Blood and Wine New Region Trailer - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Check out the new region featured in Blood and Wine in this new trailer for The Witcher 3 DLC.

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  • rubikfan1

    seem my superier vampire oil is finaly going to be usefull

  • jedibbq

    fucking Masterpiece! Witcher 3 is the greatest rpg of all time hands down!

  • Connor Quintana

    I'm almost disappointed this is the final expansion... it's so beautiful...

  • utku koksal

    That moment when a dlc is better than AAA games. Wp Cd Projekt Red Wp.

  • Giampaolo Miraglia

    Geralt the white wolf is one of the best character ever created...

  • fiacreativity1991

    If the witcher was a $100...I think I'll still buy it...such a reach and fulfilling journey full of epic...greatest game I've ever played...imagine what witcher 4 is going to be Rockstar, CD Red Projekt has not disappointed me at all...

  • Mert Dinçer

    ı wouldjut play this dlc as the main game :D

  • TK-421

    Toussaint, where makes me don't want to fast travel

  • Finny Mathew

    Grandmaster ursine armor ftw

  • Victor Zhong

    This can be The wticher 3.5, why it became a DLC?Dam, CD Projekt Red, were you lose your mind?

  • tukinoz

    Fuck me dead. This game blows me away in every sense. INCREDIBLE

  • Marks Župerka

    Mama bring me back in time so I could replay this once more

  • Alex Mitra

    Somehow as awesome and more beautiful than the base game, sadly forced to be shorter

  • Kostya Rykov

    That music in the end, Detlaff's music box. Ah, poor soul.

  • seth calvert- green

    blood and wine has been out for a whole year today! WOW

  • Bradley Kowe

    Just started playing this game it's a masterpiece 🙌🏼 not up to blood and wine though

  • Arvid W

    By Azura! It's the voice actor for the elves in TES4 Oblivion, is it not?

  • Epicurus

    Definitely GOTY 2017! Amirite?

  • Woofling Howl

    what i love about starting this dlc is that after having such a long emotional and sad/beautiful main story and not being able to see Ciri u can start this beautiful colorful adventure that in terms of colors sends me a happy picture

  • Finny Mathew

    Best Trailer Evaaa!!!!!!

  • Vennytube

    We, the People, demand a Witcher movie!

  • Cpt.Phantom

    Name of OST at the end plz ? :d

  • PhatPhill TheCat

    I feel like they need to put categories of GOTY awards, such as rpg, fantasy, etc. Not only would be able to let other games be discovered but as well give a variety of satisfaction to those who think the true "GOTY" wasn't really the GOTY to them, this is just a half ass idea of mine but reply or like if you agree.

  • Easy Mode

    Cod : makes a dlc calls it a new gameCd project red : makes a new game calls it a dlc CD Projekt red is god

  • Preston Garvey

    The worst part about the Witcher 3 is that it had an ending.

  • Jovan Jovanovic

    Witcher 3 is the greatest game ever made ! I bought the expansion, and it was worth every penny ! Great job cd project red ! We inpatientienly await Witcher 4 !!!

  • Brandy In Wonderland

    This stuff is too perfect taht i nearly dont like it XD

  • VelvetSky1102

    kudos to CDPR for making vampires cool again

  • Dennis Persson

    :O Look at Geralts armor at 1:39, it's the ursine mastercrafted armor but with the concept art fur and interesting coloring! CDPR has said this expansion pack will feature armor customization, they've only mentioned being able to color some of the more popular amors from the base game and all armors from this expansion but it seems you'll also be able to add other touches such as the fur for the ursine gear.

  • atube 101

    Heart of stone was creepier than this but toussaint was a sight for sore eyes!

  • Rachit Kapoor

    I thought it was gonna say "When I was a lad, I had a dad"

  • MinecraftPro15

    What's the soundtrack at the end? It's beautiful.

  • Wiesiuu 2

    I want to see Regis in this game, maybe Geralt will meet regis' girlfiend

  • Nick Borzick

    does anyone who's familiar with warhammer get a strong bretonnian vibe from the new region.... without a bunch of starving peasents taxed 110% of what they earn.

  • Semper Volo

    im sitting here crying... because ill never have the same experience playing a game again

  • David Can.

    One thing I love about CD PROJEKT RED is that their DLC is Free!! 99999999999999999/10

  • Bane

    Glad to see Blood and Wine was a "return" to Witcher 1's atmosphere. This is way i loved this DLC to death.

  • Ralk Paelmo

    i wanna live in this place so beautiful

  • TheRuinedUniverse

    0:23 turn subtitles onit shows the depths of toussaint a lot.

  • Der Marshall

    The end reminds me of professor layton

  • marcraider

    Witcher 3 is the best game ever created at the moment, so far than even his minigame GWENT has become a gorgeous standalone online game. Cd red Projeckt you'll gonna be forever in my heart!

  • Marcus Johansson

    You might say I live under a rock but I just discovered there been 2 releases of DLC's. Installing atm, it's gonna be good week.

  • Michael Paget

    cool narration by the Adoring Fan. Time to take Him on a trip to dive rock.

  • Benjamin Burdige

    I can think of no company more deserving to produce Cyberpunk 2077.

  • Carolus

    this guy sounds like the voice for the Elves in Oblivion

  • Kaden

    98% sure there will never be a game I love as much as the Witcher 3...

  • The-Kris555

    By Azura, by Azura, by Azura! Is that Craig Sechler as the narrator (bosmer, dark elves and high elves voices of Oblivion, among others)? :O

  • joshice chryzanthem

    Detlaff best boss ive fought in a while

  • Grimrr28

    Does anyone know the name of the outro song? (starts at 2:13)

  • Jose Encina

    The best expansion I ever played!!!

  • Algau 1

    After 1 year now they sould make GOTY edition

  • Shady TheReal

    i love this song on the start <3

  • Terry O'neill

    That's Gerald with a 'T'

  • Mr. Anonym

    So sad, no more Witcher Geralt :(

  • Geralt of Rivia

    WTF is wrong with me? Why am I taking everything as a spoiler?? I saw the vampires we might/will be fighting and I took that as a spoiler. I feel so upset about it for some reason. Can someone calm me down?

  • FullChicken44

    can i install it on a different hard drive than the main game?

  • prem chandra gotame

    my best game was assassin's creed 2 series but it was replaced by witcher 3 with both dlc.

  • Rainer Cuthbert

    I love the village in this expansion... so peacefull... 10/10 nice game...

  • Khadimul Islam

    Fucking Masterpiece! Witcher 3 is the greatest RPG ever made <3

  • Eduard Jaimes

    oh man, this game is a masterpiece, I only wanted infinite missions like skyrim or fallout , but for hunting monsters :(

  • Lavi Carlotte

    minecraft > da witcher 3 4Head :D

  • Anjaneya Shah

    Which armor is Geralt wearing in the trailer..?? It looks badass

  • PobedaV

    By Azura, by Azura, by Azura... wait what?

  • Jer ome

    How come Geralt's ursine armor has fur? His armor in my game doesn't have fur.

  • Ice Patch

    What would happen if I had played Witcher 3 normal disc then I bought the GOTY disc one ... would my progress on normal go to GOTY or would have to play it all again..?

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