"A Night to Remember" Launch Cinematic - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this launch cinematic.

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  • BattleMage

    Damn, the trailer for the game was actually an epilogue for the last DLC!!Holy crap they had this shit planned to the last detail.

  • Lars Dragerl

    Even tho you cant kill her ingame...

  • The Truth

    Who else is hyped for the Netflix series?

  • Tristan Magni

    So a lore question, do all potions hurt him like that with the acidic blood and whatnot? Or was it the Black Blood potion that did that?

  • aninsaneostrich

    i would love if Geralt had the scars from this trailer, i mean, they had a reference to the "killing monsters" trailer in game, where one of the other witchers mocks Geralt.

  • Jeff Zhang

    Hope the tv show will be as good as this.

  • Roob-in

    but... isn't she the lady you meet during the party in Bauclaire in Blood And Wine??

  • bruce livingston

    What a badass video. I didn't do all of the contracts, do you actually do this in game?

  • Sliusarenko

    I like that this cinematic actually shows you what the gameplay is going to be without any footage. Great job!

  • Andreas Scott

    The guy who directed this, will direct at least one episode of the newly announced Witcher Netflix series!!!

  • sephoy aznargen

    i thought orianna was a higher vampire or is she a bruxa? bruxae are lesser vamps right?

  • Reigen Pott

    i think she is Orianna and she is a high vampire."times past no amount of coins would convince a witcher to take this contract"would be bullsh.t for a bruxa

  • Brooke WithTheHair

    The bomb he threw was Moon Dust and the potion he drank was Black Blood :D

  • leo jones

    Cannot find this fight scene in the game...

  • Milos Miric

    The witch looks like Steve Tyler after plastic surgery

  • R. Batinic

    Same guys who made this trailer are actually making a Witcher Netflix series!!!

  • Pedro Nascimento

    Am I the only one who falls madly in love with her face at "things like me"?

  • Pramit Majumdar

    This video still gives me the creeps to this very day

  • Peisen Xu

    Can someone explain why Witchers in the past wouldn't have taken this contract.

  • Kahraba Saidden

    The music that starts @2:08 is reminiscent of a tango

  • Mike Zilla

    Finally a use for the black blood potion!

  • Jason Ripley

    Wolves asleep amidst the treesBats all a swaying in the breezeBut one soul lies anxious wide awakeFearing no manner of ghouls, hags and wraithsFor your dolly Polly sleep has flownDon't dare let her tremble aloneFor the witcher, heartless, coldPaid in coin of goldHe comes he'll go leave naught behindBut heartache and woeDeep, deep woeBirds are silent for the nightCows turned in as daylight diesBut one soul lies anxious wide awakeFearing no manner of ghouls, hags and wraithsMy dear dolly Polly shut your eyesLie still, lie silent, utter no criesAs the witcher, brave and boldPaid in coin of goldHe'll chop and slice youCut and dice youEat you up wholeEat you whole


    Whyat contract is this?

  • LMAO Your Serious?

    Here to get even more hyped for the Netflix series! AWWWWWWW SHIIIIIIIIIT

  • Pukar Subedi

    So Orianna is a Bruxhae?

  • Duy Vũ Anh

    I see nipps , I press like

  • Genji Shimada

    Kinda mad how you don't get to fight orianna

  • jacky hui

    Wouldn't have killed Orianna.

  • Biene Marc

    Does anyone have an idea which city that is at 4:08? Doesn't look like Beauclair to me

  • Natali Maritano

    que hermoso juego....... no paro de jugarlo

  • ian bacunan

    no wonder he got his ass whoped by oriana, he wore his kaer morhen armor, i would have worn my GM feline for her, lol

  • Cornelius P. Stranglefart

    I love how Garelt is like a Honey Badger. He gets poisoned or hurt and he just sleeps it off.

  • Dmitriy Chugunov

    Can someone tell me the name of song pls?

  • Damon Ashen

    3:00 "I M A WITHCER BIKH!!"

  • Reginald Bushwater

    Anyone know the song starting at 2:06? Not sure if the ever released that.

  • Geralt of Rivia

    I remember this contract, sad thing was that I lost those money that I got paid to a game of qwent

  • Belydrith

    Watching this after Blood and Wine is fucking genius. Little did we know back then.

  • Georgi Dimitrov

    I tought thet Orianna was a higher vampire, it turns out that she's an alp or a bruxa

  • Roderley Soares

    One of the best cinematics ever made!

  • Subfuge

    Everyone who keeps saying Orianna is a bruxa or an alp, she's not she's a higher vampire it's literally in her description. Most of you are just confused because you think you cannot kill a higher vampire, true; you cannot permanently kill a higher vampire unless you yourself are one, but you can kill them for a time until another of their kind revives them. Same thing happened to Regis.

  • Darth Vader

    C'mon Geralt, gotta use Blizzard and Yrden. Fucking simple

  • Tánatos Eros

    Best game of entire history

  • Edible Memes

    Does anyone know of a mod to make Geralt look like this or in the killing monsters trailer

  • Chris Stewart

    Song while he's fighting the vampire?

  • Simonhw -

    So this is after Blood and Wine right?

  • Stefan Constantin Dumitrache

    I've seen this trailer several times by now, and at some point I was amazed of the level of detail put in it, some tiny things that we can easily overlook. Like the specks of dust falling from that wooden ledge just before he throws the bomb towards the vamp. When I noticed, I watched that dust a few times falling, just to get it out of my system.

  • d2drumer

    The best game i have played!

  • Jeremy Michael

    which dlc should i start first?

  • Shagadelic Stalfos

    you know you're a nerd when you can identify what the monsters are

  • Christina Koh

    Geralt! You forgot to take your trophy!

  • Kristijan Majstorić

    when i saw this trailer back then i never heard of the witcher actually, then out of a sudden i decided to give it a go and play the first game, although people told me not to cause bad graphics and combat, but fuck people. i fell in love with geralt the same moment, then played the second and was amazed, by the time i finished second the 3rd was already 2 months out. then i played the 3rd. this is a decision i am not yet aware how the fuck and why did i do it but im fucking glad i did

  • Andxel2

    That moment when Netflix wants to create a The Witcher TV series and everything is right with the world.

  • Archer

    Got a bad feeling they're going to ruin the witcher Netflix series... wish they would keep it CGI, I know it would be insanely expensive, but, I feel like it's the only way to do it and not have it be a cheesy live action show with characters who don't look anything like they do in the games.

  • Jo S.

    I think this game is a game of this decade (2010-2020). The sound, the folklore, the colors, stories.... just gorgeous. Bravo guys. You deserved it.

  • Ryan Casagrande

    Did anyone else also love how they got your descisions from Witcher 2 in Emhyrs Castle at the beginning? Subtle

  • kennyPAGC

    what an epic way of show in a cinematic actual in-game abilities/gadgets: we clearly see the moon dust bomb revealing the invisible bruxa, the alternate quen sign, the black blood potion damaging a vampire and, finally, the aard sign.

  • TheVandrell

    Man, after playing that specific quest in Blood and Wine, this trailer takes a whole new meaning and provides much needed satisfaction. She finally got what she deserved.

  • realzfor

    50 hours in and just starting the second act on Witcher 3 complete edition=]

  • specter L

    this is the trailer that sold me on buying the witcher, never played it before, glad I did, fucking amazing game.just finished the second game replaying the 3rd for the 4th time

  • Jensi

    Wanted to go back for her, after the kids.

  • MickMaan

    Fun fact - At the main menu screen there are a few different scenes that show Geralt meditating. One of the scenes shows him sitting beside the tree outside the barn in this video with the vampire walking around inside. Only on this screen can you hear her singing. The other screens only have background sounds such as birds and the wind.

  • blackjack487

    I have rewatched this like 50 times but something doesn't make sense. Orianna says that "No amount of coin would convince a witcher to take this contract." But she knew Geralt accepted the contract for Dettlaff van der Eretein. And since Dettlaff is way more dangerous than her, Geralt would not have many second thoughts about accepting the contract.

  • Gatamer Fassade

    In case some of you missed it, if you drink Black Blood when fighting a Bruxa and they do they biting/grab attack, they also get stunned for a good amount as depicted in the trailer.

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