SMITE - Cinematic Trailer

Check out this cinematic trailer for SMITE.

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    Wonder if they will ever add Jesus.I wanna turn some gods into bread loafs.

  • Eagle Eye

    "Use of Alcohol" dammit baccus

  • Firebullet96

    they could've made it better honestly , because you see the combat was a bit slow if you ask me but let me tell you this i enjoyed the boobies ^.^

  • Melon Fox

    As if Thor could beat Guan, and as if Neith would need saving from Fenrir. XD Also, for everyone complaining about Neith's clothing, go learn some history before you criticize. She wears significantly more in this than she did in her actual mythos. =P

  • GreenHouseM13

    Why that short?The battle just started...It's like the cinematic teaser was the Chapter 1 and now this is the Chapter 2? o_O

  • Dornaden

    did ymir just walk in and crush his own teammate?

  • Breitan

    i am dissapointed, as much as i love smite, and i really love playing smite, this cinematic was pretty boring, and i really liked how pretty the visual effects where, but it wasn't very fun to watch, i don't like league of legends as much as smite, but even I can say that their cinematics are much more exciting to watch, even if i don't like the game as much. it's not that i don't like the cinematic that much, it's just i'm dissapointed at it, and i feel they could've done a lot better, they have plenty of money as it's one of the most popular pc games, but I guess it doesn't matter, i still love playing the game.

  • Isabela Campos

    Cassiopeia x Warwick Wait...

  • deathmire11

    What? Thor? What we need is cool hipster Gods like Jesus and Buddha!

  • RestlessDraugr

    0/10 doesn't have Jesus

  • Spooder man

    Fenrir would rek a neith I know because I've killed countless neiths.

  • JohnTheGospel

    I have to be honest, Smite's animation is way better then lol, and Dota, me...hmef.gmsdgk alright.

  • Kat Leigh

    The character designs look way better here than in game, that's a shame :c

  • Dan DCC91

    Thor vs Quan Yu. Now you don't see that everyday.

  • Kreacher's Oddysey

    the reason why they don't have Elohim or Jesus here is because they'd be OP. Both have a history of not dieing all they way.

  • Jeremiah Sawit

    Now if only Daedra are playable in smite, that would really make me play the game

  • mitchell2719

    Silly Thor, your stone wall doesn't do damage!

  • jd spell

    Jesus should be in this game, normal attack would be a force push kind of move/kinetic punch that would be small hand movments, ability 1 would be divine hand: Jesus would hold out his hand while a beam of light would shoot out just once(Dps), 2nd ability would be water walk: Jesus increases his moment speed for 100% for 3 seconds while also leaving in his trail water trail that slows enemy movements by 20% while in it. (Escape) 3rd ability would be Divide the Sea: Jesus chooses an AoE area within 30 yards, the circle is about 7 years wide, water comes up, seperates, and moves enemy's out of the AoE area while also granting allies in the AoE 25% armor for 6 seconds. His ultimate would be Divine Intervention: Jesus can select an AoE circle of 15 yards wide, a thick blood coats the ground trapping all enemies within and draining their health for 17% for each enemy caught within. While also divine lights shine down and dispurse all of the health stolen to allies within the AoE. Jesus also is healed for 2% of his total life whenever an ability is used and is also granted 20% movement speed for 4 seconds whenever a healing potion is used.

  • xbboyn99

    i really want them to creat a cinematic about anubis...omg it ll be so op videos

  • Andy Gunlocke

    Still waiting for Jesus God Reveal.

  • Nigra Gigra

    is that... is that Guan Yu?

  • MangoTV

    It's bad...1 Egyptian GOd1 chineseand 3 norse.....where are greek gods, roman, mayan and hindu?! At least they could show one god from 1 mythology

  • Ruukasu

    in my opinion smite is 1 of the gratest indie games

  • Minigun101

    I just realised that Ymir in this trailer is a blue organic giant with chunks of ice stuck onto him. Also, Guan Yu looks really pale. Isn't his face supposed to have a red tint?

  • Simon

    Neith can't land a basic.Fenrir was probably AFK and lost a tonne of gold.Thor was fed out the ass.Guan Yu... Was Guan Yu.And Ymir's rotation was horribly slow. All around bad plays. step it up next time.

  • Jacob Bruhn

    "Who that wolf?" Loke's son

  • Ninjaplox

    in a real fight fenrir probably would own them all

  • Guilherme Cavalcanti

    So... the archer deliberately loses high ground and run towards the fucking fire wolf... okay

  • Venser

    Feels like I've seen this kind of trailer 10 times already in other games.

  • naufalap

    DOTA > SMITE > rock > LOL

  • Forgotten One

    As much as i love to watch these cinematic trailers, i wish there were more gamplay trailers so i could actually see if the game is as good as people say because a good example for was when WOW was coming out with all the hype and epic trailers i thought it was going to be an epic game but was a dissapointer for me because i was expecting something different.

  • Joseph Butler

    in the future... every single game will feature an over sexualized female character.take the batman games for example

  • Jamilah Razzaq

    The guys were covered in armor while the woman wore practically nothing...smh

  • Sammy Lovatic

    Smite é um único jogo que não é viadaum e não precisa da fama pra falar que é um jogo pakas que nem o LOL ZzZz

  • angelgu323

    Charles Darwin needs to be in this, so the atheist can be happy :)Im so glad I believe in Roman mythology

  • Happy Farmer

    if you cant make a creative story don't make a cinematic, boring copy paste fights with no meaning, the money would have gone to better use.

  • Ricma Maddafakka

    Mia Khalifa , WooooW ...

  • Zubin HV

    I dont like MOBAs but this trailer makes me want to pick up SMITE.

  • Nick Borzick


  • Fire BallKid

    that was more like a Thor cinematic....

  • Ridalia

    Btw i despise female wearing high heels its so distracting, uncomfortable and painful to watch even for a gods or goddesses. And heels into battle dayum, high heels doesn't make female character more feminine it makes them look more sluttier.To make it abit realistic just give them a normal shoes or bare footed like nuwa or awilix they already have boobies its already enough no heels needed....My only complaint is about the high heels. The clothes are alright there is no restriction in wearing clothes and they are gods gods dont need clothes, look at ymir almost naked i like him that way.

  • Zexez Blue

    This cinematic is awesome but they could have cut down on the northern gods and maybe a bit more of the greeks and mayan?

  • Nicolas Godin

    when will they add satan

  • Leung Klund

    That guy wearing green and wielding a large blade, is he Guan Yu from warring kingdoms!? He is considered a Wu God or KungFu God for those of you who do not know what Wu is. Cool, I really like the idea of this game making historical people come fight together. Heard from some of my friends who played this game, it is some kind of first person moba. Might try it out in the near future.

  • ChingChao

    Cool, but not even close to League's cinematics

  • Trout 98

    and that kids is why you don't go around petting random dogs.

  • RestlessDraugr

    note to self: Don't mention jesus.

  • Noah Leon

    Increible porfin una cinemática que hacen en smite y esta muy bien echa :3

  • John Skillet

    Make a movie. Those games are never that awesome.

  • Edz S.

    i paused at 0:29 huehuehue

  • Techpriest Enginseer

    SC2 LotV intro was better

  • Lycan

    anyone that's played WoW or seen the wow cinematic for the first release will know what i mean when i say that the end of the cinematic is exactly like the WoW one :P

  • i hate my life

    I wished the game was like that...Oh wait, It is.

  • Gnarly Lucky

    Has a bowRuns straight into combat

  • V - RAPTOR

    No one can deal with the Norse gods!

  • Frost

    Wish Smite start making Japanese gods in the game.

  • [TheUndeadFear]

    It's funny how some people claim the goddesses are over sexualized but when you look at original paintings some of them don't even have clothes.

  • punished snake

    the gamplay is meh, but the trailer is great

  • Matt Maillet

    I really want them to add jesus as a healer in smite XD

  • Talha Samin

    Wohoo Ashe and Warwick

  • Rishadwdd

    I wish the actual game looked like this so sad

  • Mr.Claymore

    where is the alcohol from 0:01 ? xD

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