GTA III 100% - Give me Liberty / Luigi's Girls

Here it is, the beginning of my Grand Theft Auto III 100% Completion Walkthrough Remake! My original walkthrough was done back in 2010, but for several reasons stated in this video I decided to fully revise it. So get ready to dive back into the classic Liberty city, where a huge nostalgia trip awaits us! I hope you guys enjoy this remake!
Video's recorded with the Hauppage HD PVR 2 Gaming edition.
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  • jam8tone

    What an epic introduction video to honour your first official GTA walkthrough in 2010!! I wish you the very best for your first remake :)

  • LieutenantCB17

    Is very good to see GTA 3 again,brings me alot of good memories.

  • Mike Blackman

    very good bro.I would also feel glad if I saw a San Andreas remake.

  • Mike .

    oh the memories from 2010 :)

  • Mixmaster Gaming

    I'm gonna start a new game

  • HeadHunter

    Good luck with the remake DBF keep up the good work.

  • WoofWoofGam3r

    I have GTA 3 on PS3 as a PS2 Classic it costs £7.99

  • PSLutonrules

    So is this game naturally widescreen on ps3 or not?

  • michael koller

    Is it really so hard to do this missions after it. Cause of shotguns etc?

  • Juan Pedro_ MOV

    I remember that time i was near to finished the game 100% completion, but the purple nines glitch didnt let me. And start the game from the beginning and guess what? the glitch it was still there so i search on the internet and solved it

  • Vahin Prasad

    i was waiting so long for gta man thank you

  • Creations XL

    You're the best dutchbudakai fan you're the best also GTA 3 < any GTA but struggles with 4 and 5

  • y0fayce

    +DutchBondFan If you're up for it i found an even harder version of GTA III for you to play, but thats if youre willing to deal with all gang maembers arrying shotguns/ak47s at the start. its fun but challenging as hell. Ill get you the link if youre interested

  • Ahmad Fadlan P Nasution

    Where is the new gta 4 walktrough video?

  • Raheem Saiyed

    Great to see u back on this

  • NewGuybj

    Wow. Good luck with this. Also it's will be interesting to compare old walkhtrough with remake. Just don't speed up to much how did you in old one :)

  • Atomic Bunni

    first I wanna say that I love your walkthrough. you brought me back to my childhood with this game. secondly, I know that your dutch but your voice reminds me of a mafia guy I'm just waiting for you to say botta bing or some other catchy phrase xD I love your accent.

  • Swish 2k01

    Wow its already been 4 years since I subscribed I still have my save of following your GTA 3 walkthrough

  • mcrule2

    finish gta 4 the hell u starting this over for

  • Daksh Ramchandani

    I recently started playing gta 3 too. Great co-incidence. Excited for the walkthrough man.

  • Christopher González

    I was in your channel since the first video You posted and i watched every vids bc i need them for 100% In san andreas i was10% moré for 100% on ios

  • Da Erico

    Never really watched your Gta 3 in 2010 but ill probably watch the remake good Job duth!!! :)

  • Ibrahim Bedwan

    Looking back at the game you realize their was barely any diaglouge at all

  • kimismining

    Good to hear, you're remaking GTA 3, im looking forward to you, doing the paramedic mission :P

  • LauranM2K

    Yay! Looking forward to the walkthrough! I'm really excited :3!

  • David Stobart

    i like your new gta 3 remake

  • BulletPlayzStuff

    +DutchBudokaiFan can you explain to me how The Callaghan bridge was completed by the time you complete salvatore`s final mission?

  • Elite GamingWolf

    good timing. i got gta 3 last year on my ps3. looking forward to going through it with you. my last mission i did was mike lips last launch or something like that..

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