➜ The Witcher - Walkthrough - Part 1: Intro [Hard]

➜ Walkthrough Master List: http://costinrazvan.tumblr.com/walkthroughs

➜ The Witcher Walkthrough - Part 1: Intro [Hard]

I play through the Witcher Enhanced Edition on hard difficulty. An epic tale awaits to be told as Geralt of Rivia rises from the dead.

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  • Serious Gaming

    If you want to watch zero effort walkthroughs, those with no commentary, go away from this channel and never come back. I don't have to label anything.

  • Zachary

    I beaten the second game on dark and i have to say 14:15 DID TRISS' BOOBS JUST BOUNCE BECAUSE DAMMMMNNN!!!!!

  • MonkeyPantsGaming

    U need to edit your audio so we can't hear background noise

  • fixer10091994

    WTH are you talking, you know a walkthrough is without commentary?

  • Birch-Y

    Im watching this walkthrough and your Witcher 2 walkthrough back to back so that when I get Witcher 3 ill actually know whats going on. Nice job on the videos!! You are the only guy worth watching for these games.  -J

  • Zachary

    I do hope they make a remake i dont care if i have to pay $100 just to buy it. much like assassins creed the first game they make huge potential and than BOOM number 2 DROPS DA BOMB SHELL witcher 2 same thing.

  • BrianDMS

    Geralt* ...witchers were undergoing the trials in which they became deadly killing machines... every witcher had his own reaction to these tests, for example, Geralt's hair became white... maybe the same happened to his eyes

  • Cristian Stoica

    Salut frate , ma bucur ca joci witcher , l-am terminat pe hard , o sa ma uit la tot walktroughu , noroc!

  • ReaperGrimm5594

    This cinematic is actually detailing a part from The Last Wish, the first novel in The Witcher franchise by Andrzej Sapkowski

  • dnceleets

    im hoping the way u wrote which/witch was a pun if it is thats pretty funny if not R.I.P English

  • Noizy Shadow

    ok guys leave him alone i find the lets plays are better because they can help with tips for battles and sometimes they can be funny i find that this guy playing witcher when he explained the bit about the short stories i thought that was nice of him to mention :)

  • Ivan Dean

    Foarte tare,tocmai am cumparat 2-ul,ti-l recomand

  • Tiby Baschet

    Coaeeee cred ca datorita tie o sa il iau si eu :))

  • Zetsubou Sensei

    I've been looking for a walkthrough like this for a long time. Thank you for posting my romanian friend. ^_^

  • MIRAAK apocrypha

    basically the intro is the beginning of the first book about the witcher.

  • herofromthedark

    People post "Let's plays" without commentary, and people post "walkthroughs" with commentary, so really, there's no helping that. Besides, I ended up watching "walkthroughs" for a while before I had even heard about Let's plays. In all actuality, people who post walkthroughs and/or let's plays should show whether or not they have commentary. For example, I came to this video because it said "walkthrough" and I expected there to be no commentary, and there was. No mention of commentary was made.

  • herofromthedark

    Hey now, you don't have to get so defensive. I was simply stating a suggestion. And here's another- if you act so choleric, you're going to lose potential viewers/subscribers. Honey is sweeter than vinegar, as they say. I didn't make any statement about zero effort walkthroughs, nor did I state that you were a poor gamer in any way.

  • herofromthedark

    While that guy may have been rude, in all honesty, you should probably label your videos as having commentary, or as being LPs. That way, people don't come onto your videos expecting something different than what you've provided. Not that you've provided something bad, of course- the video is excellent, and you don't talk over the cutscenes, and that makes you better than over half the people who post LPs, but if you want to avoid comments like his, keep video titles in mind when posting.

  • Mac Miller

    triss looks so different in this game than the second one

  • vitalikmatsko128

    He is normal its just medicine that makes him like that i think its called wolf eyes effect or something it helps you see better in the dark

  • scatteredmist

    Just brought this game for 49p, only trouble is I've got to upgrade my memory

  • Ma bans

    Rofl. Background sounds.

  • zzxp1

    idk but that intro was kinda lame, i mean it could have pased very easy for a psx intro

  • SamKo

    Hi bro,i'am very excited by the very few days front the release of the Witcher 2 on Xbox360 . So i search somes Walkthrough about the first,for understand the story . Anyway great quality nice comments,i keep looking on the next vids !!!!

  • Josh

    Oh, that makes sense then.

  • Josh

    Why didn't he just stab the monster right away at the beginning?

  • Jostein L

    Something called a mute button, take it to use.

  • jddimafx

    Very nice video, dude, thanks for the gameplay!

  • oxZanderxo

    You can find all the books translated by fans in english on the witcher forum.

  • oxZanderxo

    all have normal,but in strong light the pupils contract and become cat like

  • Wolf150

    how do this play like dragon age 1 or like mass effect?

  • Elias Johansson

    Great video man, continue like this and you will become big. :)

  • Zach Hale

    How much of a fan are you of this series, because I've seen your Witcher 2 stuff and get the feeling you would play this game to your heart's content if you could.

  • Tekno Parazite

    is this and the second one worth it to buy

  • Babuu Tuvshin

    you really like hard mode arent you ? ;D

  • Oleg Kravets

    Why all comentary are sooooooo loud.

  • Isaiah Sevahn

    i always thought it was because of those things hes been drinking.. id look it up though

  • Wings ♛

    Mersi de walkthrough ;) cautam unul atat de bun

  • Chivalrics

    Thank you man! Everyone else posting walkthroughs of this game talk to much. I can just sit down, relax, and check out the game.

  • SuperDarksword

    I have but that you anyway.

  • LootThisLootThat

    A bit off the topic, but I like LPers talking over cut scenes because many of us watch LPs after finishing the game. If you just want to see another player playing the game you should watch walkthrough with no commentary.

  • mds0014

    there is a game in the works. look on george rr martins webpage. he should have a link to the developers and some footage already on his "not a blog". i dont think it'll be good though. but then again, the hbo series is good so far, though not as good as the books, of course. nice to meet another song of ice and fire fan!! :D

  • mds0014

    wow, i think i'm going to like your lp of the witcher. i've serached around without much luck. some things i like about your lp. i like the fact that you already know the game so its not you fumbling around. some games are just not good when done blind. also, its a plus that you know the story from the books, or at least have some knowledge of it. i prefer lps over walkthroughs simply because i think the commentary can make it more enjoyable. anyway, looking forward to the rest.

  • Jack Johnston Bob

    The Witcher, a game that has a huge intro "that's just another story" Geralt, a professional monster slayer who seems to get paid by the hour slowly beating the crap out of a hungry cursed princess and using cheap edging guarding moves. All in all, a cool story... Bro

  • 0Spectre

    This game remembers me of the gothic saga ,I really enjoyed I have to try this saga too cheers :)

  • Leo Goodale

    I agree with u Ben Oliver this looks awesome and ur awesome Costin.

  • Gene Catspurr

    Where ca I get this game? And for what consoles?

  • DeadAccount

    @CostinHD its okay man my parents fought all the time until i was 13. then came the blissful divorce, greatest moment of my life

  • BroadwayJosh

    Damn... after nearly 16 minutes, finally some action. I always knew this was a Polish game, but I never knew the game was based on a series of novels... I think I'll have to look into that. BTW, have the "A Game of Thrones" novels been published in your country yet? (assuming you're Polish). Those books are begging to be turned into a kick-ass video game!

  • BroadwayJosh

    It's probably going to suck... I saw a review of it on YouTube, and the reviewer said that you hardly interact with any of the characters or places in the novels. Cyanide Studios is putting it out next month, and they will probably get a shitload of really nasty e-mails from infuriated fans.

  • Julian Lai

    those were some creepy drugs, he took at the start of the vid

  • TrebleSoftworks

    his video he can do what he wants the world is not here to please you

  • ShadowNic94

    05:40 'Epic Sword Flourish' ..... "Boo!" Striga whines like a bitch and runs away. Lol

  • Anduin Leblank

    The witchers you meet later in the game and in the witcher 2 has the same type of eyes as Geralt.. Not sure why these don't. Maybe they're not fully mutated yet? Witch is wierd.. xD

  • Metheny Theodore

    Maybe it's an std..

  • Click Clack

    Hey Costin,ce program ai folosit sa inregistrezi?

  • Rashid Mkono

    How come i never heard of this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fighnjaci2

    He didn't go through the same trial as others,he is a hyprid even amongst the witchers,they did expreiments on him and such.

  • Julian Morris

    Is this one or two lol

  • Mad Hatter26

    at the very first glimpse of this game when the fat bald guy was running i thought he will be the one that you will control xD i knew that its too good to be true

  • Brian Santana

    The grafics are horible

  • ChillDudeID

    Polish voices are much better.

  • Crid

    It was the princess. He didn't want to kill her.

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