Witcher 3:Blood and Wine - Aard Build Guide (Pop Goes the Bandit)

Here is my fun Aard 'Pop Goes the Bandit' Build using the Grandmaster Griffin gear, hope you guys like it and stay tuned for the next one, I am thinking I will do a bomb build using the Manticore set.

  • James Wadland

    Geralt, you were supposed to stop the White Frost, not bring it!I play a primary melee focused build, and when I do use signs it's either Quen or Axii, so seeing someone not using their swords hardly at all is pretty cool. In my next playthrough I might try to specialise into something specific, like signs or alchemy.Great video anyway. Maybe not the most effective method of killing, but certainly one of the most entertaining.

  • Onii Chan

    "Not the most effective build" you can literally one shot any enemy that has a somewhat humanoid form, what are talking about

  • meaty cabbage

    it feels like a mouse is narrating ; - ;

  • kennyPAGC

    why are you whispering?

  • jorge arjona

    winter is coming build.

  • Sharath V

    My fight at the same base was when I was lvl 39.It was an epic fight for 1 hour more fun than this op build

  • immadummee

    Yes, good build for Aard. I prefer a magic build too with the griffin gear set. As you said, use Petri to gain even more sign intensity. But also use tawny to regenerate stamina faster to cast again a lot quicker. Also if you get GRANDMASTER griffin set, casting Yrden will be huge but the benefit from it will be when you cast signs INSIDE the trap, you get 200% more sign intensity. You can really destroy with a magic build using grandmaster griffin. Good vid!!!

  • Rafał M

    consider getting increased mutagen effect, the bonus is very nice

  • LakeSG1985

    Rage-management + Razor Focus + Griffin 3pc allows you to spam Aard 3 times right at the start of the fight. High chance of popping everyone.

  • TheYLS

    youve got a great voice, man. no homo. hehe. great explanation and detail to the build as well.

  • broadbandtogod

    ... whatIm doing this! Holy Heavens hahaha, awesome!

  • SirProfessorDukeMatthew Rules

    The first bandit you hit with aard if frozen and knocked down but he doesn't die instantly. Why is this?

  • Lamb Sauce Gamer

    Ur stanina regens SO FAST!? How?? !

  • TimelineUpdates

    Cheater .... millions of crowns ...Also, these stupid builds that focus only on one thing, I mean seriously, I was bored watching one video ! playing like this will kill me ... so boring ...

  • Nicolas Silva

    mutated aard is literally broken, the most played build in the game so far

  • dontbeshady411

    Take the blue skulls and put them so they can boost your blue mutagens and put the general skills in the middle

  • Augustus Sinclair

    Are the floating body parts glitched or is that part of the 'freezing?'

  • szoszi veled

    the insta-kill effect doesnt proc too often if u fight against green level enemies (its not even proc anymore if you fight vs red level/skull, or its just really rare). i created a similar build once with a bit of alchemy (3 decoctions and potions), but it wasnt too effective compared to other hybrid builds. i tried it on ng+ deathmarch at lvl93 with levelscaling on tho

  • spets21

    this looks like a fun build to play with. nice

  • SpečenýÉxpert

    Hey I have one question ... when you cast aard with Piercing Cold mutagen enchant on the enemies and you dont knock and freeze them, aard should deal 6000 dmg (in your case) no ? or I am wrong ? because it doesnt work I think ... see 3:42 ... sorry for my language :D

  • sworddice

    does the 25% chance to freeze stack up with sword's freeze runestones?

  • Spoon Spoon

    too low, speak up man.

  • Bao Minh

    why's my grandmaster Griffin gear only 21% sign

  • gotzn0name

    how would this build fare against elementals like golems/gargoyles?

  • Chicken Mike

    THE ICEMAN'S CO...ah, I just couldn't help it LOL

  • Staun Shay

    but why would you want to do 200 damage with aard? any sword swing does more than that.

  • TemplarKnights99

    Have you tried putting points in alchemy? Especially since it can boost your mutagens' bonus up to 3 times. Get rid of points in combat. Put some points in alchemy. Seriously, you'll be casting signs for days.

  • Jessica Malik

    do you use any mod for graphic? the water is awesome

  • Michael

    Why doesn't my aard knock any one over or shatter them???? WTF!!! and it doesn't do any damage????

  • Hail Hydra

    My build: aard and award sweep , with far reaching award and piercing cold. Lower level enemies I can insta kill by the mass, and others I just use award for freezing and slowdown. And who need igni?- award deals plenty damage! Axis and yrden? Piercing cold freezes or slows down any enemy. Quen?-use award and dodges to avoid any enemies. Aard op cunfirmmmed plz nerf

  • Hyperperion

    Is this plain Deathmarch or NG+ Deathmarch? Cause in NG+ Deathmarch I think enemies resist Aard more..

  • peoplescan

    doesn't seem to work now maybe a glitch

  • Stay Prada

    How are you able to spam your signs like that?

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