"A Night to Remember" Launch Cinematic - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this launch cinematic.

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  • Adam Bolton

    How is it that I've been playing Witcher 3 for so long and I've only just discovered this incredible cinematic?? lol

  • BattleMage

    Damn, the trailer for the game was actually an epilogue for the last DLC!!Holy crap they had this shit planned to the last detail.

  • Lars Dragerl

    Even tho you cant kill her ingame...

  • A.C. Neal

    I love this game, but this trailer makes me wonder:How many more generations of CPUs, GPUs and consoles are there gonna be until in-game visuals look like this?

  • Zose

    They need a whole CGI series

  • iAmDaos

    rot in peace, orianna!

  • Jon Ayuco

    Witcher players would know the potion he drank

  • rebelpoxy

    Am I the only one who's wondering who put the contract on Orianna? I know Geralt warned her in the future, but I don't think Geralt would just go after her without anyone paying him for the contract.

  • Gargamel Le Noir

    Black blood is amazing! Toxic as hell obviously, but amazing!

  • Xtreme.xirtam

    As fucked up as she looks when she transforms you'd still have guys like "What's your name? Are you dating anyone right now?" because how she looked before the transformation LOL

  • Ruslan Sliusarenko

    I like that this cinematic actually shows you what the gameplay is going to be without any footage. Great job!

  • Najee Jackson

    Selene can take both of them out.

  • Son Of Odin

    Make a full-on CGI Witcher movie. Not live action, that's never been a good idea.

  • bruce livingston

    What a badass video. I didn't do all of the contracts, do you actually do this in game?

  • Jason Ripley

    Wolves asleep amidst the treesBats all a swaying in the breezeBut one soul lies anxious wide awakeFearing no manner of ghouls, hags and wraithsFor your dolly Polly sleep has flownDon't dare let her tremble aloneFor the witcher, heartless, coldPaid in coin of goldHe comes he'll go leave naught behindBut heartache and woeDeep, deep woeBirds are silent for the nightCows turned in as daylight diesBut one soul lies anxious wide awakeFearing no manner of ghouls, hags and wraithsMy dear dolly Polly shut your eyesLie still, lie silent, utter no criesAs the witcher, brave and boldPaid in coin of goldHe'll chop and slice youCut and dice youEat you up wholeEat you whole

  • Salamandarin 86

    best game trailer ever made...

  • DoitDoug

    I have all 3 of these games and still have not played them...whats wrong with me?

  • Tubbs

    Can someone give me the lyrics to that song or at least the song with pout background noise?

  • Val Fidelis

    still one of the best cinematic advertisements ever

  • Holographic Games

    They need to make a witcher movie like this all animated and shit

  • 3dgar 7eandro

    Just shut up and take my 💵 money


    What I don't get is how the heck does Geralt heal from those kinds of wounds?

  • Jason Hogan

    There should've been a warning in the intro for plagiarism against Elric of Melniboné.

  • sunil kumar

    This is fucking awesome!!!!

  • Dacus Decebalus


  • saipratk kadam

    I have played Castlevania lords of Shadow is this game awesome too ?

  • Tristan Magni

    So a lore question, do all potions hurt him like that with the acidic blood and whatnot? Or was it the Black Blood potion that did that?

  • Mizoturi

    man from the witcher 1 cinematic to this one, this franchise convinced me redheads are fucking evil

  • Faraz Khan

    is this a part or a mission of blood and wine dlc? because I haven't played it yet.

  • Glenn A

    scary how realistic this looks

  • xMattMasterx

    Black Blood Potion + Moon Dust Bomb + Aard = GG Bruxa

  • Kei

    I just finished The Witcher 3 today on my PS4... I'm crying because I did not want it to end ;_;

  • Macer Rad

    Does anyone else saw the nip slip?

  • runfromtheminges139

    i would love if Geralt had the scars from this trailer, i mean, they had a reference to the "killing monsters" trailer in game, where one of the other witchers mocks Geralt.

  • Jono

    Wish this fight/contract could be in the game

  • Kyle Howard

    this is how the movie should be done

  • Orenthung lotha

    This is so fucking awesome

  • Ashish Kandola

    how much ram and graphics do I need to play this

  • Ahmad Tarmimi

    CDPR should make video killing the unseen elder too.... revenge for for fast killing and extra loading resume game!

  • Duanne de los Santos

    wait, is this why I never saw her in the main story? is it because she's in the DLC?

  • Roman M

    amazing game, my favourite game :) 12/12 :D

  • Debjyoti Bhowmick

    Am i the only one who got teary eyed?

  • Biene Marc

    Does anyone have an idea which city that is at 4:08? Doesn't look like Beauclair to me

  • gio bagrata

    Superior Black Blood FTW!

  • Victor Pina

    cdpr best devs no doubt

  • Tensa Zangetsu

    Damn if i hadn't watched this trailer i wouldn't have even considered buying The Witcher, one of the best games ever it was worth 60 bucks for the complete edition

  • Korey

    can this be a series on netflixs already

  • PanchoLR

    This trailer take sense when you finish the Blood and Wine expansion, beautifull work CDPR :')

  • Andrei Drew

    I bought this game for ps4, and twice for pc on gog plus goty on steam. IN my opinion it is the best game ever made (and i have over 1000 ps1.2.3.4 plus pc and handheld games). .... Best. game. ever.

  • ironshark123

    if they can make such high quality games ,why we can't play in same resolution and texture and with 100+fps?

  • Lucky NoDice

    I like to think he was traveling with Ciri at the time but he asks her to wait in town, this contract is personal

  • lotti rushi

    May be Great becomes vampire in the future? If not how can he kill a higher vampire ?🤔🤔

  • The Sun Bro

    What the fuck is wrong with his eyes???

  • A. Shakur

    This cinematic trailer is one of the best I've ever seen for a game. It shows and tells the viewer a lot. The graphics and details are crazy, the camera angles are perfect, the powers of Geralt that you can use ingame are shown in the trailer, the desperate willing and addiction of Geralt (Killing monsters) and at the same time being tired of it is shown. I can go on and on but these details are kinda cool for a trailer.


    Geralt- jesteś wolna?Novigradzka dziewka- nie..zapierdalam jak dyliżansJA- xDDDDDD

  • ThePHiLcHy

    geralt looks like sean bean

  • Alex Lubis

    What if the girl just wanted to defend herself but Geralt wants to woohoo her?

  • Tao Cai

    Just wonder how much money they burnt on this

  • alex rgi

    borimg game. got killed by lvl 4 murlocs and i deleted this shit.

  • Subfuge

    Everyone who keeps saying Orianna is a bruxa or an alp, she's not she's a higher vampire it's literally in her description. Most of you are just confused because you think you cannot kill a higher vampire, true; you cannot permanently kill a higher vampire unless you yourself are one, but you can kill them for a time until another of their kind revives them. Same thing happened to Regis.

  • _N0VANT0

    wait so geralt doesn't take any trophy from her? so he just killed here without being able to get paid?

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