"A Night to Remember" Launch Cinematic - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this launch cinematic.

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  • DarkFusionGames

    Does this mean that Geralt never retired? Cause this is years after blood and wine

  • rahul konjengbam

    what is the music of this video? does anyone know?

  • ADDMcGee25

    The original writer of the books the games are based on took a lump sum for the rights to the Witcher universe. He thought video games were dumb and they would never go anywhere.Fuckin'... whoops.

  • Mulle Manden

    Why does he look so different than the "Killing Monsters" trailer?

  • Samuel Duarte

    ain't this the first fight that appears in the first book?

  • Stephen Nugent

    But she isn't a vampire she's a bruxa

  • Aard

    >vampire notices what she drankHOW QUICKLY THE TIDE TURNS

  • Aayush Gupta

    I just realised that that's Orianna from Blood and Wine. Damn...

  • Eugene Kotau

    If this is not what the witcher netflix show is like....

  • AgentManitoba01

    She Catfished for the last time...

  • Azalgan

    C'est tellement stylé bordel. Ce jeu est une bombe. Ce personnage, cet univers. Ce trailer me file la trique un truc de fou

  • Sebastian Fernandez

    what the he'll is he drinking

  • James Corneck

    That's the chick from blood and wine ffs

  • Richard Le

    I wish this game never ended....amazing game

  • Der Derderder

    Fuck Orianna the child cow making whoor

  • Paulo Jade Rivera

    The trailer in a nutshell: You get kinky with a vampire.

  • Leprechaum

    Jesus....This is fucking beautiful!!!

  • Orhun Steel

    Orianna blood and wine

  • Faba Papa

    Damn, cant wait for Netflix! Hope it will be like this!

  • piano guy

    Witcher 3, starring Triple H as Geralt of Rivia

  • Kahraba Saidden

    Once the fight scene starts the music changes to that of a tango. It's awesome

  • Inori Koyuki

    the girl likes Rose Leslie

  • Nerf the Bush

    wait wait wait. I thought Orianna was a higher vampire, why is she a bruxa here?

  • Me Alexander

    ESGO makes this game better, the original settings were a pathetic blasphemy

  • Dominique Jacques

    I don't think this is Oriana .She's a higher Vampire not a bruxa. this is clearly a bruxa. Don't the Higher Vamps have a different transformation?

  • GruellingTerror42

    I wish the new series was going to be like this, animation, voice acting, the lot.

  • Daryll W

    i knew she looked familir!! thats the girl from blood and wine

  • afalad

    Yrdn + Aard = instakill on bruxa and alps (:

  • R. V

    So Geralt kept his word when he said he would come back for Orianna

  • StrikeEntertainment | Gaming Channel

    I'll come back for you one day. You realize that, right? - GeraltAnd he did

  • June Hollybell

    Im guessing he chugged swallow before going in and thats why he survived the bite

  • mike devaney

    seriously make a show like this....just wow!!

  • R. Batinic

    Same guys who made this trailer are actually making a Witcher Netflix series!!!

  • CountryMusicMann

    This is my favorite trailer. It shows why ordinary men can't fight monsters.

  • Arafat Kamal Tamjed

    who are still playing this game in 2017?

  • Doug Risk

    All Netflix needs to do is beat the awesomeness of this trailer... shit that's a tall order.. good luck Netflix

  • Gift Rastic

    The Witcher beer mug may shop )

  • BURNZY187

    EPIC, i love Geralt hes a badass but it would of been sick if he died along side her , his last contract , it kind of is in a way because CDPR arent planning on making a 4th witcher , best game ever.

  • Rasul Soltabai

    I watch this trailer before workout to be more motivated

  • Sebastiaan Steenkamp

    For some reason I really liked Orianna. The orphan really did appreciate that she took them in and cared for them in return for blood from one of them every now and then, and never enough to kill them. I don't know, maybe I'm twisted, but I thought that it was a positive way to handle her addiction. No one died. I don't think Orianna was a bad person. Geralt did not even want to take her head back as a trophy. This trailer, as brilliant as it is, makes me feel sad.

  • Douchy McDouche

    Can't wait for this game! May 19th 2018 can't get here fast enough!!

  • Guoenyi

    3:01 Fabulous hadoken Geralt! Also I like the nice touch of Geralt's nose bleed after seeing Orianna undressing.

  • Archer

    Got a bad feeling they're going to ruin the witcher Netflix series... wish they would keep it CGI, I know it would be insanely expensive, but, I feel like it's the only way to do it and not have it be a cheesy live action show with characters who don't look anything like they do in the games.

  • ColdCoastGaming

    If only the Black Blood potion was as effective in the game as it is in this trailer. Epic trailer nonetheless.

  • Gunther Wunder

    when she turns around and says "things like me?" my heart skips a beat and i get butterflies in my belly

  • Aldy Al-jufrie

    this game is so good it should be illegal

  • Vitor Abreu Arnoni

    this brings tears to my eyes

  • Wild

    Comon Netflix don't let us down

  • Jensi

    Wanted to go back for her, after the kids.

  • Pukar Subedi

    So Orianna is a Bruxhae?

  • Andrei Mureșan

    i haven't played the game yet, and i don't want to :( the unknown it's so beautiful , plus when i'll start, it will had to finish

  • Brooke WithTheHair

    The bomb he threw was Moon Dust and the potion he drank was Black Blood :D

  • Eiraza

    there are three types of vampires, the bottom tier of vampires which are the weird looking things geralt fights in the sewers or in abandoned houses like the ekimera (I think thats how you spell it). Then there are the high vampires which are the bruxae which is orianna. Then the higher vampires which is regis and detlaff. Just google the witcher vampire lore, it explains it better then i did

  • cmiller8492

    How come he didn't die from the poison?

  • Andreas Scott

    The guy who directed this, will direct at least one episode of the newly announced Witcher Netflix series!!!

  • ian bacunan

    no wonder he got his ass whoped by oriana, he wore his kaer morhen armor, i would have worn my GM feline for her, lol

  • midgetydeath

    Best part in my opinion is when they are both on the ground and share a look. The vampire is crying a little as she dies and they both just sort of have a moment of camaraderie. That their lives and way is something no one else can understand.

  • MC Senpai

    I did not see her in the actual game.

  • Lo L

    Why did he kill the pretty lady? I don't get it.

  • Reginald Bushwater

    Anyone know the song starting at 2:06? Not sure if the ever released that.

  • Peisen Xu

    Can someone explain why Witchers in the past wouldn't have taken this contract.

  • Dmitriy Chugunov

    Can someone tell me the name of song pls?

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