DORK SOULS 3 (Dark Souls 3 Cartoon Parody)

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A cartoon parody by Matthew Shezmen
  • Matthew Shezmen

    IF i'll do a cartoon about the DLCs guys, my character is gonna get F*CKED like you have NO-IDEA. We are gonna have lots of fun... ; )

  • Winters TheHero

    The giant in the tower interaction was literally me when it happened

  • Kyle William

    This. Was. A. Masterpiece.I hope Miyazaki sees this.

  • Captain Snake

    Yeah i haven't played the first two and still i bought dark souls 3....

  • HDRpointer

    Haha, cosplayer 1989. This game is not what it is without Guts :D

  • meloman217

    Thank you for making the best animation for the best game ever!!!! They're some good dark souls animations but not a single compares to this, keep up the amazing work !!!!!!

  • Kyle O'kane

    BAD PARENTING ISSUES: [A LOT] |-------------------o------------------| [A LOT]

  • Don't Say hi to me

    ... Awkward SilenceHappens when there's no music in the how's your Mom..?cool....ok

  • Samuel Mormont

    Good storytelling. They set up the C4 and then there's a payoff.

  • SPART4N30000

    Is that f*cking Sans's skull at 14:40 wearing a Viking helmet!? XD(Edit)Never mind Sans's skull, there are so many freaking references, God this is awesome! XD

  • Sam Pate

    When he gets cocky then the nameless kings dragon dies is the best

  • oburi85

    The best video game series got one of the best animations on the internet! Great jon, nice gags!

  • omegasonic2000

    22:54 Looks like Goku finally found a stable job.

  • Link The Mastah

    Lol Ocelot XDEdit: Thanks for the heart m8, I hope you will post other masterpieces like this, grazie mille ;)

  • niperman poo

    I love the stupid amount of references there are in these videos

  • Tubetech

    25 minutes of pure entertainment. This was hilarious to watch especially when you're a Dark Souls fan.Much love to the creator for this. Your work is really appreciated.

  • King

    Lmfao this was so amazing u deservr your own show #qualitycontent😎

  • Aidans A faggot

    Im watching this on a kindle

  • Kerry Ramirez

    6k people don't appreciate real art.... this is fucking hilarious. Great video!!

  • Xanderj89

    Not even a minute has passed and I see Dio Brando. Ok I'm in.

  • CasuallyBad

    So I ended up getting dark souls 3 for the sole purpose of watching this and understanding it...... WORTH IT!!!!!

  • ShadowFistGG

    At the final boss fight was that a JoJo refferance?

  • Matteo Sorridente

    I'm laughing so hard I can clearly hear my brain collapsing.BTW, HOLY SHIT! I've been playing dark souls for years and never had a clue about door-opening god-mode O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O

  • Night Shift

    That goofy laugh at the end always gets me 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Firestar 56565

    14:55 reference to undertale

  • Michael O'Reilly

    11:30 to 12:00 so true 😂😂😂

  • SgtFunBun

    ive come back to watch this many times, it's in the recommended of every dark souls 3 video i watch, and i cant help but watch it again and again, cause the animation and everything is just awesome, great job man

  • Jay Kavaiya

    Who got the rusted coin reference, and the character being lucky😂

  • Alix Sukhoi

    24:34 I am still waiting for "season pass" with that price

  • Voltex Gaming

    Excuse me? I may be 7 months too late but there is only one person that can pull off frosted tips... Guy Firei....

  • Guts

    I'm in your video!

  • xMagic666

    Princess mononoke reference?

  • Micah-William Bunnell

    That Resident Evil 4 reference literally killed me... XD

  • Miguel Angel

    Animation is spot on, but you need to work on your humor man

  • Matthew Shezmen

    What's up guys, Shez here. I hope you will have a good time watching my video. These last 5 months were not always a fun ride for me: just two days ago, my grandma has passed away after getting sick last November. Seeing her in that situation getting worse as time went on, while I was working on average 11 hours a day to get this done, was a tough one. I just hope this animation will bring you some joy, thank you for watching.Love you guys.

  • bFITgames

    wow this is amazing, even better than my videos :P

  • Reaping21

    i have to she really as hot as a dead or alive character?

  • Nokushi

    You Rock man... this is amazing piece of art and should be praised to high heavens !Ps : that touch my left boob, made my spit tea. It was amazing ! xD

  • Levi Walter

    This was painfully unfunny.

  • German Gamer

    1:17 when people ask matthew if he really made an 25 minute animation

  • Arthur Herbst

    Ohh, these last 3 tunes...

  • Firestar 56565

    11:00 a wild sans appears

  • Niko Ništa


  • Joseph Neyland

    Was anyone else expecting this to be funnier?

  • Tom Cox

    love this parody so much can't stop watching it lol 😂😂😂😂😂 good job making this matt 👍🤘

  • Chaotic Bro's

    I want to know how much time it actually took to make this ... its not a 1 minute short ... EFFORT IS OVERLOADING!!!!

  • electroman

    DAMN son this video is mad!!! i enjoy every single minute!! take my sub <3

  • Zavier Green

    this is literally me for dark souls one: asylum demon: it was the one easy boss, taurus demon: accidentally fell off a cliff and it followed me so i won, capra demon: no tactics were working so i just charged at it; that worked, gaping dragon: SUPPOSEDLY SUPER EASY!!!: I AM STILL STUCK ON IT AFTER LIKE 3 DAYS!!!!

  • Parker Tyler

    I saw solid snakes arm

  • Justin Irizarry

    4:00 Anyone caught the emerald herald???

  • Danny Dan

    22:31 ornstein easter egg

  • Cairns Chaos

    Love those game references in the Free tats section. I see dishonored, bloodborne and bioshock.

  • William Beck

    I saw Soul Edge.... I love you even more now.

  • Jacob Pettee

    19:28 Holy shit is that a motherfucking Jojo reference?

  • The Unstable Brony

    I loved the ending. Once you get a taste of a SOULS game you're gonna want them all. Sure Dark Souls is hard but it's the feeling you get when you finally beat the shit out of that boss that has killed you a million times over which makes you love the game no matter how much you hate it.

  • ILikeGuns1992

    Would you try her majestic pudding? :o

  • BagazZ123

    I couldn't get into the other darksouls after playing 3 first... feelsbad

  • Mat Mat

    This video made me buy the game

  • super elite pro

    What softwares did you use

  • Arno van Zyl

    Anyone else see the Soul Edge in the last scene by the Lord of Cinder? Awesome! Great video man. Thoroughly enjoyed it :)

  • foxfurboy 21

    The ending cracked me up

  • Ema 365

    Could you pleeaassee make a Dark Souls one parody? Sooo I can see Ornstein in da parody XDDD....also I know it's hard to make sooo if you really decide to good luck :)

  • Nastorin

    Though i have watched this many times over my favorite part is the ending ware u buy the other games.

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