The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine - 4K GTX 1080 Gameplay Footage

The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion adds a beautiful new area, Toussaint. Tom shows this region presented at its very best - at a 3840x2160 resolution (or 4k) at maximum settings on PC, as running on a GTX 1080.

4K performance on this card is 45-50fps region for The Witcher 3, and so we've capped our captures at 30fps.
  • Gary The clone

    But can I run it on my 400$ laptop at 4k?

  • Tyler Rodgers

    is it just me or does the game not look that good

  • Patrick Schwind

    And people say Uncharted 4 looks better 😁

  • Α Α

    Gtx 1080 isnt 4K gpu. Gtx 1080TI will be 4K gpu probably. Well at least RX 480 is kicking GTX 980 FOR half the price and its eqaul to R9 NANO-R9 FURY and little worse than GTX 1070.

  • vicmoloy

    Uh, the colors look like absolute turd

  • Yujen Boston

    This is captivating! I mean, think of it - 22 years ago 3D era started with original Doom showing how fun 3d games may be! It's been 2 decades and a little more since then. Back then we used to run games at resolutions as low as 640x480 and even lower for those with slower machines! Now we're like 12 times that resolutions in terms of pixel count!!! 12 times, Carl! More than that - we don't necessary need AA any more! We can render the image as clear as a mountain creek with no AA blurring any pixels, messing the image quality and eating our performance! And 2-3 years from now - mid end GPUs are gonna be able to do that shit! This is so cool, I'm so excited to see how 4K goes widely spread across gaming community and getting into it myself!!!! That's crazy, I just can't wait for 3 years in the future, gonna go freeze myself somewhere...

  • c:

    0:36 dat amazing pop in and texture glitches

  • cristi1990an

    And here I am playing the game on Low-Medium settings at 720p, struggling to get a locked 30fps.

  • Evan Middlekauff

    Screw 4k, i'll take 3440x1440p any day of the week.

  • nah

    A lot of stutters, don't think thats a smooth experience specially on fights.

  • VexToast

    People 3 years from now will laugh at this video for how impressed we are with 4K gaming

  • Solid Snake

    game looks great to bad the gameplay is horrible

  • TheVanillatech

    Pause video. Go to the cog wheel and click it. Change to 240p.Un-pause the video.Welcome to the XBOX 1 version.

  • IcyRhythms

    1180 and 1180 Ti will definitely be able to get the most demanding games to run @4K 60FPS

  • Kevin S.

    What's with the stutter? Thought it was capped at 30, does it dip below?

  • Doe Boy

    This game is so overrated and boring!.....look at those stupid blue Mountain same color as the sky and rivers!....everything either green or blue!

  • God Samrat

    My notebook overheated while watching this LOL

  • Callum Nicol

    Just imagine gtx 1080 in sli

  • Jean_tractopelle

    the r9 480 can play On this game on 4k high 30 fps ?

  • Amazing

    It looks really bad...

  • R.J. Poroner

    We hardly have the technology to run the games we are making at 1080p 60 fps yet we keep making games more demanding. Why do we keep pushing better visuals instead of better mechanics in games? I'm not saying witcher 3 has shit mechanics but they are not as deep as they could be. I understand the game achieves something on a greater scale and it's one of my favorite ones but it still baffles me.

  • TheVanillatech

    R9 480 is about the same performance as R9 390, only with better DX12 A-Sync compute (so faster in DX12 / Vulkan games than a 390). But it will only cost £160, which is £80 less than the 390.So a single 480 will not play this in 4K 30fps high settings. But two 480's in Crossfire will play this game in 4K just as fast as a single 1080, but cost 1/2 the price of a single 1080.Crossfire 480X cards will beat the 1080 and yet they will only cost 2/3rds the price of a 1080.AMD SUCK MAN!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! !FUCKING DIRVERS AND SHIIIT??? FUCK MAN THE HEAT IS UNBERABLE!!!

  • TheVanillatech

    Figured out how to cook eggs on my GTX1080!Play Minecraft for over easy, play Crysis 3 for hard boiled!"I'm so proud of you, son!" -GTX480

  • Motor78

    holy shit that looks insane I never seen a game so gorgeous

  • Rioplats

    Ooh, that's rather... Garish. Extremely pretty, but man, that saturation/vibrance kind of hurts my eyes.

  • Lorenzo Locchi

    It's incredible how biased these guys are towards PC. So 40/50 fps on a PC is not "unplayble" but on console not locked 60 fps on certain games become incredibly unplayble. It's also funny how The Order or Uncharted4 being 1080 p look considerably better than The Witcher 3 at 4k. Just saying

  • ferradosa757

    My computer struggles just to show the video on 4K, let alone play the thing... :(

  • Mark Herashchenko

    4k monitor is so expensive that I.....i don't know...

  • naaczej_25

    It's Geralt FFS not JERALT

  • Brenton Amit

    And here I am with my PS4 and my Xbox One #fml

  • willsgace

    And here it is The Witcher 3 that we saw on the E3

  • Kamina

    1:36 just look at the kid to the left 10/10

  • Choco

    and here i am watching this @360p 😂😂😂😂

  • Superproherohunter Hunter

    4k does not equal to good graphics, art and style is the most important thing

  • Thunder Force

    Big Pascal GP100 / GP102 graphics cards with HBM2 can't come soon enough.

  • Vic Boss

    game does look beautiful but combat system, lip sync and lvling mechanic are boring,unfinished and not challenging at all...another prove that games today invest everything in look rather in gameplay imho

  • The Most Wanted

    omfg i dont like witcher but this is incredibly beautiful

  • Sean

    mountains and trees in the distance look like cardboard lmao

  • Solid Snek

    The people shitting on the graphics probably still play unmodded games from 2008. Glass houses

  • Beastgoesbeserk

    Im impressed on how good the 1080card can make such beautiful details on a far Draw distance!!

  • Harkkyn

    I look forward to the day playing 8k at 60fps FeelsGoodMan

  • gouki4563

    You have to be an idiot to think MGSV looks better than the witcher 3

  • siegeh25

    45 to 50 fps with a 1080? holy shit

  • Ham

    Beautiful game, shit water XD

  • Winter Horizon

    Uncharted 4 4k > Witcher 3 4k

  • Gamraoh

    4K gaming on YouTube 1080 video player... Yay I guess

  • Alec B

    My god does that grass look hideous.

  • Andarus

    When I got my 1080 Ti, I'll try it. ;) Until then I rock it at 1080p with my 980 :>

  • bloxyman22

    I thought higher resolutions like 4k had less need for antialiasing and yet when watching this at 4k it looks like a aliased mess.

  • GTS300Coupe

    Uncharted 4 looks almost as good and runs on a PS4. How is that possible?

  • DrearierSpider1

    Now imagine this with the HD texture mod at 4k.

  • B Mcginnis

    sooo glad I grabbed a acer xb280hk for ~$640 at release. Really getting my money out of this monitor! Looks like I'll be playing this when my 1080 gets here tomorrow!

  • ashtonjackfanny

    daaamn the game looks like dogshit at all resolutions what a surprise. this fuckery looks like a cartoon stop it you're embarrassing yourself. unhcarted 4 points and laughs at these rubbish laden graphics

  • Ano Nymous

    amazing visuals, what a vivid presentation!

  • ffx178

    I played it ok 1440p XD with all the settings high

  • Quang Hoàng Minh

    can u show me where is this place? and do u use any mod?

  • LionHeart Games

    Holy shit! That game os unbelievable beautiful!

  • IntrovertGaming

    This game is almost 3 years old and still looks and runs better than most current triple A titles.. Really a true masterpiece of a game

  • madcapper6

    If I keep watching this vid it's gonna ruin my contentment with 1080p gaming for good. Awesome visuals.

  • TNT Nitro


  • CoreLegacy

    I ran the witcher on max settings using my 1070, and I got 59 fps, so I am kinda surprised to you guys didn't get it with 1080.

  • Ghost Coffins

    use crossbow to kill the gaint :D

  • Wasshup

    Are you using some mods or it's just 4k vanilla ? Can't belive it's clean version. Amazing

  • Kathil Royal

    Guys to run Witcher 3 in 4k you must have 2x 1080 to almost stable 60 fps. One gtx 1080 can`t hold Witcher in 4k Maybe gtx 1080 Ti <hairworks off> But it`s still not 60 fps... : )

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