The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine: "Final Quest" Launch Trailer | PS4


For the last time become professional monster slayer Geralt of Rivia and explore Toussaint, a remote land untouched by war, where you will unravel the horrifying secret behind a beast terrorizing the kingdom. Blood and Wine is a 30+ hour adventure full of dark deeds, unexpected twists, romance and deceit.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine launches on May 31, 2016.

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Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Alcohol

The Witcher® is a trademark of CD PROJEKT Capital Group.
  • youba ch

    bmth fans where are u

  • DerBiker654

    EA and Activison would sell this for the full price and call it The Witcher 4

  • Notaste Liar


  • CTRL Panda

    Omfg they used Blessed With A Curse by Bring Me The Horizon as the song choice!? YES.


    This DLC will be better than 90% of most full priced games


    Bring Me The Horizon? Alright then...

  • Arrogant Madman

    Also the music, 100/10, it goes so perfect with the trailer.

  • Vito Marin

    Omg the witcher with Bring me the horizon!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Moon Gamer

    The only game i'll never regret buying it's season pass.

  • Jorge Aguilar Ursic

    Take back every word I've said, ever said to youTake back every word I've said, ever said to you <3 BRING ME THE HORIZON <3

  • daniel dragotti

    Why can't all video game developers be like CD project Red ?

  • Skooma Much


  • Jamie K

    Looks better than far harbor, cheaper and more content too

  • zamardii12

    I don't want it to end!

  • MrPotatoehead69

    Lol if EA, Activision, or Ubisoft owned The Witcher, they would consider this The Witvher 4.

  • Reece Williams

    One of the best games in the history of console gaming

  • Danny Richie

    Bring me the horizon, respect.

  • DrManHat

    gerult faces his greatest foe of all time...batman!!!!

  • Guillermo Rivas

    Anyone else just here for Bring Me The Horizon? I might buy this game now just because they chose this amazing song

  • Tetra Gem


  • I Hate Social Justice

    Nope that music definitely doesn't fit the video.

  • KingFirejet

    Still. Need to finish the game >.<

  • Chris

    Still won't make the combat any better

  • Alex 7 Fold

    ever since this began, I was blessed with a curse

  • Ihzn _

    the best part was Bring Me The Horizon as a soundtrack.

  • Remarkable Event -

    Such Beautiful game with DLC's that are truly worthy.

  • Jessica Alvarez

    Song- blessed with a curse - bring me the horizon ❤️

  • Java

    horrible choice of music

  • Antz ProGamer


  • RenegadeRocks

    GOTy 2016, even if its just DLC, cos it packs a full game, maybe longer than most full games :D ! One last time, Geralt ! The best hero since Snake ! ! !

  • Steven Harrison

    The problem is I haven't played this game in forever so I forgot how to play.

  • Coach

    Was there a battle royal? I hope there is a big fighting tournament quest.

  • Hallo

    lol whats with the music?

  • Darkborne Lines

    NICE trailer, the music kinda ruins it though.


    CD Project must launch the GOTY Edition NOW!!!

  • HASO805

    I better get a choice of becoming a vampire!! ASAP!

  • ashtonjackfanny

    such repetitive scenery such a bore i guess pc peasants like such low quality trash as this game. uncharted 4 laughs at the graphics and gameplay of such a mediocre title. bloodborne should of been game of the year last year not this lunacy called the witcher

  • g

    Music doesn't match at all

  • Kjunge

    I wouldn't mind if they would never stop making more Witcher 3 DLCs :D

  • Jordan T

    Dont mention the likes EA, Activision or Ubisoft on this masterpieces trailer you scumbags

  • Petter

    I can't believe this is the last content in the witcher universe :(

  • Zangetsu276

    The song used in the trailer should be The Sound of Silence, I will miss The Witcher franchise ;-;

  • Sony Only

    I wish we could craft Knight helmets and equip them on geralt lol

  • V de Vilhena

    Just a doubt, if I buy the version with the gwent deck in another country, will the code work? ( I want to buy it on the U.S, live in Brasil)

  • Enricobandito

    Nothing but respect for cd project red.

  • Pulse

    19:99 for 20 hours of story plus extras.......100000 times better than any game i've ever played

  • SuperArppis

    I'm sure this will be a great ending to a great game. :)Time to mop up the Doom before this comes out!

  • death2335

    Who ever picked Bring me Horizon to play in the background, give them them the highest award the company can offer because they are what you call a badass

  • awesome me

    is this better than hearts of stone? About to buy it so id like to know!

  • Justin De Vink

    I don't know how I should feel about this trailer. Bring Me The Horizon?

  • Alex Sykes

    ame su video es lo que literalmente me gusta en un juego y su cancion de bmth promocionando el trailer genial al cien ñ_ñ

  • Andrei Nosatîi

    Toussaint looks like a fairy tail, bright colors and the atmosphere like in the books.

  • Kyubi

    This dlc did the order 1886 better the order 1886

  • Tetra Gem

    the Witcher 3: blessed with a curse

  • Dim Cov

    too bad its over!at least give us witcher 2 for ps 4!!!

  • Blerim Kamberi

    I love this game BUT for me it would be Perfect!! If it excludes one Super/Secret/Epic full fledge Dragon Encounter.....please

  • Andrew X

    This will honestly probably be the ONLY game I never regret buying the season pass for. What a fun ride. Wish they had plans for a 4th.

  • Andrew Bolten

    Im not even a fan of Bring Me the Horizon but I think the song choice is killer. Blessed with a curse (vampires), Ive got these vices(blood), romantic elements so spot on.

  • Young Werther

    "Final Quest"... sigh. I never want it to end.

  • RandomGamingFinland TM

    Hope they have added camera options to patch 1.13 :D

  • Kyubi

    This DLC did The Order 1886 better than The Order 1886

  • Acee Jess

    If anyone wants to know this song it's called blessed with a curse- bring me the horizon

  • BT Audio Productions

    What is BMTH doing in this trailer???? That is actually kinda awesome

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