Let's Cheat Witcher 3 Cheat Engine 6.4 Part 1

So this is my first series where I explore cheating in various games using different methods. And just all round seeing what kind of things I can do with the tools available.
  • Dave C

    That's pretty neat. Very soothing voice ;). Keep up the good work. Thank you so much for sharing. I subscribed.

  • kermo

    I'm in trouble finding health, 24 is min i can to.

  • kevin darlin


  • Valmor Hack

    Helo David B, how do yoy copy that code (the one that you pasted in note pad)? My cheat engine doesn't allow the selection of the code to copy... i'm trying to expand the weight limit... i figured out the adress, but can't access the code for copy...

  • Jonas L

    Hi David B! I've a question . If I want to increase the dps of the swords and armor, what kind of value do I have to scan?

  • Oliver Hubball

    Got a question, how do you maintain health as full when the health bar increases each time you level rather than it just going back to say 3500? sorry if explained in a later video

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