835% Sign Intensity! - The Witcher 3 (Tutorial/Build/Gameplay)

Maybe the highest possible sign intensity in the Witcher 3? You must own the Blood & Wine expansion and have a high level NG+ character to achieve this. This is the highest sign build I have seen. Thanks to Apex of War for his video.

This is on PC. I do use console commands to spawn enemies but everything else is legit.
  • Thang Huynh

    To get the highest toxicity just go play any MOBA games lol

  • ReadTheCommentFirst

    Kind of sucks how signs are so weak in NG+...Even with 800+ intensity.

  • Whiskiz Yo

    After getting sign intensity to this awesome amount, you dont show us gameplay of the boosted effects? really?.........

  • ArmageddonINclouds

    you aard someone and he goes into a parallel universe

  • Josh Lukingbeal

    Didn't cheat but level 100 with total play time 4 hours lol

  • Apex of War

    thanks for the shout out. no other build will get it higher and it's just a matter of place of power buffs and weather lining up at that point.

  • SoIoCreep

    You do not need to retype the console command every time. Just push the up arrow key.

  • Ngoc Y Le

    So many comments about this dude cheating, wtf really he made this tutorial show how to get more than 800% sign intensity and first thing you learnt is he cheating wtf. Cheat is when you beat the game without actually playing it not by using debug command to help with making a guide

  • Ishkur

    Why are people incapable of figuring out that carry weight and play time have nothing to do with Sign intensity

  • vas kr

    Inventory weight 9110?

  • Domski2BC

    To clear some recurring questions/remarks in the comments. This is on PC. I used console commands to reach level 100, set the inventory weight to 9000 and gather all the equipment (armor, swords). I did this for the purpose of the video - to see what sign intensity is possible under the best scenario. If you were to grind the game you can acquire all equipment shown and level up high enough to achieve what is shown on screen

  • Timur Uz

    dude, why didnt you kill a few guys with spells so we can see how powerful they became.igni was lame

  • niels nielsen

    Why does your signs look so pretty?

  • Veloziraptor111

    So what would happen if you hit them with Aard at 835 sign intensity? How far would they go?

  • Adonai

    Yrden is so beautifull here, but i prefer alchemy over signs

  • Colton Pelletier

    It sucks that you have to use that ugly armour set to have a beautiful yrden 😞

  • Stinkyremy

    even with that sign intensity you didn't insta kill the last enemy with igni.seems a but too much to go out of your way to get this when signs are supplimets in geralts combat rather than his staple.was fun to watch though

  • ted linder

    I think Braveheart is a good movie with well structured plot and interesting charachters

  • Ilias A.

    How did you raise your inventory space that high? Nice video though.

  • MQNguyen

    Doesn't change the fact that the stock/base Griffin Armor model looks ugly as hell....

  • FitzGerald Jr

    Hi, got mine to 891. You can go over 1000%, seems to be infinite.

  • John L

    What saddlebags does he use?

  • brucenatelee

    I really hate that you need that tree for techniques rather than something he just "learns." I mean the spin attack, charge attack, and deflecting arrows are treated more like "powers" that gotta be turned on than something he learns how to do. Otherwise, melee combat, to me, is pretty boring without them.

  • Labbromat

    You can add glyth spots to your armor by the runesmith from Hearts of Stone. More sign intensity?

  • Arman Talwar

    how did you spawn enemies? Do i have to alter some files, or just learn which code spawns what?

  • adrian alin

    Would petri's philter potion add more intensity ? Did you try it?

  • caenax2

    how do you get the purple visual effect for Yrden?

  • Lincolnmyth

    why does the yrden look so cool

  • Newuxtreme

    May I ask what intensity even means? Does it mean how long something will last or how much damage will it do?

  • Roger França

    How do you even have a 9110 weight limit?

  • Kharn526

    Boring video for sure, more than half of it is spent in your inventory! Christ dude.

  • Tormented Zeus

    if you r using the cc try to use adrenaline rush mutation

  • Mr Poool

    Wait wtf, how do you get 9110 inventory capacity?

  • Volkbrecht

    I wonder: does increasing the skill level for single signs or using a place of power really affect overall sign intensity (as in: does it really matter for the intensity of, say, the Igni sign if you use a lot of bonus on Aard) or is that number just an average that gives you a rough indication of where you stand?

  • Arbiter

    well that was anticlimactic.

  • Nunes

    What saddlebags do you even have O_O

  • Cuong Manh Nguyen

    swap the +30 toxicity with infinite effect of place of power and you can increase even more

  • Elias Sen Doudouh

    You could go to Corvo Bianco and replenish the Foglet Decoction and spam it.

  • sibiris

    835% sign intensity, still doesnt damage enemies.

  • Big Boss

    how did you increase your carrying weight so much?

  • Hosen

    how do you get the Yarden to have that aura around you?... the purple glow.. also when u placed the spell it had a cool purple flame type glow.... is it just the graphics to ultra? or a mod or PC commands?

  • Drepple

    It would have been nice if you actually used all signs to demonstrate it

  • h4rdware 23

    OK but can he survive in death march ? (against dogs)

  • Dante Yuy

    how to get 9k plus inventory space lol i play on ps4

  • WillWhiskey

    "1000% degree sign MUST WATCH"

  • muhammet mantu

    how could you reach 100 level? I ve done many things but I m still 52 level

  • brucenatelee

    Can you level gear up with you to your current level? That's my main issue with modern RPGs. Something Destiny does right for me.

  • August Wolf

    I'm trying to lean over a sign/combat build but sad to learn that signs are pretty weak relatively in dps with sword damage. I wish they had scaled and increased the sign damage accordingly with character level.

  • DarthGwyn

    Unlocking the entire third row only adds 25% on your overall sign intensity. 5% per Intensity skill if each is maxed out. It can be misleading as each sign is boosted by 25% but the overall sign intensity is only boosted by 25%

  • Jag City

    Except it wasn't actually cloudy when you drank the bottle. It says it's 1:37am and a clear sky on the top right. "Clear" is referring to the current weather condition correct? I know I'm late to the W3 party but I just recently started playing it (and loving it btw). I wanted to use Foglet as well and that's when I noticed the live weather guage lol...says clear but huge clouds above your head! Amazing game. Feels like I'm in a giant movie saga

  • 地獄LORD

    how tf can u get so much inventory weight?

  • Kima Dima

    great game you make it as a joke

  • Henry Vong

    the igni at 835% sign intensity did miniscule damage compared to fast attack sword strike. sign intensity does not seem like a practical build compared to sword attack build.

  • Daniel M

    People should stop whining about 'you're cheating', that's not the point of this video. The information itself is great :)

  • Tahmeed

    If u wanna type the same console command as before just press the arrow ^(up) key on the keyboard and it should pop up


    can we talk about how much weight he can hold first

  • Prasad Bankar

    But if you on PC then why use Console commands ?

  • GT700

    Did he hack how tf did you get your weight limit to 9000

  • Kukuruzka44

    "I do use console commands to spawn enemies but everything else is legit" Yeah tell that to your max weight

  • Almog

    7:00 4hours and 46 minutes playtime???

  • Charlie Corke

    How do u have so much storage space

  • Raymarc Raymundo

    guys this kind of inventory this is a mod or patch? why mine is different @_@

  • Raymarc Raymundo

    guys this kind of inventory this is a mod or patch? why mine is different @_@

  • Ben Irons

    why didn't you show the sign statistics tab!!!!! You have to redo this all over again, cause I wanna see some pretty numbers there.

  • Mon

    WTF is that inventory space

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