The Witcher 2: The Heliotrope Sign

Geralt using the Heliotrope Sign against the Harpy Queen and her troupe.
  • 無理だぞ

    it looks like blizzard ._.

  • calmingspeed

    You might want to get a mod to stop the blackness from the curse as it detracts from the beauty of the game.

  • Random Musings of an Unknown Entity

    Play the game in Dark Mode and get any of the Dark Armor sets (=

  • Vaibhav Shah

    hey how did u get that black shadow around you when u removed the sword?? plz plz plz plz tell me its really cool

  • BigLebowski2000

    Is it useful? How much are they slowed down, and how long does the effect last? Thanks.

  • agators212

    What does the heliotrope do?

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