"A Night to Remember" Launch Cinematic - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this launch cinematic.

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  • Brendan Bernard

    This looks like it could have a tv show better than Game of Thrones.

  • deni sherlock

    Damn, i think Geralt just took a bottle of Superior Black Blood...

  • DanPH77

    when you find out she didnt take the Plan B

  • Marmer

    Netflix better not screw this up

  • Law5121

    Geralt: Your a vampireVampire: indeed I am...... Geralt: how about a few rounds of gwent

  • Xiyu Yang

    This game ruined it for me - how am I even supposed to look other games in the eye, while Witcher 3 placed the bar this high?

  • Riftwalker

    Sadly it didn't end with a round of gwent

  • harsh storm

    And he came back for her. Now that's a well-finished and well thought product when one of the first trailer for the game connects to the last acts of the last dlc

  • Bansh Cwipwa

    This trailer means that CDPR had been planning blood and wine from the very beggining. Such a fucking awesome company.

  • pc master race

    Who are playing the witcher 3 2018 ?

  • Deuro Ekso

    Few things I learnt form this vid1. Sometimes, looks are deceiving.2. Be prepared. Always be prepared.3. Never give up. Never.4. Be one tough, badass motherf*cker.5. The Witcher 3 is the best video game of this generation.

  • christian carrier

    Years have past and even the trailers are still giving people shivvers...pure genius

  • White Noise


  • Nana Ofmain


  • Schimmel Adler

    3:59 When you wake up next to a girl you thought she was hot when you were drunk the night before.


    After the Henry Cavill news had to watch one more time.

  • morelenmir

    That is basically the Witcher philosophy in a nutshell. You don't necessarily come out effortlessly untouched from every hunt, especially if you are after a higher vampire like Orianna. You just survive and your prey *doesn't*. Afterwards you down a potion or two to stop it hurting--you probably down one or two before it starts to hurt as well.And then you very quickly heal. Physically at least.

  • Albatar

    They made a trailer to announce the "end" of the quest of a DLC of a game that wasn't even ready yet, and it all makes sense now damn those guys are a bunch of geniuses


    he forgot to take the trophy . how will he get paid now ?

  • Michael Saxon

    Weird little Easter Egg in the blood and wine DLC, if you kill a bruxae or an alp during the Night of Long Fangs quest, it dies in exactly the same way as Orianna in the video, crawling away, crying out and finally dying on their front with one leg cocked

  • Tubbyjediknight


  • Jim Canterak

    This is why I like the Witcher mythos. You see, Witchers are definitely much stronger than average humans, there is no doubt about that. However against monsters, not so much. Sure their increased physical abilities and keen senses help a lot, but what really matters is their knowledge and tactics.Take this fight for example.Geralt has no delusions about this fight. He knows it's not gonna go peachy. He is not cocky cause he know he can't win in a 1v1 situation against that thing. He knows he is gonna get bitten at some point, so what does he do? He literally poisons his own blood to hurt the Vampire. And that is where the Witcher vitality and mutations come handy. A normal human would have died the second he swallowed that potion. But as we see here, Geralt's Witcher powers were just no enough by themselves. If he didn't have the necessary knowledge to make the potion, or to know it would hurt the vampire, he would have died without hurting it at all. If he was cocky about his powers and not use it, he would have died without hurting it again.Great franchise honestly.

  • David Quinlan


  • Daniel Briskey

    If the Netflix show manages to be even half as good as this trailer..... Then we have an epic on our hands.

  • Salaknib Guardia

    Ive waited for 3 years to play this game because I cant afford a decent pc that can support its specs. Now that im playing this game im blow n away by its graphics,gameplay and deep unexpected story lines.

  • Josh Moose

    I just noticed something cool! In game there is a potion called "Black Blood" which is really useful against vampires, when the blood dripped from Geralt's nose after he drank the potion, the blood drop turned completely black before it hit the ground. Such a small detail so few would notice and they still added it. I love CDPR.

  • casawi1986

    EA,Ubisoft, activision, whatch and learn.

  • Sidney Msi

    I started my third playtrough today!

  • Cinema Sorcery

    Can we just take a moment to talk about how fucking amazing of a protagonist Geralt is? He is easily one of the best in videogame history, especially with how the dialogue options work: offering different versions of the same character, depending on your own preference. Even though there's so many dialogue options, no way you take betray his character. That is flawless writing right there.

  • I Am Groot

    This makes me want an actual Witcher cgi movie all the more.

  • Miguel Garcia Fernandez

    Best game I've ever played.

  • Bugár Sándor

    This trailer is better than the Netflix series will be. I'm sure about it.

  • TheLiamis

    Witcher 3 is just best of the best games.

  • nimad1984

    The trailer is actually the epilogue of the game! unbelievable concept...!

  • Ashtarte

    So fucking cool to watch this again after beating Blood and Wine. You realize the trailer is set in Toussiant, the vampire is Oriana, and this is set after the events of Blood and Wine because you know what Oriana has been doing. So they had legit planned Blood and Wine way back before the game launched, good on you CDPR.

  • Carlos Medina

    Did I really just watch this and made my brain want to play the game again... WTF! WHY?! 11/09/2018

  • Diego Gonzalez

    Game is soooooo good, I tripped on shrooms and played this, i was really Geralt for a few hours

  • Crimson King Tony machavelli

    And That folks is why you never forget to drink some black blood before fighting higher vampires or any vampire in general! Never leave home without it.

  • Stefan Fagerli

    "I said I would come back for you" - Geralt

  • Mr Dweet-Dweet

    Four words: Game of the century

  • Polarity

    I’m now gonna get this game, just because of its trailers

  • Uriah Light

    This is one of the best cinematic trailers ever made. It showcases the game's mechanics almost flawlessly and also shows the emotional aspect of the game choices where you can see her crying at at end.

  • Johny Relax

    ive played it over and over and this still gives me chills after all this time...im gona have them put a copy of witcher in my casket when they bury me so i can play this for eternity lol

  • Fuzzy Hobgoblin

    Please Henry Cavill, PLEASE DON'T SCREW THIS UP!!!!

  • Zloy Volshebnik

    So he drank the potion knowing she would bite him.Literally:trojan horse.

  • Venom LeStrange

    One of the best trailer in the history of videogames

  • Ashton Smith

    This game will forever be the greatest game of all time for me everything about it is outstanding in every way. The music,story,graphics,gameplay,mechanics,charecters,charecter progression, lore, dialogue options, RPG elements, and more thats just skimming the surface also for people saying this could compare with GoT as a TV show i wonder if you knew that the actor that played tywin lannister in GoT voice acts nilfgards emporer in TW3 (name is too complicate lol).

  • FizzyElf

    One of the greatest games to ever come out period.

  • Viki B

    I can totally see Henry Cavil un this rol, is going to be awsome

  • DeathJustice

    Witcher 3 is not even a game. It's art.

  • Ciprian Iovanescu

    Netflix if you see this video take notes.

  • Grim Tyrant

    Wish more full length feature films were made like this.

  • iwana iwana

    He did it with Level 1 Gear i em impressed

  • Mariano Gameplays

    Imagine a Castlevania game made in this style it would be awesome. What Konami is thinking?

  • PlayedByViks

    why cant the netflix series be this

  • Bokaj01

    Kudos to the Bruxa for allowing Geralt to 'power up' before the fight...

  • werthy is my name

    It's been 3 years and I have still not beaten this game. Why? Because it's so damn good that I am just caught up in all the side quests, witcher hunts, treasure hunts, etc.

  • BattleMage

    Damn, the trailer for the game was actually an epilogue for the last DLC!!Holy crap they had this shit planned to the last detail.

  • Warrior

    I bought the game today on 2018. Can't wait to play this xD

  • Randy Kender Guillen Roca

    omg I just got this game from gamestop

  • Spooky Dog

    Just played this game a third time. Holy shit I just came.

  • Dino sass

    Oriana from Blood and Wine :D

  • A Freeman

    When the main character is "superhuman", but not some fcking superman

  • What The Fuck

    You know you’re in love with the game if you know what type of monster she is.............

  • Wicket

    When you find out she’s been cheating on you

  • RunningBlade4902

    HBO should make a Witcher TV show

  • scott leese

    I think I'd prefer a cinematic series of this over a live action one, the way they have produced this is fucking amazing

  • immortalcorrupter22

    1614 people wouldn't know a good video game if it sat on there face

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