The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine: Dettlaff Boss Fight (4K 60fps)

Boss fight against Dettlaff, the vampire and final boss, in The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Expansion DLC on death march difficulty on PC.

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  • Daniel N

    I love how Tesham Mutna armor with red dye is almost identical to the one Gary Oldman was wearing in Dracula

  • Boss Fight Database

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  • Lilit Beglarian

    other copmanies release a dlc and call it a game. CDprojecktred makes a game calls it a dlc

  • SnakEmil the Science Eel

    Now THESE are vampires. Thanks to this game I can almost forget about Edward and his glittering.

  • Traps Aren't Gay

    Coolest vampire boss fight of all time.

  • Archangel the Stylish

    Watching Dettlaff and Regis fight is like Wolverine vs Sabertooth.

  • Argel Comia

    While fighting Detlaff in human form: Hmm, so where was that vampire with wings on the DLC poster? it wasn't the unseen elder, so-Detlaff transforms- OH. shit.

  • Lord Zuko

    God damn it, they really outdone themselves with this DLC.

  • Joachim Murat

    Holy shit, the expression on Regis' face when Geralt says he's there just to kill Detlaff... unbelievable detail.

  • Cold B

    Every writer has to take notes from CDPR, this is how you make vampires awesome and not gay.

  • Loaf "The Hardscoper" Bloke

    This boss fight is harder than some Dark Souls bosses.EDIT: I said 'some DS bosses'. If you had more trouble with the Asylum Demon or Gaping Dragon than this, you're probably just shit at Dark Souls.

  • Jaden C

    Still can't believe how perfect this game is.

  • captain ranj

    this was no game . this was an expirience . a legend

  • bert lyte

    Best fight in the game. Requires constant alertness and movement along with the right preperations.

  • Shamrock

    i dont get people who are not using quen

  • Natsu Tsuna

    best game 2015, no doubt.

  • Darragh Tate

    You know, this fight is perfect.The entire Witcher series, they really drill in that Higher Vampires are pretty close to gods, and cannot be killed. In the novels, Geralt says he'd never fight Regis, simply because he knows he wouldn't stand a prayer. This fight really captured that - fighting Dettlaff is exactly as hard as they make it out to be (well, on higher difficulties with one-hit kills, of course).Dettlaff is big, angry, and downright terrifying, and up to a point sympathetic and almost childlike with his naivety. But he can destroy a city with a thought, and Regis says he's well capable of doing it by hand too, if he wants. And he has maybe hundreds of thousands of years of experience. Great final boss, overall, probably my favourite in the series and probably the hardest too.

  • Jehn

    Shit, he transformed into a beast, quickly, use quen!JESUS CHRIST IT DOESN"T WORK

  • TheBType


  • jexar

    for an expansion of 20 bucks, i've seen big companies try less effort that cost a lot more than this. CD project red is true bros of gamers.

  • Pietro Bernardi

    Best dettlaff boss fight vid yet. Actually uses an entertaining fighting style.

  • Turaco

    Not bad gameplay except lack of Quen. There is no excuse because you were not using any other signs either. So much damage could have been avoided with Quen being active half the time of the fight


    Am I the only one who thought it was unbelievably badass and intimidating that he used his bat wave attack right after he tells you to fucking pray?

  • Justin B

    An interesting boss. 3 stages, tactics required, memorable quotes and a good theme. Nice story build up to it too. Bit too easy though. 8.5/10 as far as boss fights go. Very good for Dlc.

  • Sebastian Schwärzel

    remember back then in skyrim when vampires had only one fucked up transformation?

  • Tim_Cruz177

    If you read Regis's Journal before this fight, you won't be able to fight against Dettlaff. poor regis, my favorite character in the books but man does the guy have a tragic history

  • czupakabrabros

    what is the gerald armor? It looks like Drakula armor from 1993 movie

  • The Mothling

    This shit is better than most dark souls bosses! so dope.

  • nanoacido

    poor Regis, he was my fav character in the books when i saw him in game I was so happy, but his history is so tragic

  • Tyler M.

    Why are these Higher Vampires different from the one in the main game?

  • Red John

    This game reminds me of game of thrones btw this game is the best game I've ever played so far

  • Awagel

    The most frustrating feeling I got from The Witcher 3 is when fighting Detlaff in Death March mode. Motherfuck me!

  • ModeIN

    It's not death march difficulty level. Bat swarm attack should kill you instantly.

  • jimmerding

    pppffffft as if, that jump Geralt does over the wall at 1:30 would've killed him 3 times over in game

  • Lane Hull

    at exactly 2:27 , geralt is having second thoughts about this higher vampire shit

  • Ranjit Singh

    We deserve a game where we get to play as Dettlaff...

  • TheSilversephirot

    I've never played this game, I love vampires and after seeing this I'm buying it, question is this fight part of a DLC???

  • lowerlowerhk

    And in mainstream standard, this is "childish games for kids" while Twilight is great hits. Kinda tell the quality of mainstream standards.

  • Andrei Nosatîi

    Obviously the best boss in The Witcher 3, much better than Eredin or Olgierd von Everec.

  • Charles Burnham

    Can't seem to beat Dettlaff on Death March. Very frustrating. Those effing bats.

  • András Csékey

    The best thing about this scene is Detlaff is stronger than Regis but Regis was seemingly overpowering him in most of the fight. In other games and movies allies are so weak all the time and there are no equal battles and the bosses are always seemingly the strongest but at least intimidating. They say it is needed but it is not! Witcher 3 is brave enough to go against lots of clichés and it became a master piece! CD Project Red is just awesome!

  • Abdulrahman Alaql

    I love how well they did the little slow motion scene in 1:20 when both vampires jumped, it's a small detail but very well presented.

  • Semilamist

    git gud,that some horrible fighting

  • paulyster

    This fight took me like 30 tries.

  • Not my name

    This is what Free-range humans will do to you.

  • Thraxxboi

    This was definitely the hardest witcher boss

  • krixxus123

    Best Vampires ever!!!!

  • GrooveCat

    Can somebody explain Dettlaffs blood mode or whatever that is? Where he is all red and gooey

  • Sully Hirsch

    3:42 sounds like dettlaff is having an orgasm

  • Anant Sumaria

    does anyone know what ability he had when his health was low and it just somehow regenerated

  • Micolash, Your host tonight.

    The fight is cool as fuck! Not really hard thou..And it kinda weird that Geralts manages to kill Detlaff, since only Higher Vampires can kill another Higher Vampire, as said before in the game. Have I missed something?

  • John Sneesby

    Damn this fight is quite challenging on death march bats is an instant kill. Toughest fight yet for me.

  • Andrew Shuboy

    Dettlaff was the only boss in the entire game that I couldn't beat on Death March


    this is hard with 5 fps

  • Gordon Freeman

    For anyone struggling with the bats on harder difficulty: try running to the sides instead of dodging.

  • Son of Persia

    by the time i did this fight i had full manticore gear and euphoria +300 toxicity... lets just say dettlaff traded blows poorly. it didn't even take this long for me!

  • Azhureus

    what build do u play ? Looks like u are almsot immortal !

  • Marek Misztal

    it was the hardest fight in the game other boss fights were just easy compered to this one

  • I literally throw rocks at airplanes

    This awesome fight really highlights one of the many reason why the Carnal Sins quest was so terrible.

  • Box0rz

    Your computer must be insane. 4K 60fps with HairWorks on and apparently Ultra graphics?? That's some serious shit.

  • Ariel Caceres

    Best game of history!!!!

  • Shane Wilson

    Anyone watching play the original Spiderman on PS1? The third part gave me carnage flashbacks

  • jefthereaper

    meh, vampire lord in Skyrim was better.Dettlaff: This is not even my final form! transforms...Dammit why can't I play like a super powerful vampire like this in any kind of game?!

  • Alton Bishop

    How did u keep gaining all your health back almost instantly

  • Descendant of Kraff

    Witcher 3, Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne are the only current gen games as good as the best games from last gen.

  • Titanite Slab

    Best soundtrack, throws any dark souls boss theme out the window!

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