GTA III 100% - Give me Liberty / Luigi's Girls

Here it is, the beginning of my Grand Theft Auto III 100% Completion Walkthrough Remake! My original walkthrough was done back in 2010, but for several reasons stated in this video I decided to fully revise it. So get ready to dive back into the classic Liberty city, where a huge nostalgia trip awaits us! I hope you guys enjoy this remake!
Video's recorded with the Hauppage HD PVR 2 Gaming edition.
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  • jam8tone

    What an epic introduction video to honour your first official GTA walkthrough in 2010!! I wish you the very best for your first remake :)

  • WoofWoofGam3r

    I have GTA 3 on PS3 as a PS2 Classic it costs £7.99

  • y0fayce

    +DutchBondFan If you're up for it i found an even harder version of GTA III for you to play, but thats if youre willing to deal with all gang maembers arrying shotguns/ak47s at the start. its fun but challenging as hell. Ill get you the link if youre interested

  • PSLutonrules

    So is this game naturally widescreen on ps3 or not?

  • Kevin Quinonez

    Wow its already been 4 years since I subscribed I still have my save of following your GTA 3 walkthrough

  • Creations XL

    You're the best dutchbudakai fan you're the best also GTA 3 < any GTA but struggles with 4 and 5

  • Mike Blackman

    very good bro.I would also feel glad if I saw a San Andreas remake.

  • da erico

    Never really watched your Gta 3 in 2010 but ill probably watch the remake good Job duth!!! :)

  • Mike .

    oh the memories from 2010 :)

  • BulletPlayz - Bullet Adams

    +DutchBudokaiFan can you explain to me how The Callaghan bridge was completed by the time you complete salvatore`s final mission?

  • MsLadyGamer27 Ray

    first I wanna say that I love your walkthrough. you brought me back to my childhood with this game. secondly, I know that your dutch but your voice reminds me of a mafia guy I'm just waiting for you to say botta bing or some other catchy phrase xD I love your accent.

  • Daksh Ramchandani

    I recently started playing gta 3 too. Great co-incidence. Excited for the walkthrough man.

  • LauranM2K

    Yay! Looking forward to the walkthrough! I'm really excited :3!

  • HeadHunter

    Good luck with the remake DBF keep up the good work.

  • LieutenantCB17

    Is very good to see GTA 3 again,brings me alot of good memories.

  • Vahin Prasad

    i was waiting so long for gta man thank you

  • mcrule2

    finish gta 4 the hell u starting this over for

  • David Stobart

    i like your new gta 3 remake

  • Raheem Saiyed

    Great to see u back on this

  • Mixmaster Gaming

    I'm gonna start a new game

  • NewGuybj

    Wow. Good luck with this. Also it's will be interesting to compare old walkhtrough with remake. Just don't speed up to much how did you in old one :)

  • Christopher González

    I was in your channel since the first video You posted and i watched every vids bc i need them for 100% In san andreas i was10% moré for 100% on ios

  • Juan Pedro_ MOV

    I remember that time i was near to finished the game 100% completion, but the purple nines glitch didnt let me. And start the game from the beginning and guess what? the glitch it was still there so i search on the internet and solved it

  • Ibrahim Bedwan

    Looking back at the game you realize their was barely any diaglouge at all


    its the youtube algorithm it will copyright anything that it thinks is stolen when its not so its a really stupid algorithm  and the truck driver was surprise mothafucka

  • Ahmad Fadlan P Nasution

    Where is the new gta 4 walktrough video?

  • kimismining

    Good to hear, you're remaking GTA 3, im looking forward to you, doing the paramedic mission :P

  • Elite GamingWolf

    good timing. i got gta 3 last year on my ps3. looking forward to going through it with you. my last mission i did was mike lips last launch or something like that..

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