Lego The Witcher

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  • growmania

    haha awesome! i dont want to be a hater but there are no skelletons in the game : p

  • GeNeRaL DW

    Where is it possible to buy theese figures ? :)

  • Super_Sp0nge80b

    Better than your CGI Pokemon videos.

  • durin71

    Witcher has two swords

  • lukazz434

    Lol. The ashes sounds :D

  • Kaipyro67ALT

    Good job, but I prefer your Lego Vietnam videos better. :)

  • abaebae2

    Those skeletons are dirty lol. Very good video

  • wafflepiepancake

    you deserve more views man

  • MrLeGabri

    War Videos of you are better!!

  • Graham Ardner

    Another great video. One question: what software do you use to compile the stop motion frames??

  • Joji-chan

    impressive, very impressive

  • Symbionite xX

    I KNOW ITS HARD but try to do a little bit longer vid vith some shooting everybody would love that :) BY THE WAY YOU ARE AWESOME!

  • KorKorowsky

    The Witcher Is Polish Game

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