The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Igni build

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!/en-us/tid=CUSA00527_00

This is just a little game play with my Igni build. I just decided to share.

If you have any questions on the build, feel free to comment.

This is a link to my other Igni video showing what I placed my points into.
  • John Michael Stock

    It might help you showing the build..

  • Only Gameplay

    Pretty nice, but I would have liked to see the items used in the build.

  • Dustin Farnum

    This doesn't look like a fun way to play this game.. I maxed out ingi too, but only as a counter attack. How come people don't use swallow for vitality regeneration? Most of the videos I watch show people using food items. Swallow is faster, and easily replenished.

  • TheSADHU88

    "Unlimited powaaaah!"

  • Marvel: Spider-Man

    This is why Sign build is nuts

  • elalalejale

    Lol how much sign intensity you had?

  • Shinra Setora

    Its more like an alchemy hybrid build but yeah Igni is fun

  • TheSADHU88

    For me Griffin armour+yrden+igni= OP that was my build while i was leveling up and i did not regret it. Oh and maybe a little quen i used that too


    Lol what level are you

  • Thomas Damiani

    Using fire stream woulda been cooler. This is still nuts though

  • Linus Newman

    is it bad to attack soldiers in a town or so? what consequences?

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