The Witcher 3 | Epic Cinematic Launch Trailer

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CD Projekt Red hat den Cinematic Launch-Trailer für The Witcher 3 veröffentlicht. Darin zu sehen sind CGI-Sequenzen, in denen Geralt auf eine scheinbar hübsche Frau trifft, die sich offenbar als Monster entpuppt. Der sehenswerte Kurzfilm ist knapp fünf Minuten lang.
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  • Joypad Bandit

    Let's have fun with my fellow witcher's out there...What oils,potions and weapons did Geralt use in this trailer? And what creature was the woman?

  • Brandon Aaron

    Wow, look at all the mega-dorks on this thread.

  • Gamer InSano

    that cinematic Gerald remember Ganics from spartacus XD

  • Matt Damon

    The only people I think could play Geralt in a live action movie IMO would be either Chris Hemsworth (got the idea after watching the snow white movie) Stephen Lang, and that's really it, I can't think of anyone else. That doesn't mean I want a live action. I'd rather have a full movie that's like this trailer. Just sayin. If they were to make a LA of Witcher and it be on Geralt, I can't think of any other 2 people.

  • vedicKar

    I never had been interested in this series after viewing certain gameplay and assuming it's more of a hype and 'not my type' kinda game, but just after watching this trailer, I'm going and getting my copy..... woooaahhh

  • Lord Zuko

    Its blows my mind knowing that CDProjekt predicted/planned out Blood and Wine at the start.This whole trailer is an epilogue to Blood and Wine.

  • sappyz

    Dude I've played this game like 5 times (all dlc included) and thats the most I've played on any games

  • BennyG

    Witcher 3 for 40$? I've bought jt before and sold it back many times but for 40$ is it worth the purchase digitally?

  • Ayberk Avcıoğlu


  • Allan TheLimiterUS

    This is the greatest game ever

  • Gamer InSano

    Blizzard copy this game and go for diablo 4 XD lol

  • Sabine Jelic

    Someone plz tell me if that's Orianna

  • Ayfon 7

    First song = game of thrones ethan and father song ?

  • Abdullah Alameer

    Very clean colours in 720 p my smart phone I don't know how is gen be in better option,***

  • Erik P

    Such a sad and super awesome trailer

  • sappyz

    Best game developer out there

  • Alexei

    I think they should make a real tv series on the witcher wild hunt 💪

  • JakeCoin

    Why cant u become a vampire tho?

  • Samuel Goez

    Excelente, Disponible en Steam con calificaciones de 10/10...

  • TillowPalk

    This is the studio that's going to produce the netflix series, right>?

  • Em Tee

    I love the song she sings. Very haunting. Anyone know what it's called?

  • Timepiece Enthusiasm

    after playing Blood and Wine this trailer makes total sense

  • A F*kin N00b

    the song the fuking song alone makes this epic as fuk

  • Ray Villeneuve

    name music violint 2.05 ??? pls :3

  • Henry Coldrain

    Felt so bad for the witch

  • MrBundle

    god dammit i almost saw nipples

  • Socram


  • thomas xari

    Hi guys!Did you know u can buy witcher 2 for like 1$ in ? Check it out:

  • ivica milosiev

    Please Netflix don't fuck this up!!

  • NIX

    Who else is here after meeting her ingame and hearing her sing, being mind blown in the process?

  • Anthony Clay

    This is what I like most about the idea of Witchers. Vampires, curses, other assorted phantoms of nightmares fear them. Unlike in horror stories where the protagonist huddles into a salt circle unable or unwilling to really fight, to at best survive the horror, a Witcher arms up and just kills the shit out of the horror!

  • Gift Rastic

    Mame wood mug for fans

  • punK_chiC *

    is she a vampire?? lol

  • drazapatos

    never regretted pre-ordering this game ..

  • Walter White

    se a série for metade desse trailer ja vai ser foda

  • Fernando Ardyanto

    fuck, she is hot, better fuck her rthr thn kill her.

  • Carlos Lee

    she appears in DLC blood and wine!!!!!!!

  • Deno Perko

    It was the best Game i ever played so far

  • LockDog

    Can someone tell me the name of this Actor as "Geralt" ?

  • Wyatt H

    Don't tell me thats Ciri or I'm going to buy Lego video games from now on....

  • Ajit More

    I've never played any withcher game.but the dude is Badass !nasty like a honey badger !0 fucks ! no mercy.

  • Gordon Ramsay

    'Damn I look old'

  • vishal lohiya

    he doesn't entirely look like Gerald. gerald personality and look in the game is unique and can probably be replaced i guess.

  • Aleixo Teixeira

    After The Witcher 3 I will trust Projekt Red with all my preorders.

  • Aldy Al-jufrie

    he obviously underleveled, noobs.

  • Kostas Dinidis

    I haven't play the game yet but after watching this trailer I'd love to

  • Puzzling Centaur

    I feel so sorry for Orianna :( Really liked her, despite what we learn of her....

  • Matt Mackie

    So I guess this is pretty much the epilogue of Blood and Wine where Geralt returns to finish that vampire that he swore to kill

  • vBDKv

    WHEN DOES THIS HAPPEN IN THE GAME?! I've spent over 300 fucking hours, and nowhere does this happen.

  • Black Wolf

    Thank you CD Projekt Red. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. Such an amazing game, I struggle to find the words to explain how much I love it. Is there a way I can like donate a quick $10 to them? Hell, it'd be well worth it even for all the free DLC they gave us which probably would have costed triple my donation with companies like EA and Ubisoft

  • Lé Animal

    I watched this trailer like 100 times but I never noticed that the higher vampire is Orianna, a main figure in the B&W DLC.I remeber the arguments if she's a Bruxa or a Alp when the trailer was launched. Oh boy we were so wrong. Btw she's not death.

  • Kid3t3rnity

    Way better than Mass Effect Andromeda.

  • Jeager Kej

    A lunch trailer for story that we will only learn about in the final DLCCD PROJECT RED ARE FUCKING GENIUS!


    why so less likes its disturbing :( LOVE WITCHER 3

  • s500v8

    she is dead how she back in blood and wine

  • ReBlon Jones

    so orianna had it coming after all tsk tsk

  • Caner Özel

    sometimes i blame CDPR to not developing a game in every year like ubisoft.I mean make another witcher game as soon as possible,i still could not fill the void after this game ended.

  • Paulo Santos

    esse video é fodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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