The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - In Wolf's Clothing - Werewolf in the Garden - Morkvarg Curse

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - In Wolf's Clothing - Werewolf in the Garden - Morkvarg Curse - Morkvarg's Journal - Talk to Einar - Find Craven
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  • Hades

    I'm sorry but I didn't get the fang..what should I do? I talked to that guy but I didn't get the fang

  • Mohamed Hassan

    the fang just back to Inar from Lavrek tell him he lies on you about Morkvarg and don't kill him never and he will tell you how to break the curse

  • 78l we4

    I've found dodo ? and supposed to make him do something but instead I see a quest to meet zultun and ambush only.What was the point of finding doodoo(the transforming guy by performing acting) then ?I want to do the dodo quest not an ambush.and witcher 3 caves are confusing. No way to see the whole map but only the World map.The cave map only shows on the upper right hand corner. And can't see the whole so I've no idea where I"m going.And if I climb up the map changes. If I dive down into water the map changes again. Doesn't really show where isa upper level or if there are any caves to dive.the looting system is kind of annoying when there are like 5 boxes to loot every 10 seconds.It would be better if I could just be 1 or 2 boxes with 20 loots so I can just space bar instead of "E" spamming.

  • shawn shipwreck

    how did you get yen to come with you?

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