CohhCarnage's Witcher 3 Build

The Build Cohh Has Been Really Enjoying Using Playing Witcher 3 (Fast Attack/High Crit/Light Armor) -- Watch live at
  • Apex of War

    You're on the right track, but Euphoria with Acquired Tolerance is stupidly powerful. Especially when you factor in Water Hag + Ekimmara + Invigoration enchantment on your swords.

  • Fat Morph

    Euphoria + Acquired tolerance + Decoctions = OP build

  • ArmouredSpacePony

    Sure, this is definitely not "the best" build or will give you a high DPS but that's the thing, yes, you can go for max DPS but honestly: Just go with whatever fits your playstyle. edit: Btw really wish you could show player stats.

  • Matthew Spink

    I don't really watch twitch but I may now just to check out your content! Very nice video and information.

  • Aaron Phillips

    Hey Cohh, are those 4 additional skill slots part of the HoS of BaW DLC, as well, or is that a mod?

  • dimrill

    Have you modded the game, or does the UI change from DLC to DLC? (Havent finished the main game yet)

  • Jonas A

    Bleed is terrible. Just saying.

  • drBenyy

    pretty weak build in my opinion, but whatever... geralt is op with pretty much any build (yes, even on death march)

  • immadummee

    How do you get that extra middle row of slots?

  • thebingthing

    Why don’t you put the general skills in the new slots and put the red atk skills where the red mutagen is??

  • BudKing96

    Does he have severance on both swords or do you only need it on one?

  • Dennis Plotzke

    Have you tried using invigoration with ursine armor

  • Angel Stewart

    Would be nice to see the build in action, especially against multiple enemies to see how long that bonus lasts without getting hit

  • Captain Razer

    Red, I know you will be watching this but still never turn into other colour, Be red :)

  • Snowy Monkey

    Loving the streams, keep it up my man!!

  • 73bac svd

    can u uptade ur build ?

  • Georgy Kurien

    Cohh use synergy in the alchemy tree it will increase all your mutagen bonuses by 50% i think

  • Jacob Monroe

    Poisoned Blades is more DOT than the bleed.

  • Marcel Młodawski

    better build is with euphoria and you need to get better swords those are weak

  • John Byron

    OK, but what the advantage to put a mutagen in the new boxes crafting panel on the right ? When I do it, nothing changes in the statistics...

  • Myaahho Latag

    thank you so much! I was wondering how did you Have 4 extra slots in the middle?? thanks again! keep it up!

  • Ouroboros

    How is your backpack 230

  • immadummee

    Decent build but being a "Witcher," magic is your best friend, not sword. I max out Igni, Aard and Yrden (best magic sign). Adding runestones and the other thing (can't recall the name right now) for armour, you can really dominate monsters. With Yrden maxed out (both primary and alt sign), you get a friend electrocuting your enemies while you fight. Then magic traps slow down your enemies when inside it, then use Superior decoctions for Petri to intensify magic, use tawny to regenerate stamina quickly to use more magic quickly again, and blizzard to slow down time even more when you have multiple monsters around you with every kill. When you do all these with just Yrden, enemies play in slowmo while you're full speed and easily damage enemies just with the first layer to sword damage. So IMO, magic is the best build since we are "witchers." Good vid though for a decent attack build. But there's a few things you use that could be compensated with better skill on the controller.

  • Dj Jan

    Хуйня а не билд, амерекосы вы че вообще ебанулись такой кал выкладывать на ютуб....

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