"A Night to Remember" Launch Cinematic - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this launch cinematic.

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  • Adam Bolton

    How is it that I've been playing Witcher 3 for so long and I've only just discovered this incredible cinematic?? lol

  • BattleMage

    Damn, the trailer for the game was actually an epilogue for the last DLC!!Holy crap they had this shit planned to the last detail.

  • healer od

    i thought i was watching a new upcoming movie trailer

  • Jim Canterak

    This is why I like the Witcher mythos. You see, Witchers are definitely much stronger than average humans, there is no doubt about that. However against monsters, not so much. Sure their increased physical abilities and keen senses help a lot, but what really matters is their knowledge and tactics.Take this fight for example.Geralt has no delusions about this fight. He knows it's not gonna go peachy. He is not cocky cause he know he can't win in a 1v1 situation against that thing. He knows he is gonna get bitten at some point, so what does he do? He literally poisons his own blood to hurt the Vampire. And that is where the Witcher vitality and mutations come handy. A normal human would have died the second he swallowed that potion. But as we see here, Geralt's Witcher powers were just no enough by themselves. If he didn't have the necessary knowledge to make the potion, or to know it would hurt the vampire, he would have died without hurting it at all. If he was cocky about his powers and not use it, he would have died without hurting it again.Great franchise honestly.

  • Lars Dragerl

    Even tho you cant kill her ingame...

  • Malik Ahmad

    how the sandwich fuck can the game developers tease the blood and wine dlc before the actual game and another dlc after it.

  • A.C. Neal

    I love this game, but this trailer makes me wonder:How many more generations of CPUs, GPUs and consoles are there gonna be until in-game visuals look like this?

  • Jon “JonThePotato” Ayuco

    Witcher players would know the potion he drank

  • rebelpoxy

    Am I the only one who's wondering who put the contract on Orianna? I know Geralt warned her in the future, but I don't think Geralt would just go after her without anyone paying him for the contract.

  • iAmDaos

    rot in peace, orianna!

  • Xtreme.xirtam

    As fucked up as she looks when she transforms you'd still have guys like "What's your name? Are you dating anyone right now?" because how she looked before the transformation LOL

  • Nathan Waite

    He should have used yrden it would have helped

  • Zose

    They need a whole CGI series

  • Anthony Tosh

    I've been a gamer since the 80s ,and this ranks on the top of my list.

  • Gargamel Le Noir

    Black blood is amazing! Toxic as hell obviously, but amazing!

  • Reii Layy

    i don't know how many times i've watched this

  • Jono

    Wish this fight/contract could be in the game

  • Tristan Magni

    So a lore question, do all potions hurt him like that with the acidic blood and whatnot? Or was it the Black Blood potion that did that?

  • Thiago Faro

    How the hell I've only seen this now??? Come on...

  • Shut up Nerd

    geralt doesn't look like geralt though

  • Edivad Ilomor 1926

    274 are fucking vampires 😂....anyway Orianna is so damn hot


    that nipple is worth playing the game..

  • Ratchet

    Geralt is my favorite Anime character

  • Mizoturi

    man from the witcher 1 cinematic to this one, this franchise convinced me redheads are fucking evil

  • Geralt di Rivia

    i want the film to the witcher...

  • Kei

    I just finished The Witcher 3 today on my PS4... I'm crying because I did not want it to end ;_;

  • Ruslan Sliusarenko

    I like that this cinematic actually shows you what the gameplay is going to be without any footage. Great job!

  • xMattMasterx

    Black Blood Potion + Moon Dust Bomb + Aard = GG Bruxa

  • NinjaRed5000

    Came back to see this after Blood and Wine just to see this bitch killed.

  • Faraz Khan

    is this a part or a mission of blood and wine dlc? because I haven't played it yet.

  • TheSethSon

    Holy crap! This looks so real! Amazing!

  • Snarky Scotsman

    This is how you foreshadow, AAA developers. Take notes.

  • Ratchet

    this trailer is better than any recent movie ive seen

  • John Thomas

    After finishing Blood and Wine (and of course Hearts of Stone and Wild Hunt), it all makes so much more sense now.


    What I don't get is how the heck does Geralt heal from those kinds of wounds?

  • Jordan Smith

    I want to see a crossover between Witcher and Bloodborne. Ciri is travelling with Avellach as they flee The Wild Hunt and accidentally arrive in the Hunters Dream for a breif moment. This attracts the attention of a post Mans Second Childhood ending Moonscented Hunter. Or its after the Witcher 3 main game ending and the Moonscented Hunter is ripped from the Dream (still post Mans Second Childhood) and finds themself in a field in either Toussaint or near Oxenfurt. What Id like to see is the reactions to the Hunters weapons and abilities and if it gets revealed their nature as a Great One, with the Hunter travelling and being told of in inns as a sort of boogeyman.

  • Macer Rad

    Does anyone else saw the nip slip?

  • Duanne de los Santos

    wait, is this why I never saw her in the main story? is it because she's in the DLC?

  • Jade

    holy cow im having a goosebump

  • BloodySawBlade

    I remember playing the first Witcher for the first time back in 2012. I was so impressed with the game, that I had to get the sequel for my 360, and then The Witcher 3 in 2015 for my Xbox One. I still haven't gotten around to the dlc packs yet for The Witcher 3. I now need to get the books.

  • arseniclullaby87

    is this just a made up scene or does it have something to do with the actual game?

  • Subfuge

    Everyone who keeps saying Orianna is a bruxa or an alp, she's not she's a higher vampire it's literally in her description. Most of you are just confused because you think you cannot kill a higher vampire, true; you cannot permanently kill a higher vampire unless you yourself are one, but you can kill them for a time until another of their kind revives them. Same thing happened to Regis.

  • wildan stars

    i'm just falling in love with this game and I want withcer is coming back as soon :'( :D

  • TheREALGaMeR

    1:13 looks like you can almost see a little nip showing

  • Milos Stojanovic

    This is literally one of the best trailers-cinematics i ever saw!!

  • Atakan Ünal (Atakonti)

    One of the best game I ever played.

  • brandon baerga

    it's crazy how they were already thinking about blood and wine during development

  • Christina Koh

    Geralt! You forgot to take your trophy!

  • Pixel

    I never realize it until now. But, she looks a lot like Nicola Roberts.

  • james reinoso

    Is it the legend 27 ?

  • _N0VANT0

    wait so geralt doesn't take any trophy from her? so he just killed here without being able to get paid?

  • SkullieTheBully

    i wanna start playing witcher... do I have to go from witcher 1 and up?

  • theperv01

    You know dragons breath would have done a much better job or ghallhorn .

  • michael english

    is that Sophie turner?

  • Sauron Deceiver

    What's the track playing from 02:04 to 02:37?

  • CurseTheDawn

    Easily one of the greatest games ever.

  • Robert McCutcheon

    i love how blood and wine expansion turns out to be a prequel to this trailer

  • AddictedFanatiC

    Chris Hemsworth as Geralt of Rivia

  • abdul bari

    beautiful scenery and story, i thought the girl was in trouble at first.

  • Emre'nin Kanalı

    Cheak out my videos for Witcher videos

  • Rohan Poddar

    in the thumnail it just looks like a real girl!...as it does in the vid....ea rox!

  • Jedidiah

    We need a film of Geralt in the style of this trailer like the film Beowulf. That would be awesome. How do we make it happen like for real what did we need to do? Any ideas?.

  • RubberGently

    Those who disliked this masterpiece are witches and should be burned at the stake

  • Kairasam's Projects

    I don't care what they say but damn she's gorgeous! You know... Before she transform of course...

  • Boss Stillen

    What's her rl name ? for vampire research purposes

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