CohhCarnage's Witcher 3 Build

The Build Cohh Has Been Really Enjoying Using Playing Witcher 3 (Fast Attack/High Crit/Light Armor) -- Watch live at
  • Fat Morph

    Euphoria + Acquired tolerance + Decoctions = OP build

  • Dennis Plotzke

    Have you tried using invigoration with ursine armor

  • Apex of War

    You're on the right track, but Euphoria with Acquired Tolerance is stupidly powerful. Especially when you factor in Water Hag + Ekimmara + Invigoration enchantment on your swords.

  • Matthew Spink

    I don't really watch twitch but I may now just to check out your content! Very nice video and information.

  • ArmouredSpacePony

    Sure, this is definitely not "the best" build or will give you a high DPS but that's the thing, yes, you can go for max DPS but honestly: Just go with whatever fits your playstyle. edit: Btw really wish you could show player stats.

  • Snowy Monkey

    Loving the streams, keep it up my man!!

  • dimrill

    Have you modded the game, or does the UI change from DLC to DLC? (Havent finished the main game yet)

  • Myaahho Latag

    thank you so much! I was wondering how did you Have 4 extra slots in the middle?? thanks again! keep it up!

  • 73bac svd

    can u uptade ur build ?

  • Ouroboros

    How is your backpack 230

  • Georgy Kurien

    Cohh use synergy in the alchemy tree it will increase all your mutagen bonuses by 50% i think

  • Mic Dy

    similar to what i plan to use

  • Aaron Phillips

    Hey Cohh, are those 4 additional skill slots part of the HoS of BaW DLC, as well, or is that a mod?

  • Marcel Młodawski

    better build is with euphoria and you need to get better swords those are weak

  • thebingthing

    Why don’t you put the general skills in the new slots and put the red atk skills where the red mutagen is??

  • John Byron

    OK, but what the advantage to put a mutagen in the new boxes crafting panel on the right ? When I do it, nothing changes in the statistics...

  • Angel Stewart

    Would be nice to see the build in action, especially against multiple enemies to see how long that bonus lasts without getting hit

  • Jacob Monroe

    Poisoned Blades is more DOT than the bleed.

  • BudKing96

    Does he have severance on both swords or do you only need it on one?

  • CapGaming

    Red, I know you will be watching this but still never turn into other colour, Be red :)

  • Dj Jan

    Хуйня а не билд, амерекосы вы че вообще ебанулись такой кал выкладывать на ютуб....

  • drBenyy

    pretty weak build in my opinion, but whatever... geralt is op with pretty much any build (yes, even on death march)

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