Witcher 3: Morkvarg the Werewolf Boss Fight (Hard Mode) (4K 60fps)

Fight against Morkvarg the Werewolf in the Witcher 3 in the mission "Nameless" on hard mode in 4K.

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  • Der Kaiser

    The werewolfs voice actor has done a really good job.

  • Shinterymi

    I'll say it too : big big ups to Morkvarg's voice actor, he did such an amazing job !


    You know its hard out here for a werewolf.

  • physicsme

    Your fight style is really YOLO

  • Jourdan Johnson

    The voice acting in this game was nothing short of phenomenal, just think someone had to get in a booth and do all those snorts and moans perfectly.

  • DarkMizu1

    I've watched a ton of walkthroughs on morkvarg and this is the first one I've seen using the fang to cure the curse (+1 for that). It was rather refreshing to see something different, well until you killed him of course. I wish you would of let him live, just to see how things turn out. Turning him human, then killing him seems rather pointless. You might as well feed him the werewolf meet and kill him that way

  • 88guy

    Meaning of the name Morkwarg = mørkvarg =Dark Wolf

  • bitjezeverpeisek

    holy shit that voiceacting ö

  • Voltron: Black paladin

    I liked him better as a wolf he wasn't such a puny piece of trash but awesome

  • YesItsYas

    Man, whyd you kill him ,mate? :(

  • xXPLMCXx


  • Trickap

    is it a werewolf or a pig?

  • JmanDatN

    most interesting witcher contract i think. i wish i wasnt so smart lol i got the fang and transformed him pretty fast. i then asked him for the prize (a sword....meh) and then killed him because if you read the journals and listen to victims the guy is a real piece of shit and he kinda alludes to "making his return known" so i said nah son taste some igni sign.

  • Danny Force

    oh great, his curse has ended! and he get full cloth bonus

  • ThatGenericPyro [A YouTube Channel]

    What an amazing speech impediment.

  • The Origami

    jacob really has went down the drain:(

  • Humble Beer Reviews

    worst voice acting I've ever heard

  • Ahmad Raziqin

    I guess you get free chicken and a sword with every human transformation otherwise where did he get those?

  • Inanna Enigma

    Nooooooooo, puppy.... ; ^ ;

  • Commander Shepard

    He should've been a ginger werewolf if he was Irish lmao

  • Patrick Röder

    After I lifted the curse, that bastard wanted to return to his evil ways, so I killed him as a human.

  • John Kukic

    This 4k gameplay on my phone looks better than my tv. Wtf

  • Sjorben

    I feel like morkvarg's story is very similar to one of the short stories in the Witcher: Last Wish. It's most certainly inspired by it.

  • Da Potatas

    Mörk on swedish means dark and varg means wolf

  • Light's Blade

    Where did the clothes, sword, and hat come from?

  • metalhood

    Woah, health bar in first fight got smaller than balls dipped in ice cold water :D

  • Cachorro Velho

    Ok, Morkvarg, you win. You are the most disturbing werewolf I've ever seen in my life.

  • Duphe

    on "just the story" he heals faster than i can beat his ass.. any suggestions?

  • vesia Cirne

    funny after I love this

  • bcount1

    The only time in the game I pressed quickly thorough the dialog. OMG his voice is annoying

  • noorur

    voice actor is a Scottish guy

  • TheDarkDraGoN2009

    I have the cure, but I can't give him the item.Guys u think I had glitch or somthing ?

  • Aashish Bhaskar

    bro help I get stuck in this part

  • Aashish Bhaskar

    I am also playing on hard mode

  • bluto727

    This quest was one of the most interesting I've come across so far. I got the info on his reward and then killed him though haha.

  • BlackShadow 5_8

    Not werewolf but werepig

  • Prison Mike

    thats some of the best acting ive ever heard

  • DisgustingHobo

    How you got lucky there at the beginning shouldn't be allowed :O

  • Psiche3298

    I have that dam toradar fang but the option doesn´t appear to me! what´s the problem?

  • Trey

    I have to admit, the snorting this guy does is kind of cute. xD

  • oliver reyes

    For someone who has all that food and is playing on hard mode you shouldnt have gave all your water...walk the path but dont give all water away.

  • Diego Mendoza

    Good stuff man, I enjoy your videos

  • damian morales

    es el peor juego que e visto muy lento y pocos trucos

  • UrikE

    what's the name of song during fights with morkvarg?

  • Justice Leaguer

    I never found or got the fang!? This is shaping up to be for sure in the top 5 best games I've ever played.

  • hellfire 18

    this quest was very scary for me to play since he's a different more frightening werewolf.

  • Giovanni Federici

    looks more like a rat than a wolf amirite

  • Nacia Bell

    Anyone know what the name of the music playing in the background is? For the first fight i mean.

  • WarrenJenga

    Half werewolf half pig?

  • Muhammad Oling

    can you just let him eat and then you can kill him

  • mrsalento78

    Is it a werewolf or a pig? Why grunts over and over again?

  • Derpy Para

    Where the hell did those clothes come from? Is he magic werewolf?

  • Wolf Moon

    hate this game already

  • Semi Perfect Cell

    That was such a mean decision at the end, lmao.

  • xXPLMCXx

    Wtf is this a bug? I met him in the house at the first time and i cant break his grudge

  • Tommy Lovetro

    Rrrreallyyy Horrrriblee

  • The Mothling

    10:08 d d d d d dddddddeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATHHHHHHHH!!!(sounded more like a BLOODY SHEEP)

  • TheSharpmarksman

    actually you can claim your reward and then kill him afterwards the reward is an icy silver sword located at the pawn shop in novigrad when you mention his name

  • Aerofire

    Needed some sound design elements. Raw human voice trying to sound like a werewolf, nah.

  • Drimz

    i cant understand werewolf

  • Rob Walker

    What's the method to turn him into a human again? And how? I can't find any werewolf meat to feed him. Don't think I picked it up the first time I fought him. 

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