1 Out of 10: The Worst Games Ever Reviewed by GameSpot - The Lobby

Jeff Gerstmann joins Kevin VanOrd, Chris Watters and Danny O'Dwyer to discuss the four games that hold the dubious honor of receiving 1 out of 10 on GameSpot.

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  • jesse ruiz

    what's sad is I actually heard of these games beacuse how bad they are when I know there are a lot of games out there that are good that I never heard of

  • UncoloredPage

    I don't know why, but I really don't like these people, they seem like know-it-all douchebags

  • Patrick P

    Too many people talking. Unguided and chaotic.

  • RetroSteve

    BLAH BLAH BLAH video starts at 2:25

  • James Hull

    far to much pandering and ego stroking in this video

  • Fisty Carrera

    I give this video a 2/10

  • Reverend Benzo

    This video is as boring as my sex life.

  • Boats N Hoes

    I havent seen this video, but i am sure that Ride to fucking Hell is on this list

  • Matrap CP

    Your Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy review is just...horrible

  • kiva860

    this video is so boring

  • The Potato

    Holy shit.. the intro accurately shows how nerds meet up. Relax dudes. Dont try too hard on how to introduce yourself "with a bang".

  • Bret Griffis

    I still remember Gamespot, that you gave The Legend of Dragoon a 6.4 but gave every bloody Call of Duty a high rating

  • Jordan Naish

    More like the worst reviews ever!!

  • magnusm4

    So a guy who worked on big rigs also worked on the dayz knock off and horrible shit. This guy really need to start over completely or join ea and crash them into bankruptcy

  • drencrum

    No Man's Sky is the real 1/10

  • SquidGamer 16

    Final SquidScore: negative 500/10.too many boring people talking,while I just want to know what games I SHOULDN'T buy with the $25 amazon gift card.'

  • Mohamed Alaydaroos

    Too much talking: 0.5/10

  • Jop3lius

    this list is about companies that didnt pay enough to gamespot

  • TheCivildecay

    that raven game did look pretty decent tbh, the vid kinda reminded me of the witcher 2

  • Chris Hope

    the director of big rigs wound up being the guy behind warz

  • Meow

    Why does the video go on for five minutes after its over

  • Mike Oxlong

    As a YouTube hero, I've submitted the name change to 'developers who couldn't buy a good score'

  • Aiden Pearce

    2:49Watch this scene with "You Spin Me Right Round" playing in the background for MAXIMUM EFFECT!!

  • jimbo

    didnt jeff got fired from gamespot becoz he gave kane and lynch a bad review and the publisher was advertising their game on gamespot?

  • breakinggood

    get real job u bunch of lazy ugly fat nerds

  • Iamtheknight 95

    That moment when you can come up with four games worse than Hour of Shame

  • calamorta

    Do people really consider these guys' opinions when buying a game? Lmao

  • Alexander Vicious

    What a bunch of losers

  • Tresmond Wallace

    Kevin vanord is the GOAT

  • Matthew Rohde

    GameMill is still around. They made a Monster Jam game recently.

  • NotaCola

    should be renamed "The game companies that didn't pay us to give their game high ratings."

  • SupaL33tKillar

    GameSpot gives practically anything atleast a 7/10 even if it's total shit just because it's made by a AAA company. why would their opinion on anything matters lol

  • teppolundgren

    Big Rigs looks amazing! What could be better than spinning a truck at the speed of light and then driving thattruck THROUGH buildings and up mountains with no problem at all?It's a big "fuck you" to gravity and physics!

  • Arbiter Bacon

    Boring ass video. Just replace this list with 2016 games

  • Parched

    When I take a game rating I take it by percent A British C December0:Doesn't Function1:Barely Functions 2-4Horendus5-6Awful7Avg8Good9Very Good10Flawless

  • Tyler Jones

    Guess these companies forgot to pay GameSpot for their ratings

  • camdon king

    this has me all nostalgic for the old G4 network and Judgement day

  • Emil Jörgensen

    Why im i watching this when i can watch angryjoeshow

  • omegagilgamesh

    Four guys pretending, pretty convincingly, that GameSpot actually has given out a score besides 8/10.

  • Alex

    "And it's really offensive. It has really offensive stuff". OMFG you're such a douche. This is so boring that the only thing that could make this better was if it was the beginning of an ISIS beheading video.

  • Harry Harshimoto

    I give this video 1/10

  • Jeeves Butter

    none of you are funny, pls stop

  • Bosun Bayona

    that dude on the right is a fat fake angry joe

  • Professor Peculiar

    Who remembers escape from mount stupid

  • Oneeightseven325

    Do you know what does it mean

  • tomination90

    I don't mean to defend games you marked with 1's but this kind of criticism does not give GameSpot good press. At least try not to act smug when you review something.

  • Andre Benoit

    Well guess I won't be buying the lobby any time soon.

  • Mr. Redfield

    I always tend to call gamespot g-spot

  • josue betances

    if you guys pay attention there's actually a portrait of Lee and Clementine from tall tale games The Walking Dead the video game


    Bound by flame was absolute shit

  • Lord of Lasagne

    I knew Big Rigs, Raven's Cry and Ride to Hell solely due to Jerma985 and I'm not even mad

  • Chris F

    Grief, Kevin VanOrd is annoying

  • Ethan K

    Does the guy all the way on the right on the couch ever fucking smile?

  • OffMeMeds

    If big Rigs existed in today's spectrum all it would need is a few thousand updates! This is basically the best metaphor for how games are released now days broken as shit! And we are in the year 2016! Go figure...

  • pollutedcrimson

    I can't watch this. I don't care about you hosts. I care about the list you have for us. shut aaaaapp

  • Haris Ibrahimbegović

    I might agree with what they say about these games, but as persons, they are pieces of shit to be honest.

  • Istudder94

    These guys are so awkward...

  • Emily Lily

    Next up The Worst Reviews ever by gamespot! wooot wooot here comes the ouchy train next stop IGN

  • Dylan McLaughlin

    Does anyone else think that Evolve looks like shit?

  • interlace

    Why does Ride to Hell: Retribution sadly feel like a terrible spiritual sequel to Full Throttle to me :'(

  • John Farrell

    wow 4 men in printed t shirts...the law should state that this has to stop when you get your first pube

  • Rich Inks

    He didn't like his joke about not knowing his job title at the beginning lol

  • Kelly Moon

    The games that didn't cough up the payola! all these CODs deserve a 1.

  • StevetheWizard

    "So, did you enjoy your meal?""It was a good meal, but, as a game, it was literally unplayable. I think it did some permanent damage to my computer. 0/10, not even a game."This is the future we are choosing.

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