The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Soundtrack (Full)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST.
Composers: Marcin Przybyłowicz, Mikołaj Stroiński, Percival

0:00 - The Trail
2:51 - Geralt of Rivia
5:15 - Eredin, King of the Hunt
7:45 - Wake Up, Ciri
9:21 - Aen Seidhe
11:59 - Commanding the Fury
14:09 - Emhyr var Emreis
16:41 - Spikeroog
19:49 - King Bran's Final Voyage
22:03 - Silver for Monsters...
24:25 - Whispers of Oxenfurt
27:02 - The Nightingale
28:43 - City of Intrigues
30:52 - The Hunter's Path
33:46 - Widow-maker
35:58 - Kaer Morhen
38:35 - Eyes of the Wolf
40:41 - Witch Hunters
43:24 - ...Steel for Humans (Lazare)
44:53 - Fate Calls
46:53 - The Vagabond
49:43 - Cloak and Dagger
52:31 - Forged in Fire
54:37 - Yes, I Do...
56:13 - Welcome, Imlerith
59:00 - Drink Up, There's More!
1:00:38 - After the Storm
1:02:11 - Blood on the Cobblestones
1:04:16 - Farewell, Old Friend
1:07:10 - The Song of the Sword-Dancer
1:09:25 - The Hunt is Coming
1:11:32 - The Fields of Ard Skellig
1:14:44 - Ladies of the Woods
1:16:37 - Merchants of Novigrad
1:19:48 - Hunt or Be Hunted
  • lollol695

    "Hunt or be Hunted" is number 1 IMO :)Epicness that gives you chills all over your body

  • daniel aparecido biazi galdino

    Netflix please,don't disappoint us.

  • Faith In His Blood . Org

    01) - 0:00:00 - The Trail02) - 0:02:51 - Geralt Of Rivia03) - 0:05:15 - Eredin, King Of The Hunt04) - 0:07:45 - Wake Up, Ciri05) - 0:09:21 - Aen Seidhe06) - 0:11:59 - Commanding The Fury07) - 0:14:09 - Emhyr var Emreis08) - 0:16:41 - Spikeroog09) - 0:19:49 - King Bran's Final Voyage10) - 0:22:03 - Silver For Monsters11) - 0:24:25 - Whispers Of Oxenfurt12) - 0:27:02 - The Nightingale13) - 0:28:43 - City Of Intrigues14) - 0:30:52 - The Hunter's Path15) - 0:33:46 - Widow-Maker16) - 0:35:58 - Kaer Morhen17) - 0:38:35 - Eyes Of The Wolf18) - 0:40:41 - Witch Hunters19) - 0:43:24 - Steel For Humans (Lazare)20) - 0:44:53 - Fate Calls21) - 0:46:53 - The Vagabond22) - 0:49:43 - Cloak & Dagger23) - 0:52:31 - Forged In Fire24) - 0:54:37 - Yes, I Do25) - 0:56:13 - Welcome, Imlerith26) - 0:59:00 - Drink Up, There's More!27) - 1:00:38 - After The Storm28) - 1:02:11 - Blood On The Cobblestones29) - 1:04:16 - Farewell, Old Friend30) - 1:07:10 - The Song Of The Sword-Dancer31) - 1:09:25 - The Hunt Is Coming32) - 1:11:32 - The Fields Of Ard Skellig33) - 1:14:44 - Ladies Of The Woods34) - 1:16:37 - Merchants Of Novigrad35) - 1:19:48 - Hunt Or Be Hunted

  • Motórzysta

    Verily, there is nothing so hideous as the monsters, so contrary to nature, known as witchers for they are the offspring of foul sorcery and devilry. They are rogues without virtue, conscience or scruple, true diabolic creations, fit only for killing. There is no place amidst honest men for such as they. And Kaer Morhen, where these infamous beings nestle, where they perform their foul practices, must be wiped from the surface of this earth, and all trace of it strewn with salt and saltpetre.

  • Mulder

    This damn game makes everything else pure shit.

  • Stanisław W

    This is the old Polish climate. I am a Pole with blood and bones and I say it has a Polish, Slavic climate

  • Cindy Di Stasio

    I've discovered this game like, just one week ago at my brother's house. And I can't help it, I am hooked. I just go everyday to his house just to play for hours ! I am even thinking about getting all the electronics I'll need to continue to play it at home. I have been playing Aion for years, and stopped playing one year ago, didn't know I'll miss RPG games so much until I start The Witcher 3. Reading all those comments really makes me want to spend a few hundreds of euros just to play and discover the game deeply. I don't know if it is reasonable, but I really fell in love with Geralt Character. I don't know what to do, I'll have to say farewell to this wonderful world on saturday. Geralt, I'm gonna miss you Buddy :o

  • Sr TITAN

    Witcher3 (full) = Game Of The Century !

  • Tactical Toast

    1k drowners disliked this video

  • Edward Pierce

    I love reviewing with Witchers 3 music help me focus like I'm playing this game rn while studying

  • Pan Fasola

    Music and game from Poland. Pozdro.

  • Nihal Ozdil

    it's the best game I've played in my entire life

  • Nelly Nelson

    This is the BEST videogame I have ever played in over 30 years. It's just perfect, there is no other word I could use to describe it.

  • Avivit Finkelstein

    I just freaking LOVE, how wild and passionate the slavic languages sound! So savage!Can't wait for my next lessons of Polish and Russian!Lots of love from Germany!

  • Gangdaulf

    58:59 the song of my people but you cant forget about 1:11:31 and 43:22

  • Veloziraptor111

    1:07:10 perfect, just perfect. I thought Lazare would be my favorite combat theme, but this... it fits the gameplay so well, especially if you play a cautious, defensive Geralt. Goes well with his calm cat-like prowling, ready to slice whatever comes at him to shreds.

  • Geralt z Rivii

    My steel sword want blood of dislikers!!!

  • Luiz Eduardo

    I started playing games on the SNES and emulators. I've played countless games from several generations and never once in my entire life I was so blown away with something than I was with the Witcher 3 by the time I finished the game. This game changed my life and my perception of imersion on games. I could spend several hours immersed traveling into Novigrad and Skellige without even noticing. It took me 3 months to finish this game, but every minute I spent traveling as Geralt was worth it. The Witcher 3 somehow became a part of me at the time and I still feel it now, 2 years later. So, I just want to thank CD Project RED for making the greatest video game ever created !

  • EternalWait92

    Just finished the main quest first time (120 hours) and man what an emotional journey it was. Game left me smiling at the creditscreen. Game ended in such a high note that fit perfectly my journey with the game. True modern master piece of gaming. Thank you CD project red !

  • Marko Ivosevic

    Game of the year, well deserved! Congrats to CDPR for the hands down BEST game I have ever played!

  • sobix meister

    It's kurwa beautiful

  • MISTEREK pex

    Mam nadzieję, że jednak będę mógł pokierować geraltem w 4 nadzieja umiera ostatnia...

  • William Butler

    The Witcher is so beautiful.. I really have no words... I just can't get over it.. I wish I could play it forever.

  • Lucas Genari

    36:00 omg... That feeling... Whoever created these songs.. You are awesome

  • Aditya Singh

    anyone who ignores this game is avoiding the best creation of the entire video game industry.

  • Jevgeni Shikalev

    "The Fields of Ard Skellig" и "Geralt of Rivia" самые классные

  • T K

    After completing the Witcher 3, I don't even know what to do with my life. Any game you play after it you hold to such high standards because this game is so perfect in every way. No other game gives you such a sense of adventure, such a compelling story, so many perfect side quests, or immerses you into the world as much as The Witcher 3. It's just perfect, other game developers should take some hints.

  • Hamza Lajnef

    I discovered the witcher 3 in January 2017 ... I finished it then I played the 1st and the 2nd ... Now i'm reading the books and hooking up on the Gwent Game available on GoG __ I mean this is the best World ever Created in a videogame/fictionnal art in general and once you know something, you want to know more about it .... SO FUCKIN CATCHY THAT I BECAME ADDICTED TO THIS ... the animations, the world, the characters, the music, the quests, the storyplot ... EVERY SINGLE PIECE IS A MASTERPIECE <3Once You Go Witcher, You can never go back .... :'(

  • Judith Janneck

    I would just sail through Skellige to hear the music 1:11:32 it has such an effect on me

  • fawkesash

    I love this music soooo much... If I could; I would leave this world and go live in this unreal Witcher world.... :)

  • La cabeza de Hersel

    Like si estas esperando la serie de Netflix de The Witcher

  • A Lone Witcher

    Still listening to this amazing, beautifull and emotional soundtrack everyday of my life

  • ChessTauren

    Geralt... The Polish vermin exterminator... He will also fix your sister's pipe problems...

  • random guy

    best game ever no one can beat it unless.......the witcher 4

  • Jan Kowalski

    Who waits for Cyberpunk 2077?

  • jamjestmaciej

    Poland, I'm so proud! <3I love Witcher for many reasons, but there is one special:Witcher has a 100% polish soul. Even if it's just a fantasy, I can feel Poland here.Tak trzymać! Well done! :)

  • Jebacz Tivolta

    The best soundtrack from all games !!!

  • Nimrod 2004

    I like music! I am not hot

  • Tomás Miranda

    The Fields of Ard Skellige at 1:11:35. I love this song

  • Hey Yu Yeung

    This game ruined all sand box games for me (and yes that includes GTA V), my bar for such games is so ridiculously high thanks to The Witcher.

  • Rick Montgomery

    I am a musician and this is amazing, right up there with GOT soundtrack.

  • indianiecworld

    over 10M views, highest count for game soundtrack on youtube

  • Elner Neves

    Perfect soundtrack this song: The Fields of Ard Skellig brings me good memories of this incredible game!

  • Mert Ünal

    better than every fuckıng game in 2018

  • Michał Kwiatkowski

    Very Slavic, just like the game! You, Westerns, will problably understand it in your own way, but for me this music tells stories about pagan gods of old, heroes and monsters from Slavic myths. Wild hunt is full of Slavic connections, like story about king Popiel who was eaten by mice in his tower after he poisoned his friends and allies. Remember that our culture is probably the oldest one in Europe, but forgotten after christianity came and wipe out our glorious history.

  • Kryzix1

    Zajebiste, takiej gry jak wiedzmin 3 juz nie bedzie.

  • Czyzol9

    Halo kto z Polski daje łapę w górę pod komem

  • Exgecko

    Third comment and I can still say that the soundtracks of this game are killing me slowly. Masterpieces.

  • Hakil MO

    THIS IS POLISH GAME !!!!!!!!!

  • FourtwentySoldier

    I finally started this game! It's awesome ♥

  • asszudemi2647

    it is literaly impossible to listen to this without getting goose bumps.

  • Franck Stevens

    Some good pagan songs !

  • YER

    "The Hunters Path" Brings me back to the first days of playing this game in Vellen

  • Chanter Ex

    The best way, for me, to describe this game is the following:I'm a poorfag. I've been pirating games all my life, only bought a couple of them because they were super cheap.I've pirated the Witcher 3, as well.But I'm going to buy it. Never done that. Not with Skyrim, nor Bioshock, Oblivion, Dishonored or ANY other.But this game deserves this. As a matter of fact, I'm buying the whole trilogy.

  • Dillan BigeezR

    I would love having Geralt resolve some of my every day life problems ...

  • Ara Megerdichian

    A masterpiece.Nothing else to be said.

  • Frank Quasar

    43:50 - Always a pleasure to hear that.

  • Shaun Kemp

    The Fields of Ard Skellig is probably the best song on this soundtrack. Just hearing it reminds me of Skellige and how beautifully made the island was. When I first heard it, I messed with the audio to make it stand out even more. Makes me want to play again just to hear this song.

  • Youming Wan

    One of the best RPG game ever

  • Shad0wLight

    Best game I've ever played. I feel really sad because I finished the whole story and it feels that all the characters are gone and i cant no longer play with them. I am looking forward for The Witcher 4

  • Cesare di Bonasera

    24:25Pamiętam jak kiedyś zgubiłem się w Nordmarze.Chyba dopiero po 40 minutach ciągłej tułaczki udało mi się dojść do jakiegoś klanu.Nordmar jest fajny.Wszędzie czycha gdzieś niebezpieczeństwo.A najlepiej jest jak jest zamieć śnieżna.To właśnie jak była ta zamieć to się zgubiłem.Nic nie było widać.Nordmar ma klimat z poprzednich części Gothica,szczególnie z górniczej doliny z Gothic 2 tam też wszędzie czychała na nas śmierć.Nordmar to chyba najlepsza kraina w Gothic 3.

  • Achilles Aldrich

    give me such a nostalgic feeling, as if i personally miss Geralt and the general vibe of the game..

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