The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine: Dettlaff Boss Fight (4K 60fps)

Boss fight against Dettlaff, the vampire and final boss, in The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Expansion DLC on death march difficulty on PC.

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  • Heftybull

    CD Project made Vampires and Werewolfs cool again.

  • Abdulrahman Alaql

    I love how well they did the little slow motion scene in 1:20 when both vampires jumped, it's a small detail but very well presented.

  • ONshark

    i dont get people who are not using quen

  • Jaden C

    Still can't believe how perfect this game is.

  • Loaf "The Hardscoper" Bloke

    This boss fight is harder than some Dark Souls bosses.EDIT: I said 'some DS bosses'. If you had more trouble with the Asylum Demon or Gaping Dragon than this, you're probably just shit at Dark Souls.

  • Justin B

    An interesting boss. 3 stages, tactics required, memorable quotes and a good theme. Nice story build up to it too. Bit too easy though. 8.5/10 as far as boss fights go. Very good for Dlc.

  • Mentesh Ibrahim

    Imagine if the unseen elder transformed into his vampire form 3:30

  • Cade Del Rey

    FUCK. THIS. GUY. Hardest boss outside of a souls game.

  • Aurourus

    Thank you cdpr for making vampires cool again.

  • m0n0phobia

    Sorry, but that boss had an extremely predictable attack pattern. Far too little variation..

  • Yennefer Lavellan

    The best Vampire history have the Witcher Lore no doubt.

  • Slorm Raptor

    you are pretty good with sword play, i suck with it, that's why i got the grandmaster griffin gear, so i could use powerful signs one after the another

  • glitch107

    Makes me want to play Legacy of Kain again.

  • tye331

    Technically Detlaff is a Tzimisce.

  • Some

    4K 60FPS! What is this sorcery

  • Agustín Garcia

    The last cool and original vampire story was legacy of kain. Thanks CDPR making vampires awesome again

  • GenericYoutubeNameHD

    This bossfight is difficult and incredible. No wonder witchers never take contracts on high vampires

  • The Sarcastic Legawa

    The most frustrating feeling I got from The Witcher 3 is when fighting Detlaff in Death March mode. Motherfuck me!

  • Tom Arrow

    People should stop calling videos 4K when they are only 1080p. There are worlds of difference between 1080p and 4k.

  • Raphaël

    Holy Shit ! This boss is god-like ! What do you use to get your life back ? Alchemy or mutation ?

  • Vlad Xavier

    You know, most boss fights in video games tend to be melodramatic and easypeasy. With the villain usually making some badass insult and then getting his ass handed to him.But holy fuck, this was BY FAR the hardest boss fight in the game and most other games I've ever played. Deathlaugh made Eredin look like a little bitch lol

  • saipratk kadam

    is the first one vampire? I am fan of vampires (of course due to their powers) but why in this game vampires are having large knife like fingernails ? I think Castlevania lord of shadows portray vampires and Drucula in the best way

  • Chihuahua King

    The things guys do for pussy.

  • Chaktip Paiboon

    Now this is a true final boss.

  • Strawberry91

    I love the way Dettlaff says "I am disappointed"

  • Barbora Holubcová

    As a hardcore Geralt's fangirl, I gotta Say Detlaff made me confused in my prefference

  • Micolash, Your host tonight.

    The fight is cool as fuck! Not really hard thou..And it kinda weird that Geralts manages to kill Detlaff, since only Higher Vampires can kill another Higher Vampire, as said before in the game. Have I missed something?

  • czupakabrabros

    what is the gerald armor? It looks like Drakula armor from 1993 movie

  • Marek Misztal

    it was the hardest fight in the game other boss fights were just easy compered to this one

  • avirx8

    This is the best boss fight in the game in my opinion and most challenging one.

  • olaolapepsiman

    Really had to rack my brains and formulate a strategy for this one.

  • shorfan

    I fucking hate fighting vampires, especially the damn screaming naked girls

  • scarabmango

    I shudder to think what the Unseen Elder's transformed state would be like. Given how nasty Dettlaff's is, and considering he's like an infant by comparison...the Elder must become a nightmare beyond imagination when he goes all out.

  • wijnand klomberg

    Awesome...i like this   KILL HIM

  • TheSilversephirot

    I've never played this game, I love vampires and after seeing this I'm buying it, question is this fight part of a DLC???

  • MoTuWeThFrSaSu

    Since I first fought Detlaff, 1:56 has always given me goosebumps. I don't know why, I just always found that particular moment so cool!


    Am I the only one who thought it was unbelievably badass and intimidating that he used his bat wave attack right after he tells you to fucking pray?

  • Lucas Newland


  • sperch3d

    Dettlaff has to be the coolest looking vampire ever...Too bad the writers made him such a douche...

  • Bobby scott Drybut

    was never a fan of the whole medieval rpg fantasy thing but i played this game and fucking love it

  • Cristobal Meneses

    I really need a movie of this

  • Jefriey Marte

    better than Castlevania

  • Whale Games

    After he transformed I like "fuck shit fuck lord Jesus above hear my fucking prays FUUUUUCCK"

  • Branislav Dursun

    That was some scary shit out there

  • Alton Bishop

    How did u keep gaining all your health back almost instantly

  • ultemcia

    CD project red please take over mass effect

  • Alsemenor

    Is this the best game, or the Bestest Game?

  • Dettlaff van der Eretein

    Best soundtrack, throws any dark souls boss theme out the window!

  • Box0rz

    Your computer must be insane. 4K 60fps with HairWorks on and apparently Ultra graphics?? That's some serious shit.

  • adrenalinerush369

    @ 2:27 right before the battle starts, it looked as if Geralt was like "Nope, nope!"

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    poor Regis, he was my fav character in the books when i saw him in game I was so happy, but his history is so tragic

  • Radical Atheist

    The facial animations, actually, all the animations in this game just shit on mass defect down syndromeda

  • ZwalistyDrwal

    This "hardest fight in game" is so damn easy, and was really disappointing to me

  • Cirilla Riannon

    Probably one of the worst boss I've ever fight. With the boss Sebastian on Blood Omen 2 ^^

  • Kerem Furkan Kara

    fuck dettlaff . He is like god

  • Gaurav Dey

    It was actually so scary and mind blowing I ill purchase that game now even if its cost my kidney!!

  • Andrei Nosatîi

    Obviously the best boss in The Witcher 3, much better than Eredin or Olgierd von Everec.

  • Rahul Kadian

    shit look at those nails

  • lowerlowerhk

    And in mainstream standard, this is "childish games for kids" while Twilight is great hits. Kinda tell the quality of mainstream standards.

  • Geralt of Rivia

    shite. that was a hard fight. cocksucker put up a tough match. one tough son of a bitch

  • Kochyy

    Never played this game. Can someone explain the ending? Did that Regis guy absorb his powers or something when he went for Dettlaff's throat?

  • KMS 5252

    6:35 Geralt is trippin balls

  • Val Suto

    For God`s sake!!!!! IGNI!!!!

  • MJackyboy 1299

    He's was a tuff boss I died 1 time glad I was doing contracts and levelling up more

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