"A Night to Remember" Launch Cinematic - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this launch cinematic.

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  • BattleMage

    Damn, the trailer for the game was actually an epilogue for the last DLC!!Holy crap they had this shit planned to the last detail.

  • Lars Dragerl

    Even tho you cant kill her ingame...

  • Adam Bolton

    How is it that I've been playing Witcher 3 for so long and I've only just discovered this incredible cinematic?? lol

  • Zose

    They need a whole CGI series

  • A.C. Neal

    I love this game, but this trailer makes me wonder:How many more generations of CPUs, GPUs and consoles are there gonna be until in-game visuals look like this?

  • Xtreme.xirtam

    As fucked up as she looks when she transforms you'd still have guys like "What's your name? Are you dating anyone right now?" because how she looked before the transformation LOL

  • starving kid from africa

    only if BB was that useful

  • Roob-in

    but... isn't she the lady you meet during the party in Bauclaire in Blood And Wine??

  • Tristan Magni

    So a lore question, do all potions hurt him like that with the acidic blood and whatnot? Or was it the Black Blood potion that did that?

  • DW Gaming

    better than my unity game

  • Jono

    Wish this fight/contract could be in the game

  • Faraz Khan

    is this a part or a mission of blood and wine dlc? because I haven't played it yet.

  • google / you tube

    hi guys , I'm stuck at the moment. I'm in a castle. and trying to get dressed but when I press. A it says loot. so I do and the clothes vanish , I can't leave the room till I'm dressed. ,how do I do that please. :-)

  • Bill Ly

    So, even unofficially, this is what will happen when Geralt said "You know I'll find you again" after that awfully shocking scene in Blood Simple... My hat to you, CDPR.

  • bruce livingston

    What a badass video. I didn't do all of the contracts, do you actually do this in game?

  • Ruslan Sliusarenko

    I like that this cinematic actually shows you what the gameplay is going to be without any footage. Great job!

  • Mizoturi

    man from the witcher 1 cinematic to this one, this franchise convinced me redheads are fucking evil

  • xMattMasterx

    Why is she crying at the end? What did i miss?

  • Jason Ripley

    Wolves asleep amidst the treesBats all a swaying in the breezeBut one soul lies anxious wide awakeFearing no manner of ghouls, hags and wraithsFor your dolly Polly sleep has flownDon't dare let her tremble aloneFor the witcher, heartless, coldPaid in coin of goldHe comes he'll go leave naught behindBut heartache and woeDeep, deep woeBirds are silent for the nightCows turned in as daylight diesBut one soul lies anxious wide awakeFearing no manner of ghouls, hags and wraithsMy dear dolly Polly shut your eyesLie still, lie silent, utter no criesAs the witcher, brave and boldPaid in coin of goldHe'll chop and slice youCut and dice youEat you up wholeEat you whole

  • Subfuge

    Everyone who keeps saying Orianna is a bruxa or an alp, she's not she's a higher vampire it's literally in her description. Most of you are just confused because you think you cannot kill a higher vampire, true; you cannot permanently kill a higher vampire unless you yourself are one, but you can kill them for a time until another of their kind revives them. Same thing happened to Regis.

  • aninsaneostrich

    i would love if Geralt had the scars from this trailer, i mean, they had a reference to the "killing monsters" trailer in game, where one of the other witchers mocks Geralt.

  • Simonhw -

    So this is after Blood and Wine right?

  • Parker Bull

    I hated it to fight against bruxas their are a real pain in the ass

  • saipratk kadam

    I have played Castlevania lords of Shadow is this game awesome too ?

  • Jeremy Michael

    which dlc should i start first?

  • CrazySpinach 79

    i n h u m a n r e a c t i o n s

  • YK Gaming

    Still gettin goosebumps by this man

  • Jensi

    Wanted to go back for her, after the kids.

  • Christina Koh

    Geralt! You forgot to take your trophy!

  • [81st]PSNLEEHONG

    Give that fucking studio all the money for a movie like this wouzld watch it 100 times a day

  • Ali Asaad

    this is fakethe damage dealt with a crossbow should be 1 not 576

  • Sean Warren

    anyone know where is the corresponding task in the game?

  • Seokwon Jang

    A 21:9 video with no 21:9 full screen capability.

  • Rhain Piquette

    I bet some freaky 8 year old fapped to this

  • callmewisdom

    How odd to make the launch trailer an epilog to the last Expansion of the game

  • RockyGrenade

    This game raised the bar so high, newer games are bad reviews cuz of it.

  • Imperial Commander Yue Fei 岳飛

    He drank "Black Blood" potion then threw a Moon Dust Bomb

  • Yanko Marinov

    I just finished the game And both Expansion after 6 months playing this masterpiece.the music, the graphic, the story, the atmosphere. Cities, the villages, the forests, everything is so perfect.

  • Yoann Molinard

    I bought and finished Uncharted 4, Batman Arkam Knight and GTA V to forget The WItcher 3... I failed

  • ben davis

    What exactly is that thing?

  • Gia Hoang

    watching this gives me hope for another Witcher game... when he said "time have changed" even tho my Geralt hang his sword up by the end of the game lol

  • Ryan Penic

    The bruxa(woman/vampire) in this looks and sounds a lot like Orianna from the Blood and Wine DLC.

  • leo jones

    Cannot find this fight scene in the game...

  • Yerflua

    Enhanced Black Blood FTW, though nobody fucking uses crossbows except for drowners lol

  • Eduardo Bráulio

    wait.... Is that TRISS?!

  • mayank gupta

    had to watch this after completing "blood simple" quest

  • Richard Ramos

    CDPR thinks everything through

  • Shantanu Bhattarai

    When your fight with the Bruxa in Blood and Wine went nearly the same way. Black blood (which she drank), moon dust and Quen shield break to push her down and the "Finish Off" move. Damn! :D

  • realzfor

    50 hours in and just starting the second act on Witcher 3 complete edition=]

  • yourboiifrance

    only true players would understand what he drank, the bomb and the signs he used.

  • Kwok K Lui

    this could be a good 3d movie!

  • Hasnat Alam Molla

    not bad but what is the main them

  • James Auditore

    Geralt looks like Vesemir

  • Leroy The God

    Easily one of geralts most difficult contracts

  • Barry Tucceri

    Shes so beautiful is she real?If she had only one arm id still go out with her.If she was a braux vamp not sure.

  • Davorn Urynmar

    10/10 would still bang

  • TheGodTell

    Not very bright, isn't she? it is the very Geralt who single handedly gravely injured Detlaff, a way stronger vampire than she ever was, and she insisted on fighting him? if i were Orianna, I would've run the hell way from Gary lol

  • ethan alan

    I should buy the Witcher

  • rasif rahman

    Best game ive ever played..

  • Lucky Queen

    black blood we call it :D

  • Arhs Tsitour

    Well...he did say that he'll come back for her. Should've taken it as an opportunity and run while she could.

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