The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine: Dettlaff Boss Fight (4K 60fps)

Boss fight against Dettlaff, the vampire and final boss, in The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Expansion DLC on death march difficulty on PC.

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  • Lex

    i dont get people who are not using quen

  • Justin B

    An interesting boss. 3 stages, tactics required, memorable quotes and a good theme. Nice story build up to it too. Bit too easy though. 8.5/10 as far as boss fights go. Very good for Dlc.

  • TheTempest 2.0

    The shit that Geralt gets himself into...

  • Benji Price

    Literally the best Expansion/DLC in video game history!

  • Cade Del Rey

    FUCK. THIS. GUY. Hardest boss outside of a souls game.

  • m0n0phobia

    Sorry, but that boss had an extremely predictable attack pattern. Far too little variation..

  • Aurourus

    Thank you cdpr for making vampires cool again.

  • Kouve Jr

    My silver sword broke and he's hard as fuck. I'm literally stuck.

  • Yennefer Lavellan

    The best Vampire history have the Witcher Lore no doubt.

  • Slorm Raptor

    you are pretty good with sword play, i suck with it, that's why i got the grandmaster griffin gear, so i could use powerful signs one after the another

  • tye331

    Technically Detlaff is a Tzimisce.

  • glitch107

    Makes me want to play Legacy of Kain again.

  • Fifty0ne

    Best thing about this fight is the MUSIC. God is it epic.

  • saipratk kadam

    is the first one vampire? I am fan of vampires (of course due to their powers) but why in this game vampires are having large knife like fingernails ? I think Castlevania lord of shadows portray vampires and Drucula in the best way

  • no


  • Vlad Xavier

    You know, most boss fights in video games tend to be melodramatic and easypeasy. With the villain usually making some badass insult and then getting his ass handed to him.But holy fuck, this was BY FAR the hardest boss fight in the game and most other games I've ever played. Deathlaugh made Eredin look like a little bitch lol

  • Kairos

    THIS is death march? Wow.. I get one shotted by just about everything I fight, human or monster. This looks painfully easy.

  • Emilio Abraham

    Hey where did you got this armor? Btw I love this fight i have Watched this video so many times!

  • xMinteee

    Does this guy not know how to use Quen

  • Antoine Lashua

    No video game on earth can tell a story like this one can... The last of us is a good story teller but damn The Witcher 3 is unmatched it seems

  • Andrei Cotos

    I think this is called Strigoi in my native folklore.But is much more terryifing than this.

  • Insatiable Chaos

    If Regis and Dettlaff 1v1'd each other in an arena with no environmental influence, who would win?

  • lowerlowerhk

    And in mainstream standard, this is "childish games for kids" while Twilight is great hits. Kinda tell the quality of mainstream standards.

  • SuperGodlike101

    I graduated from the Dark Souls Academy with a major in GIT GUD, and this boss fight was still intense as FUCK!

  • Gigi Haded

    An army of higher vampire seem more dangerous than an army of aen elle!

  • Shrimp3r JR

    2:03 good good, kill him, kill him now2:05 Dew it

  • matt Smith

    took me 13 tries to beat him on the highest difficulty


    I ran out of food and potions half way through this fight.

  • Katie R.

    the last stage of this fight was probably my most "what-the-fuck" moment of the whole game

  • Vipul Sakpal

    Detlaff will make Edward piss in his pants....

  • Mentesh Ibrahim

    Imagine if the unseen elder transformed into his vampire form 3:30

  • Lixander Genao

    I just cannot understand why there's so many people that think that the combat in this game was weak like WTF the combat is intense as FUCK

  • Kouve Jr

    CD Projekt Red should make a skip button because no way in fucking hell I will kill this thing with a broken silver sword and no potions.

  • Nlgga MacWhite

    This is not death march difficulty, you weasel.

  • GeneseChannel

    That red armour maaaaan

  • TheReck

    bruh this is the most intense boss fight I've had in any game In a while

  • Callum Teape

    an intro to a boss fight i never once skipped

  • Raphaël

    Holy Shit ! This boss is god-like ! What do you use to get your life back ? Alchemy or mutation ?

  • Schism

    Is that a heavy armor? With the cat armor the bat attack will kill you instantly.

  • Hippo McHippo

    Does the last stage remind anyone else of path of exile?

  • Kareem Zeid

    Perfect way of dealing with the second stage of the battle is using Aard when he is striking from above it will drop him on the ground making him vulnerable for attacks but timing is key

  • Yisroel Hirsch

    man u gotta love the music

  • avirx8

    This is the best boss fight in the game in my opinion and most challenging one.

  • olaolapepsiman

    Really had to rack my brains and formulate a strategy for this one.

  • Peace Guard

    To be honest you fought like shit. This game's mechanics is about rolling + Igni.

  • Lucas Newland


  • shorfan

    I fucking hate fighting vampires, especially the damn screaming naked girls

  • wijnand klomberg

    Awesome...i like this   KILL HIM

  • MoTuWeThFrSaSu

    Since I first fought Detlaff, 1:56 has always given me goosebumps. I don't know why, I just always found that particular moment so cool!

  • sperch3d

    Dettlaff has to be the coolest looking vampire ever...Too bad the writers made him such a douche...

  • Bobby scott Drybut

    was never a fan of the whole medieval rpg fantasy thing but i played this game and fucking love it

  • Cristobal Meneses

    I really need a movie of this

  • Jefriey Marte

    better than Castlevania

  • Vlad Xavier

    This boss fight was fucking ruthless...I played the entire game on high difficulty and then got pissed because I had to finally lower it just for this battle lol

  • Whale Games

    After he transformed I like "fuck shit fuck lord Jesus above hear my fucking prays FUUUUUCCK"

  • Kevin Paterson

    I hope they make the 4th witcher game based on the Vampires. I think this expansion was just a teaser for the future of the games, I feel like if that portal to the Vampire world opens like the Elder is waiting for, it'll mean masses of monsters come to the continent again, and that would call for an army of Witchers to fight them like in the old days. Witchers will be taken and conscripted like how Grey Wardens were in Dragon Age to fight the masses of monsters, and you will finally get to kill the Elder Vampires.I have so had enough of the typical Humans vs Elves theme.

  • ashtonjackfanny

    what shit graphics and lame fight tactics fuckin trash just like the main game. horizon zero dawn says hi with aloy's hair being more polygons than all the witcher 3 character models combined

  • Coll Bisby

    fuck sakes i always thought you could only roll away from bats so in blood march difficulty i wasted so many attempts on this because the timing had to be on point otherwise its an instant kill

  • Branislav Dursun

    That was some scary shit out there

  • Alsemenor

    Is this the best game, or the Bestest Game?

  • ultemcia

    CD project red please take over mass effect

  • Box0rz

    Your computer must be insane. 4K 60fps with HairWorks on and apparently Ultra graphics?? That's some serious shit.

  • adrenalinerush369

    @ 2:27 right before the battle starts, it looked as if Geralt was like "Nope, nope!"

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