The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game Movie (1/4) All Cutscenes Full Story 1080p HD

OUTLAST 2 All Cutscenes:

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Witcher 3 has been one of the best, if not the best, game of the year. The story is rich with intrigue and real raw emotion. This is probably the longest single game movie we've ever done. We're about 20 episodes in on GLPtv and we still have about 5 more to go. It's a humongous story. But it is worth watching, and has major pay offs as the story goes on. We're splitting this game movie into four parts, since it'll be well over 20 hours. We usually like to do these game movies in one vid, so you guys don't have to be clicking around, but the length calls for it. We'll be uploading Part 2 on Friday, and the final 2 next week.

If you prefer it in smaller chunks, we've also done the Witcher 3 in episodes on our second channel GLPtv. The link is above if you prefer to watch that way

As always we included relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to create one fluid cinematic experience. We hope you enjoy!

Gameplay by Spanky
Edited by Knowledge

Our 2nd Channel GLP TV:
  • Nathan Christensen

    your upload has trouble around 5:30:14 but other than that it's awesome!!!

  • Raver1601

    just bought this from a friend for about $25 dollars. Best $25 dollars of my fucking life!!

  • Ace Of Blazes

    Holy shit, Geralt's facial hair grows over time in-game!Thats some detail right there. Dayum. Wonder what the maximum size is that it can grow to...

  • RandomSpaceManInSpace

    "May the great sun light your path." AAAaahghh

  • Ezio Travel

    Excellent I like your videos

  • SCP-001

    You look positively smashing. Yeah, smashing you.

  • Ciri

    Man this game is a treat. 2 years on and I still watch it as if it were a movie. I absolutely love it. I cannot wait till Witcher 4 and Ciri as the main character.

  • john dolores

    does this include all the side quests?

  • Surphlacius Hero

    I never noticed O'Dimm appeared this early in the story. Small world.

  • Tyler Stewart

    Uuuuhg I chose wrong with the Barons story. Wish I would have killed the spirit in the tree! Much better ending.

  • LucianHector

    I've played and completed this already, but I love watching the cut scenes - thank you so much

  • Esa Mayfield

    6:42:00 every time someone picks a fight with Gerald, that straight up get destroyed

  • Brent von Schweinitz

    ok this is 6 hours of game play it is cool

  • Dmeingo Johnson

    best game ever thank for this love playing thru without playing thru

  • Drake Jordan

    Hey! I've been a avid fan of your series of game movies you've released the past year, and was wondering, any games youd recommend for people just getting into the PS4 system?

  • Ahmed Shams Shaker

    Thank you soooo much uploader... u did a huge favor to us ppl who played witcher 1&2 but cant play 3rd one because of the required high spec to run this one... cause we really wanted to know the story... so 1c again bro thanx... XD

  • OcularCentaur42

    Will this guy have Triss of Yen as the romance path

  • sendapez

    If only these guys wouldn't suck balls during the gameplay portions of their movies

  • Nothing else Matters

    Have to agree!! It is awsome, and not to long at all!! You could upload 8-10h and it would be Ok.. It is a Vid, and can be paused!! I realy enjoy this gameplay!!

  • Miguel Alexandre

    thank god he didn't bow at 1:17:10

  • Amanda Anaya

    If Geralt was a woman, he would look exactly like Ciri. It's so cute how much they look alike. Even similar scars

  • ShahRukh Vhora

    Person who avoid fighting is a smart, and person who keeps on fighting is one trying to show off his power and that person is fool... You made look the witcher as a fool... not a strong gentleman...

  • Vampiresoap

    "What's it matter? Only ever thought of you." I thought back to Witcher 1 and laughed so hard

  • grandadmiralthrawn92

    I like how you killed the Griffin about an hour into this movie, and it's still hanging off of Roach an hour later (so far). Is carrying that head around important?

  • ArcT1cWarR10r

    never realised that killing those guys at the crossroads causes you so much trouble.

  • luke powell

    thank you sir you are an Legend but you already know that don't ya

  • Michael Nunez

    ok this part suck I'm so sick someone help me plz

  • Andre Queen

    thanks for the upload, I would watch the cutscenes and gameplay all day this reminds me of final fantasy, I didn't have the game because I couldn't afford it and I would go over my friends house just to watch him play and see the story.

  • Hillmor

    20 hours of cutscenes? Ye fucken wot? Seriously?

  • Rain Wolff

    The video stops working around 6:37:47; it stays buffering and won't ever actually load. I've been stuck on this for about of month and came to check again. Do you see any problems on your end? Thanks!

  • Filippo Sala

    Why did you kill the dudes at the crossroads?

  • adam gleeson-prata

    is this series of videos enough for someone who hasnt played the game to get the full, cinematic experience?

  • xX Valtiel Xx

    My favorite part of this movie (til' now of course) it's the Bloody Baron's story, really sad but awesome, specially when you follow Dea through the village and every peasant is like "mmm a baby ghost, must be tuesday" xD

  • OM AL.

    Gotta say, phew, what a game!

  • Somecheesywaffle

    I just want the cutscenes I don't have 7hours to watch this.

  • Amanda Anaya

    The sassy characters are always my favorite! Nathan Drake, Ragna The BloodEdge, and Bigby Wolf.

  • Tony Tng

    20+ hours series, this is gonna take a few days.............

  • Dee Gravelrama

    I am a "nube" to this, so apologies if my comment(s) have ignorance to them, but I've recently found (and subscribed) to your channel, and I find it amazing! You take the best parts of what I want to see in games and put them out there. I've never been a gamer, but always enjoyed watching my brother play in our childhood mostly for the story lines. And I think it's really cool that you put it out there for those of us who just enjoy watching. Many thanks, and in my humble opinion, you do an excellent job!

  • Edward Ness

    Robert Baron-atheon... uncanny lol

  • Dazman

    you know this game is long when a GAME movie is separated into 4 PARTS. and the first part is ALMOST 7 HOURS LONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SoullessPotato

    Ciri would make a great Witcher. There is just a couple things she's missing.1. the second sword be it steel or silver (depending on her current)2. The emotionless voice. From what I understand Witchers don't really show emotion, hence why the actor for Geralt DIDN'T do a bad job.Ciri is pretty badass nonetheless and I would love to see her as the main character in the Witcher 4 with Geralt prehaps being a side character.

  • Dailyn Martinez

    Random kid : 😬 Don't know you fuck off.Me : 👿 takes out sword Wwhat you midget!

  • Rick Phan

    I was wondering, why did you not try to save Lena, the girl who was attacked by the griffin at around 44 minutes in?

  • Mr. Beetle

    Thank you for uploading! You're awesome, dude.

  • rakeb mazharul

    what is the ending soundtrack at 6:54:50?

  • Ethan

    Full games without sending sms and enter your phone number:! :)

  • Imitation Tube

    I hate that innkeep so much.

  • Jose Pc

    The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Requisitos minimos y recomendados

  • Danielle G.

    Jezus, if I was Geralt, I'd lose my flip pin' shit from people's favors by now ._.

  • SoullessPotato

    This game would be a lot shorter if it weren't so repetitive. There is one major point to everything. And in order to get to those major points you must follower smaller but still big points. In order to reach those big points you have to talk to different people. Each person will give you a favor to do. When you finally get to the bigger point you have to do a series of favors for them. Eventually getting one tiny bit of information on the major point. If there weren't so many favors in between every single thing then perhaps this game could be made into a one part movie. Maybe a two.

  • Dess Mendoza

    Good gamevideo, still seeing it, but by the gods, please practice a little before doing the video, failing that ciri's race and being hit a lot, make looks Ciri and Geralt like rookies. supposed to be damn pro badass witchers xD

  • Minor Fish

    Are the cutscenes skip able in game?

  • Marcelo Soriano

    im not a rpg gamer at all, i preffer CS, Dota and Street Fighter, but a like the story of them, so thank you for make me not playing it but enjoying it anyway, without your work i would never know about the plot of this kind of game

  • Anus Bananus

    pretty lazy with the dialog - you left half of the conversations out...

  • brad wood

    this video had the best recording of priscillas song i have seen yet. and the build up brought me to tears just like the first time i played it :')

  • CADJewellerySkills

    You know what? I want a T-shirt which has the words "HORSE STAMINA" written on the front...

  • jon06169

    Man I just bought this game today for x1 and already the games freezes at the part where ciri hit the helmet over the wall

  • HayaiRain

    Geralt really takes on a lot of bullshit from others xD knowing he can fuck them over any time

  • Michael Eshleman

    keep your save data...they'll be a WITCHER 4, but I think Cira will be the next new Witcher...with Garalt being the Guest....

  • Jimmy Yu

    32:05 I bet CD Project red prepare for this at the very beginning, maybe before The Witcher 3 released.

  • Marcell Marshall

    soooo long..........................unbelievably long

  • Danny Newton

    dis game go fucking hard for real I like it

  • Vinicius

    botchling part was funny

  • Chris Hale

    Holy fuckballs! 1/4, may need to stock up on snacks

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