The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone Announcement Trailer

Continue your journey with Geralt when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's Hearts of Stone expansion launches on October 13.

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  • HardBody Crew

    Now this is how you end a fucking game series!, well done GOTY

  • Zachar Art

    Witcher III the Wild Heist?

  • Zeugl Cockatrice

    better than a lot of games

  • Vareos Potshoterzz

    if Bethesda really wants to get the goty this year then they have to make sure fallout 4 lives up to every expectation. sadly the graphics are meh. but it's gonna be very very very hard to be better than witcher 3 and mgsv. for me witcher 3 already won

  • Ocelot4R

    Vote best game of the year...yes, over Phantom Pain.

  • Waqar Zahid

    Witcher 3 is epic. Who's with me?

  • bubukill1

    A DLC on The Witcher 3 will have more story, more narrative, more epicity, more situations, more variety and better plot twist than the entire MGSV.MGSV GOTY MY ARSE!

  • TheDezembro

    I just love those rare moments when a trailer is epic but then the actual product is even fuckin' better!!I can't wait for Blood and Wine... And if I could... I'd totally wish for a 3rd Expansion from Master O'Dimm... After wording it carefully of course...

  • Toke Holsting

    just finished this...MIND BLOWN can't wait for the next one

  • dovahbob

    Ah fart...started Witcher 3 for the second time with the intention of being with Triss instead of Yen. Now there's another redhead to tempt me...DECISIONS, DECISIONS!!!!!

  • Al Pra

    They "lied" about adding 10 hour more contentsi finished this expansion pack for almost 40 hours O_o

  • New Age Retro Hippie

    This DLC is 7 bucks on GOG guys. 7 freaking dollars! Now that's worth it.


    Hearts of Stone is the best DLC story of all time. This DLC alone is better than almost every other full game on the PS4.

  • Zorroborro

    The makers of The witcher 3 has created a masterpiece of a game. They deserve all the credit and applause from all gamers around world and have set a standard to all the other developers where they are miles ahead of the competitors. Its in all perspective in my opinion. The music the atmosphere the amount of exploration the combat and in general the gameplay is all awesome thank you guys keep up the good work

  • Steve Ozone

    Meanwhile destiny gets a new quest screen

  • The Honourable Grand Master Jay

    Does it make you depressed? Knowing that this will not sell half of what the Taken King sold. It makes me depressed. Very.

  • David Jones

    I am more excited about this DLC than I am about most games coming out.

  • MrPhantom95

    One of the most epic game trailers i've ever seen. And it's still just an expansion pack! :)

  • Video Game Massacre

    lol I got the trailer as an ad on this video just right now.

  • Karim K.

    200 more hours here i come

  • joe ten

    the whole game plays like a really good movie

  • mroriona2

    always knew there was something up with the guy from white orchard

  • Nikola Erceg

    This expansion has more story then Destiny and all of his dlcs

  • The Evil Bassist

    In this day and age, every game that actually puts out good DLC needs to be applauded for it. I mean the Witcher 3 just does everything right.. for 60$ you get your money's worth and then some! And as someone who just can't get enough of it I've played through this DLC in a few days, and there's tons of content! Every game developer nowadays should look up to CD Projekt RED for what they did.

  • Cyu Agen

    Just so to make you envious i am just installing this game i hope its good as they say :P

  • Devon Harris

    DAME IT cdpr you guys are the shit!!! can't wait looks like ima take a vacation off work for this one

  • Nash B


  • Da Billy Goat

    greatest game ive played, thanks for this cdpr u guys need more praise

  • Laurens Van De L.

    praised be the world in its never-ending creation

  • MrDannyFC22

    If you don't play this then you are not doing it right.

  • 1Atheeleyah

    Dude!! I haven't even beaten the campaign yet haha this game is massive!!

  • lil adidas

    The guy at the end is Yu-gi-oh master of gwent

  • L33TCHI3K3N

    Absolute blast of an expansion one of the best I've played... For only 10 dollars you get over 10 hours of extra story not to mention shit loads of extra side quests. CDProjektRed are amazing developers and deserve every dollar they get. This is how you make games.

  • David Dafflon

    This is hands down the best game i've played in years.

  • MichaŁ SobóŁ

    This is so Polish as fuck :D And immortal guy looks like Kmicic from Polish folklore

  • Agnes Steele

    song - Two Steps From Hell – None Shall Live

  • Sosk ‍

    1:35 i want this soundtrack so bad!!!

  • Penny Peach

    NieR Automata: SucksHorizon: SucksDark Souls III: SucksPersona 5: SucksBreath of the Wild: SucksThe Witcher 3 Expansion Pass: AWESOME!

  • Derek Dincer

    Watched this after finishing the expansion. It really is a good trailer. Nice highlights, gives nothing away from the story if you think about it. Noone would understand the plot solely from this video.

  • Walht

    Is no one gonna talk about how that guy lost his head, but in my game he got stabbed in the chest?

  • D ust

    The best dlc of game that i' ve never seen before.

  • Sergio Iglesias

    The Witcher 3 and its expansion packs are the most fucking best games of the history :)

  • Paulinho Sousa

    Yeah! This game is amazing... My bad is I am still with the "free" game :( (Sorry Red Project )I want to but it, but... im poor! :(But this game deserve the money!When i get money, i buy it! :D

  • DexDacozed

    Thought I would find Hearthstone comments but no.

  • St. Michael

    I have goose bumps and tears only from watching the trailer. And the music... omg!

  • Elizabeth Batinova

    Now THIS is a game worth every single pound.

  • ar13f1992

    where is yennefer ,triss ,ciri and geralt friend , i miss them so much

  • Simon Robeyns

    some of the best DLC content i've ever whitnessed in a game since fallout 3..questlines more detailed & thought-out than the original game quests, and even though it's supposedly 10 hours long i've long surpassed that number of hours.this makes me very curious to see what their 'big' next DLC will be like+ this was the best wait ever for fallout 4 next week!overall: amazing value for your money, don't miss out on the story, you'll regret it

  • Bihag Dave

    Hey that's nearly headless Nick!

  • Barry S

    Anyone else run into this? I started playing NG+ recently, only to find out at around level 40, this new DLC is capped at level 62!!!! I'm not about to replay 100+hrs of the same missions to get enough xp for this expansion...jesus...looks like im going back to my first game...waving goodbye to all my ng+ progress...

  • Andreas Tsamitros

    I am the only one thinking that Olgierd is like David's Becham twin brother???

  • Kiliab Gonzalez

    This is the best video game trailer I've ever seen. And it actually lives up to the hype

  • Smok

    This expansion seems to be settled even more in Eastern-European culture than before. The immortal one looks like 17th century polish nobleman (such hairdo used to be ancient Polish tradition. This "sarmatian" fashion is reborning even in our times) and uses moves of the Polisch fencing school. Also his henchmen look like zaporozhian Cossacks with their scalplocks...

  • Zaryab B

    just bought the expansion pack! SO HYPE! BEST GAME IVE HONESTLY ever played. Put in 100+ Hours and im ready for this expansion!!!

  • Dankuz M33mus Maximus

    Am i the only one who doesn't get why they chose to make a heist part?

  • brajuhani

    Just finished the expansion, thank you CDPR.Never stop adding content to this franchize!

  • Joel Smith

    Just finished this DLC, what an incredible experience!

  • Mr. Adit

    still my favourite expansion of all time, even more than blood and wine

  • The Land of Yellow

    God, this game IS pretty amazing. How many hours of content does this even add?

  • Abraham Otto

    this amazing dlc for ten bucks watch and learn other developers

  • Rəşad Sarıyev

    HOOOLYY SHİİİT!This is incredible!

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