Everything You Need to Know About the Final Expansion - The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine

The Witcher 3's final expansion, Blood and Wine, is the biggest yet. With over 20 hours of content, here's everything you can expect at release.

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  • Mihai Krieger

    You see this, EA ? You SEE this? Let me help you: 0:00 . please look again.

  • Ninjachickenfingers

    And Game of The Year goes to... Witcher 3 DLC

  • Darkly Tranquil

    CDPR - making the rest of the video game industry look bad.

  • Gruff Games

    I haven't even started this expansion yet and I'm already sad that it'll be over.

  • Trunks The Avenger Of The Future

    Holy shit you finally get to fight the monster from the cinematic trailer!

  • Lar dos Games

    I hope they bring back the old characters. That's the only bad thing in the game, the characters just disappear after the main history. I just want see Triss and Ciri again :(

  • zman2748

    "If you're looking for an excuse to return to witcher 3" I NEVER EVEN LEFT!!

  • Aiden G

    Umm, most of the time I would be joking but I think I might be serious when I say that the DLC expansion for the last year's GOTY might actually win this year's GOTY too. It's a good thing but a sad thing too. Sad because it just shows how lazy and cheap the rest of the gaming industry has become.

  • KrazyK785

    wait...WAIT A MINUTE!Is that the vampire from "A Night to Remember" trailer??!

  • PlagaXTifi

    Jesus christ, CDPR really knows hows to deliver on content!! More developers should take note of this.

  • Jo Zh

    EA and Ubisoft should learn how to make games from CD Projekt Red or Naughty Dogs.

  • Cabbage 61

    This is how you do a dlc, take notes Bethesda.

  • Bolts Storm

    Most anticipated game this year XD


    This looks fucking amazing. Everything from the map, to the UI, to the new armor

  • Calm Down

    The masterpiece returns

  • Henry Rahardja

    May will make me broke, Uncharted 4, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, and now the expansion pack of the best RPG ever created

  • David White

    I bought The Witcher 3 back in January two days after my birthday and I was sucked into that game for weeks. Didn't even want to play anything else for a while. Also bought the entire game and both expansions for a few dollars over $60THIS is how you market games. Take note the rest of the industry! Take notes!

  • evilfangs

    The answer we all want is do we get to bang more women!

  • LordVader1094


  • WitcherIsLoveWitcherIsLife

    0:15 Return to the Witcher 3? I haven't stopped playing for months.

  • Eric WR

    Seriously CD Project keeps uping not only their game but the bar of excellence in the gaming industry. Makes you wonder what kind of surprises we will have when 2077 ships.

  • hallucinogenix

    I just hope to God EA, Activsion or Ubisoft don't get their claws into this developer and ruin everything for the fans - Cause eveything CD Projekt Red is involved in at the moment is so amazing.I think this is going to be even better than i hoped for :)

  • greyfoxyo

    if only they gave the star wars right to cd project red can you imagine what type of jedi rpg they could come up with.

  • Efren Arevalo

    That rolling monster is AWESOME.Also, I think Eskel might be joining us here.

  • Josh Berrie

    It might as well be a whole new game, compared to other triple A games

  • Kha Lee

    Gwent needs it's own game. It's all about the gwent.

  • Ryan

    I really hope dandelion has a role in this. Geralt and him both have history in Tousaint.

  • Josh Berrie

    Game of the year for the second time?

  • Mark Walker

    so will there be instead of a game of the year edition, a game of the decade edition?? best game ever made!

  • Alex Machin

    Bloody hell this DLC looks EPIC.

  • Terry Fredrick

    So they make Uncharted 4 , the last game in the series by the way , a 13 hr campaign. This dlc alone more then doubles that!! This is why I love open world Rpg's you get your monies worth. Most game we get now days are so multiplayer driven the single player suffers for it. Thanks Project CD Red

  • Alfred Chan

    I want to watch but I don't wanna spoil the game for myself.....damn.

  • Young Sinatra

    So we won't be seeing Ciri, Triss, or Yen in this expansion? :(

  • Unlucky Benny

    Seriously... How awesome is CDProjektRed? I'm loving the devs.

  • Klaüs Smooth

    When you are hyped more about Expansion of a game, than any other "real" game, then you know something's wrong with modern games. Although this is the end of Witcher series, that serial will never die for me, specially Witcher 1 and 3

  • Al Pra

    Battlefield 4 = Battlefield 3.5Farcry 4 = Farcry 3.5The Witcher 3 DLC = The Witcher 4

  • xxAnaconta

    The hype is real cant wait

  • TC IronBear

    This game could handle 1 or 2 more DLCs

  • Vince O.

    I'd love to see Iorveth or Saskia.

  • Al Pra

    wait ? 19 new quests or 90 ????????????

  • Malte Henryk

    With games like The Witcher 3 CDPR really gives BioWare a hard time. I'm way more excited for Cyberpunk 2077 than for Mass Effect Andromeda.

  • Cody Travers

    i got the game yesterday, and i'm falling in love :3

  • KrazyK785

    the hype...THE HYPE IS REAL!

  • greggggggT

    I literally dont care if i didnt buy the game with the season pass and have to pay for the DLC separately because CD Projekt deserve every penny they get, Witcher 3 is the best game ive ever played and the fact they're still pumping out quality DLC's a year after shows what a great company they are.

  • alpinestarsssss

    Looks like a new game! Can't wait!

  • Digital-Scratch

    ohhhhh jesus I want this more than I want actual complete games right now. This is probably more complete than a lot of games too

  • H Koizumi

    CDPR is the only gaming company that I do not hesitated to preorder for. Keep up the great work! I can hardly wait for this final expansion!

  • growmania

    the game industry is dead cdpr. plss learn them to do it right. ehem... ea/ubisoft plss take a look at this😁

  • Andrei Chesnoiu

    and Far Harbor for FO4 is 25$ for like a 1/3of the quests, playtime and items. If based off previous dlcs for FO4 and FO3. Dragonborn being an exception

  • Daniel Iamandi

    Waiting for Legendary Edition

  • Maleekah Offord

    omg so excited 😄 I so can't wait for this


    this is how dlc is done, take note fallout 4.

  • Amir yo

    man this game is just something special

  • CountryMusicMann

    0:35 Hold up. Roughly the size of No Man's Land OR Novigrad? That's a pretty damn big difference!!!!

  • ShatteredMercury

    If you get a vinyard to settle down in will they change the endings of the base game? Like instead of the art at the eng game giving you an epilog of Gelart moving to Kovir with triss will it give say you've moved down to Toussaint with her?

  • WellWellWell

    still GoTY one year later

  • Cam Rehborn

    Take notes Bungie, Ubisoft, EA, Treyarch... This is how you make a game. This is how you earn a reputation of being the BEST and this is how you set the bar for excellence! Good on you CD Projekt Red! I will ALWAYS have faith in your games. Keep up the good work and never let greed control your talent!

  • TheSaberra

    Here comes Dragon Age in Witcher's world.

  • eSKAone

    Game ahead of it's time.

  • Zhengkang Vijaya

    its funny to see a witcher fare in a land of total fantasy

  • 9900viking

    Well after I completed the DLC I would probably start the story from the start in + mode and try to reach level 70. Gooooodbye summer holiday haha

  • Tony S

    Felling sad. I bet there will be no game in this century that can be better than witcher 3

  • dblemup24

    Such a beautiful gaming experience. Can't wait to finish this last piece of witcher content. Well done CD.. Well done

  • Fart Tony

    The Witcher 3 is the best RPG I have ever played and the best game of this generation by far.

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