The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – PC Ultra vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One Day-One Patch [60fps][FullHD]

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This version ncludes Day-One Patch on all platforms.
Diese Version ist mit Day-One Patch auf allen Plattformen.

This is our detailed comparison The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC Ultra, PS4 and Xbox One. This video covers most of the graphics settings, that can be adjusted in the graphics menu as well as a general PC versus PS4 and Xbox One comparison. PC is set to Ultra + NVIDIA settings.
Unser detaillierter Grafikvergleich zu The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt auf PC, PS4 und Xbox One. Das Video deckt den Großteil aller Grafikeinstellungen ab, zudem vergleichen wir PC mit PS4 und Xbox One im Allgemeinen. Die PC Version ist auf Ultra eingestellt.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST – Merchants of Novigrad
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST – The Field of Ard Skellig
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST – Hunt or Be Hunted

Content / Inhalt:
00:00 - Riding a Horse 1
01:12 - Anti-Aliasing
01:41 - Interior
02:31 - Ambient Occlusion (Off SSAO HBAO)
03:01 - Bloom
03:32 - Foliage Visibility
04:21 - Grass Density
05:11 - NVIDIA Hairworks
05:34 - Gameplay Ghoul Fight
06:13 - Cutscene Intro
06:55 - Light Shafts
07:25 - Shadow Quality
07:55 - Texture Quality
08:25 - Water Quality
09:07 - Riding a Horse 2

Our system:
Intel Core i7-5820K 6x 3.3 GHz
16GB DDR4 Crucial Dual Channel 2133MHz (2x 8GB)
2x 4096 MB NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970
500GB SATA III Samsung 840 EVO SSD
2TB SATA III Western Digital Red WD20EFRX

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  • Dok Hycodan

    I noticed you have hairworks off for PC, but I'm wondering how the consoles are able to pull hairworks since I thought it was an nvidia exclusive feature.

  • Zcoria

    The best part is that it looks amazing no matter what system it's on!

  • Jihf

    They all look very similar. They did a great job making The Witcher 3. It looks a tad bit better on PC, but it's nearly identical on PS4 & XB1. Great video!

  • Cleric Beast

    I just built my own gaming PC for the first time in many many years after being a PS4 gamer only.And this game, without sounding like a ''PC master race'' idiot fanboy that gives PC players a bad name, this game is beautiful on Ultra 60fps!It is a shame that not everyone get to experience how this game should be experienced, after beating it on PS4, the game is great on PS4, but that was before trying it on my PC.I really recommend switching over to PC, maybe not switch but think about learning a bit about PC building and PC in general so that you can make a smooth transition.Have a nice day and happy gaming!

  • ...The GriM ReapeR ...

    Can't see any difference, on three Platforms looks wonderful..

  • miller gonçalves

    Why the background in 8:37 on Xbox One is more blurry?

  • Josh Pike

    I don't see any difference besides the PC being slightly better.

  • Ron Moes

    60 fps? Hahaha I play at 80 fps constantly with everything Maxed out, everthing! Also I installed some very neat mods that got me higher texture for rocks and other objects. Rain changed, etc. You could not remotely compare pc to the consoles it is a whole other world. Like, the console gamers do not even know about graphic settings they just slap in the disk and play. Why do you make videos like this including pc? You are comparing apples with pears this is not even the full potential of what pc can do..

  • Virgil Carastoian

    This comparison is made to make the console peasants feel better about their shit "investment". The differences cannot be seen on a shitty compressed video on youtube!!!!!! the only way to see it is in real life, but you poor fucks wont be able toEDIT: argue all you want fagz you know i am right now gtfo you poor fukerz

  • Mozts1

    Not fair, PS4 had to deal with german.

  • Clorox Bleach

    hahaah, i think XB was better than ps4 this time?

  • Cameron Rogers

    to the game and dev teams credit, the game looks stellar on every platform

  • Johny Marjanovic

    i gonna be honest PC and XBOX are same but PS4 is bit better i am a fan of both PS4 and XBOX so you can say that i am not a troll, thats just my opinion....

  • Hless421

    How the hell does the XBone version look worse than the PS4 when they both use the same hardware???

  • Sukun Unosawa

    PS4 cannot handle vesemir's white horse graphics

  • wazim buhora

    I gotta say it looks great either way

  • buggld

    I don't see a damn difference... But playing myself on PS4 and PC is a world of difference.

  • CarreraGT

    How tf is the draw distance THAT good, in most games the far away trees look like blobs

  • Luke Holmes

    What soundtrack song is it?

  • Johannes Dolch

    Those Videos are, sadly, pointless because you can't tell the difference in a youtube video. Resolution ? Framerate ? You can't see the important stuff.

  • wazim buhora

    Ps4 colours are nicer than the Xbox I'll admit that

  • Oleg Dolka

    7:05 Sorry but this not PS4, probably XO

  • hezx

    PS4 looks very similar to PC, and Xbox One, well, Xbox One looks very similar to a potato

  • Arthur Rodrigez

    No diffrence,cause when you play console you are sitting 3-4 metres

  • Jamie Whitehouse

    lol, i feel embarassed for the consoles

  • 10-Facts

    watch with 144p to get the best experience

  • Aleks ƬHeⱲΩLF

    this game having minor differences , i mean look there is no difference for some reason , and im glad i bought this game few minutes ago , ps store holding good low price , very acceptable to me :)

  • Arthur Cuesta

    The only problem while playing on consoles is the pop-in. Really annoying.

  • Cairo Murphy

    There's no difference between ps4 and pc except for framerate. Xbox one has a slight blurryness

  • The Happy Hatter

    Lol only poor people play games on there computer XD it looks so bad

  • iplayconsole noshame

    i like how pc people all cry cause they realize they could have baught console cuz there is no difference butt they come with oh look in the corner that looks different

  • periklis gamer

    PC & Xbox one is better than ps4

  • Scraggle

    Theres almost no difference

  • XStrawBerryIceX

    All this on console holding back pc, let's be honest, xbone is really the only thing holding anyone back look at that absolute junk

  • oh baby a tripol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    The console version stands tall compared to the vanilla version on PC, but if you add all the mods I have installed and compare it, then it looks like a comparison between the witcher 3 and the witcher 4. That's the reason why I bought a pc, mods, and I don't regret it a thing.

  • Zupis22

    thanks for that video it was helpfull

  • Some Nigga

    The aliasing is pretty bad on console..

  • Brynjar

    PC is always the best no question about it.

  • andreaTRY2FLY

    Why does the PC video look so bad, it doesn't do it justice, it should be way better

  • David Grau

    casi no hay diferencias 😱

  • Markell TheGreat


  • The PaperCut Survivor

    I thought the PC version of TW3 was supposed to look a lot better. Was this before an update?

  • Doodling Hitman

    I'd get this on my PC, but I don't meet the minimum requirements with my CPU..Guess Xbox One it is. :)

  • Pablo Batrez Silva

    Esta comparación es muy imbecil, la máxima calidad de tus vídeos es 720pp Por ende todo lo que muestras luce igual

  • arka biswas

    Look at the light shaft. It looks best on PC.

  • Justin Powell

    is it me or does the xbox one look slightly darker at times?

  • AnjuTares - Dimitri para los amigos

    PC siempre va a humillar a una consola, si el PC es bueno claro.

  • ForbiddenSword

    While the versions look similar at first glance, notice the shadow rendering distance is MUCH lower on consoles than on PC. The LOD distance on PS4 oddly much lower than XONE or PC. Regardless, still a great game regardless of the platform one plays it on, though the superior version is on the PC, as it should be due to more powerful hardware.

  • Sphincter Nouveau II

    В хуевых версиях Весемир на белой лошади.

  • FTWinnick

    This video is so dumb. I've played the X1 version and the PC version of WT3 and it's not even in the same ballpark. This video makes them all look similar when they really are not.

  • William Viechnicki

    To anyone saying they can't tell a difference: It's hard to tell on YouTube. Differences in textures, lighting, and especially frame-rate are a lot harder to notice on a YT video than in actual play. I will say that they did do a great job working on the the console versions of the game. With the hardware they have, and the devs knowledge of it, they couldn't have done much better. That all said: PC does win by a mile and then some. I'l try to break this up into sections.Even if you could tell all the differences from the video, you're still not taking everything into account. One big thing being the increase in frame-rate that PC gets. While consoles hard cap at 60, PCs are able to run free of any cap, and produce as many FPS as they are able. Difference is noticeable, especially on 144Hz monitors. Everything feels smoother and more fluid. It's like the increase from 30 FPS to 60. Anyone who says they can't feel the difference between the 30 and 60 FPS is lying to you. Anyone who doubts that, play a 60 FPS game for a while, and then swap to a 30 FPS game. The choppiness of 30 will become apparent really quickly. It also doesn't take into consideration the mods you're able to run. You can go lore-breaking and crazy with these if you want. Not a lot of Witcher 3 mods can rival the outlandishness of Skyrim mods, they can still be pretty game changing. The main argument here is about the graphics, though. I personally run several mods that do things like improve on the quality of lighting, textures, and weather. All those things add up to an experience that is even more noticeably better. I could go on, but this is a YouTube comment. The point being: When all things are said and done, the console versions look great. CDPR did a good job with them, but PC still blows it out of the water.

  • TIKI K

    The captions for the XBOX ONE and PC versions looks way sharper and more clear than the PS4's version. What's up with that?And P.S. I saw literally no difference between the 3 versions besides the captions.

  • rankaime87

    I already play this game on pc and ps4, but don't know why in ps4 I feel a better experience than in pc. Everything just seems natural on ps4

  • First Flame

    I feel that Pc is a bit brighter than the consoles

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