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CD Projekt Red hat den Cinematic Launch-Trailer für The Witcher 3 veröffentlicht. Darin zu sehen sind CGI-Sequenzen, in denen Geralt auf eine scheinbar hübsche Frau trifft, die sich offenbar als Monster entpuppt. Der sehenswerte Kurzfilm ist knapp fünf Minuten lang.
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  • Catarina Serra

    Biggest unknown spoiler ever! This trailer was the first I watched for The Witcher, and now I'm about to start Blood and Wine. First time I saw the new main menu, and I heard the Lullaby of Woe and saw her walking in rounds in the background, I swear to god that I had the biggest mindblow. All throughout the main game and Hearts of Stone, I tried to get this quest and find this place, but nothing. This game is the best this generation will ever play, a true masterpiece.

  • Matt PryOkra

    I feel like a dick not following The Witcher series.... it's like Game of Thrones X LOTR on Steroids.... Absolute chaos in a beautiful world.Geralt has to be one of the most interesting and most complex anti-hero characters I've ever played 😂

  • BingletonTV

    I love how the tactics used in the trailer (aard, black blood and moon dust) are actually super useful vs bruxae and alps in the game as well. Missing vampire oil and spamming quen 100 times tho

  • Schnake Eyes

    Witcher tv series anyone? Preferably funded by Netflix, though they have know to let plenty of boob and penis be seen.. it is a mature game, story, book. To stay true to the series. Also what monster is that? A higher vampire?

  • Sanjay Tudu

    Imagine when we will achieve this level of graphics Ingame. Sweet :D : D

  • r00t hkr

    They could make a Witcher movie with this kind of animation and it would be a hit.

  • UghThatGuy

    She owned an orphanage outside the city which, as the witcher discovered to his horror, she used as a sort of blood cellar, visiting it whenever the urge struck her to drink some blood straight from an orphan’s neck. Geralt swore that if they ever met again…Well that explains alot.

  • SeptimusCreed

    You know you've played this game too much when you:-Know the identity/classification/name of the monster without looking it up. And can explain how this particular species differs from those in the same type as it.-Understand the biology and weaknesses of the monster better than your own.-Can identify and have experience with using the combat strategies utilized during the scene

  • Mant111

    Fun fact: if you watch at 2:00 you can see a faint glimpse of a shadow moving on top of the barn, that's the cue that tells Geralt where to throw the bomb.

  • Gonk

    My #1 Fav game, I don't think it could ever be moved from the #1 slot honestly it's pure perfection, gj Cd Project Red u blew my mind.

  • ComeSweetDeath

    Sexy vampire bitch. I'm glad we are able to see Orianna's butt and tits.

  • Kim Jong Skill

    What's the song called when they're fighting in the barn?

  • I Alya

    2:10 name of the soundtrack pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

  • Ajnin

    My question.. with this amount of cinematic capacity... why not just make a movie....

  • Galliano Marr

    whats the name of the soundtrack starting at 02:16 please ?

  • RobertsDigital

    I always forget that this woman is CGI....she looks hot and super realistic tho..Great work to the developers..

  • Xan Kriegor

    Fucking bruxa i hate her

  • Donald Grab them by the pussy Trump

    I just couldn't get into these games, I thought they were boring as hell

  • tony wu

    Who is she? She looks like Triss, but in the game I never fought her.

  • Grabiato Nehrimzer

    best frign kicn ass trailer since the bible

  • e21big

    You have contracted Sanguinare Diseases!

  • QuangTran27

    I stopped my porn for this.

  • tstochuj

    Best singleplayer game made to date, hands down.

  • Filthy Weeb

    I've never had the chance to see what black blood does because either I forget to take it, I kill them before they can have a chance, or they kill me with three hits.

  • 24masks

    that's orianna right?

  • Kastoruz

    When you think about it Witchers are like heroes. They roam around tirelessly and kill monster to save the populace for a fee of course. This whole Witcher thing reminds me about that anime I watched a couple of years back, Claymore. I really wish to see a movie set in the Witcher setting some day. That would've been so cool.

  • Sitizen Kane

    So glad I played this game. In the middle of the main quest, 50 hours into the game, I already put this game in my "Greatest of All Time" category, And with games like Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy III, Vice City, A Link to the Past, and Oblivion/Skyrim, Witcher III is pretty damn good. And when I played Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions, I bumped it up to one of my top 5 best games I've ever played in my life. This game is actually worth double the $60 dollars. I would even gladly pay $200 if this game came out with that price.

  • King Midas

    For those wondering, Witcher 3 took 3.5 years to make, 1,500 professionals and it cost them 81 million dollars. With a profit of 38 million dollars and sold 10 million copies.

  • Gundalf

    don't drink a witcher's blood u dumb bitch

  • Xyradis

    Annnnnd, you ACTUALLY get to do all that in game=)

  • Ethan Jr

    just play this game and it was awesome

  • Alfredo Pichardo

    This trailer is awesome. Cant wait to go home and continue my quest.

  • St Eez

    Guys what do you think should i read books before i play it?

  • Stefan Đušić


  • jackaboyplays19

    the only game where the game is as good as the trailer.........well maybe a few exceptions

  • Cairo Murphy

    I wish that monster was in the game.

  • Hassan

    he didnt get her trophy,now he's not gonna get paid

  • John 1112

    The Witcher is like The Lord of The Rings or Game of Thrones.... but way fucking better

  • Ernst Rauska

    i thought vampires can only be killed by higher vampires?

  • The Doctor

    Bitch Orianna, she got what she deserved

  • sembarangjaknama

    Orianna is High Vampire right? she look's like Bruxa here.

  • tieuquy linthinh

    Is the cutscenes of the game or is it live action movie ??? So real hope my pc can run like this

  • Michael Jensen

    I mean she's evil as fuck, but you could almost see her nipple. Stirring a bit of conflict in my body. haha

  • Özgür Güler

    Damn, you are ugly Orianna!

  • DarkDeityElite

    The silicon In those titties just die when she jump out that robe

  • Fox Fold

    Было так мило с его стороны прилечь рядом с ней после победы

  • Uriel Castillo

    Guys i saw half a nipple today

  • the hound of hell

    does anyone know the name of the song playing from 2:10 during the fight scene? thnx! :3

  • Lookoutitsdomke

    I thought this was David Hayter doing the voice at first.He should have done the voice of big boss in MGS V. I'd have preferred Hayter, but this guy would have also done a good job.

  • Maxim Kotov

    По сюжету она вроде была высшим вампиром ,следовательно ее может убить только другой вампир.Но в трейлере он похожа на Бруксу.

  • Aldi sofyan

    someone know this song at 2:10

  • Nero G Ky

    What is the song at 3:01? Really love it!

  • Tarek Chamas

    most guys would sleep with her even if it means they will die

  • My beautiful and amazing mistress

    Wtf?! Why did this guy killed her? (Never played this game) that's horrible

  • Arnab Chakraborty

    The best game of all time, and never will be another one. Unless this exact team of devs team up and makes Witcher 4. Truly unfortunate to know that wont happen. But i still have hope.

  • U know Me

    Do i have to play dlcs again if i start new game?

  • Vorg Zangiev

    Vj link в роли рыжей потаскухи))

  • Aka

    imagine a whole movie like this.

  • dsahgkg

    funny, she's suppose to be a higher vampire but she take the form of a bruxa, or maybe alp. maybe her rank isn't high and she's still too young. A true higher vampire, like detlaff would probably put up a better fight

  • Near Ciro

    The witch looks and sounds like Eurus from Sherlock.

  • Quoc Tai Nguyen

    btw she's hot right :))

  • Arthur Maisonobe

    si siii armure de la vipère!!!

  • Jenna Bridges

    This game is so praised its blasphemy to talk bad about it.I just recently bought an xbox 1 and 4 games, loved 3. Fallout 4 is one of my fave games of all time.Someone just needs to say it, I don't love witcher 3, its absolute shit, honestly lol. I wish I returned it before I played it last to see how horrible it is.

  • Zak King4

    I just got this game damn the sexy girls lol

  • ViperGaming

    The CD PROJEKT RED team are genius. The cinematic and promotional stuff htey made for the game are all amazing. This cinematic was one of the best I've seen in my long video game life.Not to mention the game itself, a true masterpiece, I'll remember this game for the rest of my life.

  • The Fuculator

    If I had one criticism for such a great game then it's Geralt's voice actor. How this man won a golden joystick for his voice acting is beyond me; it's awkward, doesn't fit at all, and absent of any real emotional range. So many people praise Geralt's voice but there is no way that these people have played many other games. I think its praise stems from the fact that the first witcher game's voice actor for Geralt was unimaginably bad.

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