The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Gameplay Trailer

Get a closer look at the adventures you'll be joining Geralt in when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt launches in May.

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  • Fabersoul

    we've got everything in this game....even racism lol...

  • Anh da đen

    ''This is the best game ever.'' - Albert Einstein 2015

  • Branen Machinen

    Is it 1358 yet?No...Then FUCK OFF!

  • AOSRoyal

    god dammit i want to play this game so bad

  • Andy Azael

    This trailer brought tears to my eyes... Tears of joy

  • Wunderphil

    Is it 1358 yet?NoThen fuck offlol I can't wait for witcher 3 it seems like it will be even funnier than the second

  • YouTube Director

    Who the fuck did not buy this I know your out there

  • MazdA8896

    feels like that voice over gta v trailer

  • Lukeyman

    "Interwoven with religious fanaticism"* shows a man being burned at the stake *"....War crimes"* shows people that have been hung *"Even...* gasp of horror * RACISM"* shows two fuckoffs harassing an Elf *Dunno about you but if I had to choose between watching someone tied to a stake and listening to them scream as they're burned alive or the medieval KKK talking shit about ears I would clearly watch him burn to death, racism is just too horrid to witness.

  • Luckiller 01

    4:20 Bloody orgy! Bloody orgy! Smirk to the South spark

  • theinsanitygamers007

    rated M for Motherfucking awesomeness!!!!.

  • The War Room

    Really can't wait to get lost in this game.

  • Iron Shield


  • Mark PJF85

    What this trailer means it's ready for the release date 19th May

  • f o r g o t h i s p a s s w o r d

    4:22 Dafuq is going on here???????

  • Tiber Septim

    Thank god I have a friend at NASA that could let me borrow his PC

  • M4MM0Th

    When I first saw this...GOOSE.BUMPS.MAN.

  • Ursul Daniel

    that vampire killed me XD 1:52

  • Broke Chigga

    Things to do in this

  • Gustavo Rifan

    Naked girls exchanging fluids ? I shall play this.

  • Zach M.

    I love trailers like these. Down to earth, not frilly in any way. They actually want to show you what this game is like

  • cardinal151515

    watching this makes me wanna play the game again for the third time

  • Chuchu vin

    my heart is with Yenn <3

  • deity 93

    Very few games in the past couple of years have had me laughing with excitement! this makes DA:I look like SHIT! and i love DA:I lol

  • Dah Magpie

    I've always wanted to play a Witcher game...I think NOW is the time!

  • Narga Rider

    Its recorded on a console guys the game has way better graphics ( on pc at least )

  • talicadk

    i sense a great disturbance in my wallet...

  • Dylan Villain

    OHHHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITYennifer Triss threeway confirmed.

  • Hans-Eric Jönsson

    "Is it may 19th yet?""No""Then f**k off"

  • Hanif Halimi

    i need to finish the 2nd game!its been delayed too long! argh!

  • Shrikant Raut

    Almost two years have passed, I still play this game. never got to the "vampire -- 1358 -- then FUCK OFF" scene though.

  • Dead Inside

    This will be the longest 30-something days of my life.

  • Ash Redding

    Fired up! Cant wait. Its been too long since Skyrim! Hopefully a few hundred hours to tick us all over until Fallout 4! ;D

  • Nightinguy Fate

    I wonder whether this game will show penetration?

  • elias garcia

    im gonna need to assualt NASA to play this fucking game hahahaha

  • Flyout91

    Is this real life ? Cause it looks like heaven.

  • Swiftyy

    This game is awesome but it's so disappointing how frustrating the combat system is and how bland every single piece of armor looks. Seriously, even the best looking armor looks absolutely shite :(

  • Fiend

    The wait is killing me!

  • BigBoss

    so fucking hyped for this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im having 9000 witcher gasms im going to be a good witcher first then evil on second play

  • UnbakedMango

    Never played a witcher game but their doing dlc right so i want to support them. Will i be reaaly lost if ive never played one before?

  • Max SE

    Is it worth it to re buy it for my PC? On black friday only 30 dollars for all the dlc plus the game. I had no dlc on consol.I can play it at ultra settings and 60fps now.

  • Ayman Nader

    Holy Shit T&Y Threeway is legit ( 8D !?

  • milly gribben

    this looks soooo good. Why is it coming out during study leave why :( I suppose it can be my exam motivation.

  • Sauron

    We Will take your money and give you the best experience of your life -CD Project RED

  • abhi dev

    holy shit i just watched this trailer two times and i still want to watch it again

  • Flipendo

    pls dont do this to me cd projekt i have exams ;(

  • airpilot


  • GidDragon

    Why you do this to me :(

  • Sebastian Lacki

    Imagine how perfect this game would be if they added a customisable difficulty where u could turn off ur hud, would have to ask pedestriants for directions to find quest places, witcher senses wouldnt highlight key quest objects, health level would be indicated by the appearance of geralt, signs could be cast by drawing signs on the screen with your cursor etc. Game would be more challenging and so much more enjoyable!

  • Kasotomic

    0:20 Ooooo more clothing removal spells!

  • theRAZ

    "Do you really want to uninstall Dragon Age: Inquisition?"

  • Dapper Wolf

    What happened to that amazing water

  • Bourne Toulouss

    i just fucking hope they dont kill off geralt, and that in the end, trish will be together with him somehow

  • solomspd

    Gonna be the perfect mix between skyrim and GTA!Can't wait!

  • Shreyas Meher

    7.8/10 - Too much GOTY potential.

  • haters will die

    that bar fight was actually a bit harder than i expected

  • msfeild

    now this is a hype train i am buyin a ticket for!!!! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY PROJEKT RED!!!!

  • sean o driscoll

    Won't be sleeping very much when this comes out, can't wait !!

  • Chilicious Chili

    Joining in ancient rituals for me, please! Hot dayumn

  • F1ProStyle

    That girl's voice... they copied GTA trailer...whatever, hype i guess?

  • Xcyper33

    This making me want to redownload...

  • Pirelli913

    I absolutely love The Witcher 3. I've plat'd it, beaten it three times all on Death March Difficulty (once on NG+) and am on a fourth non NG+ play through. I have all free DLCs and the Hearts of Stone DLC and plan on buying the Blood and Wine DLC as well. Why am I telling you all this? Because 2:01 to 2:12 is complete bullshit. Never have I experienced enemies or monsters react differently depending on weather, environment or time of day. Actually, the only one I've noticed is the werewolf, which is stronger during a full moon, but even then, it's a minor change. As I said before, I love the game and this is just a minor detail, so don't all go attacking me on this. But if you haven't played this game yet, I highly recommend it. The length of the campaign is insane and never seems to end... which is a good thing. :)

  • tahna dana

    "simple" people can have their DA....the witcher is a thinking man's RPG

  • Jerome P

    Alert: this game is going to ruin your social life :)

  • cyb0rgmous3

    Blood orgy confirmed. GOTY 2015

  • Leon9z

    Does it better than Skyrim?

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