The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine Review

A grand finale to Geralt's adventures.

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  • xXSilentAgent47Xx

    This DLC is better than all GTA Online DLC's released (except Heists which is good too).

  • oh hi mark

    A $20 expansion is bigger and better than most full priced games

  • Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section)

    Game of the Year 2016 goes to DLC

  • SeboTrzyDe3D

    Witcher 3: MasterpieceHearts of Stone: MasterpieceBlood and Wine: MasterpieceFallout 4: AverageAutomatron: AverageWasteland Workshop: Just Kill me already please.Far Harbor: Good-ishHow can Bethesda even compete?

  • Lord Tourettes

    Too much wine, too much blood.3π/10

  • Eddie Cardwell

    I never want this game to end. :( <3

  • Clearly Balkan

    Witcher3 - 2015/2016/2017 GOTY.CDProjekt, we are ready for Cyberpunk 2077.

  • DJ

    $20 DLC expansion gets a higher score than most actual $60 AAA games

  • Alexbl100

    Antagonist is probably the most thought provoking yet. There's nothing weak about him either.

  • Winterfang

    The game that validates this generation.

  • Chris Hernandez

    Really "Weak Antagonist".???You mean it's not Destiny or COD so it's a 9

  • Fardin Hossain

    "weak antagonist" .......heh! fight against him in the final mission, he'll show his "weakness" 😂😂

  • Caleb Jackson

    i feel like an expansion costing $20 and consisting of around 30 hours of gameplay and a new map comparable to the original should just get an automatic 10/10


    Well Geralt. This is the end. Respect. That has what you gained throughout the last few years from me and many others. We should meet up sometime. I've always wanted to see your swordplay up close. A battle for the ages. From one of the greatest.

  • Terra Sancta

    Geralt is the best video game character ever.

  • Speel

    Too much vampires 9/10

  • capz

    weak antagonist? lol he fought the freaking devil the last time. Really hard to top that.

  • Adam Ant

    of course the antagonist isn't fully explored. None ever are in the game. It's not about the destination, it's about the journey.

  • Aloy Chloe Price

    Blood and Wine DLC of the Year.

  • Milan Popovic

    An expansion with 25+ hrs , that's how the games should be made

  • Trixmay 988

    This game is totally not my type, but I have nothing but respect for the game and is developers.

  • Saurabh Mazumdar

    as someone has rightly said....CdProject makes a new game and releases it as a DLC Other Developers make a new DLC and release them as a New Game

  • Ernest Gil

    I teared up a bit after I finished B&W, farewell Geralt my friend it's been an awesome journey! A million of thanks to CDPR!

  • Jim Raynor

    It's so sad that Geralt's story has to end :(

  • Perfectly Balanced

    A dlc that gets higher ratings then most game reviewed by IGN is hilarious and sad at the same time.

  • demonpower101

    cd project red dev on pc ....shall support you always you great gamers :)

  • Vigilantee 2017

    7.8/10 too many content

  • Mr. Bagel

    9/10??? The only con is the weak antagonist, which the review barely talks about. I'm not a fan of decimals but at least give like a 9.9/10. This is The Witcher dammit!!

  • Jacob Bynum

    None of his opinion mattered to me... He was playing on easy...

  • Clark Jenkins

    WTF is IGN on? Blood and Wine's villain was insanely good! He was a very human character who was forced to do something wrong. When I got further into the story, I was questioning whether he was evil or not.

  • Joe Tacke


  • TheAxb2010

    I saw a comment state that this expansion is GOTY 2016 and while it's an exaggeration, it's dangerously close to the truth.If this were Ubisoft or EA, this would be their E3 conference:"Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you... Witcher 4 : Blood and Wine!!!We set this entirely new game in a region called Tuissant, using a completely modified graphics engine and brand new assets.Preorder today, give us your firstborn in return for a half of your last born and if you order today, you get an additional bonus, the front pair of horseshoes for Roach is free, the rear pair is called "all wheel drive" DLC package for only 19.99!"Considering their past games (Battlefront anyone?) I am convinced they would have tried to sell an expansion of this size as an actual fully priced sequel.

  • Nick Lawrence

    The greatest game yet?

  • KingJoneLuLz

    If only other companies would be like Red.

  • Wojtek Kusy

    Spoiler in almost every word. What for? It's possible to review without revealing so much and others does it that way.

  • LiangHuBBB

    prob. one of the best dlcs ever made


    the cool antagonist was in heart of stone expansion

  • Lord Luke Lightbringer

    Thanks to my two favorite gaming dev Bethesda and CD Project Red it's gonna be one hell of a summer

  • Jake W

    it's a shame there isn't a grandmaster viper armour, I think it looks the best.

  • Francisco Leite

    9/10. Not enough shooting mindlessly in raids to farm rare engrams that yield undistinguishable loot.This channel is a joke

  • Stephen Trail

    The Witcher 3 and its DLC is single handily the best game this generation.

  • Phillip Helgren

    "for more on everything witcher stick with us here at ign" lol, you say that as the series is wrapped up

  • Powers

    Should've been 10/10. The thing is only $20 for Christ's sake, $15 if you bought the season pass.

  • ASRB

    great job putting a major spoiler in the review. This will be the last video i will watch from your channel, goddamn fools...

  • Kai V

    Finally got to this DLC. As much as I wanna keep playing it, I don't. I don't want it to end. This is by far one of the best games I've played. CDR has my full support for every game that they'll release from now on. GWENT and Cyberpunk 2077 will be fun.

  • Serve First Death Second

    Good thing there isn't any fog in this expansion, cause if so the rating will drastically go down 😂😂

  • NE H

    Gwent pisses me off to the MAX.

  • James Thomas

    This game is just amazing easily one of my favourites

  • Marc Tan

    1:12 Armor name please?

  • xula10

    Just started this expansion (136hrs in) and I must say this game is something. What an amazing adventure!

  • irvanCrocs

    weak antagonist? wtf..

  • Daniel Field Filmmaking

    Thanks for straight up spoiling the enemy was a vampire even though that was never revealed in the trailer

  • Supa creator

    Dettlaff wasn't the antagonist, he was a victim. Sure our villans weren't as flashy as the Hearts of Stones villains (which were awesome) but I did not think that the story told in blood and wine has any outstanding problems with its villains.

  • David White

    Not enough blood and wine. 2/10-IGN

  • irvanCrocs

    I agree Detlaff isn't much impressive than Gaunter O'dimm but still a lot better than Eredin and many antagonists out there, so by saying he is a weak antagonist is too unreasonable since vampire is one of the most interesting creature in the witcher universe and don't forget how epic the fight. Also his story is pretty interesting so giving it 9.0 and not higher just because that "point" only is unacceptable since you guys also gave many games higher than that who don't even deserve that score. Yes i know ign has a lot reviewers which i think that's the problem here, we can't trust any of their reviewers since everytime they do a review we don't even know who is the reviewer we watch, even i heard ign kept hiring a part time student to do jobs like this which is a joke

  • Haveaseat son

    CDPR and FromSoftware unite and create a game with Darksouls Combat and CDPR's dialogue, quests, story and world building = the best game ever made. make it happen! (even though darksouls world is also amazing)

  • Desiree Kabwe

    So let me get this straight you give an expansion which is really a WHOLE NEW GAME a 9.0?! This should be 10 THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THIS EXPANSION AND THERE WILL PROBABLY NEVER WILL BE

  • Phil Johnson

    that looks nothing like arizona

  • Jay M

    All games should have DLC like this. It's actually WORTH IT. It's like an entire new game all in itself.


    0/ 10 "Cannot SMASH Anna Henryetta"

  • irrelavant intersts

    great dlc for an amazing game dosnt that sounds like a game came out 5 years ago red dead redemption with undead nightmare

  • Y.H.D

    Witcher 3 will always be the BEST

  • Nezza

    I forgot how much better this game looks on pc. thanks for using a console to remind me

  • Marvin42

    Everyone's complaining about the vampire spoiler, yet anyone who knows anything about witcher monsters knows that it was gonna be a vampire from the poster art and trailers.

  • Adam Wolff

    beautiful game..still haven't finish the core game yet :'(

  • Showbiz54

    Witcher God 3 :) best Wrpg on ps4 yet imo

  • Big gay Al

    if you own the witcher 3 you need to play this amazing game still if you own the witcher 3 you need to buy this to simply support some of the most loyal developers in the industry cd projekt red makes me even more hyped for cyberpunk

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