision you make will bring devastation. Each choice you make will lead to a greater evil.

  • Genji NeedHeals

    witcher 4 pls or new dlc :)

  • Walter Paddick

    The voice of Charles Dance is epic. The Game too.

  • Jace-One C.

    did he just easily kill someone... on horseback?

  • JcGross

    I watched the livestream and during this my jaw literally dropped. This hasn't happened for a LONG time. This is all ingame footage. And there's Ciri, there's Emhyr var Emreis voiced by Charles Dance, there's Vesimir and Lambert and the others... I just can't wait for this!

  • Demiurge NZ

    24 monsters disliked this video.

  • kingofmaiar

    Tywin Lannister from GoT, Sauron from LoTR, epic music from Troy and Gladiator; red chick, brunette hottie and that witch-MILF from obvious side of the Internet. What do you need more?ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED !!???

  • MrMister 26

    Uploaded exactly five years ago today... time flies by so quickly...

  • Barcode III

    I saw this.. i bought this.. i loved this :D

  • xErikTheRedx

    Once in a while, there are some games, I wish I could replay for the first time. This is one of those games.

  • Rodrigo

    A message for all gamers of The Witcher 3:Please read the books. Geralt de Rivia Saga by Andrzej Sapkowski is one of the best fantasy books saga I ever read.

  • Brittney Hernandez

    I don't care what any PC gamer says. The game is still beautiful on PS4.

  • Oxygen Molecule

    You know it's a good game when it's been 4 years and you still watch the trailers and get hyped. Even though you've already played it (quite possibly more than once).

  • Connor Mann

    1:56 intensity intensifies

  • Dinoenthusiastguy

    Just bought this game on steam and am about to experience it for for the first time.Envy me.

  • Junior Paiva

    Wanna know how good this game is ? This trailer is out for like 4 or 5 years ?And I still got goosebumps ...

  • JellyandJam

    2019 anyone, still playing the Witcher all time❤️

  • Denis Rovich

    Who came here after Cyberpunk 2077?

  • Daniel Allen

    Who's still playing in 2019?

  • Joe

    1:19 Anyone notice the weathervane is the CD Projekt Red logo?

  • Paweł Własiuk

    "I shall give her what she deserves." My favourite moment, I got chills ;)

  • some unfathomably moist, saucy, creamy, crispy, succulent flakes of perfectly aged cheese

    I just noticed in that scene with the Wild Hunt wizard (name has slipped my mind) there's Geralt, but in the game it's Eskel that gets knocked back fighting him at Kaer Morhen.

  • avand963

    Is that Ciri at 0:48 and Yennifer at 1:40? I was always wondering why they were not even mentioned or mentioned in a fleeting cut scene in the games.

  • Jonathan

    wish they kept the scene at the throne room


    I no longer care if Dragon Age Inquisition is good, because this will outclass it no matter what it does.

  • BlueDragon

    I just got hyped for something I already finished playing

  • MannyGT

    0:32 on the right side: Letho's arm <3

  • Egor Tunik

    The BEST trailer of the BEST game

  • siup zium ciach

    my PS4 works like and aircraft engine but damn it's worth it

  • Mohamed Dawood

    Anyone here watching in 2017?

  • Mr KiLLeR

    This is the best Game Trailer I have ever WATCHED

  • Clxutch The Wolf

    Who Still Playing in 2019???

  • Ahmad galeev

    ill just say this, best RPG game ever in my life

  • The Gaming Nerd Freak

    wa-what are you doing!? making omlets

  • Kefayat Ahmadzai

    WOW that music, Can't Wait any more! 

  • Plasmal

    I do hope Saskia comes back ;-;I wanted to show her my dragon, also.

  • Ouroboros12

    yeah Letho was in the trailer and we know now... 0:30 (big muscle one)

  • The Evil Bassist

    Man I love this game.. and holy shit, is that Tywin Lannister?!

  • Kim Daetz

    To this day this is the best game trailer i've ever seen


    i dont buy games right of the bat when they are released. especially single player games. but cd project wont fail us i guarentee it. they are good people. and this game totally earned my 59$

  • Bruno Barraza

    i will never see a better trailer in my life. best game ever

  • TGGamesmaster

    Best game in the series, i can see it coming.

  • samisaround

    Anyone here right after watching the Cyberpunk 2077 E3 trailer? It's not your fault.

  • Professional Asshole

    Witcher's kinda remind me of Grimm'sMaybe someone will make a TV Series of Witcher's but like in a modern setting like they did with the Grimm Series.

  • E.R. Garner

    Holy shit this looks good.

  • Jordan Gan

    Gob: "I wouldn't mock the sword of destiny Michael."

  • Loathing Nick

    If only fighting on horseback was that fluid. But hey still one of the best damn trailers for the best damn game.

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