The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game Movie (1/4) All Cutscenes Full Story 1080p HD


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Witcher 3 has been one of the best, if not the best, game of the year. The story is rich with intrigue and real raw emotion. This is probably the longest single game movie we've ever done. We're about 20 episodes in on GLPtv and we still have about 5 more to go. It's a humongous story. But it is worth watching, and has major pay offs as the story goes on. We're splitting this game movie into four parts, since it'll be well over 20 hours. We usually like to do these game movies in one vid, so you guys don't have to be clicking around, but the length calls for it. We'll be uploading Part 2 on Friday, and the final 2 next week.

If you prefer it in smaller chunks, we've also done the Witcher 3 in episodes on our second channel GLPtv. The link is above if you prefer to watch that way

As always we included relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to create one fluid cinematic experience. We hope you enjoy!

Gameplay by Spanky
Edited by Knowledge

Our 2nd Channel GLP TV:

  • Ahmed Shams Shaker

    Thank you soooo much uploader... u did a huge favor to us ppl who played witcher 1&2 but cant play 3rd one because of the required high spec to run this one... cause we really wanted to know the story... so 1c again bro thanx... XD

  • A_Cirious_Gamer

    Man this game is a treat. 2 years on and I still watch it as if it were a movie. I absolutely love it. I cannot wait till Witcher 4 and Ciri as the main character.

  • Dee Gravelrama

    I am a "nube" to this, so apologies if my comment(s) have ignorance to them, but I've recently found (and subscribed) to your channel, and I find it amazing! You take the best parts of what I want to see in games and put them out there. I've never been a gamer, but always enjoyed watching my brother play in our childhood mostly for the story lines. And I think it's really cool that you put it out there for those of us who just enjoy watching. Many thanks, and in my humble opinion, you do an excellent job!

  • Marcelo Soriano

    im not a rpg gamer at all, i preffer CS, Dota and Street Fighter, but a like the story of them, so thank you for make me not playing it but enjoying it anyway, without your work i would never know about the plot of this kind of game

  • Dazman

    you know this game is long when a GAME movie is separated into 4 PARTS. and the first part is ALMOST 7 HOURS LONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danielle G.

    Jezus, if I was Geralt, I'd lose my flip pin' shit from people's favors by now ._.

  • Tony Tng

    20+ hours series, this is gonna take a few days.............

  • xX Valtiel Xx

    My favorite part of this movie (til' now of course) it's the Bloody Baron's story, really sad but awesome, specially when you follow Dea through the village and every peasant is like "mmm a baby ghost, must be tuesday" xD

  • Dess Mendoza

    Good gamevideo, still seeing it, but by the gods, please practice a little before doing the video, failing that ciri's race and being hit a lot, make looks Ciri and Geralt like rookies. supposed to be damn pro badass witchers xD

  • jaybles cashews

    it seems this game is so long because every time the main character catches a lead they with hold the info for some bs favor. they can't ever just say hey go this way, no its do something for me and then i'll tell you. that would get on my nerves after a while

  • ArcT1cWarR10r

    never realised that killing those guys at the crossroads causes you so much trouble.

  • RandomSpaceMan

    "May the great sun light your path." AAAaahghh

  • Ezio Travel

    Excellent I like your videos

  • Samurai Rebel Viking

    thank you thank you thank you, i am playing thru the game now and have been ever since its release and i love it MGS5 and Witcher, i'm a busy father and now i can enjoy the story without forgetting or being confused because of how long it takes me to play games anyways i'm rambling on and what i'm trying to say is you guys rock, thank you very much for all your hard work. this is an amazing game!

  • Panter

    Witcher 3 was a great playthrough!

  • CooperTheDrift

    4:19:40 XD That thing reminds me of that hideous baby duck/human offa South Park. "!"

  • Michael Eshleman

    keep your save data...they'll be a WITCHER 4, but I think Cira will be the next new Witcher...with Garalt being the Guest....

  • Yang Qiao

    After halo collection movie, another challange of destiny

  • Tyler Stewart

    Uuuuhg I chose wrong with the Barons story. Wish I would have killed the spirit in the tree! Much better ending.

  • Mike

    I love this game!! What other games out there are good like this? Is Skyrim pretty good? I am looking for some more single player games that are as good as this. I just started playing Witcher 3 a couple days ago and am really liking it so far.

  • A Wanker

    The real hero here is Bart the troll

  • CADJewellerySkills

    You know what? I want a T-shirt which has the words "HORSE STAMINA" written on the front...

  • SoullessPotato

    This game would be a lot shorter if it weren't so repetitive. There is one major point to everything. And in order to get to those major points you must follower smaller but still big points. In order to reach those big points you have to talk to different people. Each person will give you a favor to do. When you finally get to the bigger point you have to do a series of favors for them. Eventually getting one tiny bit of information on the major point. If there weren't so many favors in between every single thing then perhaps this game could be made into a one part movie. Maybe a two.

  • Khoa Phan

    holy crap 6hrs and part 1??

  • Zulu

    Mom told me one more video before bedtime

  • Omar Al Khanbashi

    Gotta say, phew, what a game!

  • Nathan Christensen

    your upload has trouble around 5:30:14 but other than that it's awesome!!!

  • Somecheesywaffle

    I just want the cutscenes I don't have 7hours to watch this.

  • SCP-001

    You look positively smashing. Yeah, smashing you.

  • john dolores

    does this include all the side quests?

  • Amanda Anaya

    If Geralt was a woman, he would look exactly like Ciri. It's so cute how much they look alike. Even similar scars

  • MrLaTEchno CNN goes down

    Wow ,..I loved every minute of this game movie.Part one just done,ready for the next one.Tomorrow I hope and the rest this week.......thnxs for the upL and all the work you guys did on this game/movie.

  • Amanda Anaya

    The sassy characters are always my favorite! Nathan Drake, Ragna The BloodEdge, and Bigby Wolf.

  • Count Spartula

    Holy shit, Geralt's facial hair grows over time in-game!Thats some detail right there. Dayum. Wonder what the maximum size is that it can grow to...

  • Vampiresoap

    "What's it matter? Only ever thought of you." I thought back to Witcher 1 and laughed so hard

  • Oliisawesome right now

    It's slightly annoying when Geralt shortens his speech.

  • PiK

    I would prefer if they cut the dialogue options, it kinda stops the flow.

  • SarinisIsiltra

    1:51:30 no vodka drink ?? holly shit you certainly dont know how to make business ....

  • Tony Pringles

    see being a female anything during medieval ages was tough female witchers and knights if they failed they would be raped until they were braindead

  • Vicarious Gamer

    Alright, alright... A show of hands... Who wants to be the Witcher ? LOL 1

  • -has a master's degree in wumbology

    My only complaint is that you keep picking fights instead of reaching a more peaceful conclusion. Other than that I enjoyed it.

  • Me Myself and I

    Geralt's voice actor is horrid. An endless string of unaffected monotone with no inflection and a grating growl that's more comical than believable--like Christian Bale's Batman in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Perfect way to ruin the game, Projekt Red...

  • Comic-fied!

    I wish there was some way to make a game a "movie" if you get what I mean. Gameplay sort of ruins the flow of cinematic cutscenes at least in my opinion. You're more than free to disagree with me.But for what it's worth, the way it's done here it's fine I guess

  • Jan Seulin

    And i saw people that said witcher has no history(or bad history), this world is so complex to understand in no time, you need to play, to read, to learn about the things around you in the game and make the right choices, I finished the game three times now, and played the witcher 1 and 2 too.. i had more emotional and hard choices in the series that in real life lolol, my favorite game of all times

  • Brian McNulty

    This game is so epic and awesome.

  • Jimmy Yu

    32:05 I bet CD Project red prepare for this at the very beginning, maybe before The Witcher 3 released.

  • Bree jordan

    I love how many sides Geralt has. I adore him

  • Bree jordan

    The godlings are the one of these only things in this game I would trust

  • Matt Zarland


  • Nothing else Matters

    Have to agree!! It is awsome, and not to long at all!! You could upload 8-10h and it would be Ok.. It is a Vid, and can be paused!! I realy enjoy this gameplay!!

  • ezockilluminati

    Why don't these uploaders every were the badass witcher gear??...

  • Miguel Alexandre

    thank god he didn't bow at 1:17:10

  • rakeb mazharul

    what is the ending soundtrack at 6:54:50?

  • ari sudana

    I played it before because everyone said this is the best game of all times, but i dont like it i dont know maybe rpg just isnt my type of game.. (dont get me wrong i like the story but to finish a single side quest i need 1 hours, make me stop playing)

  • William Shouse

    Those sisters were damn creepy

  • Filippo Sala

    Why did you kill the dudes at the crossroads?

  • george eliot evans

    voice is not in sync.......though it not your fault

  • Illiad

    @_@ Holy Molly Batman this is gonna be a long adventure!

  • Athils

    every time there's a fight, i wanna cuff your horse until it stops screaming so loudly, one way or another.

  • Athils

    gotta say, as pointless as the scene might seem, i do love the meeting with Movran Voorhis in Novigrad. it adds a lot to his character. for all his politeness he seems to thrive on social awkwardness, like inviting the northern witcher to accompany him to the races. obviously he's not short on guile given his station, but he manages to avoid seeming as powerful as he is commonly known to be in the books (he's the leader of the imperial opposition, essentially emhyr's political rival, and contradicting that the position is offered to ciri solely in the games so far, he is emhyr's successor as imperator in the books. but he's just around watching failures at courtesy and cracking thinly veiled jokes, never delivering a threat that's not in jest (e.g. the barber's chair). i tried to play along as much as i could make geralt do so in the game instead of being openly hostile like i was with emhyr and radovid, entirely because i enjoyed him and his horribly ugly face so much.

  • Wyatt Williams

    Cant wait till the series are on Netflix

  • Mikee Loves Indie

    How do you's find the patience to even do this? Isn't this like....... a lot of editing....... like a lot?

  • Tomas Gregertsson

    Awesome, I have played for about 100 hours since the game came out but then I stopped and have not played for maybe 1.5 years.What held me off was that I had forgotten a lot of the story and I get anxiety attacks when I think of playing through 100+ hours again to complete the game and pick up every little thing I had :p

  • Rain Wolff

    The video stops working around 6:37:47; it stays buffering and won't ever actually load. I've been stuck on this for about of month and came to check again. Do you see any problems on your end? Thanks!

  • countryguitarist2005

    Is the VA for Cleaver the voice actor for Blackwall in DA:Inquisition?

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