The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Gameplay Trailer

Get a closer look at the adventures you'll be joining Geralt in when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt launches in May.

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  • Nasko K. Dimov

    Rated M for Motherfucking epic

  • Predator Jam

    Who the fuck did not buy this I know your out there

  • Lukeyman

    "Interwoven with religious fanaticism"* shows a man being burned at the stake *"....War crimes"* shows people that have been hung *"Even...* gasp of horror * RACISM"* shows two fuckoffs harassing an Elf *Dunno about you but if I had to choose between watching someone tied to a stake and listening to them scream as they're burned alive or the medieval KKK talking shit about ears I would clearly watch him burn to death, racism is just too horrid to witness.

  • MazdA8896

    feels like that voice over gta v trailer

  • Shrikant Raut

    Almost two years have passed, I still play this game. never got to the "vampire -- 1358 -- then FUCK OFF" scene though.

  • Tristan Films

    What's the quest at 0.23

  • cardinal151515

    watching this makes me wanna play the game again for the third time

  • Narga Rider

    Its recorded on a console guys the game has way better graphics ( on pc at least )

  • Xcyper33

    This making me want to redownload...

  • Branen Machinen

    Is it 1358 yet?No...Then FUCK OFF!

  • aLs95

    0:47 "Drink with me you cocksucker." 10/10 Realism. I r8 8/8

  • Diesel Kitten

    I love trailers like these. Down to earth, not frilly in any way. They actually want to show you what this game is like

  • M4MM0Th

    When I first saw this...GOOSE.BUMPS.MAN.

  • ProSwiftt

    This game is awesome but it's so disappointing how frustrating the combat system is and how bland every single piece of armor looks. Seriously, even the best looking armor looks absolutely shite :(

  • E SC

    the value for your cash is real here.

  • Samer #21

    Someone plz help me,I am allowed to get only 1 game at a time for my ps4.What should I GET-RESIDENT EVIL 7 or THE WITCHER 3


    Is it worth it to re buy it for my PC? On black friday only 30 dollars for all the dlc plus the game. I had no dlc on consol.I can play it at ultra settings and 60fps now.

  • Marko25Polo

    That last scene with all the creatures...*chills

  • The Soul Consuming Darkness

    "Then fuck off"i can see that the silliness from both games are still here.... :,DLOL

  • Soumaya Ezazaa

    i know this is weird but i clicked on the video and end up having an ad of the witcher 3 then thenvideo started speaking of marketing

  • Shaun Calton

    Anyone know the name of the music that starts around 3:20?

  • perafilozof

    I would have been better of not watching... now I can't stop my excitement level going over 9000! My head is going to explode !

  • Miles Destile

    2:39 damn which sword is this it looks awesome

  • Furorfaze

    What quest is the one w/ the vampire asking if its 1358 yet?? around 1:56

  • AOSRoyal

    god dammit i want to play this game so bad

  • Neil Gallardo

    0:20 Is that... is that a fucking unicorn!!!

  • oopopp x

    "He called me a cocksucker..."3/10 -- IGN

  • Alessandro Sero

    Still waiting for blood and wine

  • Old Time Gamer

    Is it 1358 yet?No...Then FUCK OFF! Where I CAN FIND this quest ! ?!

  • Senft inator

    This game looks incredible I can't wait to do a blood ritual and make out with bitches covered in blood

  • Andre Miranda

    This sounds more like a tour guide than a gameplay trailer

  • Huzufu

    Oh man the wiriting and voice for that lady is HORRIBLE! Makes me wanna puke! Lol CD trying to be Rockstar with gta v. They don't even need to! Their game is already much better lol.

  • Sebastian Lacki

    Imagine how perfect this game would be if they added a customisable difficulty where u could turn off ur hud, would have to ask pedestriants for directions to find quest places, witcher senses wouldnt highlight key quest objects, health level would be indicated by the appearance of geralt, signs could be cast by drawing signs on the screen with your cursor etc. Game would be more challenging and so much more enjoyable!

  • Lavamar

    Got it for 50% off on Steam! Can't wait to play it!

  • Old Time Gamer

    damn this game .. currently through my second play and still watching those trailers and demos :) gives quite perspective on the game and how it has changed from demos to retail and from retail to MOD MOOOOD AND MODDING AGAAAIN !

  • Django Fett

    Goddamn, the world is so huge, i have no clue what I will do first

  • haters will die

    that bar fight was actually a bit harder than i expected

  • EElectric_M

    The first truly next-gen game. The hype is real, and pathetic games like Black Ops 3 trying to impress us hahahahahahahaahahahahahahhahahahahhahahaahah!

  • Louis Jimenez

    Is this game coming to PC same date as consoles or do we have to wait 2 years while they put it on 7 discs?


    I know it's not a huge deal, but god the hair looks so garbage without physx. Really need to build that GTX 970 PC... lol.

  • Herophes Spartano

    Why are the Grafics on Playstation so fucking bad?.......

  • Michael De Santa

    Hey Rockstar, takes notes YA fucks

  • cjd Servito


  • Mark Fitzpatrick

    What this trailer means it's ready for the release date 19th May

  • Dapper Wolf

    What happened to that amazing water

  • HuMaNs vs RoBoTs

    i hate this voice announcer,she sounds cold.

  • Verneri Mastosalo

    "Welcome traveller, drink with me you cocksucker!" - Best line

  • moofymoo

    I wondered should I buy it or wait, but then 1:54 I want it now!!

  • 2upper

    Geralt was about to get fucked up at the end of that video lmao two griffins and a cyclops??

  • Sid the Llama

    Stunning game! Epicccccc

  • Pirelli913

    I absolutely love The Witcher 3. I've plat'd it, beaten it three times all on Death March Difficulty (once on NG+) and am on a fourth non NG+ play through. I have all free DLCs and the Hearts of Stone DLC and plan on buying the Blood and Wine DLC as well. Why am I telling you all this? Because 2:01 to 2:12 is complete bullshit. Never have I experienced enemies or monsters react differently depending on weather, environment or time of day. Actually, the only one I've noticed is the werewolf, which is stronger during a full moon, but even then, it's a minor change. As I said before, I love the game and this is just a minor detail, so don't all go attacking me on this. But if you haven't played this game yet, I highly recommend it. The length of the campaign is insane and never seems to end... which is a good thing. :)

  • Actz x11

    "Told me to Fuck off"4/10 - IGN

  • Sir Heroic Soul


  • C jack

    Is their any redguards in this games

  • Carter Pon

    I bought Syndicate instead of this?!

  • Nightinguy Fate

    I wonder whether this game will show penetration?

  • sw1000xg

    Console peasants looking forward to modding?

  • Diggy26Doggy

    Is it recommended to play the Witcher 3 if you've never played the previous ones.

  • Mordimer Mordimer

    The Witcher 3 is based on the saga by Andrzej Sapkowski!I recommend to all fascinated by this story. Check it happened before the events of the game! All Slavs are familiar with this story !!!

  • Reach Reclaimer

    This and bloodborne seem to be the only current gen games living up to their hype

  • McBlemmen

    this trailer took a lot of inspiration from the red dead trailers , wich were epic. shame the game isnt as good

  • Bailey Bailey

    Is this pretty much a better version of skyrim? Also, will it be available on Xbox 360?

  • Marco Sartori

    ok so:1 cocksuckers2 disappearing bras3 unicorns4 filthy sexMine!!!

  • forgothispassword

    4:22 Dafuq is going on here???????

  • Hanif Halimi

    i need to finish the 2nd game!its been delayed too long! argh!

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