The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine GTX 1080 Ultra Settings 1440p Frame Rate Performance Test

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Blood And Wine DLC Pc gameplay maxed out on ultra settings at 1440p. I'm using a Pascal GTX 1080 and a Skylake 6700K in this fps frame rate performance benchmark.

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  • Adisam S

    fps drop to 56 from 60 = "wow we lag there"

  • Timo de Jong

    sank around 8 hours in this game today its so amazing and addicting again.

  • Jacob Matlock

    Please do one without hairworks

  • Noah Horne

    Hair works do look great shame they are so performance hungry

  • Otaku/Gamer PaTpOuT

    after i saw this video i had a heart attack because of these graphics and that performance because i'm using an intel hd 4400 right now and i told my younger brother to write this comment after my death !!!

  • Hannes Green

    How do you keep your GPU temperatures so low? What kind of cooling do you use? I have a Titan X Pascal and it's always at like 84 degrees celsius.

  • João Paulo Rocha

    wich monitor are you using?

  • Bulging Battery

    The graphics on this game are stunning!

  • iGotClutch4

    do you prefer 1440p or 4K?

  • Peter-Ulrik Dybvad

    "Let's go" is turning into a trademark of yours lol

  • oropher1234

    Nice to see the water now has reflections of the world and not just refractions. Performance seems lower than with the original though.

  • Jay

    Is blood and wine a DLC or a graphics mod? I never remember mine looking this colourful.

  • The Man

    Blood and wine dlc look so great.Also played at 1440p 60fps just stand around sometimes just staring at how great the graphics and game looks damn

  • Giancarlo R

    it goes down to 49 fps. i think im getting the 1070 and playing in good ol' 1080p. its not worth it spending all that money for a imperfect framerate.

  • Gediminas Jesinas

    Colors look so vivid on IPS display

  • DVendy

    dont u think it's too colorful ?

  • Crow Bar

    You should have tested the game in the city that usually affects the FPS by alot.

  • GunmetalGaming

    This benchmark was dissapointing until i saw that hariworks was on.


    i have MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X and it performs Way Better . at 1440p Maxed out with hairworks on i get 70fps to 85fps never went under 60fps ! you tested this game using the founders Edition Right ?>it Sucks

  • The real Slim Shady.

    I was so happy when I got my 1080Ti and set everything from medium and high to all ultra and maintained 60 exactly always.

  • Miha Kolbanar

    Man, I can't even watch these videos at 1080 without stuttering, lol

  • Papa Lord

    Have same performance with the laptop 1080 version, but with dsr

  • Sick Bastard

    How do u manage ur temp for gpu?I got a 1080 palit ans it reaches 80c too fast and i7 8700kI switched the fan% with afterburner

  • Vinny G Gaming

    This isn't 1440p. Check out my graphics comparison video! It is 1440p!

  • Vanaris

    the grass on my computer looks like complete shit even on high! how does yours look so good?? is it a mod

  • AaronidaX

    Holy damn! My GTX 980 ti oce'd to 1450mhz on stock volt runs the same at 1440p, im so impressed about that performance O_o

  • Endek

    GTX 1080 OC should give rock solid 60 in this game

  • ManCave TV

    I have a gtx 1080 and I am stuck at 30 fps for some reason

  • Wesley Cruz

    What was the custom fan curve?

  • Desi Areianara S3

    wtf ? only over 65 fps on gtx 1080? i mean 60 fps its okay even 40 fps its okay but on gtx 1080 ? i was imagine more

  • Nasko K. Dimov

    Oi wtf ? What im i doing wrong ? I have GTX 1080 , I7 6700k ,16RAM ..... yet when i put everything on Ulta and max out its not smooth like yours ....I would give a guess that my FPS is like 30-40 if i max out everything , which buggs me cuz its not super smooth

  • murdux pictures

    Hey , can anyone tell me what settings i have to use on clip before i upload it on yt? I have a great quality of video and when i upload it, yt just make my game looks pretty bad... What bitrate of video etc. should i use ?

  • Julian

    wonder how many years we will have to wait until this game can be played at 1440p144hz.

  • James Taylor

    +DudeRandom84 Hi... I'm using an 1070 MSI and looking on getting an AOC 34 inch Ultra-Wide QHD 3440 x 1440 IPS Monitor ! Would the 1070 be okay with Custom Ultra settings or should i just save time and effort and get an 1080? would like the TI Version but bit to pricey for me. Thanks for for any positive feedback.

  • Gary Meyers

    Anyone know if the driver updates have improved performance now? Thinking of picking up a 1080 to replace my R9 390. I can get by with average 50-60fps @ 1440p with just a few settings turned down with my 390. Not sure a $500 upgrade is worth it just to run all at max when it doesn't look a whole lot different

  • Roystonvasey

    3.20 the scene reminds me of a similar scene in Skyrim - which city gate was it in Skyrim?

  • iza Gawd

    is the graphics card overclocked?

  • Imran Jaan

    60+ fps in beucclair thats very impressive

  • Ric Shawn

    what if with the hair work off?

  • Parabalani

    GTX 1080 can't get steady 60 fps on most games on 1440p :( Only option is SLI I guess

  • Benkilldlc

    will I be able to keep it 60 frames stable on 2560x1080 with gtx 1080 and i7 -7700k?

  • Magnum Elephant

    what program do you use to monitor those things?

  • comedyman112

    Sad to see 60 fps when some people have 1440p 144hz monitors

  • Loki

    i have a gtx 970 i'll wait for next generation i want to get x3 the performance of my card

  • Razermantis 123

    gtx 1080 getting rekt by a title that preceded gtx 1080

  • S uperPants

    Interesting - a lot of other youtubers quote 80-90 fps ave for witcher 3 with a 1080! maybe they had hairworks off!?

  • Channel Jany

    I would they switch one day to Vulkan. How much fps without hairworks?

  • Mattrix141

    What 1080 are you using? Founders Edition?

  • Konan Pruiksma

    So i only get +/- 5 fps increase from a 1070?!

  • Phat V.

    I'm prob just gonna get 1070 and cap it at 30fps

  • Yuno Gasai

    It is on me or it's permanentely stuttering ?

  • jverheul2

    The computer I'm using right now can't even handle 1080p so I'm watching this in 720p and it looks great already. Can't wait for my pc to arrive at the end of november. Will be playing this in 1440p ultra:D

  • Alex Cheung

    The Blood and Wine map looks kinda like the old Assassins creed games


    I get the same performance w my 980ti

  • ben winwood

    How is it that I have seen other people getting 90+ in 2k with HW off and no lower that 70 with HW on. Your trying to get past the 60's with the same specs and detail level. Can someone explain this to me?

  • Cosmonauteable

    you're playing with a lot of digital vibrance no?


    if i turn off hairworks and habo+ i get many of those frame with my fury x. i gotta retest. im probably average 5 fps lower.

  • Lisa Ludwig

    The colors are fantastic. Is this being displayed on your Asus PB287Q 28 inch Widescreen Ultra HD 4K LED Monitor?

  • Dennis Lindberg

    Which card are you using? Reference or costom if costom which one?

  • Imad Abselem

    This game bore the hell out of me

  • Evan Roberts

    my 1080 doesnt struggle to keep 60 it gets a smooth 70 with EVERYthing maxed..

  • Ace

    really good! i just wondering how much FPS yll get when u played on Asus gt51 with 2way SLI gtx 1080!

  • Aleksandr Denisov

    Hi dude! Nice video, can you make gtx 980ti test on Witcher 3 v1.31 I have drops in novigrad to 41 FPS(, my system Gtx 980ti, I 5 4690

  • Bat man

    Sharpening should have been on low, as on high it looks like a telltale game. Solid video otherwise.

  • Majed Mohammed

    whats the frame rate without recording

  • Majed Mohammed

    minimum 50fps on Witcher 3 and 1440p is goals tbh considering how detailed and textured the game as well as the NPC's and monsters is great

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