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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the ninth game in GameSpot history to receive a ten. We invited reviewer Kevin VanOrd onto the show to answer your lingering questions about this wonderful game.

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  • Alex Townley

    The term sandbox is literally a synonym for open world you oafish twit lol

  • Plant Powered Strength

    Ive already put 3 monthes of time into this game and Im on my second playthrough now still love the game and im heavily invested atm

  • Jack from the Jungle

    the overuse of igni in these gameplay clips gave me cancer ....

  • OhFishyFish

    Pretty much every single review mentions the chained girl, which makes me believe it's not something you could easily miss but still put there for immersion. Rather a well executed scene you really can't miss, but presented in a way that makes you believe it's just another amazing feature. Which is quite impressive in its own way.

  • Killing Menace

    this game isn't a 10/10 it's a 20/10

  • Killing Menace

    I don't know about anyone else but the first play through of Witcher 3 for me took all summer. while I started my second play through not even 1 month ago and I'm already past 90% of the story.

  • Connor Quintana

    This game is a 10/10. This is an essential game to play, even if you aren't in to RPGs. Give your money to CDPR.

  • kubakonrad

    I absolutely don't agree with the bearded guy's opinion on the Witcher 2's ending. (The ending, not the whole Chapter 3, which did feel kind of rushed and too short). I think the ending was fantastic: not oversimplified in some protagonist v villain grand battle. It was in all shades of gray. You could have your final battle if you wanted to, but the game twisted it so much it was not that obvious anymore. Letho waited for you, he did not run. He was repeating, that he considers you his friend and his intention was never go cross you, it just happened with the flow of the world. I loved that.

  • Andrew O'Connor

    All three of these guys have left gamespot now. So sad.

  • Narek Avetisyan

    I can't believe this games actually lives up to the hype. That's incredible!How many times does that happen in video games? Almost none.Give all your money to CDProjectRed people. I am super pumped for Cyberpunk 2077 now!!!

  • awesome420ication

    what i like is that it isn't punishing like a souls game but it is challenging. You will die if you're level 1 and you pick a fight with a pack of level 5 wolves, unless you run around a huge area and manipulate the battlefield.

  • Harbinger_CR

    It's an amazing game worthy of a 10/10 simple as that people.

  • matt4045

    58? Good god. I'd have guessed 45-50 tops.Perhaps I just suck at guessing ages.Edit: I guess I have to clarify that I was talking about Kevin, who said he was 58. I'm well aware Geralt is somewhere around 100.

  • BarryEssex

    Kevin is 58!? He looks 38!

  • RaZeRbLaDeZ

    Don't ever say "totes" again you fuckin neck beard slob.

  • Josh Richardson

    Is it too much to ask for an RPG as good as Witcher 3 with character customization?

  • BowGunner

    7:25 He played the first games on PC and then switched to PS4? Blasphemy!

  • Derrick Bonsell

    In the Rosa Van Attre Duel I decided I was only going to counterattack. She couldn't hit me but she didn't take much damage so I just whooped her.

  • Amir Didovic

    So glad I preordered this game! :D

  • G Man

    Kevin VanOrd is one of the best game reviewers in a long time. His review of The Witcher 3 was the best review of all of them (I read a lot). He gets this game. Thank you to him & GameSpot for that! Although, I don't know what the hell he is talking about about The Witcher 2's ending being terrible.... The Witcher 2's ending(s) was/were excellent. Also, the CDPR devs have already confirmed that the day one patch will fix the slight framerate issue on PS4 and an independent gamer who got the game early has also been confirming that on Twitter/his YouTube vids. Hopefully all is well now. ~Four more days...four more days.

  • An Te

    ok, i will try again to play it since everyone is so raving mad about it.

  • quiet rogue

    I have never been a fan of van Ord. He gave Skyrim a 9 and Witcher 3 a 10. Which is madness.

  • koffinkat666

    Best game of Century! 11/10 #GotAnIssueGrabATissue

  • dpyxl

    fucking steal for 60usd..

  • Teddy Signs

    Witcher 3 is a sandbox.

  • Wretched Slippage

    holy smokes why would you choose the ps4 version when youve played on PC before? Thats a terrible choice! lol

  • anima doomile

    Skyrim really isn't a the comparisons are fair..

  • Rev Funk

    about 10 hours in.....don't see myself stopping EVER

  • Azlan Wake

    I love Kevin VanOrd's review so much because he review games by playing it in his own way,It shows how Reviews should be done by telling experience and going in depth(but not much) about every perspective of the game

  • viktorrooro Bagelous

    This game is perfect in my opinion, best game ever made. fuck everything else :)

  • Senor Studly

    1:17 She's actually plucking the strings wow. I remember in Dragon Age Inquisition the lute players didn't even have their hands on the instrument and didn't even lip sync the songs right.

  • Dyamiforsure

    Can you change the difficulty settings without starting a new game? I am new to the series and want to try it on hard but I need to be sure I am not wasting tens of hours if it would get overly difficult as I don't have a lot of time to spend...

  • irllcd13

    Bayonetta 2 10/10? lol

  • Nika Megrelidze

    5:51 Dragon took a quick nap whilst battling Gerald XD

  • awesome420ication

    were there werewolves in the witcher 2 story???Cuz I remember werewolves being in the arena mode but were there werewolves in the actual game?

  • hims220

    Witcher 3: Wild Hunt >>>> House of Wolves

  • TheGodofLight

    God I can't wait till Monday 4 pm

  • Alex Lopez

    I want your jobs. I love the way you talk about things. thanks for this show

  • MVP-Gaming Hd

    Ign gave it a 8.0 because they said everybody else's dick riding this Game, and they wanted to be themselves also because they couldn't be delusional because this game is fucking awsome and anything lower then an 8.0 would be a joke for this masterpiece

  • wu tang

    so does ciri die or something cus when he said that her segments are in flashback and then the other guy said no spoilers it kinda makes it seem like something happens with ciri. THANKS GAMESPOT YOU JUST RUINED THE FUCKING GAME FOR ME

  • Igor Bastos

    Well, about the combat/learning curve I have to disagree. I started playing on the highest difficulty, only to get my ass served by the ghouls you fight alongside Vesemir on the first 5 mins of the game lol - I must have had to retry this fight at least four times; then, it was only getting worse: fighting wraiths and nekkers was (and still is, tbh) a pain. Eventually, things do start to get easier once you get access to better gear and perks - but that's about level 15 or so.

  • Chris Walsh

    7:23 WHY would he switch from PC to PS4? Why?

  • MidniteBlues

    Hey guys, great video. But next time please dont spoil the game....not trying to be a dick here, but I feel like he spoiled some things.

  • ShinteiKun

    Kevin in NOT 58!!! He's 43... he's born on March 23, 1972... I have no idea why he said he's 58... probably as a joke.(We're FB friends, I'll ask him, I'm curious why he said that)Witcher wise... I'm excited to play, but I'll probably wait few more months before attempting it... too busy right now to start such a huge game right away.

  • Chad Hay

    I'm 15 hours in and it's crazy how good the side quest are, gonna go ahead and buy the expansion, take my money

  • aleba

    Can you miss any achievement in your playthrough? Like if you finish the game and still miss some do you need to start a new game or can you do it after the credits?

  • Accuracy158

    I think Kevin is referring to the UBI Soft formula at 10:30... Where your map is full of quest markers but they are essentially the same tasks over and over again.  You are just doing them to 100% the map.

  • ThatGuyNamedElliot

    Is the open world good? Like is there exploration and side quests and people to meet?

  • Andre Ivanovich

    They mentioned Rex in Witcher 2, i've played Witcher 2 and never heard of him o.0

  • Milda Koles

    What is the difference between open world and sandbox? Wikipedia says that sandbox=open world. They say Skyrim is sandbox and Witcher 3 is not. People say that sandbox is where you choose your own goals (as if in Skyrim) and in both TW3 and Skyrim you follow main goal, you aren't really free to do whatever in both, and you also have side goals. The only difference is that you don't create character. So, is that the only thing that makes a game a sandbox, a character creation?

  • SpookyKid94

    Biggest problem with the witcher 2 was that it started out hard and quickly became way too easy if you did side quests.This looks like it's the same in a way and that's a little lame

  • TheDonPalumbo

    Did not expect him to be 58!? I thought he was in his 40s or something

  • Gun_ Devil07

    I have both Xbox One & PS4...  The Witcher 3 on Xbox One or PS4???????????? which console should I get it for?

  • SuperRyuDragon

    I wonder if you get to play as ciri anytime you want after the end of the game.

  • Not Rocket

    Should I get this or Dragon Age?

  • Petyr Baelish

    Lolz... check out the Polygon review... just trust me.

  • MariusSmart M

    Big Update Idea: 1-4 players online in the world, and u could have Places love u, and make other players their enemies, so if the approach, they will be attacked... Or sumthing

  • Reese Satalin

    Been waiting for a 10/10

  • MetalHearts100

    im comfused.. what does sandbox actually mean

  • xCH0SEN1x

    When will they stop licking Keven Van Nord asshole?

  • gaminrock

    does anyone think I should start with this one also and is it similar to skyrim?

  • Forty1Second

    Even with all the amazing reviews and praise I'm still left with an overwhelming feeling that this game is going to not be that great. I hope I'm wrong but there's just something about it that makes me feel like it'll get boring after a while to me like 2 did. I sure hope I'm wrong though because this generation so far has been pretty shitty! MGS5 please hurry!!!!

  • MrJoshura

    See, what I categorize 10/10 is that a game goes out and fully does what the devs wanted it to do.Also a 10/10 to me sounds like a game that most people will enjoy.I think The Witcher 3 does do what it set out to do, but they made it look like a sandbox game, though i will give the game a 9.8/10.

  • liltwinston

    I think they should carry over our choices through achievements. If not i jus read them so i remember who i killed and who i spared .

  • gg05irgm

    Ahahaha, try watching for the guy on the left. When interviewer says something he react often. Suddenly you see how little interested they are in what he says hahaha.Forexample:Watch from 10:36 to get the full context.11:00 we get this sequence:Interviewee: "You watch her gets sentence to death, She's sentences to starve.. "Interviewer: "Ooh"Interviewee: " .. by getting tied up on an island."Interviewer: "Fun."Now look on the guys on the lefts face... ROFLAgain its a good sequence at 11:17 where the interviewee looks at the guy on the left, then check the reaction, and then when he looks away again you can see the guy on the left surpressing a yawn.

  • danny ingersoll

    so yeah polygon is a bunch unprofessional fuckin idiots full of feminists and sjws .good job gamespot for actually doin your job before havin a fuckin agenda


    What comes with pre ordering the game?

  • phrazz

    Sorry, but what makes Skyrim "sand box", while The Witcher 3 isn't?

  • Gustavo Duran

    I'm not surprise the frame rate didn't give him any problems that's how ponies are even that the Xbox one can have a better frame rate the ponies they still think the ps4 is more powerful just like this fat ass he had issues but they didn't matter because it was on the ps4 so is OK I bet if the issues were on the Xbox one all this ponies will be talking shit about the Xbox one

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