The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf - (Game Trailer HD)

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  • shellturtleguy

    Seriously, people, the combat in The Witcher 1 wasn't THAT bad. Some of you are acting like it's the worst thing you've ever seen. You get used to the combat very quickly.

  • Dio Brando

    This remake needs to be made. A shame it was cancelled. Would have loved to see Witcher 1 with improved graphics using the REDengine they used for the later installments.

  • Bruno Uczak

    when you're home alone...

  • J3SS3 H

    Same fighting style I use in Witcher 3SPIN TO WIN!!!

  • Sachin Mondal

    Lets hope they recreate this, as it is there is no witcher 4 now :(

  • Mitozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Best game of my childhood.

  • Omikron

    I LOVE his styl of fight

  • Tibori Andrei

    People talking about game being cancelled and combat system, and not about how epic Geralt is here...

  • Ladiesman1447

    Even though I have TW1 on PC, I so would have bought this white wolf version for my 360/PS3.Damn shame it never came out.

  • Rafa E

    I feel that this "kata" is Geralt practicing unarmed combat or the hand movements for Signs, then he practices the three silver styles: Strong, Fast, and Group. At 0:44 he does a fair bit of spinning to generate force for overhand slashes (Strong style), at 0:50 he does rapid parries/spins, finishing with a lunge (Fast style), and at 0:58, he does wide, sweeping slashes and finishes with a 360 degree slash (Group style).Anyone else feel the same way?

  • KyoshoBallard

    I really wish this had come out. I haaate the combat in Witcher 1. I don't care about the new engine, the supposedly better graphics this was supposed to have. I just want the better combat mechanics. Sigh.

  • Steven Donnelly

    this is a modified version of the witcher enhanced edition for the pc, you can bet it on the nexus website just look up rise of the white wolf nexus

  • GamingWookie

    Is it me, or is Geralt's routine just going through his combat styles?:40-:50 is his strong style:50-58 is his fast style:50-1:06 is his group styleThat's what I'm seeing anyway.

  • Demer

    This is the REAL Geralt, the witcher 3 version is for kids

  • Carl Johnson

    1:24 I wonder if my GTX1080 could actually handle a scene like that being rendered in real-time, what do you guys think lol? 2006 gaming trailer cgi scene being real time in 2016/2017? It doesn't seem THAT difficult, just maybe the smoke.

  • Aleksa Petrovic

    can't wait to try it. sucks that i played witcher in the worst possible order (wild hunt, assassins of kings, hearts of the stone).

  • Welther47

    I fear Witcher 3 is the last game. If it just improve the combat of witcher 2 I'll still be happy

  • The Real Drunkard Hu

    just bought this on steam for $4 during the autumn sale...  super stoked to play it.  thank you cdprojekt red, and steam for giving me the opportunity!!!

  • Jack D

    Every time there is an unskipable commercial prior to the video I give a thumbs down.

  • Achwaq Khalid

    @joshuastark86 if you have any interest in IT Security, you will find that Poland is also notorious for giving the world some finest hackers, just check Google for #hakin9 magazine

  • Danz Newz

    The beginning is practically right out of Hellboy II... lol...

  • Hagunemnon

    It's not canceled just yet, they just postponed it because they're in a bit of a financial rut right now.

  • Stadium ARTs

    WHOA WHOA WHOA! What is up with this game? Console port or... prequel or...

  • chaoticgreece

    @sofakingey they are mutated nipples!!! :P

  • Blood Wolf The Grey

    Eat your heart out Jon snow

  • D4rkMasterChiefHD

    thanks a lot.Ohh yes and..Fable Rocks!!!

  • D4rkMasterChiefHD

    is this an online game?

  • BonesTheCat

    Fall 2009, dick, it was at the end of the vid.

  • Nilhilion

    I suppose it's Adam Skorupa. He composed all of the music for The Witcher.

  • Eduardo Santos

    It was meant to be the same, only remade for consoles, you can read that at the end of this very trailer. But now they've canceled it and and rumor has thye are focused on a new project, supposedly a sequel, and this time to be released for PC and consoles.

  • Rex Talbot

    Wow Geralt can do GONG FU

  • Nerwik

    Glad you liked it. It would be awesome if the game could reflect at least half of the epicness of the history of our country :) Sadly, no gb can store that amount of awesomeness... yet! Pozdro


    i know... but i readed so cd projekt will do WITCHER 2


    I wanna witcher 2 on the PC !!!!!!!

  • RubberKidney -

    Becouse we drink like 1-2 times a moth, but when we do, we do it right. Amount is not that important. Try to drink with polish folks, and You will see what I mean. And Yes, I am very suprised by what You brought here :)

  • Makkovar

    I am from Poland and I agree with you. I'm getting tired of all these people crying "I'm from Poland, wooohooo!" every time Polish do something ok. They're probablly the same people that normally say that nothing's normal in our country (instead of doing anything about it)...

  • SuperNovaPL

    @Dragonsol for me sword movement +100 because I'm from Poland

  • Evil Mastermind

    Now imagine if the twat started fighting at least slightly efficiently.

  • Infuzor

    The name is based of a popular fantasy novel. The story is already uncovered in the PC version. It's being developed by a polish dev CD Projekt, Atari is the publisher. You failed on so many levels.

  • Wop wop

    the guy's body shape is crooked. they sure made it obvious that he's old lol.

  • Espantalho

    I am a Bulgarian. We have our our own local alcohol drink here, it's called rakiya and one that's 50% alcohol is considered mild. So my in experience drinking with Polish is by means different in any way, constant cheerful screaming of the word "Kurwa" aside. Which actually means the same thing in Bulgarian, so I never really understood why you people love it so much :D

  • Espantalho

    The heaviest beer drinkers in the world are the Czech. Then come the Irish, Germans, Austrians and Australians. Total alcohol consumption puts Moldova on first place, followed by Uganda, the Czech, Hungary and Russia and Poland isn't even in the to 40. I don't see why anyone should feel pride for drinking a lot but in any case Poland is far from the top 3.

  • Espantalho

    I wrote beer AND total alcohol consumption. Learn to read correctly.

  • Andy Finendale

    *SUPER SADFACE* I hope they release this for PC later on =(

  • Dezzan

    1:21 I dont remember this dude from the game

  • Nowik1991

    Its not comming out soon ;/ on the official website it says, that this project has been stopped ;/

  • Incogneatus

    Balderdash! He's not gonna beat that stone golem without the pylons and lightning rod!

  • Aurongel

    my philosophy is too not judge a games graphics by it's prerenderred material, in engine material is the only thing that I'm interested in

  • Uouttooo

    What is with all the kung fu moves? Is this Witcher or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?

  • xpd15

    polished games are polished

  • Le Vision Media

    No they have refreshed the engine and all other things that was wrong in the PC version; they made the A.i. smarter, more quests, more creatures and all that kinds of stuff

  • Nagrandt

    Medieval Feudal heavy infantry with 2H sword VS Samurai with super duper Katana = Samurai juice

  • RevanAlaire

    @Bredyatina Well it's suspended indefinately so you could probably say that it's cancelled :(

  • whydid666

    Is it gona come out for PC any time soon it was so awesome the first one.

  • SuperGoyim

    @PYRZYCE who told you to speak!?

  • Kirad

    I Can't Wait F*ck!

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