➜ The Witcher - Walkthrough - Part 1: Intro [Hard]

➜ Walkthrough Master List:

➜ The Witcher Walkthrough - Part 1: Intro [Hard]

I play through the Witcher Enhanced Edition on hard difficulty. An epic tale awaits to be told as Geralt of Rivia rises from the dead.

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  • fixer10091994

    WTH are you talking, you know a walkthrough is without commentary?

  • MIRAAK apocrypha

    basically the intro is the beginning of the first book about the witcher.

  • Elias Johansson

    Great video man, continue like this and you will become big. :)

  • Bud Spencer

    why do i remember that you live in Romania or europe

  • Julian Lai

    those were some creepy drugs, he took at the start of the vid

  • Brian Yach

    my room mate just purchased the latest witcher game.  I had never heard of it so I thought I would check out the original game.  so far it looks pretty good.  thanks for the upload.

  • OmegaNeofelis

    Haha your accent is cool. 

  • Sigurd Gulost

    Love the "argument" at the end.

  • MonkeyPantsGaming

    U need to edit your audio so we can't hear background noise

  • 0Spectre

    This game remembers me of the gothic saga ,I really enjoyed I have to try this saga too cheers :)

  • Mike Paniora

    played witcher 2 cool now onto witcher 3.....

  • Elite_Savage

    Im watching this walkthrough and your Witcher 2 walkthrough back to back so that when I get Witcher 3 ill actually know whats going on. Nice job on the videos!! You are the only guy worth watching for these games.  -J

  • Mac Miller

    triss looks so different in this game than the second one

  • yoginc

    Hi. Are you playing this on PC? Can you tell me your specs? I had tried this on my old pc and used to get frequent stuttering problems, but as i see from some of ur witcher videos, ur playing them on max settings without much lag. I bought a new better pc since but i haven't yet tried it on that. 

  • Rashid Mkono

    How come i never heard of this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fixer10091994

    For fucks sake, when will people learn that WALKTHROUGHS DON'T have commentary and LET'S PLAYS DO have commentary

  • Zachary

    I do hope they make a remake i dont care if i have to pay $100 just to buy it. much like assassins creed the first game they make huge potential and than BOOM number 2 DROPS DA BOMB SHELL witcher 2 same thing.

  • Brian Santana

    The grafics are horible

  • Zachary

    I beaten the second game on dark and i have to say 14:15 DID TRISS' BOOBS JUST BOUNCE BECAUSE DAMMMMNNN!!!!!

  • sweiland75

    Every clip of this game makes it look like a cartoon and not an actual video game where you interact. Plus the voiceovers by people who upload these videos is just distracting.

  • Zachary

    And then witcher 3 ohhhh... OHHHHH... Witcher 3 i will lather you in oil and FUCK YOU with all my heart and soul

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