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Journey to the West is a classic Chinese tale that has been retold millions of times. It's been referenced by a variety of media, from the movie the Forbidden Kingdom, Dragon Ball... But despite all the awesome adaptations of the main subject, Tencent's Asura Online might just be the coolest one yet.

Sun Wukong is the main character from Asura, a Tencent online game. It is a spiritual creature and one of the four monkeys from chaotic era. A thousand years ago, hundreds ships from Heaven marched in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit to attack the monster family. Monkey King and some Demon King defeated the Heaven's army. Even it ended as a failure, its story became legendary.

All Rights Reserved by Tencent Inc.
Done by The Original Force and Third Floor studio.
  • MrThanhsan

    hi im vietnames. i proud of Tran Con post clip very happy.

  • Chen Xiongxiong

    Always wonder why airship needs paddles... To paddle the air??

  • Jake Sutton

    those poor animal people just want to live in peace and those damn Chinese have to go capturing them

  • Viper Romani

    one of the many worse cinematics I have seen.. no blood? no decapitation? plus its pretty boring and not very interesting if a game company spends more time on the cinematics than the actual game it self

  • Hemen Dyran

    when u guys told me its Asura...I thought I was ASURA!!.....wat a heartbreak....

  • Jason Rorschach

    To all sterotypers and asian-haters and ignorant haters,Seriously. Chinese tales, especially the story of monkey king and all kinds of legends involves monsters--HUGE mythical humanoid monsters that somewhat look like this. Go see the illustrations made in tang dynasty (a period where you Europeans are still barbarians)Also, you may also accuse overwatch a rip-off from Team fortress and final fantasy from a fucking Pokemon. The logic doesn't make any sense. (to be blunt, try work out a far better idea where you DON'T breach any existing creations and all comes out from you own mind.)Thirdly, they are not random Chinese shits--at least this clip has far more better interpretations of ancient monsters than the movies released in mainland these years.For your reference, you may check out the Classic of Mountains and Seas (Shan Hai Jing), a series of books describing all kinds of monsters that from both legends and gods. This collection of books are written 400 BC (a period of time where most of your beloved countries are still absent from advanced civilization.)

  • patryk paluszek

    What a pathetic asian mmorpg cinematic.Guys you should stop taking drugs.

  • rg620qm

    동양 아시아 쪽 게임의 특징 CG나 오프닝 중긴에 보여지는 영상는 볼만한대 막상 게임으로 들어가면.. 너무 개판오분전이다. ㅡ,.ㅡ

  • Tarun Jha

    in sanskrit asura = one who is extremely powerful"☺

  • O Super Luques

    Quero saber como faço pra ver inteiro

  • Boyfriend of Gaga

    film kot e kot dhe palidhje...

  • Smile :)

    cool chinese mythology

  • Gina Padilla

    what is the title of this movie...?Please.....

  • shaik hussain

    I want this to be a movie


    avatar ,, asura ,, samara ,, karmas ,, swastik ,, oom ,, vayu ,, vimana ,, agni ,, garuda all basically Indian Sanskrit word ,, search in Google ,,

  • douglas Vinícius

    isso vai ser um filme?

  • Unesko Unesko

    это каким надо быть что бы такое снять...

  • Doan Mai

    hóa ra là game cứ tưởng phim thì hay biết bao =))

  • Anderson Pereira

    qual o nome dese filme? quero ver o filme completo

  • Scandy

    little bit copy of avatar

  • carlos gomes

    como se llama esta película

  • Dmitriy Buyanov

    Слизали с фильма Аватар, позорники.

  • trung nguyễn

    nhìn có con giống urgot, oriana vcc

  • Dada Jo

    i watching it like a movie pls give the parte 2 link

  • Morgane Roux

    involvement border represent drum curious toss fault uncle wealth

  • Kurt the Toon Guy

    Asura is a hindu word and why china took it?

  • Catalin Stefan

    the full name of movie?

  • Okky Triansyah

    Latest movies.. Lest see :

  • kranthi kumar

    I think its an Indian mythology Ramayana. The bird in beginning was Jatayu, the monkey people were Vanara's and the big giant brother of king on boat is Kumbhakarna. The flying boats are called Pushpakavimana's

  • Braddley Waldman Jr

    I would love to watch a series like this!

  • Svetlin Stefanov

    So sad that such a good cinematic , but very bad game :(

  • Victor Compean

    this is pretty cool, did they make this into a movie? i like to see it. if so where can i find it?

  • Doan Mai

    khi nào có phim này thế ?

  • sasank sekhar jena

    what a movie wowwwwwwwww

  • Writers Park

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  • Nicolas Fuentes

    Looks just like the "Mogu" warriors from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (2010)

  • Chibinaroath

    Journey to the west? Demon vs God

  • Aisling Oharrigan

    The cgi movie is probably more fun than the game.

  • Tutol Ahammed

    what's name theis movie

  • LLB Baptiste

    Is this the full movie? if theres more please send a link.

  • Manuel Ibrahim

    dis wil make one bad movie and I want 2 watched so make it

  • mikbzona96

    is there any series that have this quality?

  • BEAUTY Mks

    I never seen this type video

  • joydeep Mishra

    chinese junk shit mother fuckers let them stay in peace ......

  • Rodolfo Beteta

    alguien puede decirme como se llama esta película o donde puedo verla completa? o es de algún videojuego? gracias

  • trung nguyễn

    có bản full hd chưa z ad

  • faheem shah

    looks amazing is this upcoming movie?

  • Jinu Jaanu

    Another version of avatar ???

  • Lofy Singh

    this is the best edition...

  • Meeran Sharif

    asia's 1st highest budget movie from china, 2 nd from india(tamilnadu).. that name of movie is "2.0"...

  • norm platt

    well done nice film!ll

  • fj73 crusier

    the mountains are not floating the ships they are on are. ffs

  • Connie Carroll

    This is fantastic. I first thought it was a trailer for a fantasy film. Is it a game ? How do you get to see the rest of it, I tried the website but I can not read Chinese.

  • ChemicalTeabag

    This is a direct rip off of the Avatar final battle except 100% graphics and worse. This is 7 minutes of fancy graphics but almost no action. The action was kinda lame anyway

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