The Pirate Caribbean Hunt : Black Pearl Ship

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  • Mr Hat

    Relly sorry for that weird sound came from that video, Please accepted my apologies

  • Itz_Roga

    Mr hat do you know how can I defend town that I captured(not a base)

  • Darth Lucas

    Do you buy this ship with real money or did you find it?

  • Ralph Benter

    all i can say is sweet

  • Hayate Zagu

    What is the ship you have now mr.hat ?I am have two 2-rate ship

  • Marc Ariadne Tabalba

    I declare war against you I'll bring my USA Missouri 1st rate

  • James Montemayor

    You buy the black galleon in book of ships right?

  • mj cabz

    I already got frigate

  • Joshua Herriot

    how do u get blackpearl

  • Kyle Toribio

    MYSTIROUS ISLAND''Open your map look for MEXICO find the town of BROWNSVILLE''SAIL''and then click the OPENWORLD then travel south about half of the ONDICO HIDDEN PORT if you already know the port if you dont just travel south'''''and east of ONDICO HIDDEN PORT there's a small island called DEVIL'S PASSAGE if the name appear on the screen click it'WAIT'it will put you in a big island'And then try to move your SHIP in any DIRECTIONS no stop just speed up the time it doesn't matter if it is 3x or 5x just speed it up''and then look at map and look at your SHIP THE SHIP IS MOVING BUT ON THE MAP THE SHIP IS NOT MOVING'THE SHIP STAY IN PLACE'Basically the ship need to move and you need to look at the map to know where your ship at'i dont know if theres more of this island'I cheaked this thing 2x looking for any problem or glitch on the or in my phone but theres no problem'''I HOPE YOU SEE IT'GOOD LUCK CAPTAINS''MISSION IS ALL YOURS'

  • Hyacinth Laurea

    just got the galleon it was not very hard to get though, just buy in towns with least expensive goods and sell em in towns in need to that goods, or do smuggler missions.

  • NemanjaFive

    what is name of the ship how i can buy it i play this on steam

  • Fede Lp

    i play this game but how the fuck did you baci e a galeon please say it please pleaseeeeeee

  • game erz

    I know that ship that ship is a military galleon i have 2x military galleon and customize the color and name and i have 3x 1st rate i capture 1st rate in port mission

  • Hayate Zagu

    But you play very good

  • Jiraiya Hermit

    Sir, Do you know HOW to Capture Ships? Im kinda new to the game (Had it downloaded jusy yesterday actually) and I really wanna check out on cool walkthroughs of this to guide me out on this game — Since the game itself has a 'lacking' tutorial. Ty in advance.

  • DarkPlay 12

    look at my channel its called DDarkPlay12 The ship is in Episode 5 and 6 the ship is ferry powerful

  • Hisham Ragheb

    which is stronger, the black pearl or the flying dutchmann?

  • Liezel Tamon

    how do you get it for free??

  • Secret Gaming

    that is not black pearl...that is galleon

  • lia Ortega

    I have 4 1st rate and im kinda bored. :3

  • Hayate Zagu

    Hahahahahah thic is a black pearl hahahah. This is a galleon ship not a black pearl .

  • Salam Real

    where to get that ship?

  • theiron squirtle

    you sniffed fucking 500 times just get rid of the fucking sound!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DarkPlay 12

    I'm with the newest ship in the game my channel is called DarkPlay12

  • Marcus Moylan

    How did you get that much money?

  • Peanut Gamez

    you buy the ship use real money or hack

  • Peanut Gamez

    how to use lucky patcher

  • Peanut Gamez

    can you make about how to get 1st rate ship in PIRATES : CARREBIAN HUNT

  • Peanut Gamez

    use root or no rootsorry I question you to many

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