SMITE - Cinematic Trailer

Check out this cinematic trailer for SMITE.

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  • ivan krošlák

    Thor should looks more like Thor, not like some truck driver

  • Phillip Quintela

    I want to see Tyr in the next one or Odin or Nemesis

  • Caldera Records

    This blow your bollocks orfff! And then you see the gameplay & it's a floor stare dungeon crawler!!

  • Aubade Eulogy

    You really have to admire the goddess' prowess in battle. She goes in wearing heels and a bikini.

  • KippieChick

    Gahhh i hope paladins gets these kinds of quality trailers as well TTwTT

  • Nathan Nguyen

    Neith half of the video does not have her weapon so she relies on Thor to help her great just like a real match

  • Michael Groob

    And, of course, the actual game is nothing like this level of dynamics.

  • hank dire

    If Smite had Paragon graphics lolol they wish

  • Guan Yu

    i still aint got paid for this

  • Capitan Rex

    When they add Jesus/God they will be the most op character

  • Eagle Eye

    "Use of Alcohol" dammit baccus

  • Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage

    Trust me, Guan Yu would not lose to Thor in a 1v1.

  • Nekoszowa

    So this is the reason why Neith's taunt towards Thor is "Call me!"?

  • Lag Master

    they say this is trailer is like vainglory but nah.kestrel vs fortress ardan vs uhhhhh.... idris?

  • Spooder man

    Fenrir would rek a neith I know because I've killed countless neiths.


    Wonder if they will ever add Jesus.I wanna turn some gods into bread loafs.

  • Kat Leigh

    The character designs look way better here than in game, that's a shame :c

  • Kreacher's Oddysey

    the reason why they don't have Elohim or Jesus here is because they'd be OP. Both have a history of not dieing all they way.

  • Justin Cadavid

    moral of da story: Thor is op

  • KolorlessBeauty


  • Protion Chen

    沒記錯的話, 這影片是台灣人做的, 必須提一下

  • Bob Ross

    0:39 quiet godzilla 1998 roar

  • mu'ammal hamidy

    why always boob show for all game why.......

  • Cardoso Cardoso

    Alguém pós me ajudar eu quero baixar pra assistir

  • Thrasher Gaming

    Hey check out some of my gameplay videos, just started actually recording today!

  • Alfred North Whitehead

    This trailer is so bad.

  • Dranigames

    I see two assassins, a hunter, a warrior and a guardian... Mage?

  • Slava Gerchicov

    i don't know what sucks more - this shit game or its shit trailer

  • lugang wang

    Dude , Guan yu is not a god.just a hero that people still remember

  • Choky

    Fenrir looks sexy as Fuck in the Cinematic. And Ingame he looks like... MehNeeds a Rework! :D

  • Linus the unepic

    Sooo all the starter gods and fenrir are in a massive fight...Cool

  • Matt Maillet

    I really want them to add jesus as a healer in smite XD

  • Cardoso Cardoso

    Como faço pra baixar este jogo completo

  • fluxvital

    i think thor wanna f*** neith

  • xbboyn99

    i really want them to creat a cinematic about anubis...omg it ll be so op videos

  • Zek'

    Fenrir, i fucking love im

  • your mommy dearest

    watch... this is the actual game that you are going to experience. casual scrubs who cant play. no call outs! slow assasins! missing laners! believe me when i say a hunter has a distance advantage. in game they try to get close as a warrior to even hit one auto. this trailer says noob all over it. so its not cool its stupid. ( side note in the beggining bachus fed fenrir cause sometimes in the game lobby somebody who can actually play carry!! was auto locked by a neith. that why you get salty teammates who just throw the game... learn to call roles yah dope. and your mid is afk cause the assasin wont help him.) gg surrender at 10.

  • Ruukasu

    in my opinion smite is 1 of the gratest indie games

  • thecowcanon

    Thor for the win!! Viking power!!

  • ghostduty blue

    esa Chica es una Sivir + Ashe Fusionadas la nueva Guerrera de Shurima

  • Travis C

    Did they finally release fenrir?

  • Valentina Gianela Salazar Robles

    es para ps4 ...seria genial

  • Gnarly Lucky

    Has a bowRuns straight into combat

  • TrollBearZ 9

    last comment here is me

  • mm mick

    Junglers would surely love this game

  • Spycrabp

    "Ymir don't need dis, but smash anyways"

  • Kazuto Kirigaya

    Is this worth playing? I came from League,btw.

  • lol no

    Lol what if they added Savitar in SMITE, just pretty much teleporting everywhere, practically invisible to almost everyone...

  • IDK

    fenrir would have won that fight even if thor came i mean dude.....seething howl,brutalize done

  • Watermelon Gush

    Love it. But why does neith look like a tan white woman?

  • green ben

    not real gameplay trailer, but paragon has real gameplay trailers

  • mannosan

    woman: "why the fuck am I wearing this for combat?"

  • juxtaposed Owl

    old gods wear bikinis :D

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    at least the cinematic looks great, another video game trailer to the favorites.

  • Djurdjina Bakic

    Is this like dota and is it worth downloading?

  • Zenace Menace

    good cinematic trailer poor in game graphics. wish it was like dota 2

  • Fuzzy Bubble

    Thor doesn't have a damn headbutt ability

  • Reinman Marren

    which god is the wolf?

  • Nikki Darks

    Of course no cinematic has aphrodite in it, cause why would there be aphrodite in it, she doesn't even fit into the game properly. :l

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