The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Final Boss Fight Eredin Boss Fight

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Final Boss Fight Eredin Boss Fight

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  • xXSilentAgent47Xx

    This is second time he fight Wild Hunt. First in The Witcher 1, now in The Witcher 3.How much did took you to get to the end?

  • TheDeathCrafter

    Eredin has like 8 lines but DAMN his voice is sexyyy

  • Mr. Vince

    For people who thinks is smart saying this game shits on Bloodborne... Stop that BS. I recently played both and they are both freaking amazing, 2 wonderful proves of what the AAA industry is still capable of. I personally prefer BB, but in the end, it come to personal preference... So just enjoy both (sorry for bad english)

  • loafhero

    Really wish we got to talk with Eredin before starting the boss fight. The previous two games allowed us to get into a particularly long conversation with the final boss revealing some more depth to their plans and motivations. It was kind of like a classic RPG thing where we get to talk with the final bosses.

  • EroticOnion23

    Hehe, I remember running out of food during the navigator fight so I spent the entire final boss battle drunk... xDI was so hoping there'd be a dialogue option 'hey wanna play cards?'...

  • Boba Fett

    I've just completed the story mode... Now I have no doubt that this is my game of a decade.

  • grace calis

    For me, the biggest flaw in this game is Eredin's dead body being such a tease and in the end you can't even loot it for that bloody sword. 0/10

  • TDMeeks

    I know spinning and twirling you're sword around does nothing in this battle. But did anyone keep doing it because it looked bad ass how Eredin blocked every spin? Lmao

  • Cojultad

    I was disappointed with this boss fight. Irmeleth was a lot harder. I played on the difficulty before death march and it took me over a day to get lucky enough to evade all of his rapid teleports but killed eradin on the first try. He didn't have the teleport mechanics that made it difficult.Which made no sense because irmeleth was a general and eredin is the king of the wild hunt. Should have been reversed.

  • Lolicage

    i'm like "why isn't he dead from those hits", and then i realized i'm the crazy one for playing on the hardest difficulty.

  • cenasux115

    Was i the only one dissapointed with this boss fight? I still feel that imlerith was a way more interesting boss fight, and the cutscene were Geralt obliterates him was so fucking badass and satisfying that it made me believe that they saved the best for last with Eredin but it was nowhere near Imlerith and that really dissapointed me

  • goingsupernova

    for me, defeating eredin was easier than defeating his chum

  • Plot Twist

    When Elves take steroids...

  • Joe Collings

    The way Eredin says "As you expire" gives me chills!

  • Amritpal Galsin

    Eredin sounds cooler with his mask on.

  • darknessseess64nin

    Wow, wtf is this difficulty?Jesus at least play on normal, I consider Blood and Broken Bones the bare minimum...

  • Z3us

    Whether you thought this was a lame boss fight or not, Eredin went out like a fuckin champ. First he gets his eye stabbed out and continues to fight, then he gets sliced open and still tries reaching for his sword. Props to him for going out like a badass.

  • Rekis rax

    -Eredin: Any last words?-Crach: Grand those swords,but I prefer me trusty axe.

  • Rory Mag

    Reaching for his sword on the ground, when he's got another one on his belt, wut?

  • saify textile

    even in the cutscenes geralt had a harder time killing imlerith. he had to use every tricks papa vesemir taught him. and killing imlerith was just much more satisfying. but vs eredin? he's not even out of breath or breaking a sweat.

  • JPal

    I played it on the hardest difficulty and I really think he should do more damage. His magic was too easy to evade and the only problem was his teleport + fast attacks. But because he did practicly no damage with it, it was easy to heal it with Quen. They should boost his damage in next patch at least, the previous one (elven mage with staff, idk the name) was much harder.

  • ryaan Asady

    I see a lot of people talking down my main man, Eredin Breacc Glas.That he is a boring, one-dimensional character who seems out of place in a series where every character is about as real as they could get, equipped with hopes, fears, motives, baggage, and all of the good stuff that makes us feel engaged with these characters on a personal level.Eredin is none of these things. Many have said it when the game first came out: he is one-note, hardly in the game despite being the main antagonist, and doesn't say more than twelve lines, most of them being empty one-liners. This opinion has not changed over a year and a half later.Yet, I think a lot of the hate is unwarranted. I think people are not judging Eredin fairly, meaning, they analyze him under the same lens as any other character, which I think is the wrong approach. Here's why.As we've all discussed at length, CD Projekt is really good at making complex, grey characters. So why is the main baddie of this epic fantasy drama a gravelly-voiced nobody with less depth than your average Saturday-morning cartoon villain?I'm of the opinion that this was done intentionally. Eredin is not meant to be character we are supposed to ponder the actions of, wonder what goes on through his head. He, and the Wild Hunt, are meant to be a force of nature - a constant, very real threat always hanging over our protagonists' heads. They're a formidable force, one whose power is truly felt throughout the duration of Wild Hunt's main quest.This isn't a revolutionary idea, but think Sauron, from Lord of the Rings. He hardly says a line, or even does anything himself. His goals are simple, his character is black as they come. Eredin is practically a spitting image in this comparison.They're both a foe who can never be defeated through conventional means, and is only ever overcome when a retreat is forced to be made (the Battle at Kaer Morhen) or trickery (Thin Ice). Ultimately, both sides' undoing is what they themselves instigate: an alliance of the world they are invading.Eredin himself is the face of the Wild Hunt: mysterious, powerful, intimidating, and scary. Showing anything more than that will ruin this image. And to me, every scene he is in carries this sort of presence.Even when the truth of both him and his riders are revealed, that they are not wraiths or a demonic force, but elves from another dimension, this actually serves to make them even scarier. It humanizes them enough to give their threat more weight. Their skeletal armor is meant to strike fear in those they invade, and is possibly symbolic of the Aen Elle's own fall from grace. For we typically see elves of a noble kind, not at all fitting the intimidating appearance of the Red Riders.I'm sure I didn't bring up any world-rocking new insights about Eredin or the Wild Hunt, but I just wanted to throw it out there that for what it's worth, Eredin does exactly what CDProjekt wanted out of his character. I think he's an effective villain, even if his armor has more character than the elf wearing it.

  • loafhero

    I felt that Crach's death was done poorly. We don't see his kids mourning over him or giving him a Viking funeral nor do we see Geralt reacting to Crach's death and trying to have some last few words with him. That said, Crach was pretty badass for standing up to Eredin.

  • Mr. Dipshitization

    Geralts armor looks like links armor from the legend of zelda

  • Jehuty989

    I found the Imlerith fight harder than this one.

  • Gustavo Pidoux

    THIS is the final boss?... so unepic


    WTF is this difficulty? Are you playing on first or second difficulty? You are getting damage like from lvl 5 wolf. On death march you will be dead in half of video -_-

  • Saul Goodman

    Poor dark souls aka Bloodborne players trying to judge the game because it doesn't have that rage indulging fighting mechanic that pisses you off and makes killing bosses nearly impossible.This is a story driven open world rpg with some difficulty if you put it on the hardest mode.It's the best game of the decade by far.Stop comparing it ants.That aside i actually used my steel sword for this fight. Didn't do much at all now i see compared to the silver

  • Rory Mag

    That eye jab from Geralt was so tasty.

  • ryanspears1986

    I love the contrast between how Eredin and Geralt treat their defeated foes. Eredin shows his cruelty by tossing Crach's ax back to him, forcing a mortally wounded man to continue fighting. Geralt, by comparison, after soundly defeating Eredin, kicks his sword away as he tries to reach for it. It's as if he's saying, "You've lost. This ends now."

  • Gilad Pellaeon

    Pity you couldn't loot eredin. That was one badass looking sword..

  • Saud Saad

    Easiest boss in DarkSouls/Bloodborne is tougher than Eredin fight or the whole Wild Hunt bosses, this is one thing CD Project didn't really work hard on it.. all of his movements are predictable and easy to dodge no matter what difficulty you're playing the game, they showed us how strong the Wild Hunt is when they break thro Kaer Morhen and nearly destroyed the castle but then making them easy to kill? Just doesn't make sense. I love the game so much that's why I'm annoyed about this point.

  • Carl Wheezer

    Eredin: Witcher. I was hoping you would come. Geralt: Hankering to play some gwent.

  • AyZeD

    anyone else think Eredin's voice is fucking epic?

  • Deadpool's Taco Truck

    What's truly interesting regarding this fight, is that Geralt used the move to defeat Eredin, the same move that Vesemir told Geralt he needed work with in the first contract undertaken together in Velen. Talk about bringing a character's flaws full circle...

  • crimsondemonx

    god eredin was a pathetic boss, I thought when I first fought him he was pathetic because I was on normal, but my death march playthrough rolls around and he is still weak. I guess the heart of stone and blood and wine dlc made up for that with some tough bosses especially dettlaf lol.

  • Ian Gratton

    Poor papa An Craite... I liked him.

  • Jackson Ludwig

    goddamnit why cant we have his armor

  • Salli Ala Nabi

    Eredin was too easy, my health bar was full when I killed him. Very disappointed with Eredin, all that tough talk and bad ass looks for nothing . Killing him was like killing a drowner smh

  • Vorphyrion

    Why we cant loot his sword ? :P

  • Jumper

    You used the lowest difficulty

  • Theotian Yarttar

    I actually Love this battle.

  • Law-Senpai

    Shit that voice effect is so deep a I love it, One of the best villain in videogames.

  • Gustavo Gonçalves

    Eredin's face is so disappointing.

  • Benedek Nemeth

    Don't get me wrong, this game is outstanding in every way but the last three bosses were disappointing. in fact, all the main story boss fights are disappointingly easy compared to some of the Monster contracts.

  • joncito77

    Boss does no damage. Is this Easy difficulty?

  • Talinus

    Eredin Vs Alduin in this world. Who wins?

  • José Fernández

    thanks for sharing but you couldn't play worse!

  • Kevin Maddick

    "I respectfully disagree, Eredin. In my opinion, you, in fact, are the one who will expire"

  • Meanjung

    eredin's kick after the teleport is so annoying on Death March

  • CH08 Bison

    I played this game on very hard and its still easy

  • Le Fromage

    To people saying he's easy: He's not fucking easy. This guy played this on Normal difficulty at the highest. Try fighting this boss on Death March. Then you can try and call him and easy boss.

  • Usama Abdurraheem

    I have wicther 3 2ild hunt but how did u get to the end

  • Ali Sayed

    Dont know why Witcher reminds me of A more mature Link.

  • caim

    eredin looks like sauron the witch of angmar and skull knight from berserk

  • Cajunvoodoo

    this boss was way too easy. I wasn't even at the correct level. I was level 32

  • Demonkiller123

    If I would be him,I would pull out even that second sword and then started to do spins with teleporting like Imlerith.That would be much harder then.

  • Mc Mcluvin

    Is he wearing lipstick? Lol

  • spartanlegit1

    lol playing on the noob stick how embarrassing

  • PowerVoltaire

    Looked so easy to beat...tssshhhh

  • Mr. Rainbow Sprinkles

    Man I wish they showed Crach die. I really liked him and I wanted to see his body ripped apart as his insides go everywhere and blood squelches out his mouth.

  • Lucrative Legend

    The guy who was playing the game had no skill at all and could not dodge for his life. He's lucky it wasn't The Witcher 2

  • darwin poop

    Looks so easy..not worth being called a final boss

  • GameJump3RZ

    his armor is less high tech than vader, and his voice is still deeper

  • Funinightmare

    Eredin sounds a lot like the Mouth of Sauron

  • Kleptonic

    maybe it only happened to me but the red moon and clouds kinda made an eye shape duirjng this fight it looked so creepy

  • Flying Swordfish

    Has Eredin destroyed other worlds?

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