The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf - (Game Trailer HD)

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  • Carl Johnson

    1:24 I wonder if my GTX1080 could actually handle a scene like that being rendered in real-time, what do you guys think lol? 2006 gaming trailer cgi scene being real time in 2016/2017? It doesn't seem THAT difficult, just maybe the smoke.

  • Sabalghoo

    When Geralt's body was still mostly blank! Now it looks like a cubism red painting!

  • Sachin Mondal

    Lets hope they recreate this, as it is there is no witcher 4 now :(

  • shellturtleguy

    Seriously, people, the combat in The Witcher 1 wasn't THAT bad. Some of you are acting like it's the worst thing you've ever seen. You get used to the combat very quickly.

  • Sofia Tornel

    de verdad se veia tan bien el primero?? wou

  • Demer

    This is the REAL Geralt, the witcher 3 version is for kids

  • Jack D

    Every time there is an unskipable commercial prior to the video I give a thumbs down.

  • libindi1989


  • J3SS3 H

    Same fighting style I use in Witcher 3SPIN TO WIN!!!

  • GamingWookie

    Is it me, or is Geralt's routine just going through his combat styles?:40-:50 is his strong style:50-58 is his fast style:50-1:06 is his group styleThat's what I'm seeing anyway.

  • Dio Brando

    This remake needs to be made. A shame it was cancelled. Would have loved to see Witcher 1 with improved graphics using the REDengine they used for the later installments.

  • Aleksa Petrovic

    can't wait to try it. sucks that i played witcher in the worst possible order (wild hunt, assassins of kings, hearts of the stone).

  • Mitozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Best game of my childhood.

  • Chicken Mike

    Whirl them into oblivion!

  • Super Mane

    who will win? ( nioh) william adams vs geralt of rivia

  • xpd15

    See? This is how Geralt is supposed to fight. Now compare it to fight choreography of Geralt in Witcher 2. In Witcher 2 Geralt has swordsmanship that equals to a boy with a stick. I hope Geralt won't fight like a bitch in Witcher 3 as well

  • Dezzan

    1:21 I dont remember this dude from the game

  • Bruno Uczak

    when you're home alone...

  • Rezeil Wallis

    wow where can i meet a man like that cuz oh man its hot in here now

  • Ladiesman1447

    Even though I have TW1 on PC, I so would have bought this white wolf version for my 360/PS3.Damn shame it never came out.

  • Sumone Awezome

    I just realized.... the armor he was using against the wolves was the Manticore Witcher school gear set. Kewl.

  • Tibori Andrei

    People talking about game being cancelled and combat system, and not about how epic Geralt is here...

  • KyoshoBallard

    I really wish this had come out. I haaate the combat in Witcher 1. I don't care about the new engine, the supposedly better graphics this was supposed to have. I just want the better combat mechanics. Sigh.

  • Omikron

    I LOVE his styl of fight

  • Reisen0629

    i wish the grahpics sucked less on older computers cuz it looked abit blocky they sould have used 3D ball engine thingy

  • The Real Drunkard Hu

    just bought this on steam for $4 during the autumn sale...  super stoked to play it.  thank you cdprojekt red, and steam for giving me the opportunity!!!

  • Get_ Rekt

    CD must Remake Witcher 1 & 2 to NG , we need it! new generation needs more epic and huge games , not only MP every year.

  • Ronald McMillian

    Too bad the Witcher 1 has one of the worst combat system of all time.

  • ethnicity

    The lazy assholes that cdpr contracted this to almost bankrupted them out of witcher 2.  If it wasn't for this shit 2 would have had a lot more content.

  • Dario Esposito

    as the name of this soundtrack?

  • Steven Donnelly

    this is a modified version of the witcher enhanced edition for the pc, you can bet it on the nexus website just look up rise of the white wolf nexus

  • Rafa E

    I feel that this "kata" is Geralt practicing unarmed combat or the hand movements for Signs, then he practices the three silver styles: Strong, Fast, and Group. At 0:44 he does a fair bit of spinning to generate force for overhand slashes (Strong style), at 0:50 he does rapid parries/spins, finishing with a lunge (Fast style), and at 0:58, he does wide, sweeping slashes and finishes with a 360 degree slash (Group style).Anyone else feel the same way?

  • PengPoyZneiz

    Fuck everyone's anus, i would have love'd it so bad to have the original Witcher on my xbox 360, guess The Witcher 3 will have to ease my mind insteed!

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