The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine: Dettlaff Boss Fight (4K 60fps)

Boss fight against Dettlaff, the vampire and final boss, in The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Expansion DLC on death march difficulty on PC.

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  • Heftybull

    CD Project made Vampires and Werewolfs cool again.

  • TheBType


  • Natsu Tsuna

    best game 2015, no doubt.

  • Jaden C

    Still can't believe how perfect this game is.

  • Justin B

    An interesting boss. 3 stages, tactics required, memorable quotes and a good theme. Nice story build up to it too. Bit too easy though. 8.5/10 as far as boss fights go. Very good for Dlc.

  • Loaf "The Hardscoper" Bloke

    This boss fight is harder than some Dark Souls bosses.

  • ShadkunWarrior

    "If you acknowledge any gods.. Start praying now." I gotta fucking admit, I nearly shat my pants when I heard that.

  • ONshark

    i dont get people who are not using quen

  • Traps Aren't Gay

    Coolest vampire boss fight of all time.

  • The Sarcastic Legawa

    The most frustrating feeling I got from The Witcher 3 is when fighting Detlaff in Death March mode. Motherfuck me!

  • Chihuahua King

    The things guys do for pussy.

  • Charles Burnham

    Can't seem to beat Dettlaff on Death March. Very frustrating. Those effing bats.

  • Chaktip Paiboon

    Now this is a true final boss.

  • Strawberry91

    I love the way Dettlaff says "I am disappointed"

  • Mentesh Ibrahim

    Imagine if the unseen elder transformed into his vampire form 3:30

  • Barbora Holubcová

    As a hardcore Geralt's fangirl, I gotta Say Detlaff made me confused in my prefference

  • czupakabrabros

    what is the gerald armor? It looks like Drakula armor from 1993 movie

  • Turaco

    Not bad gameplay except lack of Quen. There is no excuse because you were not using any other signs either. So much damage could have been avoided with Quen being active half the time of the fight

  • Oliver Daubner

    2:25 nope, fuck this, i am leaving this shit :DDDDDDD

  • Marek Misztal

    it was the hardest fight in the game other boss fights were just easy compered to this one

  • scarabmango

    I shudder to think what the Unseen Elder's transformed state would be like. Given how nasty Dettlaff's is, and considering he's like an infant by comparison...the Elder must become a nightmare beyond imagination when he goes all out.

  • SoUtH MeMpHiS

    You were my brother!!,You were the chosen one!!

  • Der Zeitreisepunk

    i that dracul's armor from the movie "bram stoker's dracula"? looks awesome!!

  • saipratk kadam

    is the first one vampire? I am fan of vampires (of course due to their powers) but why in this game vampires are having large knife like fingernails ? I think Castlevania lord of shadows portray vampires and Drucula in the best way

  • PQ5

    great quality! 4k should be a standart.

  • Asylant

    How did you get Geralt's beard darker?

  • Andrew Shuboy

    Dettlaff was the only boss in the entire game that I couldn't beat on Death March

  • Alton Bishop

    How did u keep gaining all your health back almost instantly

  • Otakamerd

    The new X-Men film is looking pretty good


    Am I the only one who thought it was unbelievably badass and intimidating that he used his bat wave attack right after he tells you to fucking pray?

  • Soulja Fraud that milk made pussy

    Fighting this dude on hard mode was a fucking douze.

  • CowllPM

    so you just have to run to avoid those fucking bats

  • E-Man5805

    They basically gave you that little window after Detlaff bursts through the wall fighting to let you make oils and potions and get your gear together.Nice lil' breather moment.

  • Rick Sanchez

    The fight is cool as fuck! Not really hard thou..And it kinda weird that Geralts manages to kill Detlaff, since only Higher Vampires can kill another Higher Vampire, as said before in the game. Have I missed something?

  • Darragh Tate

    You know, this fight is perfect.The entire Witcher series, they really drill in that Higher Vampires are pretty close to gods, and cannot be killed. In the novels, Geralt says he'd never fight Regis, simply because he knows he wouldn't stand a prayer. This fight really captured that - fighting Dettlaff is exactly as hard as they make it out to be (well, on higher difficulties with one-hit kills, of course).Dettlaff is big, angry, and downright terrifying, and up to a point sympathetic and almost childlike with his naivety. But he can destroy a city with a thought, and Regis says he's well capable of doing it by hand too, if he wants. And he has maybe hundreds of thousands of years of experience. Great final boss, overall, probably my favourite in the series and probably the hardest too.

  • lowerlowerhk

    And in mainstream standard, this is "childish games for kids" while Twilight is great hits. Kinda tell the quality of mainstream standards.

  • TheSilversephirot

    I've never played this game, I love vampires and after seeing this I'm buying it, question is this fight part of a DLC???

  • Iván Álvarez

    that black blood lol.. xD

  • Dzenan Destanovic

    this mother fucker is the hardest one i faced.i died 15 times to him,

  • Kutan Alyadua

    Fuck this made me wish for a new game of VM=Bloodlines.

  • Vinh Đặng

    What the hell ? No witcher gear , No Aeronight , and Just Story :)))))

  • GrooveCat

    Can somebody explain Dettlaffs blood mode or whatever that is? Where he is all red and gooey

  • Petteri Vainio

    On deathmarch bats kill you instantly even on full health and quen on.. :/

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    poor Regis, he was my fav character in the books when i saw him in game I was so happy, but his history is so tragic

  • way231

    how did u switch potions in that fight??

  • Thraxxboi

    This was definitely the hardest witcher boss

  • kasper pimiä

    This boss on death march was a nightmare, recomend :D

  • ZwalistyDrwal

    This "hardest fight in game" is so damn easy, and was really disappointing to me

  • Andrei Nosatîi

    Obviously the best boss in The Witcher 3, much better than Eredin or Olgierd von Everec.

  • fbiuzz

    You know looking at this vid, shows how frickin strong Geralt is. Considering that he can trade blows with a creatures that can destroy castle walls.

  • Julian Gell

    Is that the armor from bram stokers dracula?

  • Kochyy

    Never played this game. Can someone explain the ending? Did that Regis guy absorb his powers or something when he went for Dettlaff's throat?

  • jimmerding

    pppffffft as if, that jump Geralt does over the wall at 1:30 would've killed him 3 times over in game

  • BigFatMeanie

    Dettlaf VS Harkon (From TES: Skyrim)


    You're not playing DkS so why stay on low HP for so long. I see no RTSR

  • Abhimanyu Choudhary

    People commenting about alchemy need to realize that alchemy is pretty much overpowered all throughout this game

  • joseph kony

    wait when i run from the bat swarm that oneshot me sideways like you did, he just predicts me.i have to dodge with a tumble.

  • paulyster

    This fight took me like 30 tries.

  • Alex7

    Where do you get that armor?

  • John Diaz

    I tried like hell finding a way to save him with no luck always end in killing him.

  • Daimler_Stool

    not sure how you don't get one shotted by the bat attack, even in my full mastercrafted ursine heavy armor dropped me to like 20% health and i was playing on death march too.

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