Asura Online Cinematic Trailer Full 1080 HD

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Journey to the West is a classic Chinese tale that has been retold millions of times. It's been referenced by a variety of media, from the movie the Forbidden Kingdom, Dragon Ball... But despite all the awesome adaptations of the main subject, Tencent's Asura Online might just be the coolest one yet.

Sun Wukong is the main character from Asura, a Tencent online game. It is a spiritual creature and one of the four monkeys from chaotic era. A thousand years ago, hundreds ships from Heaven marched in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit to attack the monster family. Monkey King and some Demon Kings defeated the Heaven's army. Even it ended as a failure, its story became legendary.

All Rights Reserved by Tencent Inc.
Done by The Original Force and Third Floor studio.
  • A Gavin

    What happens to the family of beasts in the beginning!? I wanna know if they survive >:(

  • mrtheoden

    mmm world of warcraft meets avatar meets China...

  • rio20d

    this scene reminds me of Avatar

  • Jarone Vance

    I'm sitting here thinking it's Asura Wrath 😑😑😑

  • Jake Sutton

    those poor animal people just want to live in peace and those damn Chinese have to go capturing them

  • Wolfbane_41

    im feeling an avatar vibe in the last battle scene

  • PunkdRebel

    I felt like I was watching a very-asian version of Avatar, but it was great.

  • Rino Silva

    Confio en que haya algún latino por aqui.lo mejor que he visto después del señor de los anillos.

  • MrThanhsan

    hi im vietnames. i proud of Tran Con post clip very happy.

  • Stanciu Florin

    wonder why do they bother making those trailers if the game will be just another mmo

  • Lurkens Kanal

    the ammount of fail in this video is hillarious...

  • Debeli Crv Nazaretski

    I refuse to not believe that somewhere in this vast galaxy there are similar world to that one.

  • Organic Giraffe

    how hard is it for them to adjust the elevation higher than those mountains lol

  • DopestDope

    lol everyone wants to do the avatar nowadays... :p

  • Baki Azemi

    wow that was insanely awesome!!!! why I'm seeing this now???

  • Adriano Films

    Algum brasileiro assistindo essa maravilha ? Achei muito foda.

  • MrMudNugget

    ....and then it turns out to be like clash of clans?

  • Hemen Dyran

    when u guys told me its Asura...I thought I was ASURA!!.....wat a heartbreak....

  • Scandy

    little bit copy of avatar

  • Xu Wang

    Isn't the bear sound is directly borrowed from warcraft3?

  • Tarun Jha

    in sanskrit asura = one who is extremely powerful"☺

  • Fox

    At lot of this looks stolen from the movie Avatar...

  • albaX209

    I'm sorry but the MMO itself is not so gd.. hell I think they'd earn more money if they released a full animated movie about this! XD

  • Chen Xiongxiong

    Always wonder why airship needs paddles... To paddle the air??

  • MG47

    To anyone keep saying this is copied from Avatar: The scene in Avatar actually is "copied(or inspired)" from a China's scenic spot "Zhangjiajie (張家界)", so it's the other war around. This game is made by Chinese and inspired by Chinese classic novel called "Journey to the West", not Avatar. you can even read this info in description.Btw, although this trailer is fine, but the game itself is a microtransaction mess, don't bother to try it.

  • Dhaval Bane

    are they Hindu mythology characters???

  • L3ndzo83

    is it ok to say that by the 4th minute i was bored?

  • Victor Compean

    this is pretty cool, did they make this into a movie? i like to see it. if so where can i find it?

  • Amity Games

    Ok, this is all very spectacular, but it begs a simple question - if you have floating ships, why squeeze them thru a little rock gap where they are vulnerable to attack? It makes much more sense to increase your altitude by 1000 feet or so and avoid all trouble. Just saying...

  • Paul Rojas

    funny how when u play the actual game doesnt look anything like the trailer lol

  • Paul Coddington

    It looks like they used a little bit of CGI here and there.

  • BestSoft

    the most terrible sound and fighting i ve ever seen

  • jjjjurand

    1:53 what the hell is that random metallic sound? also the recycled udyr sound at 2:36... and most importantly why that emperor (or whoever he is) decided to attack these lands? he didn't stand a chance, not only he was heavily outnumbered, he also had regular men against powerful beasts

  • Sheob 多形体

    I am not even going to watch the video. I am just going to call it right here: This MMO is shit.

  • MightyFish

    CGI never fails to amaze me

  • SkillaWillits

    Not gonna play the game, but the cinematic was epic... They should make movies with video game cinematics

  • Round

    Fire the animators and the screenwriters

  • Tatenda Mbudzi Channel

    Asura means he or she farted in Shona language


    Hit like if u think that it is inspired from HINDU mythology, atlest the name is inspired 😉. (Asura is hindi word which means Demons)

  • Haddi Gudmundsson

    Without knowing anything about this.That general guy on the ship is probably the biggest idiot ive ever seen.Riding into that territory with so few ships and men.Even my 10 year old daughter said she would never go that way.

  • buu Ho

    this the war between the Sun wukong vs the Heaven Army. The Jade emperor open a full scale assault on fruit mountain, but eventually defeat by Wukong and his allies.

  • cristian poupart

    does anybody know if you could play the game or not if so give me a link

  • ninjAa Simen

    what a great looking game with shitty sound :(

  • Miguel Santiago

    legendary trailer, but i bet the game play is epic shit

  • Aisling Oharrigan

    The cgi movie is probably more fun than the game.

  • gall Bob

    Mists of Pandaria new trailer??

  • joshua rivera-gonzalez

    Can someone please please please tell me where and how I can play this or watch it or whatever. If it's a game on what system? I've never seen anything this dope before.

  • Frank Wang

    This is classic Chinese

  • shaik hussain

    I want this to be a movie

  • Hanyu Chen

    腾讯游戏wtf, they made it? wow, then i'm definitly too poor to play this game

  • Stef Willemse

    The 3D is pretty neat, but the editing and sounds are garbage. I could recognize league of legends and even age of empires sound effects.. and they're not even synced well with the action.. but props have to be given to the 3d, FX and animation which is on point

  • Maupajoke

    What a pathetic asian mmorpg cinematic.Guys you should stop taking drugs.

  • Jason Rorschach

    To all sterotypers and asian-haters and ignorant haters,Seriously. Chinese tales, especially the story of monkey king and all kinds of legends involves monsters--HUGE mythical humanoid monsters that somewhat look like this. Go see the illustrations made in tang dynasty (a period where you Europeans are still barbarians)Also, you may also accuse overwatch a rip-off from Team fortress and final fantasy from a fucking Pokemon. The logic doesn't make any sense. (to be blunt, try work out a far better idea where you DON'T breach any existing creations and all comes out from you own mind.)Thirdly, they are not random Chinese shits--at least this clip has far more better interpretations of ancient monsters than the movies released in mainland these years.For your reference, you may check out the Classic of Mountains and Seas (Shan Hai Jing), a series of books describing all kinds of monsters that from both legends and gods. This collection of books are written 400 BC (a period of time where most of your beloved countries are still absent from advanced civilization.)

  • Kurt Rencel Osana

    Asura is a hindu word and why china took it?

  • Pagnah

    Almost a ripoff-mixture from Avatar and WoW combined.

  • ruben gonzalez


  • Connie Carroll

    This is fantastic. I first thought it was a trailer for a fantasy film. Is it a game ? How do you get to see the rest of it, I tried the website but I can not read Chinese.

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