Bluetooth Headphones for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch doesn't have any built in wireless headphone support, so we looked into some ways to add bluetooth!

The Transmitters we tried:

*Gear I Use*
Sony A7S II:
Zeiss Lens:
Macro Lens:
Wide angle:

MKE 600 Mic:
SD Mix-Pre 3:

Game Capture:

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  • Kevin Kenson

    Aaaaaand right after doing this video the new 4.0 Switch update also enables support for USB dongle Wireless headphones! Still awkward in portable but a strong alternative for a home setup!

  • JoshWill


  • Tuan X

    Super surprised someone like HORI or PDP hasn't tried to tackle this yet. Great video.

  • Chris Cella

    Why does it looks like you live in the basement of an urban outfitters Store Anyways love this channel man keep doin yo thing man 👌

  • Ultimo D

    Good luck parrying Guardians with audio lag.

  • unidentified mogwai

    They could make a lot of money if they made wireless headphone for the switch

  • Axom

    I think it's just a matter of time until Nintendo announces an update for Bluetooth connectivity bcs if you think that the Gamepad of the Wii u had an Audio Jack build in that was transmitted to the system through Bluetooth connectivity and than, the reason of the switch pro controller not having one makes me think that the Nintendo Switch will have Bluetooth Connectivity option for Headphones very soon , at least I hope so.

  • Dunder Edjifs

    Sorry, but it just looks really odd when the transmitters stick out like that from the system

  • Ro MaYo Jr

    I like how all your videos don't have intro/outro.

  • Scott Sweeney

    Who's hyped for Supper Mario Odyssey?

  • gsh0ck3d

    Do you think they could add wireless headset support via firmware update?

  • Jagger Shrimp

    Im literally wearing the same shirt that he is wearing RIGHT NOW.

  • ChubbzyChebbez Vlogs: gaming: and MORE!

    Pin this comment and then the nintendo gods will give u items from the futureNintendo 8DS New Nintendo Switch XLLIn 87 years...

  • Douglas Gadeke

    Can you make a new video on what is the best Bluetooth headphone set up to use on fortnite? I'd like to be able to talk to people. Thanks.

  • Alex Welch

    Does Kevin have hair under that hat?

  • Autumn Rain

    you might need to make an update video...

  • Sad Wold

    But how do you connect the adapter to the headphones


    The real question is can it be used with AirPods

  • Drdynamite -

    It is compatible when the switch is in the dock?


    Basically apple jacked Nintendo’s Bluetooth and Nintendo jacked apple’s headphone jack

  • Flying _ Hawlucha

    I use Beats studio3 . yes the Bluetooth will work but will the speaker work (I mean can I talk game chat on fortnight switch wirelessly)

  • Raspi

    The wii remotes even had bluetooth. I use them to emulate games on my pc

  • Fortnite Gamer 4 LiFe


  • Daffy Wizard

    does this work docked?

  • Ru 000

    What about the apple Airpods???

  • Martell Tha Cool

    Nintendo got headphone jack but Apple don't?

  • SpaceNitroYT

    Help! Should I buy lego (Technic theme) or games for my xbox on my birthday?!

  • I’m stupid, but

    Do airpods work well with this?

  • KeyofTime15

    Nice stuff, and you Like sonic mania a lot too?

  • Chris Grant

    Help me please Anyone know where I can get the. Joy con battery When I took it apart it broke

  • Wyatt Miller

    That’s weird that the switch doesn’t have Bluetooth bc it has the Bluetooth tech inside! Both the joy con and the pro controller connect via Bluetooth! Seriously! You can even connect the controllers to ur computer if you wanted to. Cmon Nintendo, get with the program!

  • Mayhem

    Supposedly the latest Switch Update now allows the use of USB Headphones natively, including wireless.


    SONY headphones on a NINTENDO switch = I think im gonna explode now

  • big Mike

    If u didn’t make this video it would’ve never happens d

  • Leonardo Arellano

    KEVIN KENSON IF YOU'RE READING THIS TRY THIS HAVIT Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter Receiver(aptX), Pair 2 at Once, Mini Wireless Portable Bluetooth Adapter to 3.5mm Audio. IT HAS NO LATENCY, IT'S THE BEST TRY IT OUT IN YOUR REDO VIDEO

  • Klaus

    The joy-cons are connected w Bluetooth so I hope they bring the Bluetooth headphone connectivity in the next direct !

  • scf1414

    Thanks for the video it really helps!!!

  • Chris Grant

    Help me please Anyone know where I can get the. Joy con battery When I took it apart it broke

  • John Rohrer

    does Kevin ever not wear the hat?

  • Wanna be Tofu

    I wish I could have a Nintendo switch but my family doesn’t have the money like if you don’t have the money

  • Anires

    I got steelseries siberia headphones which you get a really good transmitter and it works amazingly with the switch.

  • Cursed Chungus

    Is this guy Mexican or something? He looks like middle Eastern or Indian or something

  • Trevormater &master

    Um Kevin I think there is a Bluetooth on the Nintendo switch already so ya

  • Samurai Kibiji

    So I've had the Mpow from this video here for the past few months and it does the job of being a bluetooth receiver fine, but I have a issue with no matter what headphone I link to it, or what aux jack I put the receiver in, the audio mutes itself or turns itself immensely down when there isn't any loud noise. So for example imagine playing Breath of the wild and while you're just standing around enjoyed a view, the headphones keep turning itself down except when a piano might chime in or something from the music. It's almost like there's a noise gate filter constantly at work. Anybody got a fix for that?

  • Carter Baker

    The Switch has Blu-Tooth. It may not be registered or licensed. See older Samsung 3D TVs. Nintendo is lying to you. How do I know? Lets Go Pickachu or Evee syncs data via blu-tooth. To sync via the app on your phone you must have Switch turned on and Blu-tooth enabled on the phone. So it has the hardware.

  • Dragon Loli

    i whatiuhhi dont erri dont even have the osund on most of the time

  • KrTheYeet 123

    Thank you, I don’t have a Bluetooth transmitter, but thank you

  • br0KEnThUmb

    I also got bluetooth headphones and no nintendo switch

  • Slobob The ndn

    We, my Son and I, bought a Bluetooth transmitter that plugs directly into the 3.5mm jack port. The lag is zilch, none what so ever and for him this is important when listening for footsteps in Fortnite as to not be snuck up on. Now, this is great and all but... he cannot speak to anyone thru the mic of his Bluetooth earbuds. And, yes, his ear buds have a mic for speaking. This leads me to an observation I’ve made. He has a pair of gaming headphones with mic and can speak and hear just fine with them when he is plugged directly into the 3.5 mm port. However, he wanted the Bluetooth headphones so he would not have to sit so close to his switch just to speak thru the mic. So, he bought a 3.5 mm extender and when this is plugged in it makes his ability to speak on the mic GO AWAY! Long story even longer. I’d assume buying a Bluetooth Transmitter that uses the USB port on his switch would possibly make this problem go away and he’d be able to speak on the mic. Or, is it that the transmitter is the problem and he instead needs a Bluetooth RECEIVER instead!? Help this old man and loving father with this problem please. TIA

  • sayresy Devino

    Switch2 will have BT. Nice try though Kevin, but for me, for now, it's the wire.

  • OKAMI468

    Like they did with the DS -> DSi, 3DS ->N3DS, they will make a Super Switch with some kind of Wireless Headset support and a few other bells and whistles.I will buy it.I just hope they make a good way for saves to transfer over - hopefully Nintendo eventually gets cloud saves working.

  • عبدالمجيد العفيصان

    شكرااا العرب مو جودين في كل مكان

  • Mike

    I was hoping this was some kind of hack, mod or loophole

  • Alexx


  • Frank GG

    My usb turtle beach ps4 usb wireless headphones work for me. I use a USB adapter on handheld mode is not that awkward but still I wish I didn’t need that extra stuff

  • Ian Hsieh

    Do you have a good casual headset that you recommend?

  • video games

    What the hell Nintendo, are you for real Nintendo , i was searching for 1 hour to connect my Bluetooth headphones!!!!!!!! And then i searched in YouTube and found this video .I didn't ask about the Bluetooth in the switch back when I bought it because it is a stupid question in 2017 !!!!

  • Sal Espinoza

    Thanks, but could you tell us how to pair the headphones and the MPOW ? Thanks again for the great video

  • tobsmonster2

    Is this a joke? Instead of holding nintendo accountable for releasing an incomplete product, we're hunting for bluetooth dongles?

  • Anegba Manga

    Dude your videos are amazing.Dont stop keep on going I think that was a amazing Nintendo Switch I ever seen!

  • AviAtoRoCKoN

    Çanak anten taksaydın muna going!

  • Fried Kalamari

    Anybody here went to gamestop to play super mario odyssey??? I did 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  • Al Bundy

    Now that voice chat has been added natively can you help us find TRRS compatible Bluetooth transmitter/receiver for the Switch..?

  • Adinaird Avalos

    Can you make a vid with Xbox ones and Bluetooth headphones?

  • Daniel Walfish

    does the mic work in docked mode cause it says built in mic

  • Bobby Joe 90

    Switch was compromised on the hardware. Pretty sad imo

  • William Hood

    The cut to Zelda with smooth jazz in the background would’ve been awesome

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