The Witcher 3 Soundtrack - The Wolven Storm (Priscilla's song)

"The Wolven Storm" from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as heard during the quest "Broken Flowers".

This is the cleanest version of the song as anyone is going to get, unless CDPR decides to release a properly mastered version themselves. This audio track was put together from the game's sound asset files. It's completely free of in-game noises and has not been processed in any way (except to stitch it together since the game stores it across multiple files).
  • Count

    Does anyone have a link to the background photo of the vid? Would look amazing as my desktop photo :)

  • Berkay Çağdaş Ülger

    Sorry Triss but it is impossible not to choose Yen after listening to this song...

  • camelodic

    I havent finished the story, im back at the castle but im gonna restart becuase i love it to much

  • Xaver Meusburger

    I dont Know why but After the First Time completing the Story I Havent Played anything for months because everyithing felt boring and I stopped playing After 10 Minutes and Now im playing it the 7th Time and It's still Great but not als good als I Played it the First Time wich is unusual for me because normally I Play a game one Time and then forget about it.

  • Enlightened LoneWalker

    Even though it is about Yennefer..I think Tris is right for Geralt.

  • Noah Reinhardt

    This song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Simply perfect

  • BurnBull7532

    This scene and when i seen Geralt's face when i asked dudu to transform into ciri ripped my soul out

  • Alexander Forbes

    Too bad Yen has such a shitty personality.

  • D B

    Not gonna lie, I cried when this song was sung during the game. It's beautiful, man, just beautiful.

  • SheffieldsOwnFatBoy

    this song wasnt on the soundtrack .-. feels bad coz i miss it

  • VTAS Cosplay

    I wish or then anything that i could go back and relive this game. It's a apsalute masterpiece

  • Gen. Szadek

    I assume I should play this game....seems to be worth it. Let´s see if it can top Gothic

  • Ferhat Erzurum


  • Marek Fischer

  • edi

    Am I the only one that thinks that the schemer Triss is still better than that ungrateful, cold B!tch Yennefer?

  • Roman Abdel

    masterpiece one of the best game ever

  • Trexvolador

    It's astounding how such a tiny little moment can leave such a monumental impact in ones heart

  • Pro Ishaan Puri

    I wanted harem ending :(

  • jaradt

    This game is my favorite game


    To the people who wonder how anyone could choose Yen after 2 Witcher games with Triss Merigold - this is why.

  • Ztreet

    This song is one of the best parts of this amazing game.

  • Deaadranys

    Sooo sad...And sooo Beautiful...

  • Mitch3215Gaming

    Thats tom hiddlestones sister???????????? wat

  • Hiển Râu

    Can someone tell me what kind of music genre is this? The first time i played this game, this scene was damn touching....

  • Allison Miller

    Honestly my favorite version of this song is Malukah's, not much can beat her voice

  • Tomas Faerman

    I wish I could live this scene again like the first time, the same with the witcher trilogy

  • Git Gud

    Witcher 3 or Dark souls 3 soundtracks?

  • Jorge GM

    i played this master piece game just in the right moment in my life, had a broken hearth with an ending of a 5 yrs relationship and this game made me cry so much and fixed yeah I'm forever in debt with CDPRJKTRED

  • Adam Poniatowski

    I prefer the polish version

  • MGZ

    This has become my favorite soundtrack of all time. Haunts my soul every damn time.

  • Adam Yahan

    1:16 reminded me of Jon Snow and Robb Stark

  • SadisticJackal Gaming!

    This song is so beautiful!Twas such an awesome scene.

  • YoungSoul

    Starting the game I was like "I don't know, Yen is beautiful and I would like to romance her, but I want to see Triss first" and then I heard this. I couldn't think of romancing anyone but Yen after this.

  • Zayan Watchel

    I'm crying... again. I hope to the bottom of myHeart where I may find hope. That one day we will see the witcher 4... one day. Maybe when I'm 30 or something in like 10 years... maybe then...

  • MultiTeabagz j

    it a bout yen and gerald

  • Rizky Pratama

    fuck all those AMA winners. this music is far greater than their creation.

  • J3SS3 H

    Whenever I choose between Triss or Yennefer, I always go back to this song. The lyrics remind me why no other woman could ever truly replace Geralt's love for Yen.

  • Emre Gokalp

    whoever sings this song, isnt her have another songs, i want to enjoy this magical sound

  • idealtempz

    playing the game for the first time recently got to this point and holy fuck is it good wow definitely one of the best scenes in the game and one of the best games I've ever played love it

  • Papageorgiou Apostolos

    This breaking voice, in 2:40 is so beautiful.

  • Ramsess One

    This should be on radio,not the verbal cancer that we are bombarded every day

  • Tristan Magni

    Best thing about Witcher 3 is whenever they let you kick back with old friends. Zoltan, Lambert, Eskel, even Regis in B&W. Also the quest where Dandelion has Geralt act as a bandit. Dandelion was taking that dead serious but you just know Geralt was having a good time.Snowball fight with Ciri too.. Such a good game

  • Dion Smith

    A lot of people remember where they were when something big or catastrophic happens. My memory is shite but I remember exactly where I was, what I was wearing and how I felt when I reached this scene in the game. "It's only a song" yes, but in the context of the story and what I knew about the characters, it left a very strong impression on me. As soon as the scene was over. I turned the game off and listened to this on repeat till the early hours of the morning. It's too damn good. The Witcher 3 will always be my favourite game. Hands down

  • Mirinae

    Just for anyone who doesn't know, this song isn't on the official soundtracks, but it was released as a single. It's available in 5 languages, too.iTunes:

  • Robb Stark King in the North

    This song made me buy the Witcher 3

  • Abigail Cavalieri-Beety

    This song stole my heart

  • Cris Racing and Gaming

    Gives me goosebumps............Amazing. Witcher 3. One of the best ever games.

  • IamNikkiOne

    ooh so apparently, the closes thing to this song in the books is what Dandelion sings in the Blood of Elves, where people had the exact same reaction in the book to the song as they did in the games.

  • Guero The Pail

    youre the greatest, thnx for uploading

  • BanHammer

    Fuck that Red-haired slut.

  • Hyde Lawless

    I WILL PAY TO HEAR HER SING AGAIN, make it a DLC if you have to plz more songs plz

  • Maxmilian Kupka

    you have to choose Yen after this

  • TheDestroyerOfWorldss AndOtherVariousThings

    Best game ever made, CDPR and Naughty Dog are the only devs that you can trust to make a good game and not cut parts out to sell back as DLC

  • Viktor Dikoma

    The Witcher and The Titchers, And The Open Relationship Adventure

  • Usermator

    Interesting fact: This is sung by Loki's sister. (Emma Hiddleston)

  • Kaido Vesternin

    Goosebumps, every single time.

  • Martin

    2017 March? Who's still here?

  • PiiiWeee

    who's stoked for the netflix adaptation?

  • Buenos nachos

    Which instrument is she playin?

  • Jack Holland

    Lyrics:These scars long have yearned for your tender caressTo bind our fortunes, damn what the stars ownRend my heart open, then your love professA winding, weaving fate to which we both atoneYou flee my dream come the morningYour scent - berries tart, lilac sweetTo dream of raven locks entwisted, stormyOf violet eyes, glistening as you weepThe wolf I will follow into the stormTo find your heart, its passion displacedBy ire ever growing hardening into stoneAmidst the cold to hold you in a heated embraceYou flee my dream come the morningYour scent - berries tart, lilac sweetTo dream of raven locks entwisted, stormyOf violet eyes, glistening as you weepI know not if fate would have us live as oneOr if by love's blind chance we've been boundThe wish I whispered, when it all beganDid it forge a love you might never have found?You flee my dream come the morningYour scent - berries tart, lilac sweetTo dream of raven locks entwisted, stormyOf violet eyes, glistening as you weep

  • Raziel Wallachian

    Wish it would have ended with a big Geralt/ Yennifer wedding in Toussaint ! Priscilla could sing this, Oligred would flirt with Phillipa, Anna Hanrietta dancing with Regis, Gunter O'Dimm making the Unseen One a great offer, Keira and Lambert being unusually happy and not pricky, Ciri comes in covered in blood, he just defeated a Higher Vampire with huge Wyvern as a pet, Triss doing fire tricks as entertainment :p, Oriana getting her shoes shined by that kid, the assholes from Skrillege being completely in-proper and uncivilized drunkards, Djikstra proposing to Syanna, Eskel notices Radovid's ghost nearby, trying to ruin the fun and he quickly dispatches of it, .. ." I DO " and Play Credits !

  • Serio Ferrel

    If you hate reading do what i did and read the books on ahaha so good

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