The Witcher 3 Battle: Finishing Moves vs Army

The Witcher 3 Battle featuring Finishing Moves & Combat against soldiers.
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The Witcher is a story-driven, next-generation open world role-playing game, set in a visually stunning fantasy universe, full of meaningful choices and impactful consequences. In The Witcher, you play as Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter tasked with finding a child from an ancient prophecy.

● PC Specifications:
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K 4.5 Ghz
GPU: Asus Strix GTX 970 OC
Ram: Kingston HyperX Genesis 2x 8 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3
MB: Gigabyte P67A-UD3P-B3
HDD: 2 x Seagate Barracuda 1 TB (32 MB/7200 RPM SATA III) Raid 0
PSU: FSP Aurum S 500W Gold
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  • A Fistful Of Vinyl

    God, will somebody help that guy already?

  • jefthereaper

    soldiers have the advantage in numbers, still attack one by one XD

  • Konrad

    geralt vs. the crazy 88

  • Sercil

    "SOMEBODY HELP MEEE!"Nobody is stopping you from leaving. You're not even part of this.

  • 41Djfu#lksdkjfd

    what sad it, that the algorithm removes the dead bodies after a while, so you don't get the effect of a field full with dead soldiers.

  • The Gaffer

    This would be so much more satisfying if you had the whirlwind ability

  • Shitpostas Rex

    This game needs more executions.

  • F r u

    You want a real challange - spawn 100 nekkers or foglets - then we will see ;)

  • Derrick Bonsell

    There seems to be some AI issues whenever the debug console is used to spawn enemies. Makes me wonder if groups are actually defined in the game in addition to enemies. This combat is almost reminiscent of Assassin's Creed with the enemies taking turns.

  • ToxicWaffles

    I've never played a Wticher game before, do you suggest this for new comers?

  • ChromeADomeStone

    why do people fight like this?? They hop around and never fucking parry even though parrying is more effectivewhy do people try and hop and evade when you can simply parry

  • alevasdiox

    How to do an execution?


    Combat was never the strongest aspect of Witcher games. Looks boring af.

  • ـ Excinerus

    i don't think these npcs have the right AI, there are Bandit NPCs that manage group combat way better, the kind that rush you all at once yelling killlll if ya love the gods.Also Archers, shield bearers and Spearmen make these group way more challenging.if you want challenge from numerous identical NPCs try nekkers, wraiths or devourers

  • spam ham

    "help meeeee" lol

  • God's Smack

    just throw a bomb, will you ?

  • christos solomou

    wait.what part of the game is the first scene from?

  • calmingspeed

    Don't take the money for the Griffin contract. It is 150 coins/300 exp compared to 500 exp. I usually leave White Orchard at lvl 4 1/2. Axii, if slotted, give you a ton of exp throughout the game.  The town of Benek...go south on the coast and those lvl 18 drowners drop red mutagens. For pc users...mapping keys upon other keys is a nice way to get things done. Interact/mount, Gallop/sprint, Witcher Sense/Parry and for the mouse I have Fast Attack on the left mouse button and the right button is MODIFY ATTACK when you want to use Strong Attack just hold down the right mouse button. My crossbow/bombs are middle mouse with casting signs on a inside button. MOD WISE: Improved Saddlebags! Check the White Orchard lady at the tavern more than once because she sells two Decoy cards. Sell Honeycombs to the herbalists (there are 2) in White for 5 days...repeat 18 crowns a pop. Dismantle every piece of jewelry and sell the items. A bum (vendor) at the northern area of Novigrad on the docks will pay highend prices for books/junk


    Where did the corpse body of soldiers go? All suddenly disappeared.I think that if we were choosing finisher for ourselves, Boone would be much better.And the armor and clothes that are in the witcher game are really funny because they make geralt like clowns.

  • Raidenway

    On AMD cpu it is much tougher to fight enemy and the brutal A.I is determine to kill you at no mercy.

  • Sam Lewis

    you are WAY better at combat than me. I struggle to fight small groups of bandits. But that MAY be because I didn't know I could dodge until this video. Also, what armor/swords did you have?

  • Raidenway

    Intel Core i5 2500K quad core lame AI with 4 enemy that dont even attack simultaneously. With AMD CPU they attack simultaneously up to 8 enemy trying to attack from all side.

  • 4thZodiac_

    Do you need to aim for different finishes? Like aiming the head for a head dismemberment?

  • iWillWakeYouUp

    whoosh weapon twirling noises whoosh

  • GameKiller346

    Finished the game few days ago and decided to do some experimenting with the debug console :D

  • phonics monkey

    Can anyone tell me, does this accomplish anything? Like actually getting the redanians out of novigrad and stuff?

  • Luneytunes

    When you watch at 1.25 or 1.5 Geralt actually moves as quickly as you'd expect the white wolf

  • JPK Metro Studios

    Yo anybody know what armor set he has? I know the video is old but his armor looks badass.

  • Mike Nie

    man, imagina a game of beserk like withcer 3, slicing foes apart with that big ass sword.

  • Channel Exclusive

    El campesino todo asustado jaj

  • Michael C

    So many arrogant comments in this feed. Many clearly never played the real game & fought naturally spawned groups.

  • fernando del alcazar

    I really expected a massive battle like that on the game. Probably the ps4 can't handle all those NPC's.

  • Muhammad Arrizqi

    how to do this ? is this a mission or what? ieve never encounter something like this

  • Gunslinging Greaser

    My god.Been playing Skyrim for the last month on pc and I loved it,but the combat was always to janky for my liking.Seeing this,however, my eyes are almost sore from the smoothness of it all.Yep, definitely buying this game.

  • Roger Blakemore

    Is this a mod or can you actually do this?

  • حارق خيمة الآداب

    The true enemy here is the peasant

  • Cain

    Geralt taking on an entire regiment of soldiers by himself = badass!:)

  • Josip Brkić

    I just got this armor (Witchers Armor), but can't wear it yet. Can it be enhanced like the Cat School or the Griffin School armors?!

  • Brian Sebastian

    do you guys use controler or keyboard and mouse?

  • Assassino275

    Wish I could spawn enemies in on PS4 just so I can sate my Bloodlust

  • Aaron Anderson

    It is so satisfying killing guys with the backswing of your finishers.

  • Soviet -potato

    What is the armour set?

  • Jared Nguyen

    How do you get so many finishing animations?

  • CoolBlast

    Whenever I play I get attacked by like 3-5 at once

  • sambhav verman

    spawn 100 nekker warriors and debug them lol

  • OKewl Gaming

    Sweet video, I made decap compilation, noticed they are funnier on 2 or 3 times speed! Game on dude!


    Where the heck are u? I have never played this area. Damn that's a lot of enemies

  • bak j

    BGM Should be The song of the sword dancerOh and What did you use your armor?

  • DarkF4k3

    which mission is this?

  • James Rudy

    how do you disable the slow motion? it looks so much better!

  • Wonder_ Nugget

    what sword are u using?

  • Mr. Freeze


  • Kaiden Filmore 3rd

    Should I get this game

  • Shujaa

    madara uchiha vs shinobi alliance

  • calmingspeed

    Is that the Witcher Hunter armor made by the female Skellige armorsmith in Crows Perch?

  • owningall

    Ok so I have the console command unlocked but when I spawn NPC like this they are all invisible minus their swords. What am I doing wrong?

  • Stealing Hearts

    How do you change from Igni to Aard to Axii without the UI? Maybe cause I use controller?

  • Asaf GamingIL

    how to do finishing moves ?

  • LordBret

    How to have all enemies? Is it a mod?I love it.... Thanks  ^_^.

  • Genji is with you

    Was hoping you were going to whirl in the crowd of guards

  • Gravewalker162

    is that mastercrafted ursine witcher gear

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