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CD Projekt Red hat den Cinematic Launch-Trailer für The Witcher 3 veröffentlicht. Darin zu sehen sind CGI-Sequenzen, in denen Geralt auf eine scheinbar hübsche Frau trifft, die sich offenbar als Monster entpuppt. Der sehenswerte Kurzfilm ist knapp fünf Minuten lang.
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  • Aprix

    You could say that this is the first Blood and Wine trailer.

  • Arianna Deligianni

    The way they set this up proves once more how brilliant CD Project Red is.. absolutely ingenious to make this trailer appear long before the game appears, even if chronologically it takes place long after the end of the game. And we all watched it and had no clue as to what they were planning... One of the best games I have played, if not the best.

  • Wayne Cox

    Interesting that we now know that this launch trailer for the main game not only takes place after the main game, but also after the final DLC, which also takes place after the main game. It was a huge spoiler that we didn't know was a spoiler at the time.

  • BingletonTV

    I love how the tactics used in the trailer (aard, black blood and moon dust) are actually super useful vs bruxae and alps in the game as well. Missing vampire oil and spamming quen 100 times tho

  • Catarina Serra

    Biggest unknown spoiler ever! This trailer was the first I watched for The Witcher, and now I'm about to start Blood and Wine. First time I saw the new main menu, and I heard the Lullaby of Woe and saw her walking in rounds in the background, I swear to god that I had the biggest mindblow. All throughout the main game and Hearts of Stone, I tried to get this quest and find this place, but nothing. This game is the best this generation will ever play, a true masterpiece.

  • Andres Ruiz

    Say whatever but she's hot af

  • FrenchFri47

    Please dear God make the Witcher with this same animation and not live action I don't feel anyone could be as badass as Geralt in real life.

  • Marina

    You know it's the Witcher game when a four minute Cinematic Trailer is better than most of the Hollywood Blockbuster movies.

  • Altaïr Ibn La Ahad

    Who created this music ? It is f*cking awsome !

  • SeptimusCreed

    You know you've played this game too much when you:-Know the identity/classification/name of the monster without looking it up. And can explain how this particular species differs from those in the same type as it.-Understand the biology and weaknesses of the monster better than your own.-Can identify and have experience with using the combat strategies utilized during the scene

  • Christian Wallace

    I'm so glad the actual game turned out to be this epic

  • Matt PryOkra

    I feel like a dick not following The Witcher series.... it's like Game of Thrones X LOTR on Steroids.... Absolute chaos in a beautiful world.Geralt has to be one of the most interesting and most complex anti-hero characters I've ever played 😂

  • Bock728

    This is totally Orianna from Blood and Wine.

  • salman

    why don't they make a movie like that i'll fucking pay everything i have to watch it .. it's so good

  • Rarely Comment . . .

    Blood and Wine Geralt: I'll come back for you one day. You realize that, right?Orianna: Hm. Then I Shall keep an eye out for you.This Trailer

  • Abe Bakker

    This confirms that gingers are evil lol'

  • Udyat Horus

    Wichter 3 is definitely a masterpiece. Best game that i played all my life (I'm 31 years and gamer since 9)

  • Chris Isaak


  • Kay Em

    I always imagined that Orianna had this lullaby sung to her as a child, and since then always feared that a witcher would someday come for her and chop her up like in the lyrics. So she could never forget the song, even as the others around her soon did - that fear would never let her forget it. So my heart always breaks for Orianna when I see the look of utter fear in her eyes as Geralt approaches and takes out his hook. That after her all the years, the fate she always feared had come true and she could do nothing to stop it. A piece of me hopes that maybe Geralt felt pity, or compassion for her when he saw the look in her eyes and didn't wish to cause her more agony than necessary, and instead simply decided to pass out beside her instead.

  • Hennet Ahgera Nailo

    black blood potion + moon dust bomb = gg vampire

  • Kento/賢人

    so this trailer takes place after blood and wine

  • Battle Mage

    Just killed the first Gryphon, and man! That battle was just about as epic as the one in this trailer. Only had the game for a day but I think it will turn out to be a very rewarding purchase. The two villages I've been through are so much more vibrant and alive than anything else I've ever seen. The combat is a vast upgrade over what I've been dealing with in Skyrim, and the lore is very interesting. Highly recommend this game.

  • Binary79

    Wolves asleep amidst the treesBats all a swaying in the breezeBut one soul lies anxious wide awakeFearing all manner of ghouls, hags and wraithsFor your dolly Polly sleep has flownDon't dare let her tremble aloneFor the witcher, heartless, coldPaid in coin of goldHe comes he'll go leave naught behindBut heartache and woeDeep, deep woeBirds are silent for the nightCows turned in as daylight diesBut one soul lies anxious wide awakeFearing all manner of ghouls, hags and wraithsMy dear dolly Polly shut your eyesLie still, lie silent, utter no criesAs the witcher, brave and boldPaid in coin of goldHe'll chop and slice youCut and dice youEat you up wholeEat you whole

  • James Yorkshire

    I like how she's singing a song about a witcher that most people have forgotten then when Geralt turns up she's isn't surprised. Guess she's singing the song knowing he was coming after her and wanted Geralt to hear it.

  • Super 6-1 Big Breakfast

    He did promise he would come back for her one day :P

  • UghThatGuy

    She owned an orphanage outside the city which, as the witcher discovered to his horror, she used as a sort of blood cellar, visiting it whenever the urge struck her to drink some blood straight from an orphan’s neck. Geralt swore that if they ever met again…Well that explains alot.

  • Jack Reaper

    Having playing Blood and Wine, this trailer is 1000x better.

  • Indrajith bhoga

    This has to be made into a movie. Period.

  • Sanjay Tudu

    Imagine when we will achieve this level of graphics Ingame. Sweet :D : D

  • Ezor

    Best. Game. Ever.Seriously, TW3 and its expansions was the best game I've ever played so far. (maybe The Elder Scroll can be add too). Blood and Wine in particular (part because it's awesome, part cause I'm french ^^)

  • Kristina

    so vampires DO sparkle like diamonds

  • Luke Maher

    takes hair pin out aww cute hisses and turns in vampire OH god!

  • Waqas Mansoor

    this is the best trailer ever .

  • FilleatUT

    Finally these bitches are in the expansion "Blood and Wine"! 👍

  • K-plus tunjevina

    Grats on GOTY CDprojekt!

  • ThatBoyHolmes

    This game has forever made a mark on me and I will remember it forever <3

  • Marcos FloW

    goddamn that's an awesome cinematic

  • Moist Towelettes

    LOL HOLY SHIT, that's cool af they added her in.SpoilersIn the end of blood and wine this woman helps you, but geralt says he'll come back for her because she fed on children.

  • Demoralize

    Thanks for this game CD projekt Red, It was the best I ever played, Cheers.

  • Eric L

    How anyone could have given this game under a total 10/10 is beyond me.

  • CerN

    Orianna from B&W... This trailer actually took place after B&W all along... Beauclear in the background at the end.... CDPR played us like a damn fiddle...

  • Balerion

    he killed a naked woman, how cruel

  • 24masks

    that's orianna right?

  • Z. Zolids

    one of the best trailer i ever seen in my LIFE!!!

  • MovieJunkie ForLife

    Wolves asleep amidst the trees Bats all aswayin' in the breeze But one soul lies anxious wide awakeFearing all manner of ghouls, hags and wraithsBirds are silent for the nightCows turned in as daylight diesBut one soul lies anxious wide awakeFor the Witcher, brave and boldPaid in coin of goldHe’ll chop and slice youCut and dice youEat. You. Up. Whole.Eat. You. Whole.

  • Mant111

    Fun fact: if you watch at 2:00 you can see a faint glimpse of a shadow moving on top of the barn, that's the cue that tells Geralt where to throw the bomb.

  • محمد بن سالم

    the best game I've played in the ps4

  • KeanuImAFanu

    I love you CD project! you're so fantastic and the game is a &*%#@ing masterpiece

  • Jonathan Lopez

    Does anybody knows the name of this song?

  • Jaqen H'ghar

    This is what happened after the Orianna quest in the game right? If you didnt kill her at the orphanage and Geralt tells her just before he leave "I'll come back for you" (paraphrasing here lol). In this trailer geralt says it's been a while since he's heard the song, he first heard it at the orphanage when orianna sang it to the kid. Very clever CDPR

  • Gaudaloht

    So she was a Bruxa, and he rides to toussaint, we had a blood and wine trailer all along

  • Ste Sta

    if they make an witcher movie it needs to be an CGI film like beowulf imo.

  • ZsobeK

    one of the FUCKING BEST TRAILER that ever existed

  • Chris Jones

    Blood & Wine brought me back here.

  • angel07p

    Well, Geralt told her he'd be back for her ;)

  • Dio Falkner

    One of the best Intros ever.

  • BURNZY187

    Noooice , so he came back for this bitch.

  • Christian Herbello

    Best Fucking 4:43 min In All Videogames Time

  • andrew watson

    Geralt you majestic cunt.

  • Andrei Cotos

    Trying to kill a bruxa on death marsch be like

  • TheAphexTim

    I still can't believe this game even exists; is even possible. How can a single video game be SO perfect in almost every single way? This game isn't gonna be topped in years, or even decades to come.

  • AlcGmn

    Look at the facial animation! Just look at it Bioware!


    I followed the tips from this trailer when fighting the bruxa in the new DLC, drink black blood guys.... you wont be disappointed

  • WreckItRalph

    i'd pay 30 bucks to watch a full length feature. and say thank you leaving the theater.

  • tonib000y

    I didn't know Moonlight Bombs are effective against a bruxaGeralt forgot the head!Probably paid like 80 Gold for that contract, fucking cheap-asses..

  • pingkoy pakayat

    i guess that WOMEN is a HIGHER VAMPIRE?

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