The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Final Boss Fight Eredin Boss Fight

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Final Boss Fight Eredin Boss Fight

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  • TheDeathCrafter

    Eredin has like 8 lines but DAMN his voice is sexyyy

  • NOK CHUN Lam

    was eredin really that dumb? why the fk he dont use the god dam second sword that on his waist?

  • Michael Kinley

    Whoops. Here's me looking at endings and final boss fights without getting to that point in the game myself yet. Again...

  • Kevin Maddick

    "I respectfully disagree, Eredin. In my opinion, you, in fact, are the one who will expire"

  • samseed666

    This is the "milk drinker bitch" difficulty.

  • Strangleyourfriend

    Geralt is cool af, but god damn. Eredin and his gang are so freaking badass. Eredins masked voice is sooo perfect for a villain. Armor cool af as well.

  • darknessseess64nin

    Wow, wtf is this difficulty?Jesus at least play on normal, I consider Blood and Broken Bones the bare minimum...

  • ThumbsHunter

    i sometimes look at my milk in the fridge and say in a deep voice "milk, i have something to tell you, but i'll do so afterwards, as you expire."

  • Cajunvoodoo

    this boss was way too easy. I wasn't even at the correct level. I was level 32

  • Trey Wood

    Ya'll do realize he played on like the easiest difficulty so he could just upload the video, not showcase his witcher skills.

  • Rekis rax

    -Eredin: Any last words?-Crach: Grand those swords,but I prefer me trusty axe.

  • TDMeeks

    I know spinning and twirling you're sword around does nothing in this battle. But did anyone keep doing it because it looked bad ass how Eredin blocked every spin? Lmao

  • Saul Moses

    Did this on blood and broken bones no hud

  • Amritpal Galsin

    Eredin sounds cooler with his mask on.

  • Gustavo Gonçalves

    Eredin's face is so disappointing.

  • Deadpool's Taco Truck

    What's truly interesting regarding this fight, is that Geralt used the move to defeat Eredin, the same move that Vesemir told Geralt he needed work with in the first contract undertaken together in Velen. Talk about bringing a character's flaws full circle...

  • Jason Mendez

    Caranthir was so much harder than this fraud

  • Levi Ackerman

    Would have been cool if the dude from the beginning (I forgot his name) would have been cut in half down to his abdomen. THAT would have been REALLY brutal. Fitting for the ruler of the Wild Hunt.

  • Yasmeen Vaquerano

    I found the imlerith boss fight way more satisfying

  • Nami San

    I loved Crach. HE DIED AS A REAL AN CRAITE.

  • EroticOnion23

    Hehe, I remember running out of food during the navigator fight so I spent the entire final boss battle drunk... xDI was so hoping there'd be a dialogue option 'hey wanna play cards?'...

  • bozitojugg3rn4ut

    "As you expire." - fucking savage

  • RizPower Colt


  • Torben Pasucha

    You did this on the easiest difficulty, didn't you?

  • Kleptonic

    maybe it only happened to me but the red moon and clouds kinda made an eye shape duirjng this fight it looked so creepy

  • Spaghetti 420

    Gives me chills when he says "as you expire" like damn he has a sexy voice

  • Um anônimo legal

    Então esse é o cachorro do cellbits.

  • Jack Marco

    The most underwhelming part about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the actual WIld Hunt.

  • Justice 1911

    Poor Crach :( That sounded like a brutal final blow...

  • Rory Mag

    Reaching for his sword on the ground, when he's got another one on his belt, wut?

  • cenasux115

    Was i the only one dissapointed with this boss fight? I still feel that imlerith was a way more interesting boss fight, and the cutscene were Geralt obliterates him was so fucking badass and satisfying that it made me believe that they saved the best for last with Eredin but it was nowhere near Imlerith and that really dissapointed me

  • goingsupernova

    for me, defeating eredin was easier than defeating his chum

  • Chaktip Paiboon

    What a shame. I expected more dialogues before fighting.

  • William Sutton

    Why does nobody ever talk about Crach's death? He went down like a badass, and I thought it was really sad

  • Kayo Szymanski

    I tried playing this game 3 times already, everyone is crazy about it, but just like skyrim, it's not my style at all, just came here trying to remember why i stopped last time, and that was it, combat is boring to me, 80% of what you do in battle is press the same button to use a sword in a game called "the witcher" more like "the swordman " god I hate melee XD, ill stay with my DAI , just my opinion tho, good video.

  • caim

    who is this king eredin killed

  • TheStriker252

    Damn it... They just killed off Crach. I was honestly hoping for him to fight alongside Geralt, until we eventually get outnumbered by the Hunt.

  • pavanaRM 7

    the Best of eredin is the voice

  • chu đức toàn

    Correct me if i'm wrong because i haven't play this game but why did Eredin try to reach his sword while his other sword is hanging on his belt ?

  • Dalton K

    Good thing you can't be kicked off the area, Geralt would've died like four different times at least.

  • spartanlegit1

    lol playing on the noob stick how embarrassing

  • Death Cold

    Looks easy than darksouls ^_^

  • why RU knechtel

    This was way easier than nithral

  • Jimmy Strudel

    @ 5:24 wtf was that a velociraptor?

  • Classymaru Nara

    His ground slashes keep hitting me even if I'm like 1 metre away.....

  • Dark Crow

    I think Eredin is a really cool character and I wish there was more content om him and the Hunt in the game.

  • Krynictrace

    Witcher 2 scarred me. Every time I watch Yrden being cast I just get flashbacks of my stress when fighting the Kayran and Síle shouting "TRAP IT WITH YRDEN" and for some reason it never fucking worked.

  • Guoenyi

    Stupid shit forgot he got a secondary sword

  • WisdomSpark Productions


  • Wiedzmin Geralt Z Rivii

    I remember fighting Eredin and Geralt saying "Ahh the stench"

  • ShoutsWillEcho1


  • Tomas Ragelis

    Just finished the game and i am in aww this was the best thing i have played in a long time i'm geting older and the games are not that intresting too me as time goes by but this one is just a masterpiece everything is just right just got to say Thank you to cd project red great job

  • Fraser Whyte

    I remember the hype for this fight-took 4 attempts to kill Imlerith and 3 for Caranthir- when I heard him say "As you expire" I was like fuck me im gonna die in a few seconds-easiest boss fight ever-me: da fuq was that?

  • Flying Swordfish

    Has Eredin destroyed other worlds?

  • Yuri Petrenko

    Sometimes I open this video just to hear eredin's voice lol same with kaer morhen battle ending.

  • john doe

    How are you taking him out so fast? That fucking fight went on for like 30 minutes for me. I must've been too low level or something.

  • Kenan Tutsi

    Poor Eredin died a virgin.

  • Rock Miller

    Eredin maybe it's not a hard Boss but damn that music its just perfect.

  • Nonsensical

    Yes the last boss fight was disappointing but they redeemed it with Blood and Wine. Also I noticed how when Eredin strikes down Crach, Geralt does so in a similar way with Eredin.

  • Ian Gratton

    Poor papa An Craite... I liked him.

  • Sekai on

    Err... this was the dissapointement for me. In the end, Eredin was not that interesting as a vilain.

  • Thomas Milliken

    To be honest I thought this was one of the easiest boss fights in the game. I just defeated him on new game + with level 40 grandmaster griffin set on blood and bones difficulty LOL did that the whole new game + playthrough as well. Couldn't pass up the sign bonus and plus i couldn't be bothered collecting diagrams again for the legendary set. Quen is your best friend in this fight.

  • Ballin

    I didn't think I would be bothered by this but I really expected him to be at least a little challenging. Judging by the comments you don't get a challenging and tiresome fight even on the latest difficulty, which is really lame. Such a rich, well-thought game with such horribly easy boss mechanics, what a pity. Before starting the final part of the game I repaired all my armor and bought repair kits, updated all of my bombs to superior, searched for a few superior potion diagrams, because I thought I would die a lot during the last boss fights, but they were easier than witcher contracts.

  • Incognito

    Eredin Vs Alduin in this world. Who wins?

  • Deon Williams

    I hated fight imlerith, eredin, and detlaff.

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