The Witcher 3 Mods - UBER Fidelity Suite

The Witcher 3 Mods - UBER Fidelity Suite
5-7 FPS Hit

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UBER Fidelity Suite
Debug Console Enabler Updated
  • Nuka Cola

    dude, the Witcher 3 was already beautiful, no need for mods like these, hehe.

  • Ekaterina Kuznetsova

    I personally like the game the way it was made :) but thanks for the video anyway) you always make them look so neat that I cannot not watch them

  • Commodore Grayum

    Slightly More Contrast: The Mod

  • Crunch Chicken

    I barely see any difference.

  • Keith Rhodes

    most of these mods didn't make the game any better, just darker or lighter, no better gfx.

  • EliteTeamKiller

    Better than vanilla but once again another shader with unrealistically cool color temp. This is much better than most, but just a tad too cool. And while i love darker shadows, this one goes a bit too far in that some areas not in solid shadow are too dark

  • HallOfGame

    Which song in the soundtrack was this? :P

  • bigblob27

    Great work hodi!  I have two questions though, 1: What armor is that? and 2: What's your favorite ReShade preset?

  • Kamil Bigos

    Mine doesn't look anything like this after installing this. Allthough everything seems to work and changes are visible. But not like this. Have you changed anything in the game besides the shader mod? It looks like from E3 trailers. I'm playing with everything on Ultra on my PC and it's just looking 10 times worse on my GTX 970.

  • Daryl Ogun

    Great work, man. The performance impact of the V2 full package (cinematic) is about 10 fps in 1440p, though. Getting 45-55 fps with a single overclocked GTX 980 (hairworks off, low shadows, everything else ultra).

  • Kazuhiro

    I'm sorry, but when I play this mod, I feel less impressed by the games fidelity, and it feels more as if I were playing an older game modded with typical shaders/contrast/bloom package that goes around; game to game, tweak to tweak.

  • Firas almannaa

    Witcher 3 ENB vs Skyrim ENB ... please please

  • Greenest Hue

    I have 2gb of vram. It's definitely going to be more than 5-7fps for me lol.

  • calmingspeed

    I want to know when those damn lines in the sky during the daytime or night will be patched out because my rig can eat this game up but those skies piss me off.

  • Medium Sinatra

    +hodilton Do you find SweetFX AA to perform better than the in game or Nvidia control panel?

  • Preston Dortch

    Just released Version 2.0! be sure to check it out +hodilton, its probably the last one until REDkit releases :)

  • MannyGT

    I never understand why visual modders are tending to increase image contrast.

  • Maximiliano Blitzkrieg

    You rock man! I love all your videos :)

  • Anthony A

    2:43 went from "I know that's a game" to "Was that taken in real life"?? lol

  • Tippier Sky

    Wonderful. Both the mod and the video!

  • xxllx86

    This Game is insane!!!

  • SwedishGamingCentral

    Great video. How did you remove the hud, their hp bar and names?

  • Dudek pl

    Is it compatible with win 10?

  • amcynic

    There's no RESHADE folder in my bin/x64 folder. Which folder do I dump the files into?

  • SebasMad Gau

    At 1:39 what kind of skill did you use?

  • SpaceJoker

    These kind of mods kind of improve the shitty vanilla vegetation. Is there a mod that ACTUALLY changes it?

  • 2010xerxes

    Hodi, did you liked the ending? Well there are many endings yes, but did you liked yours?

  • cool_mind

    Is it possible to turn off or at least tone down the wind simulation? Trees and branches, bushes etc.. move so much, it's annoying a bit

  • George Hernandez

    When modders do the work for the developers smh


    Beautiful, holy shit! What graphics card are you running?

  • Chris Müb

    Hey Hodi, great videos, can you or someone please tell me how to get this camera view you always use at the beginning of your vids? This over shoulder pov?

  • Skull Knight

    So which sweetfx config is your favourite?

  • BoxOfSt00f

    Oh look another color filter.  At least this one adds a tiny bit of contrast.

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