The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Final Boss Fight Eredin Boss Fight

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Final Boss Fight Eredin Boss Fight

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  • TheDeathCrafter

    Eredin has like 8 lines but DAMN his voice is sexyyy

  • EroticOnion23

    Hehe, I remember running out of food during the navigator fight so I spent the entire final boss battle drunk... xDI was so hoping there'd be a dialogue option 'hey wanna play cards?'...

  • cenasux115

    Was i the only one dissapointed with this boss fight? I still feel that imlerith was a way more interesting boss fight, and the cutscene were Geralt obliterates him was so fucking badass and satisfying that it made me believe that they saved the best for last with Eredin but it was nowhere near Imlerith and that really dissapointed me

  • tdmbro2

    I know spinning and twirling you're sword around does nothing in this battle. But did anyone keep doing it because it looked bad ass how Eredin blocked every spin? Lmao

  • darknessseess64nin

    Wow, wtf is this difficulty?Jesus at least play on normal, I consider Blood and Broken Bones the bare minimum...

  • grace calis

    For me, the biggest flaw in this game is Eredin's dead body being such a tease and in the end you can't even loot it for that bloody sword. 0/10

  • Amritpal Galsin

    Eredin sounds cooler with his mask on.

  • goingsupernova

    for me, defeating eredin was easier than defeating his chum

  • Dalton K

    Good thing you can't be kicked off the area, Geralt would've died like four different times at least.

  • Héctor F

    This was so easy, but it looked amazing.

  • Guoenyi

    Stupid shit forgot he got a secondary sword

  • Rory Mag

    Reaching for his sword on the ground, when he's got another one on his belt, wut?

  • samseed666

    This is the "milk drinker bitch" difficulty.

  • Incognito

    Eredin Vs Alduin in this world. Who wins?

  • Fraser Whyte

    I remember the hype for this fight-took 4 attempts to kill Imlerith and 3 for Caranthir- when I heard him say "As you expire" I was like fuck me im gonna die in a few seconds-easiest boss fight ever-me: da fuq was that?

  • Kenan Tutsi (Prideful)

    Poor Eredin died a virgin.

  • Ian Gratton

    Poor papa An Craite... I liked him.

  • deon williams

    I hated fight imlerith, eredin, and detlaff.

  • Kareem Magdi

    I feel annoyed for not being able to get Eredin's sword!

  • ryanspears1986

    "Damn it, Yen. I was about to torch those hounds and slay every one of them. I'm so close to being able to use my new silver sword! Then you yank my ass out of there."

  • Rock Miller

    Eredin maybe it's not a hard Boss but damn that music its just perfect.

  • Sekai on

    Err... this was the dissapointement for me. In the end, Eredin was not that interesting as a vilain.

  • Twigzmaster 2.0


  • john doe

    How are you taking him out so fast? That fucking fight went on for like 30 minutes for me. I must've been too low level or something.


    As much as I love this game, I was really disappointed with this fight. After everything leading up to this point, I just expected more of an actual fight, both in cinematics and gameplay. Instead, Eredin just kinda goes down like a bitch, and the fight itself felt no different than a typical contract boss fight. Still love the game, though.

  • Meiio Lynee

    Am I the only one who like Eredin? Damn Is cool!

  • caim

    eredin looks like sauron the witch of angmar and skull knight from berserk

  • Isaac Leese

    Maybe Eredins other sword is silver? And thats why he doesnt go for it

  • Daniel Carroll

    i hate to be that guy but 2:10fucking hell console has a loading screen lol

  • Shiraz Khan

    What is the difficulty level? Is it Just the Story? Please reply.

  • Thomas Milliken

    To be honest I thought this was one of the easiest boss fights in the game. I just defeated him on new game + with level 40 grandmaster griffin set on blood and bones difficulty LOL did that the whole new game + playthrough as well. Couldn't pass up the sign bonus and plus i couldn't be bothered collecting diagrams again for the legendary set. Quen is your best friend in this fight.

  • Rasuke11

    All you bitches stop playing him on normal or easy and see how hard he really is

  • Demonkiller123 _SvK

    If I would be him,I would pull out even that second sword and then started to do spins with teleporting like Imlerith.That would be much harder then.

  • Petter Svenson

    Witcher! I was hoping you would cum.

  • ryanspears1986

    I love the contrast between how Eredin and Geralt treat their defeated foes. Eredin shows his cruelty by tossing Crach's ax back to him, forcing a mortally wounded man to continue fighting. Geralt, by comparison, after soundly defeating Eredin, kicks his sword away as he tries to reach for it. It's as if he's saying, "You've lost. This ends now."

  • Nicolae Gabriel Alex.

    one of the easiest fights. really. even on death march was easy.

  • misternoobie

    I had a harder time with Caranthir than with Eredin..

  • Diandro Dijkstra

    These guys of the Hunt were so easy to beat.

  • Neequasor

    Easiest Dark Souls Boss ever.

  • Rebecca 7

    the witcher 3 é um lixoo! eu sei pq tenho e zerei.. o vilão nojentooo!

  • J Paul

    I love this battle its so epic

  • Kaan Dogru

    Why is Caranthir harder than Eredin? Why is Olgierd von fucking Everec harder than Eredin? Come on CDPR. Him and the Wild Hunt in general were one of the only disappointments in this game.

  • Shinseiryugen

    To be honest, I had much more difficulty with a pack of drowners, but then again I played it on death march and group battles are just more difficult than solo encounters

  • Jason Mendez

    Glad to know i'm not the only one who thought eredin was too easy... i was expecting to find myself rage quit but no, killed him my first try :-)

  • Baxovo retardované dvojče

    WTF is this difficulty? Are you playing on first or second difficulty? You are getting damage like from lvl 5 wolf. On death march you will be dead in half of video -_-

  • The1ZANDER1

    The worst for me is Dettlaf, he is one tough motherfucker.

  • TCT Creator

    The game not Respect Boss battle !

  • Rory Mag

    That eye jab from Geralt was so tasty.


    Why King of the Wild Hunt Eredin is in witcher 3 elf and in witcher 1 its spectre wtf ?

  • Lisa McCrissican

    I have no idea what difficulty you're playing this on, but I genuinely had some trouble with him. I did hardly any damage to him in the second portion of the fight, and was using a mastercrafted Wolven sword. I had to stop fighting twice simply to get over my frustrations. Definitely don't think it was as good a fight as Imlerith, and Caranthir was much more satisfying due to character involvement.

  • Richard André Cisternas Victoriano

    Eredin reminds me a lot to Dal Gurak from "Blade:The Edge of Darkness" (Also known as "Severance: Blade of Darkness", 2001), even his moves are the same.

  • 486x

    now i know i wont play this shit

  • Donald The Duck

    Wow this guy totally blows.

  • crimsondemonx

    god eredin was a pathetic boss, I thought when I first fought him he was pathetic because I was on normal, but my death march playthrough rolls around and he is still weak. I guess the heart of stone and blood and wine dlc made up for that with some tough bosses especially dettlaf lol.

  • TheOfficialTriXxXer J

    Nithral was even harder than Imlerith and Eredin combined. I hate his regeneration phase!!!!

  • apotheos1s

    What a disappointing boss fight. He couldn't even hit me once. A group of Ghouls are more of a threat than the King of the Wild Hunt.


    You used the lowest difficulty

  • gijs wiersema

    Compared to Letho in the witcher 2, Eredin was peanuts

  • dark bendover

    is this game any good? i see they still use crappy combat system from the witcher 2 which results in unavoidable miss slash. do i still have to jump around like monkeys to dodge attack?

  • texas 27

    Funny thing is that I found Eredin to be the easiest out of all the Wild Hunt bosses to defeat. I found the tactic that works best is actually to stay close to him and to keep attacking and moving around. By far, the hardest boss in my opinion was either the first one or Imlerith, because of that shield. That being said, this is one of the best storylines to a game I've ever experienced.

  • Tyler Durden

    (Knock Knock) "What now you piece of filth!" - Geralt of Rivia

  • AngelOrEvill

    final boss looks so easy even I not even play this game yet...Not epic :((

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