The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone Announcement Trailer

Continue your journey with Geralt when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's Hearts of Stone expansion launches on October 13.

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    Hearts of Stone is the best DLC story of all time. This DLC alone is better than almost every other full game on the PS4.

  • Taidoga

    This DLC was fucking amazing. Can't wait to start and finish Blood and Wine

  • Cyu Agen

    Just so to make you envious i am just installing this game i hope its good as they say :P

  • Chaktip Paiboon

    Definitely the best DLC I've ever played.

  • Sione Fonua

    wanted a dlc got a full game instead.

  • Rory White

    This game is fucking amazing

  • zah fares

    Bethesda, get your shit together I beg you!

  • dovahbob

    Ah fart...started Witcher 3 for the second time with the intention of being with Triss instead of Yen. Now there's another redhead to tempt me...DECISIONS, DECISIONS!!!!!

  • Syfrh M

    This DLC is better than Ubisoft and Activision

  • Archangel Sarah

    Thomas Bergersen - Children of the Sun

  • D3adUs3r

    I always wanted to find that guy from the inn. Can't wait to start this.

  • Toke Holsting

    just finished this...MIND BLOWN can't wait for the next one

  • Ocelot4R

    Vote best game of the year...yes, over Phantom Pain.

  • joe ten

    the whole game plays like a really good movie

  • Deus7447

    I just realized that O'Dim looks a little like Patches in Dark Souls.

  • Xristos Patsilas

    Hearts of Stone or Blood and Wine?? Any suggestions ??

  • tony22990

    I bought a new graphics cards mostly for this game

  • St. Michael

    I have goose bumps and tears only from watching the trailer. And the music... omg!

  • Laurens Van De L.

    praised be the world in its never-ending creation

  • Vareos Potshoterzz

    if Bethesda really wants to get the goty this year then they have to make sure fallout 4 lives up to every expectation. sadly the graphics are meh. but it's gonna be very very very hard to be better than witcher 3 and mgsv. for me witcher 3 already won

  • Motions Z

    Just finished the main game but I hope the characters return in the DLC. I hated the fact that everyone disappeared after completing the main story.

  • Gospodin Solo

    Мда. Оказывается русская озвучка DLC в разы лучше. Кроме брата Ольгерда. На русском она отвратительна. И Шани тоже не очень.

  • TheDezembro

    I just love those rare moments when a trailer is epic but then the actual product is even fuckin' better!!I can't wait for Blood and Wine... And if I could... I'd totally wish for a 3rd Expansion from Master O'Dimm... After wording it carefully of course...

  • Boffifis1

    Am i the only one who doesn't get why they chose to make a heist part?

  • Zeugl Cockatrice

    better than a lot of games

  • laabitres

    if youre looking for the background music at 1:30 its two steps from hell none shall live

  • Neon Green

    0:46is this a deleted scene or something cuz it sure didn't happen in game.

  • Philip Essiam

    Anyone know the name of that sleeveless armor geralt wears when fighting the villain?

  • Monkey D Luffy2

    i haven't even reached this yet pol

  • Tomas Novak

    Does anyone kowns what'is that armor what geralt is wearing ? 1:31

  • HardBody Crew

    Now this is how you end a fucking game series!, well done GOTY

  • theinsanitygamers007

    i count this as the best dlc i have ever played and it was only 10 euros!.

  • Philip Essiam

    Anyone know the name of that sleeveless armor geralt wears when fighting the villain?

  • fish

    wtf there is so much spoilers in this trailer

  • alberto rocha

    He looks like David Beckham 😱😱😱

  • awesome me

    Guys I only completed the original game. which is the best? the original, blood and wine or hearts of stone?

  • David Dafflon

    This is hands down the best game i've played in years.

  • Abraham Otto

    this amazing dlc for ten bucks watch and learn other developers

  • Bulletzen1000

    Is the music in this trailer from the game? I feel like I've heard it before from somewhere else.

  • The Evil Bassist

    In this day and age, every game that actually puts out good DLC needs to be applauded for it. I mean the Witcher 3 just does everything right.. for 60$ you get your money's worth and then some! And as someone who just can't get enough of it I've played through this DLC in a few days, and there's tons of content! Every game developer nowadays should look up to CD Projekt RED for what they did.

  • Walht

    Is no one gonna talk about how that guy lost his head, but in my game he got stabbed in the chest?

  • Bartosz N

    I didn't watch the whole trailer before I played the exp. Imagine my surprise when Olgierd started shadowing across the battlefield

  • Sony God

    the witcher 3 is the best game everHalo fans look at this :D this is hwo you end a game not making sequal after sequals and prequals like your casual Halo game.

  • G the G

    David beckham lookin ass

  • Eduardo Colon Santiago

    It's funny how fallout 4 didn't reach hype to beat this game.

  • Aleksanteri Sumiloff

    While I think the trailer is super good, I wish I hadn't seen it before I played this DLC. Revealing, that one of the characters is immortal is a bit too much information for my taste.Just played the DLC through and loved every moment of it. :)

  • ViesisO

    Fallout 4 be hard to beat Witcher 3 Goty of 2015 pretender

  • Joel Smith

    Just finished this DLC, what an incredible experience!

  • pleasedontstalkme

    I have a question about this: I finished the original game in November, and a few weeks ago I decided I'll buy this but I wanted to have a second play-through before I start Heart of Stone. I later realized the flaw in my reasoning, because I sort of forgot how long the game is, and I also forgot that I was on a month-long vacation the first time around whereas I'm not now. If I haven't completed the original, or I don't have a save of the original with the main storyline fully completed, will I still be able to play this?

  • andres pizarro

    who knows the name of the armor geralt is using while he s fighting with von everec?

  • DirtE Pistol

    Just finished this last night and it was one hell of an expansion. Bad fucking ass story, characters, boss fights.. Simply epic. People need to stop buying shit dlc so they stop making shit dlc and more people make some shit like this that's ACTUALLY WORTH MONEY. Awesome job CDPR

  • The Honourable Grand Master Jay

    Does it make you depressed? Knowing that this will not sell half of what the Taken King sold. It makes me depressed. Very.

  • Simon Cornelius P Umacob

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!1!one!!Oh wait, I can't give you my money because ploughin PSN doesn't support Philippines. :-/

  • chazzy licks

    Olgierd von Everec vs Eredin vs Gaunter O'Dim... Who do you think is the toughest?

  • D ust

    The best dlc of game that i' ve never seen before.

  • The Land of Yellow

    God, this game IS pretty amazing. How many hours of content does this even add?

  • Achraf Houidi

    fuck u and abdou 😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Joey Britton

    Its like a movie trailer!

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