Where Are The Switch Apps? (Netflix, Amazon Video)

The Nintendo Switch just got YouTube, but it seems a little late doesn't it? Why are these services coming so late, and when will the Nintendo Switch start getting Netflix and Amazon Video?

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  • The Yrn

    Netflix was on the Wii 💀😂

  • Shane Shrimp

    i just think its sad. netflix, youtube and internet browsers are usually a day one thing and we dont even have a browser yet. nintendo implemented PAID ONLINE before they implemented a browser smh

  • Aidentamgamer

    I have a smart TV, but I rather watch Netflix on switch

  • Jonathan Barclay

    No smart tv here so cant wait for the netflix app

  • Elena Of Avalor & Moana Disney Princess 2

    If The Nintendo Wii U Could Get Netflix On Their System Console, Why Not Nintendo Switch Could Get One Too? 🤔

  • Ed Topper

    I think we definitely need apps on there , if this is meant to be a console to travel with , you need them services

  • Sam Psycho

    I want Netflix on the Switch 😢😭😭

  • Caleb426

    Lol Netflix,YouTube,Hulu And Amazon Video we’re on Wii And Wii U

  • Waluigi Wah Ha Ha

    Nintendo is trying to figure out if they are going to hide these apps behind their pay wall obviously.

  • Mariah Davis

    I bought for my husband thinking it would play Netflix for me... what app store doesn't have Netflix and Amazon

  • Hunter McGahan

    Common TVs are smart TVs pretty much now.. BUT if I’m at work I would like to have Netflix on it. I guess I use Hulu and YouTube more than Netflix but it should have been something to be on there from the beginning

  • Dumpy Rumpston

    You're a lame gimicky waste of money! (Runs off crying)

  • Andres Garcia

    Who else was just watching the game play and not listening 😂

  • Zelpazz m

    This is the only reason I am keeping my ps4. And because they have blue ray. But I really want a switch as well though...

  • Dylan O'Connor

    I wish you could put a sim card in the switch. I know it's not made like that, but it would be cool and convenient

  • Gon 38

    Switch lacking on these apps smh

  • jannibanani25

    I love Nintendo, but sometimes I ask myself what dumfuck is in charge of the apps? Its a mobile console and they refuse to accept the Netflix app for the Switch. Srsly I dont get it.

  • steadyforge

    I have a smart tv in every room and a firetv stick in my bedroom but I find myself watching netflix on my phone before bed because its small and convenient, I'd much rather have my switch for this very samething. I also like gummi bears and darkwing duck, it's not really relevant here but thought I'd say it.

  • baredas

    I've been waiting for netflix on switch since day one

  • Novi Bain

    If netflix was on the switch I recon there should be a feature a u can download the movies and watch them on the go like the mobile version

  • Ibok Favour

    "The Nintendo switch got youtube whoppieeeeeegoldberg" best intro to a video!!!!

  • Rank TV

    when you think you watch a video from someone with a million subscribers but has 750 bro this was really good i'm subbing

  • LatestTrendName

    Vrv or crunchyroll that would be pretty cool.

  • Jason Kim

    Man lets start with native voice chat.. thats more important than streaming apps I have on every other device I own. Id rather have native voice chat than cloud saves tbh

  • Robert Monhollen

    I think Nintendo wasn't expecting this console to do so well and didn't want to overhaul the little memory offered on the switch with apps since the games take up most of the storage available. Even 128gb isn't much since NBA 2k19 even with the cartilage is over 35gbs of storage alone. I think Nintendo is focused on revamping the switch to maybe a bigger storage and a little more power and maybe 1080p oleds screen and a higher resolution on the TV. I think the revamp will take the world by surprise mid this year and offering Madden, Spyro and most apps. Maybe even updating the touchscreen to glass and feeling more tablet like. Yeah the price may go up to 399 or somewhere around that but the switch will drop to 169 which will give Nintendo a budget friendly system along with a more premium system.

  • MrStubbs1981

    I would buy it if it would have basic tablet functionalities and that includes freedom to put som apps on it. I want it to play Mario, then browse the internet and click on stuff, watch some youtube and some netflix/amazon, whatever....Inthe current state I wont spend this amount of money and just get a wacky console and absolutely no functionality anywhere else.I would buy double, if it would get upgraded power, better screen and a normal tablet functionality....perhaps even 3 times the price.

  • Jay X

    This video was so dumb and full of miss-information

  • XStreamer XO

    I doesn't need Netflix on it YouTube is enough for me first couse I have Netflix on a super TV second it's for me a gaming console and not a TV third I think Netflix would break the switch🤷‍♂️

  • theReagster guy

    I get what you're going for here, but I don't think smart TV's are as prevalent as you think. I feel it's much more common that people look towards products like Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, etc. to get their fix of streaming services on their televisions. It's odd how long it has taken for the Switch to receive anything besides Hulu and now YouTube, but people with the Switch aren't complaining in droves that they "don't have smart TV's" to watch their streaming services on.

  • Zeta Entertainment

    Smart TVs work with the switch. You can turn on the switch from docked mode and it turns on the TV on its own so they aren't that useless.

  • Pikachu Doo

    I really would like Netflix on the Switch we already have Hulu on the Switch so I’m hoping we get Netflix on the Switch soon and Amazon Video too

  • Rightb3hind_ YoU

    I got a Smart TV, a roku, and a ps4 also a switch there are plenty of other options to get Netflix.

  • Milan S

    I do other ways to watch netflix but its just way handier on the switch

  • Zuleima Hernandez

    YouTube is on Switch that’s how I’m watching!

  • AppleArcade120

    japan has niconico so that's somethingthey got niconico before youtube and niconico is basically Japan's version of youtube

  • Galaxy Happiness

    I do have a smart tv, but my sister is always on it. It would be really cool if Nintendo would do it. :P

  • Alex German

    I honestly read an article about Nintendo saying that it’s not their fault. I think I read that the reason being why they said that is because they said that if the owners of those companies(YouTube, Netflix, amazon video etc) made an app for the switch, that’s it’s totally and completely up to them. And not for Nintendo themselves. It’s like when they made YouTube for the 3ds. None of us really expected it, but it still came to it. But that’s because Netflix’s created an app for it

  • Dracula Tod

    Okay it's not the only reason but one of the reasons I got a switch was because my Wii is about to stop supporting Netflix 🤔 tf

  • Apenas 1 Biel

    I have a smart tv but i think netflix is just a waste of time...i mean, there are only a few things i would like to watch instead of using my pc or just doing other stuff

  • Jon Gordon

    I'd like to see vudu or Google play on the switch!

  • Aaron Mulroy

    I'd like crunchyroll on it but probs won't happen

  • Mystk Majicc

    I really just think they are trying to distance themselves from the last generation's fisher price gaming tablet with a built in TV remote.

  • Love 2 Learn V Y

    No smart tv here.... actually no tv here...

  • FeezyMerkz IV

    The 3ds had way more apps 😂

  • David Clifton

    Nintendo for me (and many others that grew up w OG grey cartridge case Nintendo) is a stable gaming system. The apps although nice doesnt take away from the switch. It does what its intended function is quite well. Cherries and whipped cream on icecream doesnt take away from the yummyness of the icecream.

  • Beautiful Conversation

    We don't need these apps on the switch. I have other devices for that

  • Matt Vazir

    Netflix has so many naked the kid not allow watch

  • xd Imortal

    My switch is connected to an Apple TV so idrc but would look it for travelling cause it is bugger than my iPhone 7 screen and my iPad is broken....

  • Pete R

    I have a Samsung smart TV and the netflix app on it is garbage. I don't know if it's the app or the wifi hardware in the TV but it's terrible, never shows at full resolution. I have to use an Apple TV. If the switch gets a Netflix app then I'd probably retire the Apple TV.

  • TSE

    I have a smart TV/ps4/note9 and a laptop.. I really dont care about having other streaming apps on the switch.. i mean yeah it would be nice i to have the option, but I'm not losing any sleep over it

  • fa3ilkhair

    Netflix is on my old 3ds

  • Jvr7254

    I just want Twitch and Netflix or and online browser already

  • bryan ng

    Yap yap yap blah blah blah

  • DreamyPoppyboi

    Alright I'm gonna say this once we really don't need an internet browser on the switch.

  • AsoftDolphin

    no clue <3 remember me kwan its been a while

  • Diogo Morales

    Umm ok “cool kids” so what if I don’t have a smart TVLong story short lmaoo-As for last year in school I was known as one of the popular kids bc I hung out with one of them and etc. anyway...as time when by I realize I was being used by them and I was being rude and I didn’t even notice but now (2018) I in friended most of them but my reputation still has a place in the school🤦🏻‍♂️ sad but proud lol

  • bionic woman

    I have a fire rv and rokus

  • joey from joey super kool food revews

    It can't be that hard, it's on the 3ds for christ sake

  • IknowrealTV

    They have Hulu but it's sad no Netflix.

  • Ace Trainer Jessie

    The 3DS had Netflix and YouTube at launch. Or not long after it came out.

  • Julian Hernandez

    I have four smart TVs in my house and I’m effected

  • Memelord007

    I own a smart tv. It aint really smart though

  • Abdulaziz Abdulaziz

    Redkwan have you played super smash ultimate? and are you gonna talk about it ?

  • The Blue Guy

    Hello Hulu's coming to canada

  • scotty10211

    I have a 3k$ smart TV with an actual usable internet chrome like it loads 123 movies and play and I still want the Netflix app I don't even use the switch for games Its my portable Hulu table I sat it right on my desk and hide the controllers so no one knows I'm playing a game plus I'm a lady so no one suspect I own a game lmao

  • Julian Hernandez

    If only the switch had data

  • Daniel Garcia

    You’re a god damn savage!

  • J D

    Man they're obnoxious and don't give a shit what we say period they will and are doing what they want.

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