DORK SOULS 3 (Dark Souls 3 Cartoon Parody)

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A cartoon parody by Matthew Shezmen
  • Matthew Shezmen

    Hey guys! The TRAILER for the DORK SOULS 3 Sequel is finally here, you can check it out at this link! Cheers.

  • Iron Pineapple

    as someone who's played this game a few times... this was amazing dudecan't even imagine how much work went into this

  • punch3870

    i like to imagine that the ending is based on reality.

  • Gameomat

    I just watched it... AGAIN! :D

  • Yissnakk Jr

    The problem with Dark Souls (any of the games) is you don't bail, not because you don't want to, but you feel like you have to prove something to yourself, and then when you do finally beat the ONE thing that's been troubling you, the ecstasy of that victory is invigorating enough to inspire you to keep going.

  • Relansis

    13:45 she wanted him to touch the darknes "inside" her, but he didnt understand... all that expectation on her face has gone to vain

  • Matthew Shezmen

    What's up guys, Shez here. I hope you will have a good time watching my video. These last 5 months were not always a fun ride for me: just two days ago, my grandma has passed away after getting sick last November. Seeing her in that situation getting worse as time went on, while I was working on average 11 hours a day to get this done, was a tough one. I just hope this animation will bring you some joy, thank you for watching.Love you guys.

  • DOOM Slayer

    Every reference i could get0:45 "The Cake is a lie" from portal1:00 The Chosen Undead and The Bearer Of The Curse2:57 R.I.P Poise3:52 Primordial Serpents4:01 Emerald Herald4:17 Giantdad Mask5:01 The Merchant From Resident Evil 410:03 "Quadratus" From Shadow Of The Colossus10:13 Overwatch Logo10:57 Quake Logo (i am not sure)11:03 A Death Goomba14:32 Sans And Skeletor16:39 "V for Vendrick"17:45 Skyrim Reference17:57 Guts From Berserk18:14 A Xenomorph Egg19:33 Ocelot From Metal Gear Solid22:34 Ornstein24:27 The DUUMB AnimationSorry for my bad english

  • Guess who?


  • Jon Targaryan

    more doors more doormore dormoredormordorordorodor

  • Matthew Shezmen

    I should have put "YouTube" on those am i suppose to make more animations if the ad revenue BARELY sustains me! And this is a 25 minutes video... seriously, get your s*it together Youtube, i am TIRED of working like a slave for nothing!...And keep in mind that the Ad revenue was already bad before this whole fiasco happened..

  • Collis Crafton

    This video correctly sums of my first 24 hours of this game.

  • Uri Duvid

    0:59 did anyone realized it says 6+? XD

  • Wave Emperor

    You know what?Im gonna give this game another chance! Im gonna go past the first boss this time!

  • cookesman vaf

    Animators get nothing on youtube these days, and still you make a 25 min long video. Job well done


    Waaaait... wasn't there Soul of Cinder pointing a middle finger at the character in the picture of this video ?

  • real person

    5:01 nice a resident evil 4 reference

  • Ganymede, Jupiter III

    But what about Dork Souls: The Asshole of Ariandel and Dork Souls: The Blingy City ?

  • Faris Abusaad

    Everytime you blink you miss an hour of editing

  • Booster Gaming

    Its a good thing you added 'DARK SOULS 3 CARTOON PARODY' to the title or else I'd thought this was actually dark souls!

  • Darron Dixon

    I love the arms dealer from resident evil 4

  • Random_Commentor

    I started with Dark Souls 3, and I did not give up!

  • Comedy Sans

    14:43 Ummm did anyone else see Sans To the left?..

  • The lonely Otaku

    Here's a summary of all the Easter eggs I found in this video. Tell me if I missed any.0:05 a GameCube0:06 a bottle of Nuka cola (fallout series) and a pun on the drink Sprite with Ryu from street fighter on the front.0:10 if you didn't figure this out game'sCock is GameStop.0:30 Vogue one a pun based off Star Wars: rogue one just changing it based on the line of Beauty products vogue. A plant monster that appeared in lots of Mario games. Last of all a sort of robot arm that I couldn't really recognise but I think it might be the synthetic arm that big boss uses in MGSV TPP3:12 the message is "treasure ahead" written in elvish which is probably a LOTR reference0:50 a portrait of Dio from JoJos bizarre adventure part 3 using the purple hermit ability0:59 both of those helmets were used heavily in the marketing campaigns in both games and were on the covers too1:34 I think the pudding of the lords is a joke based on Aldrich being sludge in the opening cutscene2:00 you can see that one meme Pepe looking sad proably referencing the uselessness and disappointment of the stat as a whole.2:29 Conan O'Brien much3:00 roughly multiple things that I could explain but I'll only explain the less obvious ones that I get kona mi=konami, in the top right the Wii U, mighty no.9 and a part of Michael jacksons thriller was playing. (Edit) you can see a skeleton that bears a striking resemblance to Geralt (except that he's a skeleton of course) in the background3:50 a mega man hat (pretty obvious)3:53 primordial serpents instead of snakes on the ambulance (one of my personal favourites)4:00 The emerald herald (excuse my memory if that's incorrect and mentos for whatever reason (they probably have something to do with the food them of this video.4:13 I don't know why but that face on his shoulder reminds me of those weird cat people from undertale4:17 the fathers mask aka the mask of MLG5:00 the merchant from resident evil 4+Illuminati!5:05 a PlayStation VR for whatever reason5:26 I love this shot. We've got the helmet from the main armour in demon souls at the left we have the buster sword FF7 and last of all the master sword from the legend of self-aggrandising series6:00 here we have a messenger from bloodborne in the bowl6:02 WACKY WAVING ARM INFLATABLE FLAILING TUBE MAN!6:15 that arm or next to him feels familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it6:23 The pudding of the lords! ( I just wanted to include it)7:05 I presume a lot of people here will know Might No. 97:20 that stone at the bottom right is a tonsil stone from bloodborne8:04 you can see a bus sign that says hemwick in the bottom right corner and of course hemwick is an area in bloodborne8:20 this entire song feels very similar to take on me but I don't know8:56 that sign or whatever on anri's armour is probably an Easter egg but I don't know it.9:08 I'm loving this one I missed it at first it's a forest spirit from princess Mononoke9:15 cmon if you're watching this video you've got to know what praising is if not check it out its too grossly incandescent to describe in a few sentences.10:00 the first colossus from shadow of the colossus ( I am loving these Easter eggs!)10:17 the wooden grave post is shaped like the overwatch logo10:22 the drug lord part is a reference to Walter White the MC of breaking bad10:37 it's a reference to what some people call the dark souls wiki fextra life as a joke11:02 a dead goomba okkkkkkk12:41 that skull spider though I've seen a lot of skull spiders in other stuff so you guys can decide14:00 almost definitely an Easter egg I just can't recognise that thing14:17 yeah m8 exactly like Dungeons and Dragons exactly14:32 is that the mask of that bad guy from He man(edit: I think he's called skeletor) cause if it is then this is my new favourite video ever and don't forget Sans with the weird helmet14:52 a Zubat that was shot by an arrow14:55 soulsbay is a pun on eBay and coolskeleton95 is the name that Papyrus from undertale uses on his social media profile(s).15:00 there's Neto he's real Neato ain't he15:30 a reference to the Disney castle at the start of multiple Disney movies15:32 Below the bridge you can see a glitch related easter egg. Look at the highlighted reply for more info.16:03 I do not know what that thing is16:07 the tattoo at the top right is the hunter rune from bloodborne and the one at the bottom left is a sort of sign bestowed upon specific people from this godlike character in the dishonoured series16:27 I can't put any specifics one what these are from but a shovel possibly from shove knight, a (magic) lamp possibly from Aladdin, a trident and a golden great hammer/axe16:36 probably a reference to Gwynns daughter Gwynevere16:37 King Vendrick from dark souls 216:54 the star on it is probably captain Americas shield17:55 Jon snow from game of thrones17:57 it's a invader posing as guts from berserk18:03 that's a red eye orb which due to the shape of the tower on which it stands is most likely a reference to Saudi s tower in Lord of the rings18:16 a reference the the crow who carries you to Lordran in the first game plus an alien egg on the rail18:26 Gwynn, Gwynevere and Gwynns son aka SPOILERS the nameless King SPOILERS who isn't there for lore reasons18:40 coco cola for some reason19:25 a reference to Seath the scaleless from dark souls 119:28 a reference to the invisible woman from JoJos bizarre adventure part 419:33 it's revolver ocelot form metal gear solid20:12 a cooked chicken in the back what a castlevania reference21:05 the books on the outsides are references to Aldias and the Pthumerians from bloodborne the one in the middle I don't know21:21 an eye on the window from the last guardian21:55 the banner at the back is the logo/sign of the music artist prince22:05 deeper than the darkest holes (I'm sorry)22:08 Artorias ring is a ring from dark souls 1 that you need to fight the four kings boss without sinking in to the Abyss22:32 dragonslayer Ornstein from dark souls 1 in the bottom left22:38 I'm pretty sure that's an inception reference22:55 he used instant transmission from dragonball23:07 GWYNNN! Plus this is so a reference to Jojos bizarre adventure this entire scene is an anime reference.23:25 it's soul edge from the soul calibur series (the blade with the eye)24:00you can see your ascended character from bloodbornes good ending24:06 it's the PC master race mascot on his tower24:15 I see him editing the video Dumb which leads me to believe you got this game as a birthday present Matthew plus Game grumps in the top left24:35 steamed=steam and a half life 3 referenceI spent about two hours making this list off memory so I would really appreciate if you would like this comment have a nice day and I hope you enjoyed the new video from Matthew cause I certainly did. Thanks for all the tips on things I didn't see this list is much more complete than it was at the start when I first posted it I'm probably going to do this for the next video from Matthew.

  • skadooche v

    Is it okay if you play Dark souls 3 without playing the first two?

  • Pazaak Master

    Nooooo the old thumbnail was so much better!!!

  • Charles Gill

    When he said alright thx to the ambulance you can see dark souls 2 lv up lady in backround

  • HeEdShOoTz_ViDeOs

    16:09 i love the dishonored sign xD

  • Pro Elium

    23:06 Is that a JoJo reference....

  • Calluminate Mate

    Did you change the thumbnail?

  • Felipe Gabriel Szatkoski

    4:17 legends never dies

  • Ian Chang

    did you see that sans head with a helmet 14:23

  • juan riera

    Minuto 11:09 se ve el malo de Mario

  • Knuett

    10:20 A BREAKING BAD REFERENCE?! Instantly subscribed

  • koloz 123


  • Dishonored Knight

    If he wanted more doors he should pay a visit to" Lord of the rings:Shadow of MORE-DOOR"

  • Joosua Anttila

    Who would ever dare to dislike this masterpiece?! Well whoever you are, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will point down at you.

  • [Eiyū-Ō] Kuroryokan

    Dark Souls is a love and hate relationship. xD

  • Nicholas Thegeek

    15:33 "uh-oh, here comes the ponies!" Dead silence

  • CasuallyBad

    So I ended up getting dark souls 3 for the sole purpose of watching this and understanding it...... WORTH IT!!!!!

  • Zhongyang Qu

    Is that Conan O’Brien at 2:30???

  • mrkiiprototype

    Giant dad mask in the coffin and kills gundry, the legend never dies

  • Peridot

    10:15 Overwatch Reference. 👌Noice. 😊

  • Nekit Gusariv Gusarov

    4:17 EggDaddy the mask

  • Robin Best

    this is the most positive comment section I've ever seen

  • Lorenzo Valsesia

    20:44 Io l'ho sempre detto... CHE PER ME È LA CIPOLLA :D

  • Into the Unknown

    Absolutely amazing bro

  • Matthew Shezmen

    21:07 Hey guys, about this question that i asked myself in the toon ironically....what do you guys think?If someone is hollow does he have lungs in the first place? To me, i think that considering that in the game you get poisoned by gas, then you must be breathing. But you're undead though so......mmmmh....OH SHIT!But seriously, what do you think? We need some lore experts here! ^^

  • Louis Black

    First three games, actually.

  • Thrak The Carrier Of The Moonlight

    Too acurate first dark souls i played was dark souls 3 and I died to abyss whatchers over 40 times and if we dont count abyss watchers ive died to 13 times to king of storms

  • •KSA•szs

    Thank you for the video translation of Arabic

  • German Gamer

    1:17 when people ask matthew if he really made an 25 minute animation

  • wannatradepants

    the dancer should have started twerking, having a great ass and all. a missed opportunity

  • Russel Calde

    I freakin saw a overwatch sighn

  • Tubetech

    25 minutes of pure entertainment. This was hilarious to watch especially when you're a Dark Souls fan.Much love to the creator for this. Your work is really appreciated.

  • Jesus david tamayo lopez

    Gago en toooo ya podrías poner por lo menos subtitulos es español con lo que os gusta a vosotros nuestro país españa😅

  • Kyle Beggs

    20:13 Castlevania reference

  • The Diamond Knight

    All of this was me playing Dark Souls for the first time

  • Gaming Moments

    23:07 my new wallpaper 😂

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