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CD Projekt Red hat den Cinematic Launch-Trailer für The Witcher 3 veröffentlicht. Darin zu sehen sind CGI-Sequenzen, in denen Geralt auf eine scheinbar hübsche Frau trifft, die sich offenbar als Monster entpuppt. Der sehenswerte Kurzfilm ist knapp fünf Minuten lang.
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  • Catarina Serra

    Biggest unknown spoiler ever! This trailer was the first I watched for The Witcher, and now I'm about to start Blood and Wine. First time I saw the new main menu, and I heard the Lullaby of Woe and saw her walking in rounds in the background, I swear to god that I had the biggest mindblow. All throughout the main game and Hearts of Stone, I tried to get this quest and find this place, but nothing. This game is the best this generation will ever play, a true masterpiece.

  • BingletonTV

    I love how the tactics used in the trailer (aard, black blood and moon dust) are actually super useful vs bruxae and alps in the game as well. Missing vampire oil and spamming quen 100 times tho

  • Matt PryOkra

    I feel like a dick not following The Witcher series.... it's like Game of Thrones X LOTR on Steroids.... Absolute chaos in a beautiful world.Geralt has to be one of the most interesting and most complex anti-hero characters I've ever played 😂

  • Schnake Eyes

    Witcher tv series anyone? Preferably funded by Netflix, though they have know to let plenty of boob and penis be seen.. it is a mature game, story, book. To stay true to the series. Also what monster is that? A higher vampire?

  • Sanjay Tudu

    Imagine when we will achieve this level of graphics Ingame. Sweet :D : D

  • r00t hkr

    They could make a Witcher movie with this kind of animation and it would be a hit.

  • Ronin Samurai

    no other game has more awards. such a perfection

  • Scott Unverzagt

    How awesome is it that this story wasn't in the main game, and in the final DLC...

  • BoinBoinMoniuMoniu

    orianna celebrated too early

  • Kito Delgado

    okay so I'm thinking about getting this game but I dont know the story and never played the first one.Should i play the others first or should I just get this one?

  • ComeSweetDeath

    Sexy vampire bitch. I'm glad we are able to see Orianna's butt and tits.

  • youngfool3000

    Came back to cleanse my eyes from trashy mass effective animations.

  • Mant111

    Fun fact: if you watch at 2:00 you can see a faint glimpse of a shadow moving on top of the barn, that's the cue that tells Geralt where to throw the bomb.

  • Captain Oblivious

    It's unbelievable how good they did on this game, from the trailers to the DLC. Every aspect of it is top notch.

  • Gonk

    My #1 Fav game, I don't think it could ever be moved from the #1 slot honestly it's pure perfection, gj Cd Project Red u blew my mind.

  • LTZ_

    Still giving me goosebumps

  • tony wu

    Who is she? She looks like Triss, but in the game I never fought her.

  • RobertsDigital

    This cinematic beats any world of warcraft cinematic by a square mile

  • I Alya

    2:10 name of the soundtrack pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

  • Xan Kriegor

    Fucking bruxa i hate her

  • blackjack487

    finished the game 3 times with almost everything, what am I doing here? brb gonna finish 1 more time

  • Galliano Marr

    whats the name of the soundtrack starting at 02:16 please ?

  • Aberham Weather

    Wtf am I barely finding out about this game? Looks so badass!

  • QuangTran27

    I stopped my porn for this.

  • 24masks

    that's orianna right?

  • Gundalf

    don't drink a witcher's blood u dumb bitch

  • Imrob Axelander

    One of the absolutly best games ive played in many years!

  • Clodoaldo rodrigues marciano

    qual e essa fase que nao encontrei ainda

  • TX- Grizzz

    I really thought that this was a Live Action Cinematic Trailer. Man the CGI is awesome. I really thought they were real people.. And the fact that this was a trailer for the whole game but in the end it was for the Blood And Wine Expansion w/c is crazy.

  • Marcin Dzialo

    Since I finished The Witcher I can't find satisfaction in any game:-(

  • Randy Savage

    If only they had made the game graphics look like this, that would be insane. But anyways, still a great game, would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone.

  • joao ferreira

    best game evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa beter than cod but league of legends is better

  • RPG_Nerd Pc

    Me for the 10000 enst time. This Game is out of everything. CDProject has my money for all they do

  • Ernst Rauska

    i thought vampires can only be killed by higher vampires?

  • Lincoln Abernathy

    lord have mercy. look at Geralts fine lookin ass

  • Michael Jensen

    I mean she's evil as fuck, but you could almost see her nipple. Stirring a bit of conflict in my body. haha

  • Brett Lee

    i swear higher vampires can just regenerate though...

  • olle åkerman

    Imo the witcher saga is the only thing to ever come close to the lotr saga


    this reminds me of the spooks books

  • Nicolò Cervi

    323 witchers of times past disliked this

  • Kalle Laakso

    I want to thank CD Project Red for delivering an amazing adventure where you feel you're really there. Few games can accomplish that. The game's enviroments and cultures have been inspired by real history. Most notably by the scandinavian history. Being a finnish myself, the game often feels like I'm in a nearby forest or something :D the game has also given me interest to search for the history of scandinavian cultures far and wide

  • greatsea

    Great game, not my style of gameplay. So disappointed. Hell, maybe I can get used to it but I guess I have just always been a raw FPSer and always will be. I'll just let my nephews use my Steam account to play it

  • Jenna Bridges

    This game is so praised its blasphemy to talk bad about it.I just recently bought an xbox 1 and 4 games, loved 3. Fallout 4 is one of my fave games of all time.Someone just needs to say it, I don't love witcher 3, its absolute shit, honestly lol. I wish I returned it before I played it last to see how horrible it is.

  • U know Me

    Do i have to play dlcs again if i start new game?

  • Muizz Kachhi

    Instead of live action CDPR should make a CGI witcher movie like final fantasy

  • the hound of hell

    does anyone know the name of the song playing from 2:10 during the fight scene? thnx! :3

  • Karolina jakaśtam

    She (actress) look like Hatice from Magnificent Century. 👊😀

  • Yohanes Alfin Pradipta

    This is the epilogue of the witcher game : blood and wine

  • 999slawter

    one of the most powerful game video

  • Sanchit Nigam

    Name of the song used?

  • Kronos camron

    Ok ,I am confused, this has to be Oriana, also she is not an alp or a bruxa(but looks like one) since she says "in times past not amount of coin would convince a witcher to take this contract", Witchers don't take contracts for Higher vampires,or at least 99% of the times, second she looks and fights like a bruxa,also this is not in toussant but in velen because of the ears in the trees (ladies of the woods,the woods has ears reference), also what apears to be the baron's castle.Now I am confused, are they just mixing up stuff or is this in the future (after killing detlaff), but still if so (is Oriana a bruxa or a higher vampire?).

  • Stefan Đušić


  • Zaneox Youtube

    His eye's is the brightest of all the colors <3

  • Bring Us Peace Please

    should i buy it or not dont mind the spoiler for the game just want to know if its worth the money and also spending the time on this game.

  • Xyradis

    Annnnnd, you ACTUALLY get to do all that in game=)

  • Raoul 9753

    Ok, seriously, why do male vamoires get to look like monsters and normaly transform dressed (their clothes just somehow disapear) while female vampires always have to get naked before fights and still resemble the basic female form slim body, breasts and butt?

  • Deno Perko

    Witcher 3 was the best Game in my life and i played alot of games. Its now i think a year that i not played witcher but the Story and everything is so great i cant forget this. one in a month i Come back here and view this awesome Video and thinkin wow and Dont forget the music. its legendary thanks CD Projekt Red

  • Leviatanx KaosDrawer

    Once at mounth, i come here to watch again this awesome trailer. I'm in love with the witcher

  • Schdradah

    Lade Werbung vor einer Werbung. Das schafft auch nur PCG[H].Bidde löscht euch.

  • The Doctor

    Bitch Orianna, she got what she deserved

  • Cairo Murphy

    I wish that monster was in the game.

  • Nick C


  • Christ724

    Amazon and Netflix need to get on making a TV series

  • DarkDeityElite

    The silicon In those titties just die when she jump out that robe

  • Milos Stojanovic

    One of the best intro cinematics i ever watched, this needs to be done in TV series, i wish for that to happen!!

  • Özgür Güler

    Damn, you are ugly Orianna!

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