The Witcher 3 Soundtrack - The Wolven Storm (Priscilla's song)

"The Wolven Storm" from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as heard during the quest "Broken Flowers".

This is the cleanest version of the song as anyone is going to get, unless CDPR decides to release a properly mastered version themselves. This audio track was put together from the game's sound asset files. It's completely free of in-game noises and has not been processed in any way (except to stitch it together since the game stores it across multiple files).
  • Count

    Does anyone have a link to the background photo of the vid? Would look amazing as my desktop photo :)

  • King Lurch

    How you like that silver

  • Flindo

    the moment the song came on is the moment I realized just how special this game is, it has some of the most well developed characters of any game, even the side characters like the bloody baron are fully fleshed out and realized, it is easily one of the best games ever made.

  • ReyBlanco216

    This game in its entirety is an emotional Rollercoaster. holy fuck.I cried during the bloody barren questline... and the Plague Maiden hunt.then the dandelion quest with this song was like a mid game tragedy especially because I never pick Yennefer.

  • Rafio urbane Rijoy

    damn! I wasnt ready for the moment of this song!! I just played there and just enjoyed one of the greatest moment of my life.....I am alone in my room in the middle of night! listening this song! life is beautiful.....

  • Plum Media

    Book readers know excactly what's going on in this song :D

  • Rafael Teles

    Yennefer >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>It's inconceivable to me how people dare to choose Triss over her, lol You people are blind? The raven witch is the love of Geralt's life goddammit!

  • Saltgrained

    It baffles me that people don't realize this is a ballad about Geralt and Yennefer's love story. They weren't exactly subtle with the lyrics.

  • Drizzy Rubx

    Dislike = ears to Lady's of the Woods

  • lightning aim

    who dislike this clearly dont have ears

  • Ransom Seraph

    That scene was really cool respite breaking the tension of intense monster slaying. Unsurprisingly the original version is the best, imom

  • Martin

    2017 March? Who's still here?

  • Bring me Peter pan

    I'm not gonna lie when I played through to get the bad ending I balled, especially the ending scene where he clutches the pendent and you see that all that have said witchers are stripped of emotions were clearly wrong and you can feel his pain. Such an epic game that I'm so glad I decided to buy on a whim, now I can't get enough and am starting the books

  • Coda Mission

    Welcome to the Witcher 3. Come for the monsters, stay for the gwent.

  • Gleaminor

    Finishing the game is like finishing that one amazing anime that you didn't want to end;(

  • Bill Ly

    I chose Triss, just the way I love in a girl she is, but this song is just so fantastic and emotional about Geralt and Yen...

  • Juan Fernández

    why is yen diferent in that picture?

  • maning04

    this scene in the game gave me goosebumps

  • Arthur Blackfire

    When this song came it threw me off and I actually got both invested. In its lullaby and get emotional to it

  • Sick Cache

    any guitar tab link for this?

  • Puff Jun.

    check out my cover if you'd like :)

  • Martin

    oh my god... so many memories...

  • TheDestroyerOfWorldss AndOtherVariousThings

    BEST GAME SERIES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lolipop

    I wish there was an instrumental version as well.

  • Gwynblaidd

    Tessun Dyaecte vattghern

  • PheelGood Inc

    I've been so addicted to this game that I decided to dig deeper and bought all the books. My perspective with these characters changed dramatically and I've fallen in love with this series even more.

  • Robb Stark King in the North

    I never played the game, and I love this song!

  • Daniel Rivera

    Damn this game was fkn good as it gets, def my top 3

  • IpoteticAMVsChannel

    ty for doing this, I love this song <3

  • cyberwolfy37

    ok this song convinced me, gotta romance yennefer after all.

  • Sanne Hansen

    omg this is so touching song. It did the Witcher 3 game much much better <3

  • Jumeaux Elaine

    Reading all the comments about people wishing they could wipe their memory of this game to play again for the first time; I shall enjoy my first run more than ever

  • Big Smoke

    I would have loved to see a trailer for the game like what Bethesda did for Skyrim, but using this song. Actually, I bet the opening scene where Yen is running away would work fantastic with this song playing over its audio.


    This is Clearly about Yen and Geralt :d

  • Thien Do Xuan

    Got here immediately after I got past this scene in The Witcher, such a masterpiece !

  • Greg Hornby

    Yay no slurping sounds

  • Boris Draconian

    People who has read the books, can some of you please tell me what is this song about? I mean, some said it's based on the books so I'd like to know the real meaning behind, the specific moment of this beautiful piece of art on those pages.

  • GreedAndSelfishness

    That looks nothing like Yennefer.

  • Andrei Cosma

    First time playing this amazing game. Now I can't go to sleep, just want to play it 'til the end.

  • Itse Ruoja

    Wind's howling and come on Roach, I'm off to play this for a third time.

  • Smiley King

    I came across a book on a quest not sure which one exactly might have been the one with the pigs, that had this song's lyrics in it. It took me a second to recall where I heard them before, really a great attention to detail in this masterpiece.

  • Vognir Thornson

    even the game wants you to pick yen

  • Yians Fuster

    I cried when i beat the game because it was great and then blood and wines ending so happy

  • Ciri

    fantastic scene a shame there was the awkward pauses at the end of every verse

  • irishboy664

    lilac and gooseberries

  • Alfredo Pichardo

    Am I the only one who cant stop listening to this song?

  • Stellar73b

    so beautiful that I must cry when I listen it...

  • Deborah Avila

    Beautiful song about Yen and Geralt's love. <3

  • Nolen Jr

    I played Dragon Age Origins and thought, "Fuck. Nothing will ever be this good again." Then I played this shit and video games are pretty much ruined for me.

  • Reese Briggs

    Creed has really changed their sound...

  • Jeremy Gwag

    I literally wept while listening to this.

  • totallynotahacker666 69

    The lyrics make me think of yennefer just me?

  • nasu

    This is so nice but only just realized its about Yennifer lmao

  • Andrés Pétur Axelsson

    I was caught so much off guard at this moment: it was completely unexpected yet calming and wonderful (which is an understatement). Because of it I put the controller away, kept my mouth shut, years wide open and clapped at the end of the song!

  • Fer

    can someone tell me the history of this theme pls? :(

  • Himanshu Thakur

    That Last Wish reference ohh goodness just speechless

  • Jesus Christ

    I cannot express how sad I am with the passing of Geralt's final tale... I don't remember much of what it is like to cry haven't done it in a while... I don't remember such deep sorrow I don't know what this feeling is. I can't cry I don't remember how. I shall always remember gwynblaidd the wolf white wolf wise wolf white one Geralt of rivia. As a child other kids had superman I had Geralt who I held dear still do in a way. I dreamt of being a witcher as a kid despite the improbability I still feel what I believe to be sadness now. However I don't know I don't know how to express these emotions because I don't know if I am even feeling them now. I hold these characters dear and I feel something to see them pass. I will always remember my childhood hero. Good luck on the path brothers

  • Semper Volo

    shit... its almost two years since this game has released... time flies by too quickly

  • Gage Martin

    When I heard this song in game I shed a fucking tear, 11/10

  • Felipe D ́imperio

    What a beautiful song, i hear it many times in one day , i love The Witcher 3. Best game ever made.

  • Mahmud Hossain Shanto

    one of my all time favorites..

  • John Gregory

    Finished this freaking game 2 times already,i am at my 3rd time,please someone stop me,i can't...

  • Ste Stod

    yenn is a twat, triss would be a a real dirtbag.

  • Johnny Deoblow

    this song matches the book so good

  • EdwardXVI

    Reminds me a lot of the Outlaw Star ending.

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