The Witcher 3 ► Morkvarg's Curse - Story & Gameplay #116 [PC]

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Lifting Morkvarg's Curse which turned him into a werewolf with eternal hunger to roam the garden of Freya forever. Storyline & Gameplay Walkthrough
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  • xLetalis

    Damn, that's a horrible curse, and the voice acting of the werewolf kind of gave me the creeps

  • The Gaming J.D

    9:01 guy in the background waving "Hullo"

  • Mina Haruna

    You could've asked for the reward THEN killed him

  • Archangel the Stylish

    The most disturbing part of this quest was when Yen performed the reanimation ritual on Skjall's corpse.

  • The Meta

    I found out you can just keep finishing Morkvarg off and he will always drop a loot pile. Good way to get rich.

  • Darkavenger_13

    Ironically the arch priestess who was Said to have cursed him.Her name was Ulve. The means "wolfes" in Danish

  • Andaril2

    15:52 OMG please stop with the wolf paw's

  • Guoenyi

    he sounds like a werepig

  • siLtzi

    If you lift his curse first and then draw your blade and kill him, the folk in the village will still be talking about ''how can they fish anymore when Morkvarg is sailing the seas again'' which is pretty annoying.

  • Maiq The Liar VII

    You can also kill him, then come back and feed him his own flesh.

  • Hello Hello

    This boss was truly a tortured soul.. great acting

  • Kai Leng

    I let him go the dudes been through enough.

  • Dalton K

    This is going to sound really weird, but I wish there was an option to slash yourself, to make the blood offering. Even though I don't believe in whatever religion they practice at Skellige, I like to respect religions in video games (as long as they're nothing cult-like, such as the Eternal Fire). I absolutely loved the garden of Freya, beautiful place. And I love Geralt's goofy humor.


    THIS ISN'T TE FULL QUEST... You've also got to punch a bear in the ball sack, suck roach's shlong, & bring Elvis back from McCdonald's toilet!! No but seriously, this dude is a true gamer; demonstrates a good deal of knowledge which must have required even more patience the first time round when he/she did it. Cheers ye ol' bean!

  • The Cryptid Hunters

    One of my favorite contracts

  • MrSaCraft

    what u feed him ?!i give him meat and the meat turned to dust !!وبس والله !!

  • BasedSif

    What if you free him and let him go?

  • PacmanLickThisGuysAs

    Yen's sassiness, jesus christ. No wonder people pick Triss

  • Asgard Ninja

    I'd get the reward then kill him. "No second chances. I'm not that kind of man" 10th Doctor

  • Sir Knife

    Pirate Whoreson Junior

  • Lucas Rackley

    Morkvarg sounds like he's jumping a leg.

  • Some Time With Me

    Which sword you used here

  • Ville Lepoaho

    I let him go, then killed him. Two for one.

  • MOTB

    I messed this side quest up so bad ! I didn’t do something right now I cannot kill him! Every time I do he just gets to come back alive !! I can’t do anything to change it

  • Archangel Tyrael

    Can't you just kill that jerk in the port and still lift the course?


    Mokvarg makes the same sound as pigs do

  • Young Dagger 123

    what's the name of that armor mate?

  • VanishEclipse4867

    What's the point of freeing him when you just going to kill him anyway, and Yennefer again is impatient, a little too impatient as I am seeing.

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