The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine - 4K GTX 1080 Gameplay Footage

The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion adds a beautiful new area, Toussaint. Tom shows this region presented at its very best - at a 3840x2160 resolution (or 4k) at maximum settings on PC, as running on a GTX 1080.

4K performance on this card is 45-50fps region for The Witcher 3, and so we've capped our captures at 30fps.
  • siegeh25

    45 to 50 fps with a 1080? holy shit

  • naaczej_25

    It's Geralt FFS not JERALT

  • Kevin S.

    What's with the stutter? Thought it was capped at 30, does it dip below?

  • Motor78

    holy shit that looks insane I never seen a game so gorgeous

  • 34Floaty

    But you had the hair fx off...

  • Gary “Gaaaary” The clone

    But can I run it on my 400$ laptop at 4k?

  • cristi1990an

    And here I am playing the game on Low-Medium settings at 720p, struggling to get a locked 30fps.

  • failedtolisten

    1180 and 1180 Ti will definitely be able to get the most demanding games to run @4K 60FPS

  • Van Steel

    Not sure why, but this made me cry ...

  • Death Rager

    i hate videos of gameplay without fps showing....

  • Geoffrey Martin

    I'm running this in 4k on my 55 inch LG OLED and it's the most amazing thing Ive ever seen! I have everything maxed except hairworks (cause who gives a shit) and I get 40-55 fps. I rarely ever see it drop into the 30s

  • Deivy H

    Holly shit im watching this with hdr on my 4k tv looks amazingggggg

  • doueven

    Why does it look better when I select 1440p and 4K when I have a 1080p monitor???

  • invisible killer

    skip a 5s ads after watched 5s.

  • vicmoloy

    Uh, the colors look like absolute turd

  • Patrick Schwind

    And people say Uncharted 4 looks better 😁

  • Ratus

    2:21 tried to do that and fell right off the edge and died....


    it took me 1 hr to watch in my laptop 2g network AMAZING! :/

  • Matthew Irby

    That opening shot was gorgeous.

  • Geoff Prince

    I watch this gameplay on my 4k TV. Made my jaw drop, will the PS4 Pro run this game like this?

  • Evo Beats

    I play with a mix of ultra and medium on a gtx 1060 laptop, I get 60fps. The framerate is much more important to making the game visually appealing. I would take framerate over graphics anyday

  • MrAhmedUA

    can i play this game with i5 2400 and gtx 750ti and 8gb ddr3 ram ? at 768p ?

  • Hammmish

    Beautiful game, shit water XD

  • Wouter R

    Me:Imma get a pc that can run any game in 4k and that is VR ready.Has 800x600 monitor

  • Splitty Nitty

    I dont see a new card from Nvidia for at least 2 years (besides a 1080ti), 11TFLOPs on the new TItan is just insane.

  • illegalapps

    the r9 480 can play On this game on 4k high 30 fps ?

  • TheRatzor

    i just played with my GTX1070 4k caped at 30fps everything maxed. Still tho 30FPS horrible but those visuals sort makes it worth it

  • God Samrat

    My notebook overheated while watching this LOL

  • mark james abordo

    I don't see the need of 4k,most gamers play on small screen. I am happy with 1080p. this 4k is useful if you want to game on a big screen. VR still at early stage of development so I don't see any reason for gamers to upgrade to this, its completely a waste of money. Anyway this card is powerful, but not enough, I mean my expectations with this card could run any games up to date at ultra with 4x AA above 60fps. I am little bit disappointed with this.

  • Ali Gafood

    it's like playing in a portrait. you see what I did there?

  • bioshock 69

    i cant see what all the fuss is about this game. To me the graphics are to colourful which makes this game look like a cartoon and the grass trees water to dont look that realistic unless this video is not the true representing of this game in its full glory and looks blurry in places and theres not much sharpness

  • ApeLikeFury

    can you use a dedicated physX card for hairworks?


    My phone play this video in 720p. Crap(((

  • WalkandPeace

    I didn't notice pop in at 1080p but now at 1440p I can. Is there a fix or mod to fix the pop ins? I run maxed with 4xAA hairworks and maxed hairworks

  • subject_17

    I am surprised even after such a long time people still can't get Geralt's name right.

  • Chiriac Puiu

    i guess we'll have to wait for AMD's Vega and Nvidia's 1080 Ti to even get close to 60 fps at 4K.

  • emdeka87

    That music is so fucking good

  • Terra Incognita Gaming

    Deralt? You mean Geralt.

  • Benjot Sumal

    Watching this in 1080p lol

  • Shahroz Rashid

    wow the game looks beautiful on all systems. bathesda should learn something from these developers.

  • Marcelo Tezza

    Interesting that view distance in 4k generaly is far better, but in this game looks bad, those mountains looks very low res, unexpected for me.

  • Mark Herashchenko

    4k monitor is so expensive that I.....i don't know...

  • Jeremy Given

    That looks mind blowing.

  • The Most Wanted: especialista en videojuegos

    omfg i dont like witcher but this is incredibly beautiful

  • Yujen Boston

    This is captivating! I mean, think of it - 22 years ago 3D era started with original Doom showing how fun 3d games may be! It's been 2 decades and a little more since then. Back then we used to run games at resolutions as low as 640x480 and even lower for those with slower machines! Now we're like 12 times that resolutions in terms of pixel count!!! 12 times, Carl! More than that - we don't necessary need AA any more! We can render the image as clear as a mountain creek with no AA blurring any pixels, messing the image quality and eating our performance! And 2-3 years from now - mid end GPUs are gonna be able to do that shit! This is so cool, I'm so excited to see how 4K goes widely spread across gaming community and getting into it myself!!!! That's crazy, I just can't wait for 3 years in the future, gonna go freeze myself somewhere...

  • flanker22

    i know i'm gonna get alot of shit for this but honestly i think the lighting in the witcher games are shitty they look like what TV manufactures do and crank up color saturation and brightness while in store fronts just to make them stand out and not necessarily for good and accurate visuals. RDR even has better visual direction for their lighting and that's old as hell. Google "Red Dead Redemption: World in Motion."

  • Toast

    People 3 years from now will laugh at this video for how impressed we are with 4K gaming

  • Ano Nymous

    amazing visuals, what a vivid presentation!

  • Shawn Leonard

    Stunning on my M70-D3. Can't wait to see 4K with HDR in my games.

  • DragoonDark97

    What's best for gaming? 3840x2160 or 3440x1440?

  • fonarte

    Turning off the PPAA while running at 4k is incredibly stupid. Especially if you are downsampling, at such a dense 4:1 input ratio for final pixels disabling it literally gains you NOTHING but extra aliasing and no extra sharpness. Because any averaging of high frequency information that results in "blur" at native resolution is 100% entirely mitigated by oversampling.And at native 4k, it doesn't do you any favors either because you still need AA even at 4k. (Remember when 1080p was new and people thought we didn't need good AA for that too?) high frequency aliasing =/= actual detail.All of this is made irrelevant too by the fact you are recording compressed video and then uploading it to youtube which compresses it further pretty much destroying a huge layer of detail from the original image. Making your claims about maximum sharpness pretty funny.

  • Décadent Fractal

    4K ... but for me is the same at 1080P ... 4K is just good for PC with players who have their eyes very close to the screen ...

  • Alex Worm

    Love the game, love the graphics, but those clouds look just bad, such a big contrast with the rest of the assets and effects

  • Kurtis Mac

    Why do the plants look 2d?

  • Cosmocalypse

    Are you using a 84" TV? Because otherwise 4K is useless. Your eyes can't even see above 792p or 24 fps so congratulations on your new graphic chip waste of money. Meanwhile the Xbox still dominates at only $350 for the optimal resolution and framerate performance plus exclusive games and cloud computing for the best graphic on the planet

  • Iancreed8592

    Too bad this game doesnt look much different when played on pc compaired to ps4. I blame the devs for capping this games potential by catering too much to consoles

  • Putin schick uns Panzer

    I watch this in glorious 480p

  • thematrixx81

    will you keep testing the 980ti in newer games?pls

  • Food Republic

    feast your eyes console peasants

  • Mambo Home

    that dlc looks extraordinary, little bright colors, but other than that great

  • Saberus69

    Is this with SweetFX? doesn't seem so yellow and low contrast with overblown bloom like my version..

  • Raoh Shiro

    Wish they added VXAO and Directx12

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