The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine - 4K GTX 1080 Gameplay Footage

The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion adds a beautiful new area, Toussaint. Tom shows this region presented at its very best - at a 3840x2160 resolution (or 4k) at maximum settings on PC, as running on a GTX 1080.

4K performance on this card is 45-50fps region for The Witcher 3, and so we've capped our captures at 30fps.
  • xxllx86

    Please fuck off, and stop making videos. You are annoying

  • Ghost Coffins

    use crossbow to kill the gaint :D

  • Wasshup

    Are you using some mods or it's just 4k vanilla ? Can't belive it's clean version. Amazing

  • siegeh25

    45 to 50 fps with a 1080? holy shit

  • madcapper6

    If I keep watching this vid it's gonna ruin my contentment with 1080p gaming for good. Awesome visuals.

  • CoreLegacy

    I ran the witcher on max settings using my 1070, and I got 59 fps, so I am kinda surprised to you guys didn't get it with 1080.

  • Kathil Royal

    Guys to run Witcher 3 in 4k you must have 2x 1080 to almost stable 60 fps. One gtx 1080 can`t hold Witcher in 4k Maybe gtx 1080 Ti <hairworks off> But it`s still not 60 fps... : )

  • Dragon211

    Why did the console gamer cross the road? To render the buildings on the other side.

  • boss baby

    It's 2 times of 1080 I guess reso of 4k

  • TNT Nitro


  • Vic Boss

    game does look beautiful but combat system, lip sync and lvling mechanic are boring,unfinished and not challenging at all...another prove that games today invest everything in look rather in gameplay imho

  • Lenox C

    Can't wait to play this on the Xbox One X running at 4k 60FPS!

  • Mason

    Hm. 45fps on ultra? I play my games on High Ultra. How do you think it will perform then?

  • Stingy McDuck

    I wonder if an hypothetical gtx 1170 will have gtx 1080ti levels of performance.

  • Francois Vanheerden

    You should download the 4K mod for Witcher as well. and then also the HD reworked MOD. game looks even better. then lastly if you want to download a reshade , this colorful bright look is crappy , but that is just my opinion.

  • naaczej_25

    It's Geralt FFS not JERALT

  • cristi1990an

    And here I am playing the game on Low-Medium settings at 720p, struggling to get a locked 30fps.

  • morgan freeman

    Never seen something so fucking beautiful.

  • Junaid Baten

    Wtf seriously what does it take to run this game lol CDPR really went insane when designing even the gtx 1080 is struggling to make it run at optimum of 60fps when in 4k.

  • Gary The clone

    But can I run it on my 400$ laptop at 4k?

  • Ladiesman1447

    Watching this on my 5k iMac retina display, pc bitches!

  • k

    I play medium 1080p barely 30 fps. i cri

  • Kamina

    1:36 just look at the kid to the left 10/10

  • DryAssChicken

    30fps? You sure it isn't 25fps?

  • Cecil ff

    what is the minimum requeriment for run this game in 4k?? please i need know for a work in my university (It's more boring than like he sounds)

  • 34Floaty

    But you had the hair fx off...

  • Infowars

    I cant even watch a 4k video on my new fucking 4k monitor.

  • RaveBeef

    A game made by few kurwas squatting and drinking vodka and this is how it looks.Making bad looking triple A titles in the CURRENT YEAR has no excuses, just means you're doing your job wrong.

  • Motor78

    holy shit that looks insane I never seen a game so gorgeous

  • TheDood71

    Now that's a demo that'll sell that card! As well as that game.

  • Soda_84

    this game is cursed with stuttering

  • Van Steel

    Not sure why, but this made me cry ...

  • Ham

    Beautiful game, shit water XD

  • Yazuga

    guys i have a question. Hairwork or 4k what would you choose ?

  • Vankash

    It looks so vibrant wow...I have a 4k HDR Screen but..but my GTX 970 can't handle it with the settings i'd like.Serves me right for buying consoles....

  • Kevin S.

    What's with the stutter? Thought it was capped at 30, does it dip below?

  • Semper Volo

    2:10 my god... look at that view

  • dpadfirst

    1180 and 1180 Ti will definitely be able to get the most demanding games to run @4K 60FPS

  • God Samrat

    My notebook overheated while watching this LOL

  • My Black Minds

    after 450h into The Witcher 3 I'am still waiting for the GTX 1080Ti....but i also need a great 4k monitor. Any ideas for a good 4k monitor with IPS panel? (i dont need Gsync, cuz i hope to reach the 60fps).

  • Patrick Schwind

    And people say Uncharted 4 looks better 😁

  • Lucas Féres

    Watching this while downloading the game... But i have to say, i still prefer playing 1080p at 144Hz instead of 4K and 60Hz. OIne of the things that still sets PC apart from the rest is the framerate. After you get used to higher fps there is no goin' back, it's absolutely outstanding and the smoother movements makes it more confortable to play for extended periods. But ofc, you'll need a damn good machine to mantain a solid 100+.

  • Fast af Boi

    So if this was with a 1080p monitor, then would it be able to run 60fps easily on ultra? I'm thinking of upgrading from a gtx 970


    it took me 1 hr to watch in my laptop 2g network AMAZING! :/

  • B Mcginnis

    Been pretty happy with a single 1080 (custom water loop) and a 4k gsync monitor. After buying 2x Maxwell Titan X cards, I am done playing the nvidia wallet game :) Drop a few settings.. it is good enough!

  • Sean

    mountains and trees in the distance look like cardboard lmao

  • MescalineMatt

    That opening shot was gorgeous.

  • Ratus

    2:21 tried to do that and fell right off the edge and died....

  • Geoff Prince

    I watch this gameplay on my 4k TV. Made my jaw drop, will the PS4 Pro run this game like this?

  • Death Rager

    i hate videos of gameplay without fps showing....

  • Beastgoesbeserk

    Im impressed on how good the 1080card can make such beautiful details on a far Draw distance!!

  • 1143 Jay

    skip a 5s ads after watched 5s.

  • Deivy H

    Holly shit im watching this with hdr on my 4k tv looks amazingggggg

  • The Most Wanted

    omfg i dont like witcher but this is incredibly beautiful

  • Antix

    I play with a mix of ultra and medium on a gtx 1060 laptop, I get 60fps. The framerate is much more important to making the game visually appealing. I would take framerate over graphics anyday

  • Wouter R

    Me:Imma get a pc that can run any game in 4k and that is VR ready.Has 800x600 monitor

  • Geoffrey Martin

    I'm running this in 4k on my 55 inch LG OLED and it's the most amazing thing Ive ever seen! I have everything maxed except hairworks (cause who gives a shit) and I get 40-55 fps. I rarely ever see it drop into the 30s

  • vicmoloy

    Uh, the colors look like absolute turd

  • doueven

    Why does it look better when I select 1440p and 4K when I have a 1080p monitor???

  • muemaccash

    can i run this ultra on a gtx 1060 3gb i5 7400 12gb ram??

  • mark james abordo

    I don't see the need of 4k,most gamers play on small screen. I am happy with 1080p. this 4k is useful if you want to game on a big screen. VR still at early stage of development so I don't see any reason for gamers to upgrade to this, its completely a waste of money. Anyway this card is powerful, but not enough, I mean my expectations with this card could run any games up to date at ultra with 4x AA above 60fps. I am little bit disappointed with this.

  • bioshock 69

    i cant see what all the fuss is about this game. To me the graphics are to colourful which makes this game look like a cartoon and the grass trees water to dont look that realistic unless this video is not the true representing of this game in its full glory and looks blurry in places and theres not much sharpness

  • MrAhmedUA

    can i play this game with i5 2400 and gtx 750ti and 8gb ddr3 ram ? at 768p ?

  • Imperiom

    My dick is hard.:) <3

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