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Journey to the West is a classic Chinese tale that has been retold millions of times. It's been referenced by a variety of media, from the movie the Forbidden Kingdom, Dragon Ball... But despite all the awesome adaptations of the main subject, Tencent's Asura Online might just be the coolest one yet.

Sun Wukong is the main character from Asura, a Tencent online game. It is a spiritual creature and one of the four monkeys from chaotic era. A thousand years ago, hundreds ships from Heaven marched in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit to attack the monster family. Monkey King and some Demon Kings defeated the Heaven's army. Even it ended as a failure, its story became legendary.

All Rights Reserved by Tencent Inc.
Done by The Original Force and Third Floor studio.
  • MrThanhsan

    hi im vietnames. i proud of Tran Con post clip very happy.

  • Jake Sutton

    those poor animal people just want to live in peace and those damn Chinese have to go capturing them

  • turgay altınvadi


  • BEKSULTAN Askarbay

    кто-нибудь скажите как называется фильм

  • Sempre que você ler os comentários Eu vou estar la

    Achou que eu estava brincando?

  • James izlookin

    taking a scene  from avatar dontchyafink lol

  • Espada2234

    Is this game out in the US yet

  • Dani Perdomo

    es película o Serie ? alguien podría darme el nombre o Información

  • Hemen Dyran

    when u guys told me its Asura...I thought I was ASURA!!.....wat a heartbreak....

  • Akbar Bagus

    naahh... Asura is still Angrier and Stronger..

  • Bikash Maharjan

    can anybdy tell what is the name of this movie and where can i see this full movie onlin?

  • thuy nguyen

    ko co tieng viet co tap fuull ko

  • Do Bo

    Trailer looks like an amazing movie i would llike to watch. Game sucks.

  • Hector Aguilera

    donde se puede descargar esta pelicula

  • delpinsky

    When the movie!?! I want to watch it so bad now, it's just fantastic! :)

  • Dindayal Redkar

    still not able to figure out who are the good n the bad guys

  • khasim vali

    Asura is a sanskrit word n avatar also


    People thinking of WoW and Avatar combined. But for me, this looks alot like Narnia and Avatar combined

  • Nick Weinert

    wtf crapshit copy of avatar

  • Yolo $waggins

    no bird can be that fast, they arent fucking jets you idiots

  • jeff Izan


  • waki

    Chinese copy of Avatar

  • Viper Romani

    one of the many worse cinematics I have seen.. no blood? no decapitation? plus its pretty boring and not very interesting if a game company spends more time on the cinematics than the actual game it self

  • Diego p

    existe alguna pelicula? estos 7 min me dejaron fue emocionado es una cinematica de lujo

  • 王自敬

    Always like this, using C4D or 3Ds MAX build a very great CG, but the real game is still using the technoloy 10 year ago. The real effect only worthy 5 buck!

  • Leandro Raphael Valera

    watch this one -

  • Sibusiso Kuhlase

    What a beautiful thing


    Hit like if u think that it is inspired from HINDU mythology, atlest the name is inspired 😉. (Asura is hindi word which means Demons)

  • Primus Nofu

    It's Like ORG In LOTR.

  • SDNews21

    wow,,,,,,,, really nice............

  • Sourya Dutta

    Amazed to see an Indian Devil God Asura transformed into Online version.

  • Catalin Popinciuc

    This is like League of Legends... Trailer is incredible but the game is bad

  • Vitalya Vitalya

    Music, graphic, creatures, story - this all is just a parody on World of Warcraft. Kneel before Blizzard!

  • Angelica McCoy

    This IP is absolutely awesome. But the game company is totally shit! they ruined this game!!!

  • Vakon85

    This movie or game????thx:-)

  • مصلح مصيطف

    الله يلعن أمريكا علا هل تخيل

  • yakında sans

    2:35 full tank volibear

  • Stef Willemse

    The 3D is pretty neat, but the editing and sounds are garbage. I could recognize league of legends and even age of empires sound effects.. and they're not even synced well with the action.. but props have to be given to the 3d, FX and animation which is on point

  • shaik hussain

    I want this to be a movie

  • roland farago

    what is a melody name?

  • Tarun Jha

    in sanskrit asura = one who is extremely powerful"☺

  • JJ Chai

    dude I don't want this kind of ordinary WoW-style shits. I want asura's wrath

  • CamTV

    Hi, I'm from Cambodia ...I like your videos so much...Can you help views my videos please ????? I love u...

  • Maupajoke

    What a pathetic asian mmorpg cinematic.Guys you should stop taking drugs.

  • Dmitriy Buyanov

    Слизали с фильма Аватар, позорники.

  • kranthi kumar

    I think its an Indian mythology Ramayana. The bird in beginning was Jatayu, the monkey people were Vanara's and the big giant brother of king on boat is Kumbhakarna. The flying boats are called Pushpakavimana's

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