1 Out of 10: The Worst Games Ever Reviewed by GameSpot - The Lobby

Jeff Gerstmann joins Kevin VanOrd, Chris Watters and Danny O'Dwyer to discuss the four games that hold the dubious honor of receiving 1 out of 10 on GameSpot.

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  • Michael Young

    I actually met a guy a a GameStop who swore Ride to Hell Retribution was an awesome game. I knew better tho. He's exactly how u picture him. Lanky white guy, had maybe 7 teeth, a white wife beater with yellow stains all over it, pair of wrangler jeans with God knows what was all over them, worn black boots, a Harley Davidson baseball cap torn to shit and scraggly, long thinning blonde hair, reminiscent of a mullet. Looked eerily like Kid Rock. Probably late 20's, looked like late 40's.He had a friend with him in about the same style... Wannabe biker, trailer park, stain and dirt ridden, white trash with a heavy helping of meth. They had like $10 bucks between them and wanted a game to play on their dads PS3 from what I gathered. They were perusing the PS3 games picking up COD Ghosts, Golden Axe Beast Rider, and oogling over the cover art of Lollipop Chainsaw before blonde mullet (as i'll refer to him as) excitedly picked up Ride to Hell Retribution with a gleeful gasp."Holy shit Larry! It's goddamn Ride to Hell! Have u ever played this?!" Blonde mullet exclaimed in this twangy, redneck voice. "No... is it good?" In the deepest southern accent u could imagine, I assume Larry, asked."This game is the rawest, best biker game I've ever played! U can fuck these chicks with big ol' titties, shoot fuckers in the face, and run from the po-leece on a motorcicle!" Said blonde mullet with complete sincerity and excitement."Well I think we've found our weekend!" Larry replied. After some other discussion about the price (which was $10) they emptied their pockets and counted a bunch of change and like 4 crinkled dollar bills."Dammit man we only have $9.76!" We don't have enough..." Blonde mullet said with a deep sadness. I couldn't help to watch this whole thing go down and just from pure enjoyment I got from watching, while looking at PS3 games as well, I piped up and said "Hey I have a rewards card I'll let u use and u it'll save u a dollar so u can buy the game." Knowing full well that game was a steaming pile of eating taco bell for a week kinda shit but I didn't want blonde mullet and Larry to have a bad weekend.After convincing them they really had enough money to buy it bc they swore it was still too much after tax (kinda surprised they thought of that) but my man brain did the math and they had just enough to buy it and have a like a Nickel left over to save for their next big weekend purchase.We took it up to the counter and the employee stops and says "U know what they say about this game?" In a concerned voice and serious face. "That its the baddest muther fuckin biker game around!" Blonde mullet said with a hard passion. I just said "just to with it" to the GameStop employee who could barely hold his laughter in.After they bought it they thanked me and said "U know, not all Asian's are bad. U speak some good English too" like they were complimenting me (obviously I'm Asian if u didn't know).I waved goodbye and told them to enjoy the game. Afterwards the GameStop employee asked me with complete disbelief "U know that game is considered one of the worst games ever made?" I said "Yep... But apparently Mr blond mullet thinks its the bees fucking knees." As I just started to refer to blonde mullet as blonde mullet. We both started laughing and that's a memory I won't soon forget. True fucking story. Not all people think these games are terrible. Some actually think there awesome and willing to play it and pay for it... twice! Different strokes for different folks. He never returned it either for it never showed back up on my account as returned. God bless Larry and blonde mullet. I hope they put their biggest, baddest, biker dreams to rest that day.

  • lynchie137

    How the hell does something like Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing get a physical release to stores?

  • William Guillen

    I kinda hope they make a ride to hell 2 just to see how much it can get worse

  • undeadelvis

    The only good thing about Gamespot is that they aren't IGN and that's about it

  • jesse ruiz

    what's sad is I actually heard of these games beacuse how bad they are when I know there are a lot of games out there that are good that I never heard of

  • Patrick P

    Too many people talking. Unguided and chaotic.

  • James Hull

    far to much pandering and ego stroking in this video

  • Fisty Carrera

    I give this video a 2/10

  • PineConeRudy

    "BIG RIGS!!!!! Over the road under the road, WHO KNOWS!!" -Avgn

  • Henkoshi 404

    Allow me to sum up the comments so no one else has to look>Why isnt CoD on here>Lol these games are here cause publishers didnt pay enough!!!1!!

  • Mike Oxlong

    As a YouTube hero, I've submitted the name change to 'developers who couldn't buy a good score'

  • LiverSpottedHunk

    They make fun of game review bribery... Yet GameSpot was legitimately part of a bribery scandal... Remember Kane & Lynch

  • kiva860

    this video is so boring

  • CanadaMMA

    This video needs more chubby white guys...

  • Belzuboss

    During that pirate game "And its really offensive, there is a lot of offensive stuff." So tired of Video game "jurnos" Using that as part of their review, sure you can advise people that there is potentially offensive stuff but every time I see it they use it as part of the scoring which it should never be. I haven't watched anything "pro" reviewed for along time because of this and the smug nonsense.

  • Bret Griffis

    I still remember Gamespot, that you gave The Legend of Dragoon a 6.4 but gave every bloody Call of Duty a high rating

  • Mohamed Alaydaroos

    Too much talking: 0.5/10

  • John Smith

    Ah video-game journalists, when being a janitor isn't rock-bottom enough.

  • Emil Jörgensen

    Why im i watching this when i can watch angryjoeshow

  • Andruha Ivashin

    A.K.A. Games that didn't have publishers that payed us enough

  • Silent CG

    Hey its the guy who got fired by Shitspot for giving a shitty game a low score. Shitspot got paid to give the game a high score or some bullshit like that.

  • Meow

    Why does the video go on for five minutes after its over

  • drencrum

    No Man's Sky is the real 1/10

  • P33W33

    Are the low scores from publishers who haven't paid you?

  • ThePeterH1

    Does anyone still remember Mindjack?

  • Harimondo

    I might agree with what they say about these games, but as persons, they are pieces of shit to be honest.

  • Bosun Bayona

    that dude on the right is a fat fake angry joe

  • jimbo

    didnt jeff got fired from gamespot becoz he gave kane and lynch a bad review and the publisher was advertising their game on gamespot?

  • Jop3lius

    this list is about companies that didnt pay enough to gamespot

  • Jordan Naish

    More like the worst reviews ever!!

  • Mr. Redfield

    I always tend to call gamespot g-spot

  • SupaL33tKillar

    GameSpot gives practically anything atleast a 7/10 even if it's total shit just because it's made by a AAA company. why would their opinion on anything matters lol

  • Alexander Vicious

    What a bunch of losers

  • hp123434

    To the people in the comments saying stuff like Call of Duty deserves a zero. . . do yourselves a favor and actually play some of the game listed here, or any truly bad game for that matter. It will put things in perspective for you.

  • Istudder94

    These guys are so awkward...

  • Lucky

    "Two Worlds 1 was trash." Mayhaps , Thou shouldeth watcheth Thy mouth.

  • camdon king

    this has me all nostalgic for the old G4 network and Judgement day

  • ZitizenZnipz

    so why isn't every call of duty since the first modern warfare on here? zombies cant save everything ya know

  • John Farrell

    wow 4 men in printed t shirts...the law should state that this has to stop when you get your first pube

  • Subi_fan

    Disappointed not seeing any CoD here...

  • Anders Lindberg

    As long as these guys get enough money, any game will get a 10/10

  • Erik H

    "It's the hottest of hot coffee" haha

  • Tom Wright

    Am I the only one watching them talk about 'Big Rigs' and thinking AVGN does it better?

  • Luke Charles

    Angry Joe's brother

  • Brehm

    gamespot need a gym room.

  • Neo_182

    1/10 didn't pay us enough - Gamespot

  • Mizztah D

    Gamesnob. I played games seemingly much worse than these as a kid and still enjoyed them!

  • c.papi

    that advanced warfare commercial that comes before this...

  • Deetsitmeister

    Raven's Cry does not deserve a 1. It has competent graphics and animation, it looks thematically good. That is at least a 4 or 5.

  • Zider0xylon

    Jeff is fucking hilarious. THE PUBLISHER BOUGHT THAT ONE.

  • StevetheWizard

    "So, did you enjoy your meal?""It was a good meal, but, as a game, it was literally unplayable. I think it did some permanent damage to my computer. 0/10, not even a game."This is the future we are choosing.

  • Andre Benoit

    Well guess I won't be buying the lobby any time soon.

  • Joey Enochs

    Cabele deserves a 0/3 because it's literally teen playing terrible a broken flash mmo which you have to grind to get through the story. The story is about a female teen with thy most cliché attitude to gaming. Then you watch her post revealing pictures. Then you either get arrested IRL for having child porn or you quit and install to minutes in. /YET/ it won nominee for story. IGN do game of the year thing

  • Tiderion

    Lol, they joke about publishers paying for reviews, and yet GamerGate revealed emails between game reviewers proving this exact thing. Disseminate that message bruh, eventually it'll seem plausible.

  • jay dean

    Gamespot is bad. Can't believe people subscribe to them and listen to them still.

  • Karl My Suitcase

    10 games that didn't bribe you in advance.

  • Tyler Jones

    Guess these companies forgot to pay GameSpot for their ratings

  • June2011

    When i was young and had just recently gotten my Xbox 360 and had finished Forza 2 and Ultimate Avengers , i set out to my local game stop to buy a new game. I had walked in and had checked out the xbox section and found a game called "two worlds". It looked great so i picked it up and was ready to check out with my parents when the Gamestop employee told me that Two worlds was a bad game and offered me Oblivion instead. To this day i dont know who that person was but i thank them with my heart and soul.

  • Lozinger2

    Jeff Gerstmann for president !!!

  • Felix adept

    and what about superman 64¿?


    Bound by flame was absolute shit

  • TheGrizzzle

    Evolve has Shitty Graphics Period. Played Dying Light.. Then Played Evolve.... Doesn't even compare... Dog shit graphics that are last gen quality at BEST....

  • Matthew Rohde

    GameMill is still around. They made a Monster Jam game recently.

  • Fart Sweg

    Wtf, Big rigs, Is the best, Game Its better than gta 5, And all those other stupid games you gavd 9/10 on.

  • Sarah Kiara

    anyone else find it kinda fucked up that jeff said alex should just kill himself when he's actually depressed? damn jeff haha

  • JthanDestroyer

    Nothing is worse than a youtuber completely mocking their crowd.

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