835% Sign Intensity! - The Witcher 3 (Tutorial/Build/Gameplay)

Maybe the highest possible sign intensity in the Witcher 3? You must own the Blood & Wine expansion and have a high level NG+ character to achieve this. This is the highest sign build I have seen. Thanks to Apex of War for his video.

This is on PC. I do use console commands to spawn enemies but everything else is legit.
  • Thang Huynh

    To get the highest toxicity just go play any MOBA games lol

  • ArmageddonINclouds

    you aard someone and he goes into a parallel universe

  • ReadTheCommentFirst

    Kind of sucks how signs are so weak in NG+...Even with 800+ intensity.

  • Timur Uz

    dude, why didnt you kill a few guys with spells so we can see how powerful they became.igni was lame

  • SoIoCreep

    You do not need to retype the console command every time. Just push the up arrow key.

  • Whiskiz Yo

    After getting sign intensity to this awesome amount, you dont show us gameplay of the boosted effects? really?.........

  • Ishkur

    Why are people incapable of figuring out that carry weight and play time have nothing to do with Sign intensity

  • Apex of War

    thanks for the shout out. no other build will get it higher and it's just a matter of place of power buffs and weather lining up at that point.

  • Josh

    Didn't cheat but level 100 with total play time 4 hours lol

  • niels nielsen

    Why does your signs look so pretty?

  • ted linder

    I think Braveheart is a good movie with well structured plot and interesting charachters

  • Stinkyremy

    even with that sign intensity you didn't insta kill the last enemy with igni.seems a but too much to go out of your way to get this when signs are supplimets in geralts combat rather than his staple.was fun to watch though

  • Ngoc Y Le

    So many comments about this dude cheating, wtf really he made this tutorial show how to get more than 800% sign intensity and first thing you learnt is he cheating wtf. Cheat is when you beat the game without actually playing it not by using debug command to help with making a guide

  • vas kr

    Inventory weight 9110?

  • Domski2BC

    To clear some recurring questions/remarks in the comments. This is on PC. I used console commands to reach level 100, set the inventory weight to 9000 and gather all the equipment (armor, swords). I did this for the purpose of the video - to see what sign intensity is possible under the best scenario. If you were to grind the game you can acquire all equipment shown and level up high enough to achieve what is shown on screen

  • Adonai

    Yrden is so beautifull here, but i prefer alchemy over signs

  • ajay jayaraj

    He uses 800 axii, enemies start eatting their own head.

  • Arman Talwar

    how did you spawn enemies? Do i have to alter some files, or just learn which code spawns what?

  • Moraktion

    Could you do a Piercing Cold all signs build? Thanks!

  • WillWhiskey

    "1000% degree sign MUST WATCH"

  • SimonTheWicked

    I believe sign intensity caps out at 400, so there's no point to go further.

  • Bamlak Bekele

    If your low level sign intensity is not that bad, but lvl 30+ alchemy is just too good

  • Zug G

    up arrow in that console my dude

  • Veloziraptor111

    So what would happen if you hit them with Aard at 835 sign intensity? How far would they go?

  • adrian alin

    Would petri's philter potion add more intensity ? Did you try it?

  • Anchor Productions

    sign intensity is only awesome for piercing cold aard.

  • August Wolf

    I'm trying to lean over a sign/combat build but sad to learn that signs are pretty weak relatively in dps with sword damage. I wish they had scaled and increased the sign damage accordingly with character level.

  • Kevin Carl Barcelona

    that dome effect is damn nice! does it come with the sign intensity or was it a mod?

  • Raymarc Raymundo

    guys this kind of inventory this is a mod or patch? why mine is different @_@

  • Chicken Draws Dogs

    I tried sign build in NG+, and decided to just slap on heavy armor, chock down potions and whirl my way through confrontations.

  • Mohammad Hijazi

    how in the world do u get your max load to be 9110?

  • Ginger Ninja

    How the hell so you have 9110 inventory capacity?!?!

  • Felipe Barriga

    Wow, how do you manage to carry that much weight?

  • Ingo Aaron

    I managed to get my sign intensity up to 845 % I think, although I used a little glith in the game but still, it was pretty exciting!

  • Robin Lu

    Saw that you only took the foglet decoction for sign intensity. Wouldn't the forktail decoction also improve sign intensity? I remember if you do an strong or fast attack before sign, it gives you a 50% bonus

  • Victor Murphy

    how can you carry so much weight???

  • John L

    What saddlebags does he use?

  • Wretched Slippage

    or just use the console and add everything you need! Glorious PC Master Race

  • dylan bonner

    Yes you can beat this by 125% but only when you spend your 3 bars of adrenaline.

  • Simmien Thompson

    Try using gesheft blade and er sister adds 20% more intensity to all signs

  • Argel Comia

    You could use the forktail decoction which increases attack & sign intensity by 50% though I don't know if you need to perform specific combos with signs, strong & fast attacks for you to trigger it. Nice videos btw

  • Mark Torres

    What about the Forktail decoction? Attack and Signs are boosted by 50%?

  • Federicomaggiotto

    How to get Sign Intensity 60%? I've 40%....

  • Eyez On Me

    Using console command but claims it's legit... hhaa! Anything on October is Cheating

  • Ralph Jourdan Barro

    I would trade sign intensity with an Aard with freezing/exploding effect in Euphoria. Signs are made to weaken the enemy, make an opening and protect yourself from deadly blows. I'd call your build an 'aspiring sorceress build'

  • Bryan Bryan

    Why does your Yrden looks different when cast?

  • MQNguyen

    Doesn't change the fact that the stock/base Griffin Armor model looks ugly as hell....

  • Labbromat

    You can add glyth spots to your armor by the runesmith from Hearts of Stone. More sign intensity?

  • JustRockMySoul

    formulae, alchemy formulae.

  • shadow19831

    i wonder how much damage the magic shield can take

  • InfernoStriker8

    How does each greater blue mutagen get 60% sign intensity increase? Mine only goes up to 40%...

  • Ammar Albadi

    guys if I updated my game will I start from the beginning in the story?

  • Drimz

    A real witcher is master at sword skill, bear armor with rage build

  • Mr Poool

    Wait wtf, how do you get 9110 inventory capacity?

  • Le TimoR

    @Domski2BC What program you use to record?

  • Christian Calundan

    min maxing a story driven RPG.. worth it... poor AI.

  • Marilyn Manson

    i was just playing u in EASHL in the NHL 17 beta and we blew a 2-0 lead.. lol

  • Flirinel Td

    In the character menu how do you get the extra 4 slots in the middle?

  • Jacob Tallar INFJ

    should have used the other signs.

  • Galadriel Şengör

    OK but can he survive in death march ? (against dogs)

  • Volkbrecht

    I wonder: does increasing the skill level for single signs or using a place of power really affect overall sign intensity (as in: does it really matter for the intensity of, say, the Igni sign if you use a lot of bonus on Aard) or is that number just an average that gives you a rough indication of where you stand?

  • Jordys Fernandez

    damn i thought i was a hardcore fan with around %400...

  • Paweł Andonis Gawralidis Dobrzański herbu Leliwa.

    What about the skill that use three adrenaline points to increese next sing, from melee tree?

  • Soundness

    ærd sign intensity :^ )


    This it's more like a Mage build for geralt .

  • Terry Yu

    For legendary you "just" need to start a game on NG+

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