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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the ninth game in GameSpot history to receive a ten. We invited reviewer Kevin VanOrd onto the show to answer your lingering questions about this wonderful game.

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  • Harbinger_CR

    It's an amazing game worthy of a 10/10 simple as that people.

  • Connor Quintana

    This game is a 10/10. This is an essential game to play, even if you aren't in to RPGs. Give your money to CDPR.

  • Amir Didovic

    So glad I preordered this game! :D

  • Jesus Serrano

    Personal Opinion...Game of the Year!

  • hims220

    Witcher 3: Wild Hunt >>>> House of Wolves

  • BarryEssex

    Kevin is 58!? He looks 38!

  • Mitsu WOW

    wonder if i'm the only one who thinks the whole witcher series is overrated hell i never played any of them still think it's overrated

  • Narek Avetisyan

    I can't believe this games actually lives up to the hype. That's incredible!How many times does that happen in video games? Almost none.Give all your money to CDProjectRed people. I am super pumped for Cyberpunk 2077 now!!!

  • BarryEssex

    10/10 is overrated when most other sites give it an 8/10, so many issues.

  • Senor Studly

    1:17 She's actually plucking the strings wow. I remember in Dragon Age Inquisition the lute players didn't even have their hands on the instrument and didn't even lip sync the songs right.

  • Eoghan900

    has this guy given many 10/10s?

  • matt4045

    58? Good god. I'd have guessed 45-50 tops.Perhaps I just suck at guessing ages.Edit: I guess I have to clarify that I was talking about Kevin, who said he was 58. I'm well aware Geralt is somewhere around 100.

  • Dyamiforsure

    Can you change the difficulty settings without starting a new game? I am new to the series and want to try it on hard but I need to be sure I am not wasting tens of hours if it would get overly difficult as I don't have a lot of time to spend...

  • koffinkat666

    Best game of Century! 11/10 #GotAnIssueGrabATissue

  • Anthony Magsam

    this game isn't a 10/10 it's a 20/10

  • ShinteiKun

    Kevin in NOT 58!!! He's 43... he's born on March 23, 1972... I have no idea why he said he's 58... probably as a joke.(We're FB friends, I'll ask him, I'm curious why he said that)Witcher wise... I'm excited to play, but I'll probably wait few more months before attempting it... too busy right now to start such a huge game right away.

  • TheDonPalumbo

    Did not expect him to be 58!? I thought he was in his 40s or something

  • Nika Megrelidze

    5:51 Dragon took a quick nap whilst battling Gerald XD

  • SpookyKid94

    Biggest problem with the witcher 2 was that it started out hard and quickly became way too easy if you did side quests.This looks like it's the same in a way and that's a little lame

  • TheGodofLight

    God I can't wait till Monday 4 pm

  • Josh Richardson

    Is it too much to ask for an RPG as good as Witcher 3 with character customization?

  • SaicaFox

    but all other sites give this game an 8 or lower wtf gamespot?

  • awesome420ication

    what i like is that it isn't punishing like a souls game but it is challenging. You will die if you're level 1 and you pick a fight with a pack of level 5 wolves, unless you run around a huge area and manipulate the battlefield.

  • MrJoshura

    See, what I categorize 10/10 is that a game goes out and fully does what the devs wanted it to do.Also a 10/10 to me sounds like a game that most people will enjoy.I think The Witcher 3 does do what it set out to do, but they made it look like a sandbox game, though i will give the game a 9.8/10.

  • Jack from the Jungle

    the overuse of igni in these gameplay clips gave me cancer ....

  • Franklin Moore

    First (always wanted to say that)

  • Doflamingo Donquixote

    it looks way more downgraded than the trailers.Half the textures and the special effects are gone.

  • MetalHearts100

    im comfused.. what does sandbox actually mean

  • Diogo BP

    Daamn, this guy gets paid to play videogames! How do you get that job???? Seriously.. what do you i have to study at college?

  • kubakonrad

    I absolutely don't agree with the bearded guy's opinion on the Witcher 2's ending. (The ending, not the whole Chapter 3, which did feel kind of rushed and too short). I think the ending was fantastic: not oversimplified in some protagonist v villain grand battle. It was in all shades of gray. You could have your final battle if you wanted to, but the game twisted it so much it was not that obvious anymore. Letho waited for you, he did not run. He was repeating, that he considers you his friend and his intention was never go cross you, it just happened with the flow of the world. I loved that.

  • Caleb Mccarty

    4 days 4 days 4 days. 4 days. 4. Days. 4 DAYS. 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BarbaricPanda191

    bloodborne ?.. anyone ?

  • Szminsky

    Indeed a masterpiece. Binged 100hrs on it (probably more). Such quality is not easy to achieve.

  • ReezyReHD

    I'm seeing & hearing great things. How is this not a DAY ONE??!!!

  • HiddenWen

    The most important thing CDPR got right was that the game was very very focused on the story and the atmosphere of the world. I think Van Ord is right when he says witcher isn't a sandbox game. Witcher 3 doesn't give you the option to customize your main character aside from his gear. You're basically playing out the epic story of Geralt of Rivia, and the huge world they put you in all caters to that. Even as you do sidequests, you never get this feeling of disconnect from the main story. The sidequests never feel like they are there because "hey, it's a large open world, lots of options and things to distract you with!" No, nearly all of them feel hand crafted and serve more as a tool to build Geralt's character or at least let the player get to know him more intimately.

  • Light

    Woah, that's a hell of a downgrade.

  • Sam Sant

    I didn't like Witcher 2, but may have to give this a go.

  • Blix Krogg

    This... WoW. This single video got me more excited about The Witcher 3 than anything I've seen beforehand. This was TOP NOTCH Gamespot. I give this video a 10/10.

  • Garrett

    So excited for next week. The college semester ends next week too so I get to play the shit out of this game. :D

  • StephenBased

    No class on the 19th. My day will be brilliant.

  • KooPaa x

    These next 4 days are going to draaaaaag so much.

  • viktorrooro Bagelous

    This game is perfect in my opinion, best game ever made. fuck everything else :)

  • Cameron4004

    How is The Witcher 3 not a sandbox!?

  • SuperRyuDragon

    I wonder if you get to play as ciri anytime you want after the end of the game.

  • Sabresieben

    This is the first time I think no one has been against a 10 review

  • Fancyslimshady

    I watched Devs play witcher 3 yesterday and they said it was an Open World Sandbox.......

  • xCH0SEN1x

    When will they stop licking Keven Van Nord asshole?

  • MadSnake123

    Man, Kevin is one of the best "mainstream" reviewers in any site, he always elaborates so well why he feels a game deserves certain score, and he always gives his very own personal point of view, is not like he tries to justify, or talk big fancy words without any meaning, he just tells you how he felt playing the game, and it always seems to be such an honest opinion, i may not agree with him all the time (MGS4...really), but damn he does a fine job.

  • irllcd13

    Bayonetta 2 10/10? lol

  • G Man

    Kevin VanOrd is one of the best game reviewers in a long time. His review of The Witcher 3 was the best review of all of them (I read a lot). He gets this game. Thank you to him & GameSpot for that! Although, I don't know what the hell he is talking about about The Witcher 2's ending being terrible.... The Witcher 2's ending(s) was/were excellent. Also, the CDPR devs have already confirmed that the day one patch will fix the slight framerate issue on PS4 and an independent gamer who got the game early has also been confirming that on Twitter/his YouTube vids. Hopefully all is well now. ~Four more days...four more days.

  • Gwolfsoun

    Did the guy on the left say he was squirting with anticipation?

  • Andre Ivanovich

    They mentioned Rex in Witcher 2, i've played Witcher 2 and never heard of him o.0


    It seems that the people giving this amazing game an 8 struggle to find something wrong with it and come up with the dumbest reason to deduct points.

  • Andrew O'Connor

    All three of these guys have left gamespot now. So sad.

  • ispankmanypigeons

    that guy on the left HATES the guy they're interviewing. at one point he just blatantly rolls his eyes while looking up at the sky like "oh my god shut up" and huffing and puffing. hilarious. and he made what like 3 or 4 cracks about how the guy talks too much? disguise that hate a little better, man.

  • Chris M

    7.2 Too much AWESOMENESS. IGN

  • Charles Jones

    I never played either of the previous games, and it's been a long time since I last played an RPG that kept my interest more than a few hours. In fact, in the last 10 years, unless a game was called "The Binding of Isaac" or "Civilization", I've barely played it. But this game was being so highly praised, I decided to give it a try.40 or so hours later...This game is the SHIT!! THIS is how you make a AAA game people! For what seems like the first time , a game actually is as good as people keep saying it is. I'm actually looking forward to finishing the game, just so I can play it again and see what I missed.

  • MidniteBlues

    Hey guys, great video. But next time please dont spoil the game....not trying to be a dick here, but I feel like he spoiled some things.

  • MaskHero Zo

    The dialogues and facial animation in game make the characters looks lifeless -1, 4/5.

  • wizzzer1337

    is there anyone else other than Kevin VanOrd to review 100+ hours RPG's? it's like he's the only one in Gamespot to do it... while everyone else reviews light indie games, FPS, sport and all sort of games that requier a lot less focus.

  • Greg Cunningham

    Something tells me the huge ad for Witcher 3 on Gamespot's Main Page is just coincidence....

  • Shadowtechnik

    So how much did they pay you?

  • Explicit Tech

    Witcher 3 - 10/10+Down with the blacks.

  • MVP Gaming

    Ign gave it a 8.0 because they said everybody else's dick riding this Game, and they wanted to be themselves also because they couldn't be delusional because this game is fucking awsome and anything lower then an 8.0 would be a joke for this masterpiece

  • Papaabear__

    I know I’m super late but I just got the game and it has by far exceed my expectations nothing compares where it got me is how the stories enter twine I was helping the bloody Baron and I figured forget it I helped him enough So I did the quest for the lady in the woods and I ended up finding Anna the barons wife that blew my mind when It had nothing to do with his quest that I know of

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