The Witcher 3 | Epic Cinematic Launch Trailer

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CD Projekt Red hat den Cinematic Launch-Trailer für The Witcher 3 veröffentlicht. Darin zu sehen sind CGI-Sequenzen, in denen Geralt auf eine scheinbar hübsche Frau trifft, die sich offenbar als Monster entpuppt. Der sehenswerte Kurzfilm ist knapp fünf Minuten lang.
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  • Catarina Serra

    Biggest unknown spoiler ever! This trailer was the first I watched for The Witcher, and now I'm about to start Blood and Wine. First time I saw the new main menu, and I heard the Lullaby of Woe and saw her walking in rounds in the background, I swear to god that I had the biggest mindblow. All throughout the main game and Hearts of Stone, I tried to get this quest and find this place, but nothing. This game is the best this generation will ever play, a true masterpiece.

  • Schnake Eyes

    Witcher tv series anyone? Preferably funded by Netflix, though they have know to let plenty of boob and penis be seen.. it is a mature game, story, book. To stay true to the series. Also what monster is that? A higher vampire?

  • Matt PryOkra

    I feel like a dick not following The Witcher series.... it's like Game of Thrones X LOTR on Steroids.... Absolute chaos in a beautiful world.Geralt has to be one of the most interesting and most complex anti-hero characters I've ever played 😂

  • Matt Damon

    The only people I think could play Geralt in a live action movie IMO would be either Chris Hemsworth (got the idea after watching the snow white movie) Stephen Lang, and that's really it, I can't think of anyone else. That doesn't mean I want a live action. I'd rather have a full movie that's like this trailer. Just sayin. If they were to make a LA of Witcher and it be on Geralt, I can't think of any other 2 people.

  • mario rossi

    CDprojekt >>>> Cuckware

  • Jett A Angeles

    What is the name of the song she is singing?

  • AlcGmn

    Look at the facial animation! Just look at it Bioware!

  • thomas xari

    Hi guys!Did you know u can buy witcher 2 for like 1$ in ? Check it out:

  • tony wu

    Who is she? She looks like Triss, but in the game I never fought her.

  • Lars Muller

    When the fight in the game is as epic as in the cinematic trailer

  • Mant111

    Fun fact: if you watch at 2:00 you can see a faint glimpse of a shadow moving on top of the barn, that's the cue that tells Geralt where to throw the bomb.

  • Abdou Bissap

    god I love to see Here trying to run away MOUHAHHA

  • Leperino Kripperino

    HBO please make witcher tv show after game of thrones is done

  • captain ranj

    i bought the ps4 just for this and i don't regret it

  • Payload Commanders

    dude the ps4 is stacked, just got a ps4 and I'm overwhelmed with the choices

  • Terence Pace

    it's a miracle Geralt lived this long with all those scars

  • jacob blitshtein

    so this follows after the events of blood and whine ?

  • Kid3t3rnity

    Way better than Mass Effect Andromeda.

  • Gundalf

    don't drink a witcher's blood u dumb bitch

  • gilaniel

    Why there is no movie with such good graphics

  • kamel alhakimi

    Witcher 3 still the winner every year maybe till Witcher 4 comes.

  • Hopeans

    Elle a cherché aussi la salope faut pas s'étonner aussi

  • Mugiwara No Lznus

    who's here after they announced the Netflix series ?

  • }{FeNeK ChAnEl}{

    Хеллоу, я фром раша :D

  • Druid Kouve

    Netflix is adapting the Witcher books. Lets goooooo

  • W4R71G3R

    from that creature kids could have nightmares lol it looks so damn creepy

  • DupiDup

    This trailer is why i bought the game back in 2015. glad i did!

  • Xyradis

    Annnnnd, you ACTUALLY get to do all that in game=)

  • Lozy

    Playing this game might be the best thing I've ever experienced in my young life

  • I am not The Walrus

    Zsuzsanna Rácz, now, people, continue your 'quest'.

  • Tyler Bourgoin

    I'm still waiting for this moment in the actual game. Is it main story or contract?

  • Ernst Rauska

    i thought vampires can only be killed by higher vampires?

  • Anthony Mugianesi

    Worst thing is he's not even going to get paid since his trophy is unrecognizable

  • NIKE Gaming

    I woulda fucked that vampire

  • drazapatos

    fuck warcraft movies.. give ma witcher movie.. with the gore and sex that you are suppose to see on this game.. fuck pc people..

  • Andrian Harsono

    I met someone today who looks exactly just like her. I don't know whether to be happy or to be terrified.

  • Guilherme Al

    This game is a blessing and a curse. Ever since I finished it and all its dlcs I haven't been able to enjoy other games, they are just so inferior compared this game. For this I am actually glad and mad at same time.

  • Jenna Bridges

    This game is so praised its blasphemy to talk bad about it.I just recently bought an xbox 1 and 4 games, loved 3. Fallout 4 is one of my fave games of all time.Someone just needs to say it, I don't love witcher 3, its absolute shit, honestly lol. I wish I returned it before I played it last to see how horrible it is.

  • jr4chargers

    A movie done right would be amazing.

  • Fernando Ardyanto

    Better fuck her rather than kill her...

  • JakeCoin

    Why cant u become a vampire tho?

  • Craig MK

    BRUXA!!! I hate Bruxa's. Lol. So damn fast.

  • LeLaurentzo

    huge work! very nice work!!

  • Łukasz Kalina

    I'm so glad that's production of my country

  • Deace

    Eigentlich ist das echt traurig

  • Tschiby

    an epic trailer for an epic game

  • Dino

    This game is basicallyLord of The RingsGame of ThronesRed Dead RedemptionThe Elder ScrollsCombined into one big pile of mess and you know what?IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

  • Ion Gaming

    What was the song that was playing at 2:11 called.

  • david teddy

    love polish/slavik folklore ......

  • Reptilien N2788

    Kneel before CDProjekt

  • Last Outlaw

    hats off for this masterpiece.

  • Emhyr Var Emreis


  • Tyler Durden

    "you know i'll come back for you"

  • Reginald Bushwater

    Anyone know the name of the song that starts at 2:04?

  • Ramesh Giri

    ORIANA never imagined that she will look that beautiful, when she opens her hair down

  • The Symphony of Science

    I was kinda waiting for the next Elder's Scrolls game, but now.....ahem....

  • Saitama Sensei

    The witcher 3 hands down the best game i have played so far , but it could have been much better and exciting if they added the nemesis system (whatever you call it) like in shadow of mordorr where in you can gain intel before killing your enemy since geralt have axii which can control minds but overall this game is 10/10 for me

  • Carlo Schiffer

    did he hunt a vampire ?

  • Petar Todorov Todorov

    Cinematic Geralt... You piece of scrub... a lousy bruxa makes you look like feeble shit... Who got the controller there??? HAHAHAH

  • Ezor

    Best. Game. Ever.Seriously, TW3 and its expansions was the best game I've ever played so far. (maybe The Elder Scroll can be add too). Blood and Wine in particular (part because it's awesome, part cause I'm french ^^)

  • Harry Hanjob

    ost and video = epic as fuck

  • Kokuyous3ki

    It's rare that people go back to watch a trailer even after a year or more... but that shows that you did a good job I guess. And after watching the trailer imma go and check if there is a hole in the sun too I guess.

  • GonnaEatUr Chocolate

    One of the best games ever. Played it on both console and PC, and am now halfway through the book series. I will then play the other two games which I do currently own and have downloaded (yes I know I butchered the order).

  • Bring Us Peace Please

    should i buy it or not dont mind the spoiler for the game just want to know if its worth the money and also spending the time on this game.

  • Vikingr Berserkr

    Best RPG ever made!! Thank you CD Projekt Red for this masterpiece!

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