Bluetooth Headphones for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch doesn't have any built in wireless headphone support, so we looked into some ways to add bluetooth!

The Transmitters we tried:

*Gear I Use*
Sony A7S II:
Zeiss Lens:
Macro Lens:
Wide angle:

MKE 600 Mic:
SD Mix-Pre 3:

Game Capture:

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  • Kevin Kenson

    Aaaaaand right after doing this video the new 4.0 Switch update also enables support for USB dongle Wireless headphones! Still awkward in portable but a strong alternative for a home setup!

  • JoshWill


  • unidentified mogwai

    They could make a lot of money if they made wireless headphone for the switch

  • Sickan

    Sorry, but it just looks really odd when the transmitters stick out like that from the system

  • Chris Cella

    Why does it looks like you live in the basement of an urban outfitters Store Anyways love this channel man keep doin yo thing man 👌

  • Ro MaYo Jr

    I like how all your videos don't have intro/outro.

  • Tuan X Gaming

    Super surprised someone like HORI or PDP hasn't tried to tackle this yet. Great video.

  • Ultimo

    Good luck parrying Guardians with audio lag.

  • Scott Sweeney

    Who's hyped for Supper Mario Odyssey?

  • Axom

    I think it's just a matter of time until Nintendo announces an update for Bluetooth connectivity bcs if you think that the Gamepad of the Wii u had an Audio Jack build in that was transmitted to the system through Bluetooth connectivity and than, the reason of the switch pro controller not having one makes me think that the Nintendo Switch will have Bluetooth Connectivity option for Headphones very soon , at least I hope so.

  • ChubbzyChebbez Vlogs: gaming: and MORE!

    Pin this comment and then the nintendo gods will give u items from the futureNintendo 8DS New Nintendo Switch XLLIn 87 years...

  • Robert McDowell

    Cut to Zelda and Crypt of the necrodancer

  • Jagger Shrimp

    Im literally wearing the same shirt that he is wearing RIGHT NOW.

  • gshocked

    Do you think they could add wireless headset support via firmware update?

  • Douglas Gadeke

    Can you make a new video on what is the best Bluetooth headphone set up to use on fortnite? I'd like to be able to talk to people. Thanks.

  • Zack Imm

    This channel is so underrated, Kevin is making near mkbhd quality videos with a fraction of the subs

  • Alex Welch

    Does Kevin have hair under that hat?

  • Turboo 264

    The real question is can it be used with AirPods

  • Gorm Auslander

    Latency"It's a huge deal"30 seconds later"It's not a big deal"

  • VoyagerPlaysGaming

    I bet that the next version of the switch will have Bluetooth built in

  • The_jeff Onion

    There is 534 comments and you found mine I make great videos pls sub

  • Flying _ Hawlucha

    I use Beats studio3 . yes the Bluetooth will work but will the speaker work (I mean can I talk game chat on fortnight switch wirelessly)

  • Josh Levy

    Best Switch Dongle Setup I’ve seen so far —- — Velcro+Super short aux cable = best of a bad situation

  • Anegba Manga

    Dude your videos are amazing.Dont stop keep on going I think that was a amazing Nintendo Switch I ever seen!

  • Connordore

    I LOVE my switch, but sadly, I noticed that it has bent slightly :(

  • Prettylilhed Poppyseed

    Love you man, keep it up!

  • Valgav Gav

    Hi Kevin! Do you know if the Razer hammerhead usb-c work with the switch? I've heard they don't... but i want to be sure. Thanks!

  • Yoshi GamingNL

    In doc mode you van also use Bluetooth from the TV

  • KeyofTime15

    Nice stuff, and you Like sonic mania a lot too?

  • OtakuWolf Gamer

    Well said man! Finally what a relief! ^^ Thanks so much for the awesome information.

  • Rita Huynano

    Can I use a JBL headphone for the switch?

  • Sad World

    But how do you connect the adapter to the headphones

  • Psycho

    Now I can play fortnite on the TV and voice chatting

  • Almighty Mezachu

    It’s 2019 and this still not fixed lol

  • KnockoutR6

    Just found your channel and i gotta say it is amazing. Loved every video i have watched so far!

  • Abdulrahman Mustafa

    Now I can play Mario with Sony headphones with an Xbox controller

  • Colin S

    Switch was compromised on the hardware. Pretty sad imo

  • scf1414

    Thanks for the video it really helps!!!

  • SegaHedgehog

    Your a mega man fan like me :D

  • Matthew Abela

    Doing something competitive on a Nintendo switch OK

  • Zel Pozharruchyei

    Lies. You CAN use the switch headphone jack while docked.

  • Kristin Barrett

    Can you hook more then one pair of bluetooth headphones up at once?

  • Univ.s Fell

    I have a pair of Sony ones, brilliantness is truly in song headphones

  • Mayhem

    Supposedly the latest Switch Update now allows the use of USB Headphones natively, including wireless.

  • Alexx


  • NintendoJam

    The 4.0 Update that was just released adds USB Wireless Headphone support!

  • Ella Oligschlager

    Im getting a switch over 3 days :)

  • Walteriouz Rex

    Times Splitters Future Perfect on the switch make the video I demand it

  • Teresa Withington

    Can you help me I m trying to get my aux mode on my Bluetooth headphones to work through Bluetooth speakers

  • Rigo Jr

    Dude I just got beats and I can't even use my headphones

  • Nirvana One

    Hopefully Nintendo releases a new Bluetooth update soon lol? 🤔

  • herohunter81

    Get the Homespot Bluetooth 5 transmitter. It plugs into the charge port and looks minimal. Perfect for AirPods. AirPods and Zelda. Yup.

  • William Hood

    The cut to Zelda with smooth jazz in the background would’ve been awesome

  • Gregory Pabst

    You deserve more subs.

  • LonelyLabsMonkey

    Nintendo should release a left Joycon with a headphone jack.

  • Fear Searcher

    You weren’t playing that special stage correctly

  • Dragon Loli

    i whatiuhhi dont erri dont even have the osund on most of the time

  • Gaminsane

    This was uploaded on My Birthday!

  • Eveg Veg

    There are some guys in indiegogo doing a genki bluetooth transmiter flr the switch. I back up and they will arrive until october or something but looks promising! Good video

  • I can't think of a good name

    Anybody here went to gamestop to play super mario odyssey??? I did 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  • Mom I do not watch Hentai

    Why am i here...I dont have a switch 😰

  • Dan Josef

    were you at claremont village?!

  • Rooty

    I know this is late but does it matter which headphones you use?

  • Randomly Cool Guy

    I could use on of these in my Gameboy!

  • Daniel Walfish

    does the mic work in docked mode cause it says built in mic

  • Danyal Mohammad

    I'd take regular rumble and actual voice chat/Bluetooth headphones over hd rumble

  • SwiftFire1002

    The thing is, the Switch DOES have Bluetooth capabilities, and is useable with Linux distros via switch hacking. Nintendo has just decided to lock away the feature within their uses for controllers.

  • Joaquim Silva

    Nintendo could add a Joy con grip with a headphone jack

  • Saucy_Spartans


  • Xochitl Ramirez

    Dude your apartment is so fucking awesome, and your video quality is so awesome. I literally just subscribed to hear your Switch takes and just watch to relax lol.

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