Witcher 3: Max DPS Build (7500+ DPS)

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone Expansion: Max DPS Build.

New Moon Gear Locations - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9Z_TsamBlY
  • Davis Kilpatrick

    Would that level 16 bear have even been a match for him, even without the build? I mean, fight something strong so we can actually see how good the build is.

  • Chuck

    This build has high DPS, bug it definitely is not the most practical. Waterhag decoction only works when your HP is full, in NG+ DM or just regular DM chances are your HP won't ever be full during battle. Also the stormy weather side effect with Thunderbolt is very specific, I find a constant DPS output build to be better, but this is a good experiment nonetheless, first time I've ever seen it.

  • Kristaps Vecvagars

    I wouldn't put my money on the Water Hag decoction. The bonus is great, but when fighting mobs or tough opponents, the possibility to keep your Vitality at maximum decreases drastically.Also - glass cannon alert! With a build like this, you'd better swear by your dodging skills, because at only 5000+ Vitality you can become dog meat very, very fast. DPS is not everything.

  • The Truth

    This build sucks for damage but it looks nice

  • Apex of War

    I run a more practical version of this build. Instead of Deadly Precision and Acquired Tolerance, I run Puppet (crowd control) and Rage Management (to maintain Quen). Similar dps, but more practical.

  • Lurtz Of Orthanc

    Just spent some time replicating this build for my level 48 Geralt (post-HoS, not yet in NG+). Spent 230 hours as a caster but all the nerfs have made signs no fun - time to go sword! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  • Pyro GamerHD

    very good congratulation the canal, the last one has a nice Promotional rolling .^^

  • Emperor Ehryn

    Pretty cool. In games like this where taking damage is optional and you can dodge, it's always fun to go max dps.

  • Jy_3

    I believe I sold the new moon trousers. Is there any way for me to get another one ?If I start a new game+ does the unique items pops up again ?Or do you know of any trousers that could make a good replacement ? thanks

  • Vlad S

    Could you tell us where you got these items please?

  • Olly

    My New Moon armor only holds 2 slots, so I can't enchant it. Maybe this got patched?And where did you find the Garrim sword?

  • fade2black001

    You must of been really lucky to get the whole set of New Moon all in Relic quality. I'm doing the quest now and the first 2 pieces were relic but the boots and chest were rare quality. No matter how man times I reload my game the quality is the same...

  • nudedudee

    Do you really need to have Preservation on both swords? wouldn't one be enough?

  • Lachlan Hurburgh

    I'm glad i watched this because i never acknowledged how useful the synergy skill can be for increasing DPS

  • Giannakis TouPefkou

    Where cand I find your weapons?

  • Jy_3

    I didn't understand why you put Igni on all your armors.Where does it says that it increase damage ?

  • Mike Bertelsen

    I'm level 39 and 4 skill points short? :)

  • Tony Gables

    how do you get  those runes for the sword and armor I cant any find any video on it, is it a pc mod?

  • slntscpe

    just started the game and now level 2 , I have 9 points. what should I do first and after? thanks

  • DNO

    whered you get the swords?

  • En Ngam Kai

    Why his red mutagen give him 60% attack power ? Mine only 40% :(

  • Kenneth Solano

    I see you go to the character menu and place them in the empty slots at the right side of the screen. What is it for ?

  • depa1976 D

    ruin words that's neat must be only a computer thing cause haven't seen that on ps4 yet.

  • pduffy4

    I've just had over 21,000 DPS on my silver sward; even though I was only using my steel sword.

  • Green Blossom

    You do know you only need to enchant one sword with preservation and it effects both swords. You're wasting the chance to use a different enchantment on the second sword lol

  • Tankallex

    Clearly you know how to utilize everything to dish out some damage. Kudos.

  • ShatteredMercury

    Is it worth it to get the battle frenzy ability? The one that swaps your 10% damage per adrenaline point for 8% critical hit chance?

  • 78l we4

    What armor weapons should I get in low level before I reach high enough ?How and where do I get those you have ?What's a deconction ? Heavy armor and strong attack are not useful ?I think aiming with arrow is difficult and too weak. Should I just sell the arrows I got ?It gives me lot of crowns and I think these will be gone once I use all of them.1 of them has 20 and other 8. Not sure if it recharges like potions,bombs,etc.ARe there any must underwater fight situation ? Most players would just swim away and fight on ground ?The extinguishing option for candles are bothering me from looting items. How do I just disable extinguish option ?Why don't they just make it possible to extinguish on quests that require me to turn the lights on or off ?The guards are so strong. Once I attack will they keep hostile forever like skyrim ?

  • Satanista Antykreacjonista

    Idk why u think it's good... right now my steel sword with potions u used does over 11k...

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